William Mills Tompkins

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William Mills Tompkins

As the story goes, when he was about eight or nine years old, William was building models of navy ships, which he had seen, either in person or in a magazine or a newspaper. After a naval commander, friend of his father, saw the models, he encouraged William to build more. Due to the great accuracy of William’s models his father was detained for 48 hours and William was later called to a naval intelligence office in San Pedro, California, where he was questioned. Later, as an adult, he worked for the navy.

In February 1942 William allegedly had an experience, along with his brother and his father, where he saw thousands of ET vehicles over Long Beach, California. William believes ETs in craft over the Long Beach were in telepathic contact with thousands of people at that time. Two smaller vehicles, not occupied, were shot down and later picked up by the navy.

Following this event, William claimed he was pulled out of high school by naval intelligence and put into the navy boot camp. He finished half of the normal training, after which he was brought to North Island, naval air station engineering department, where they were converting old versions of airplanes to new versions. At that time he was 17 years old.

William was assigned to a program, which involved US spies located in Germany, looking into the alliance between the SS [Schutzstaffel] and Draco-Reptilians. He was present as the spies were being debriefed. His later role in 1951 was to disseminate advanced aircraft research.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy assumes William is backed up by the Nordics ET race and a certain part of the military, which allows him to share this information.

William claims events in Germany began during the Nazi era, with Maria Orsic, being in contact with the Nordics, who told her to get an organization together in order to design a propulsion system and a vehicle large enough to carry 40 to 50 thousand people. SS was not aware of this at first. Once they were, they took over the group, the organization trying to achieve that, all 1443 people. Later, after less than 4 months, Hitler decided to allow them to go ahead with the construction of space transports, which they used to leave the planet, while Hitler himself went along with Draco-Reptilians.

The US spies were to report back to two star admiral Rico Botta, who at first did not believe a word of it, when he saw photographic and material evidence of the German space program. Some of the documentation, brought back by the spies, was said to be in hieroglyphics, an alien language. Rico Botta was Australia born, came to USA, joined the navy as a third class seaman and worked his way up the ranks. Botta was appointed to this task by James Vincent Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy from 1944 to 1947. Forrestal himself is said to have been contacted by the Nordics which had him initiate the entire process in the US navy.

After the Long Beach event a meeting between Donald Douglas senior, two navy admirals and two army air core generals, one of which was Curtis LeMay, put together an organization of people which hired top scientists to work inside a secret area for Douglas aircraft company. This organization later became known as MJ-12 or Majestic 12. Admiral Bobby Ray Inman is claimed to have a very high position in MJ-12.

The information spies brought back from Germany was given to companies such as Lockheed Martin to figure it out. In case of Lockheed the outcome of this is claimed to be Skunk Works. Former aircraft companies, today’s aerospace companies.

According to William, during World War II, Germany was using ET information to produce large quantities of 14 different types of ET vehicles, most of which were taken out of Germany into Antarctica before the war ended. According to William; the Reptilian plan was for Germany to remove all of the people that Hilter did not want in his country and around the planet and to take every man, woman and child on this planet and put them in slave factories to build and construct Draco space battle ships.

William claims there exists an aspirin size pill and if one is taken every month for four months, the pill decreases the age. Physically, the body becomes the same as it was at that young age and the brain capability is increased by a minimum of 400%, compared to the average 2% that we use today. After that the body no longer ages. He further claims this is how the Nordic ETs live beyond three and four thousand comparable years.

William claims Reptilians are dropping gasses, five different gasses, over geographical areas where humans are trying to advance scientific progress. The purpose of the gasses seems to be to dumb down the people.

William claims he is able to talk about all of this due to his association with three Nordic people with which he worked on the Apollo program. All three denied they were Nordics. Even though the Nordics helped with the Apollo program, they could only do a partial assistance, as stated by William. They did allegedly provide an answer for half of the major problems regarding the Apollo program.

Three Nordics were put in Douglas [aircraft company] with the approval of Douglas senior [person].

William says he and his family were abducted by the ETs. While on their way to a rented cabin, driving on the highway 395, turning left on highway 14 towards the Lake Isabella, there's a large tunnel at the West-Northwest end of the lake, which enters into underground caverns. This means that the extraterrestrials' cavern, which is around 322km wide and long, is located right off of Highway 14 across the street from the Air Force facility and the Navy test facility.

As they were driving towards the cabin, the car’s engine stopped and then there was a big flash and that is all he remembers. He does not know how long they were gone. William’s older son, who had leukemia, was abducted several times after this first experience. He died after a number of experiences in lakes right off of Highway 14.

After initial interview Kerry Lynn Cassidy made with William, for which he stated he had fun doing and commended Kerry for her knowledge, he refused any further contact with her. According to Kerry, William gets payed for his speaking engagements, she also paid him for the interview but did not say how much.

William refused to talk about specific ways and methods Reptilians undergo to use and abuse the human race.


It was reported William Mills Tompkins died on August 21st 2017, at the age of 94. It was stated the cause of death was a blood tumor in the brain.


According to Naval History and Heritage Command, Rico Botta was a lieutenant. Unless there is more than one Rico Botta.

