William Hamilton

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William Hamilton

William Hamilton, more widely known as Bill Hamilton – former senior programmer/analyst at UCLA and MUFON, Mutual UFO Network, field investigator of UFO phenomena since 1976. Bill’s MUFON work had to do with interviewing contactees and abductees, investigating UFO sightings, underground bases, secret advanced technologies, and alien presence on Earth. Bill wrote several books based on his MUFON work. Early on Bill has been tremendously influenced by George Van Tassel, a host of The Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention.

In 1957, at the age of fourteen, inspired by George Hunt Williamson, Bill and his friend attempted a psychic contact, with the ETs, using a pen and paper. Bill claims that action brought several tiny red glowing disc like craft gliding above their heads. The disc objects even followed their mental requests to turn around and come back or change formation. In total they saw fourteen objects.

In 1959 Bill got a telepathic communication from a golden disc UFO stating Wake up your mind. You’re in a deep sleep. Bill said I do believe that I had encounters with people here on Earth that were not from Earth. Bill claims somewhere around the 1950s there were several classified contracts given to aircraft companies to investigate the control of gravity.

At one point Bill was visited in his rooming house by two men claiming they are from the health department. Bill was able to look one of them into eyes from up close and felt like he was looking right into infinity, into a highly evolved being. As the men left one of them asked Bill for a cigarette and a lighter. While trying to use the lighter the man allegedly said Would you please operate this mechanism for me?. Which Bill did. Man took a draw, threw it away.

Bill Hamilton got a testimony from Bill Uhouse, not a real name, who had been working on a flight simulator for flying discs so our pilots could learn how to fly them and one of the “chief consultants” on this top secret project was an alien that he called J-Rod. In 1999 Bill [Hamilton], came upon a Q94 document in which there is a reference to Extraterrestrial Biological Entity: AQ-J-Rod. 94 is claimed to be a date. Click here for the document.

In 2002 Bill got contacted by a woman called Marci telling him we have to sit down and talk and Bill, how would you like to meet Dan [Burisch]

Dan and Marci met at the casino, where they both worked. For Dan that was a cover job. Marci did casino surveillance. Dan approached Marci due to her writing experience, telling her I want to get out a story. It’s about research I’ve done on the planet Mars as a biome. Together they wrote a book titled Eagles Disobey.

Bill interviewed Dr.Dan Burisch aka Dr.Dan Crain, an alleged Project Aquarius microbiologist, who worked at Area 51 and what is called as S4 or Papoose Site 4.The first time they met, Dan was very nervous. Bill says some of the answers he gave me that first time knocked my socks off. Talking to Dan Burisch, Bill found out nickname J-Rod was based on symbols similar to a J and a rod inertia symbol. An alleged linguistic study showed the symbols are a combination of Mayan and Egyptian numerology, an equivalent of number 15, which is suppose to denote the number of light years between their planet and Earth. That planet might be Gliese 876C.

Overall J-Rod is described as what is commonly refereed to as a Grey alien. Dan Burisch described J-Rod as three and a half feet tall, dark brown appearance, large head compared to torso, large black eyes, large arms, four thin fingers, nails, large feet, four toes, extremely small mouth, no teeth, 622 years old, extremely depressed. Depressed due to being held captive. The overall description is very much like the appearance of the Asgard in TV series Stargate.

Dan Burisch is/was an alleged member of the Majestic 12 or MJ-12. It is claimed Marci also became a member and was a first woman to do so. Bill himself asked to become a member after writing a paper on biophotonics for Dan, who delivered it to Washington DC, but was declined, even though the paper was said to be good.

Bill claims it was Dr.Vannevar Bush who originally chose some of the members of the special study group, which became known as Majestic 12. According to Bill’s findings some of the scientist involved in the secret space program were Dr.Detlev Bronk, Dr.Jerome Hunsaker, Dr.Lloyd V. Berkner, Dr.Robert Oppenheimer, Wernher von Braun, Dr.Ernst A. Steinhoff, Dr.Hubertus Strughold. According to Bill the MJ1 [the first of twelve] in 2005 was vice admiral John Mike McConnell. Another majestic member name Bill mentioned in 2005 is admiral Bobby Ray Inman.

In relation to Dan Burisch, Bill told a story about an alleged first ever live alien, to be held by USA in Los Alamos Z division, named EBE1. It is claimed EBE1 had tremendous telepathic abilities, and was afraid of humans due to sensing human nature.

Bill claims first treaty with the aliens was signed in 1958, and is called a TAU 9 treaty which allegedly, according to Dan is renewed every nine years. In 1964 an exchange program was made where EBE2, a second alien, volunteered to stay here on Earth while one of human scientists went to the ET home world around Zeta Reticuli 2. The number nine is suppose to be significant. Bill was told by Dan that aliens are numerologists.

Dan, who has been in telepathic contact with J-Rod, mentioned 2012 is the year when catastrophe happens and we are trying to side step the catastrophe. Bill also said Dan told him the alien is us from the future, fifty two thousand years from now after the catastrophe the human genome split, one became J-Rods and the other the tall blonde Nordics. Dan also claims J-Rod crashed here in 1963 due to problems with his bio-physiological communicating with the craft.