As proof William provided the following images:

  1. UFO landing on aircraft carrier image
  2. Nazi/German space craft, made from chromoly steel [chromium-molybdenum steel] image
  3. USSS Hillenkoetter, spacecraft carrier image
  4. US navy manta image

As proof William offered documentation [PDF] regarding propulsion:

  1. Preface
  2. Appendix I
  3. Nuclear, Ionic, Photon 004
  4. Nuclear, Ionic, Photon 009
  5. Ionic, Electromagnetic



  1. we have all been lied to for a minimum of six thousand years
  2. there were others civilizations on the planet thousands of years ago
  3. extraterrestrials have created our history
  4. every phd, science and medicine, on this planet has been given incorrect information controlled by Draco-Reptilians
  5. every book in every university of every technical field you can come up with has misinformation in it
  6. these different types of extraterrestrial entities that are here all have the capability to play with our brains and prevent us from seeing them, do whatever they want and telepathically get us through mind control to do what they want us to do – their agendas
  7. we [human race] are living on a laboratory
  8. extraterrestrials, have humans as their slave labor
  9. there are 200 trillion [on Rense radio he used the word billion, with Kerry Cassidy he used the word trillion] galaxies out there
  10. I am still involved with the navy and participate in naval programs
  11. there are caverns all over this planet which different ET civilizations have been using for thousands of years
  12. the Air Force had built these block-long digger machines
  13. none of the most classified documents were stamped [as in TOP SECRET] in order to avoid attracting attention
  14. there are federation facilities in the galaxy where ET races get together
  15. when we got to the Moon the Draco and Reptilians were already there physically
  16. Reptilians are ugly looking lizard alligator type people, they have the ability to shift and look like a human, all of them do
  17. Bush senior, Bill Clinton and Obama are Reptilians
  18. Trump is not Reptilian
  19. Moon is a vehicle, it is hollow, a command center for this region of the galaxy, the same arm [Orion spiral arm] planet Earth is a part of
  20. Northrop Grumman bought TRW [Thompson Ramo Wooldridge] Space Systems, the number one think thank on the planet and US Navy ship building company in Virginia, which built aircraft carriers – to inspect them to see how to make space craft carriers
  21. Lockheed space systems, Northrop-Grumman facilities, and even Boeing were involved in the actual construction of these kilometer-long spacecraft carriers
  22. TRW had hundreds of separate small laboratories, and all these were secret to one another. They were looking at EVERYTHING. Many sub-labs were actually studying the same subject. Up to as many as three or four labs studying the same subject totally independent
  23. I have to say in this that some of the people, some of the lab people, were being influenced – they had to have been – by Nordics
  24. Boeing and Rockwell are also involved into building space craft carriers
  25. most Nazis went to Antarctica, small portion to USA and Russia
  26. I am in telepathic communication with the Nordics
  27. they [ET] own the planet and we [humans] are their laboratory
  28. Solar Warden is eight navy battle groups, they are operating off of Nordic bases
  29. for every ten Nordic Navy battle groups, the Reptilians have 100
  30. our Navy works with them [Nordics] and actually is at war not just with Reptilians out in space but several other bad civilizations
  31. Nordic children can finish up to four year college degree studies by the time tey are nine years old
  32. we have documented 23 different types of ET and most of them are good people [not sure what time frame fits this claim]
  33. blue guys are really good people
  34. people have many lives
  35. Nazis were given electromagnetic anti gravity propulsion by the Reptilians
  36. Nazis were cloning soldiers
  37. he [pilot] flies the vehicle by his thought
  38. first thing astronauts did on the Moon was putting a Freemason plaque next to a structure [one of the many structures allegedly being there] followed by a Freemason flag
  39. all astronauts who went to the Moon [Apollo program] are [were] Freemasons
  40. Nordics are benevolent to all of humanity
  41. we now [2017] know we have like a 100 humanoids different species out there, Reptilians might be 20 or 30 different types and not all Reptilians get along with each other
  42. TRW was the first think tank on the planet
  43. Utah underground air force facility is located east of Wasatch mountain range
  44. Solar Warden was a program inside a secret think tank at Douglas [company]
  45. Germany did not lose the war
  46. Operation Paperclip brought Nazis to NASA and other top level biomedical and aerospace companies in USA which Nazis took over, the Bilderberg and the Trilateral were all involved in this
  47. CIA is nothing but a German SS investigating group
  48. NASA was run by Debus [Kurt Heinrich Debus] and von Braun [Wernher von Braun] both of which were Nazis
  49. the facilities are like underground, but the planet [Mars] has artifacts of ancient buildings just like on the moon
  50. Mars facilities are not just the military facilities there, it’s commercial for the mining of different materials, some of the management of the ones on Mars did do the wrong thing and they made the people working there slaves
  51. I was engineering section chief. I had the largest number of engineers working on both the vehicle and the launch control and command center. I did all three. Okay? I redesigned all three to make them work for the Apollo
  52. my dad was a 33 level freemason and he made a mistake and they did not shoot him but they did make by brother not too smart

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