According to Bill the MJ-12 gave Dan an order to tell the world. And he has until the end of this year [2006], to accomplish that mission because they expect more and more radical changes which will become apparent to the public as we proceed to 2007, 2008, toward this omega point of 2012.


Bill Hamilton can be considered as one of the early presenters, before the dawn of social media, and the rise of YouTube. YouTube started in 2005. In his investigations he was looking for patterns out of same or similar information told to him by different sources, sources who did not know each other – a kind of vetting. Or so he claims. A lot of what Bill talked about as far back as 1992, can be found in many, if not all stories, told about today. Bill’s claims are based on what he was told by other experiencers. If they can be trusted, or to what an extent they can be trusted, is questionable. One such trust controversy was/is Dan Burisch. Most stories are USA based. A lot of them are said to have happened in southern California, and south western United States. But, even if the entire USA is taken into account, this is still a small area compared to the entire planet.

The overall theme WAS as it STILL IS today: the government is keeping secrets and is working along side with ETs, for decades there has existed a technology that can take us out of the solar system, there are underground bases and cities connected by a system of tunnels with high speed trains, there are Reptilians, Greys, Nordics, tall orange people, federation of friendly beings, conflicts between alien groups, impending disaster…



  1. we have seen classic UFO phenomena right around these aerospace [Northrop, Douglas, Lockheed] facilities
  2. we are expected to believe that there is no involvement here, that the government does not know any more than we do about these objects
  3. there is something which i have seen in a CIA document which i have and it states in there – The US UFO program
  4. by the 80s we had fully operational craft that can leave the atmosphere of our planet and have done so
  5. we have a NASA space program with a dinosaur type vehicle called Space shuttle, we have craft that are driven by field propulsion probably establishing bases on Moon and even possibly the planet Mars
  6. we have a secret space program
  7. we could be flying missions to other bodies in the solar system and we may be carrying these activities out in collaboration with extra terrestrials and i find that fascinating
  8. when i say the government i am talking about a spinoff, secret groups that were formed many many years ago control these type of operations [space travel], the shadow government or the satellite government
  9. SCI are sensitive compartmentalized information and you have special access programs
  10. there is a presence here, it is an alien presence, their activity is apparently increasing, it is spreading and i think that they are preparing us for a change, a big change, some kind of an impact that this change is going to have on our entire global society, what that change is, is still beyond the reach of my vision, but i see it coming


  1. what you see on TV, what you perceive it to be, influences your belief on some event. This belief will further influence your perception of other events
  2. Z division – Los Alamos national labs, is where the first live alien was taken in 1949, known as EBE1
  3. they do not replace one of te twelve [MJ-12] until one of them dies
  4. aliens control their machines with their mind
  5. our physicists do not know the physics of it [ET technology], they had to scrap our theories and start from scratch
  6. DNA is a code and that code contains an instruction set
  7. the entire universe is expressing a substrata of itself which is encoded


  1. these people [ETs] can move among us. They would be our conception of perfect men and women. One difference is their eyes. Some of them have a little different eye coloring than you would see in a human, or they’ll have these little sparkling silver or golden flakes in their eyes
  2. we are the hybrids, not them; they are the pure form of man
  3. I started hearing about abductions, right? You know, Betty Hill abduction and everything. And at first I rejected them. That wasn’t… did not conform to the pattern that I already knew
  4. I had investigated, oh, about a dozen abduction cases by then [by the 80s]
  5. Brian [Scott, an abductee] was the first time I had heard about the years 2011 and 2012
  6. back in the ‘50s there were a lot of people that had contact experiences that never got up on a lecture stand, never wrote a book, were never interviewed on it
  7. I transited over into suddenly people telling me about crash retrievals. And I got interested in that. Crash retrievals during the mid ‘80s moved into underground bases and Area 51. I first heard about Area 51 in 1984
  8. I was in Air Force Security Service. I had a Top Secret Crypto clearance
  9. I met a guy in the ‘90s that was in reverse engineering, that had flown one of our reverse engineered craft to the moon and back
  10. I knew about Bob Lazar before anybody else did, through John Lear. John believes they tinkered with his [Bob Lazar’s] memory
  11. she [Marci] contacted me when she was in Canada. And she started saying, “I’m being followed. People are following me everywhere and I’m worried, and something’s going on
  12. I got mysterious letters also in the mail, from the black community, the black ops community, when it all started [the Dan Bursich thing]
  13. I knocked on the door [asked to become a member of MJ-12]
  14. Eisenhower’s meeting with the aliens…1958 first treaty signed near Los Alamos
  15. he [Dan Burisch] had an eidetic [photographic] memory
  16. Dan was abducted when he was a child
  17. I’ve seen Dan use disinformation because he was ordered to
  18. I have spent 22 days in an altered state of consciousness back in 1977. My mind accelerated. I could do high speed mathematics. I could read Greek. I could read Latin. I could read peoples’ minds. I could move objects, you know, this kind of thing
  19. I’m interested in anomalies in time, multidimensional universe and things like this
  20. Bill Ryan and I, we share, ah, a philosophy on this where we believe that this is… we are spiritual beings that are immersed and trapped in our own creation

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