Steven Macon Greer

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Steven Macon Greer

Steven Macon Greer offers an alternative perspective to the mainstream extraterrestrial narrative. The main difference being Steven’s view, from as far back as 1994, on how there are no hostile ETs and his alleged briefings to clueless high government officials. Unlike most others he claims to have a proven method to initiate contact, does not sell too much hopium porn and overall believes it is up to humanity as a whole to change things for the better.

Steven is a doctor of medicine. Before embarking on the ET disclosure path he was a traumatologist. Steven left medicine and being an emergency doctor because he realized we are in a global emergency. I went from one emergency to another. Now Steven is the head of CSETI-The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which is an interplanetary interstellar diplomatic initiative, Project Starlight which has evolved into Disclosure Project after president Clinton backed down from disclosure, starting with 2001 National Press Club event and Orion Project which deals with practical applications of free energy.


As a teenager at the age of 17 Steven had a near death experience due to infection resulting from untreated injury. This experience lead him to an awareness about the nature of consciousness and the non locality of the mind. Steven describes the mind as a singularity, there is only one mind shining through various individuals appearing as many. We are all one being, a cosmic hologram. Conscious mind is omnipresent and eternal, it transcends linear space and time.

You have all been taught that matter and energy is primary. In reality the field of consciousness and thought are primary and manifest this dimension.

Steven is basically stating the very old belief we are all one. In a way this means you are also one with Sixpack Joe and anything worse than that. It is Steven’s view our genome came from primates, we are hard wired to engage in conflict.

In a way we are a bunch of simians with capability of mutually assured destruction, but are we all one, all part of some “fractal originator”? Steven did not elaborate, neither did any simian bothered to ask him.

This realization was followed by a contact experience, Steven says he had in the fall of 1973 at the age of 18, while meditating and using consciousness to remote view deep space. Allegedly Steven made contact with the ET space craft which then materialized near the mountain where he was.

All of this serves as a basis for Steven’s CE5 or close encounters of the fifth kind protocol, which he uses to establish contact with extraterrestrials. A protocol dealing with non locality, the fact that universe has many dimensions that you can move through to go from one star system to another. Dimensions that are at higher resonance fields than linear space time or electromagnetism, also interfaced with coherent thought.

When you do a visualization in consciousness and expanded state of awareness you can connect to the ETs and through them to their telemetry systems. Steven is saying ETs have devices which can pick up a directed thought.

General instructions for CE5 are:

  1. go into state of samadhi
  2. actively remote view the presence and location of extraterrestrial vehicles
  3. turn that into a vector, to show them your location from their perspective

All of space and time and all of consciousness and all that exists in the cosmos is folded within you as a cosmic hologram that your mind is the entry point, the window of your own soul, that you can dive through and go into this unbounded state and then you can see a remote place, you can see the ET craft and then you given them the vision of your location.

As proof Steven mentioned Robert George Jahn, former plasma physicist, Professor of Aerospace Science and Dean of Engineering at Princeton University, who found that if you put your awareness on a random number generation you can shit putting out 0 or 1. This has been reproducible in many scientific models even though it flies in the face of conventional reductionist linear 3D, 4D model. In the upper echelons this is very well understood. It is only the mainstream media and mediocre academics and mediocre government people who do not understand this.

Steven claims he had a contact experience in 1990 with male extraterrestrial. Steven described the male ET having jet black hair but he was white, very white white white and blue eyes. Really handsome, very definitely an extraterrestrial and he is still involved.

He had another contact experience while in a lucid dream. The contact was initiated by his dead former assistant Shari Adamiak. Steven claims Adamiak was frankly murdered by these classified projects. Sherri is in the spirit world and the astral body. Extraterrestrial civilizations see that as clearly as you and I see this and there are humans who see that world as easily as you and I see this room. Allegedly upon Sherri Adamiak’s death in January 1998, she introduced me in a lucid dream that night, with this extraterrestrial senior ambassador to Earth. The ambassador had a head just like a round pumpkin, no hair, almond shaped eyes. Very pretty in her own species way, diminutive features otherwise, small fine nose and no pinna [the outer ear] very fine lips. The ambassador exuded almost perfect manifestation of kindness and compassion and radiated that. Steven calls this ambassador Kindness.

This image is to show a blue, non materialized, ET craft belonging to Kindness and next to it Shari Adamiak. Steven did not explain as to how he knows that.

Steven is leading groups of people out on expeditions during which CE5 is used to establish contact with extraterrestrials. The price for such an expedition is $2500 per person. Accommodation, food and travel costs not included. The main component of establishing contact is to be conscious thought and coherence within the group. Every person there must be willing to initiate contact and not have any fear, prejudices or other ill intended motives.

If you expect ETs to land and wish you to “live long and prosper” you are expecting too much. Apparently, judging by the provided videos as evidence, the most common thing you can get is a dot moving or blinking on the sky in a way which makes it not to be a satellite.

Here are some alleged CE5 experiences described by Steven. First two are said to have happened at Joshua Tree National Park in southern California.

  1. A couple of days ago we have a celestial extraterrestrial craft literally manifest over the group maybe 20, 30, 40 feet [6, 9, 12 meters] and at the same time we have a, right after that, a military chinook helicopter coming in with electronic warfare equipment zapping trying to disrupt the event but they can't because we are in the state of consciouses beyond their reach. Steven said this in 2007.

  2. Last week sitting in a circle in state of meditation, we are doing a prayer for the Earth, for the healing of the Earth with everyone in a space craft in deep space connecting with these extraterrestrial people and when we get to key point in this our electronic devices magnetometers, that pick up magnetic field flux and laser and radar detectors that will pick up electromagnetic energy coming into an area. They detect craft as they get to bump up against the linear space time electromagnetic flux field and start beeping. At a key point above the circle this brilliant almost explosion star burst appeared where this craft appears and streams this light. It was a packets of knowledge, streaming of information on non verbal level. Often when we had the ETs completely materialize, physically there, people hear clicking sounds in different kinds of way they would talk. In November there were four ETs that completely materialized exactly where this star burst happened and they were just standing there in the meditation with everyone, we were silent and some people heard clicking sounds and some other things. This event has also been described in 2007.

  3. At Blanca Peak in Colorado there is a contact site that I remote viewed and found one night. This contact site has been the site of many meetings between our group and these extraterrestrial civilizations. The first time we did this there were about 12 different beings there and they were from different star systems all of them and scintillating further beyond, where you could see them, were all these celestial and angelic and beyond that was this avatar being the sort of a godhead it was beautiful experience and that was in 1997.

One would think Steven would make sure such an event, or at least one of them, would be recorded. In spite of them doing the CE5 in complete darkness. But no. There is no compelling! evidence of complete manifestation of either extraterrestrial craft or extraterrestrials themselves.

According to Steven ETs do not materialize like in Steven Spielberg movie because they can't without being killed. If they being to materialize they send of a series of electromagnetic energies that National Reconnaissance Office satellites with neutrino light detectors can pick up. The reason ETs respond is because they want to have contact with humans but will not come to entertain you, these are not dolphins at Sea World.

In 2007 Steven reported A major G7 country wants us to setup a contact CE5 so that their heads of state and their leadership can have an open meeting with these visitors. Years later he told this country was France.

French contacted us through some very prominent French diplomats. I made it clear I will not be involved in operations that militarized contact or had any weapon systems on site unless to keep the bad guys away from us. As they faxed me what they want to do they got a call from U.S. intelligence who told them to stay away from any U.S. assets and territory. A French admiral attend a public CE5 in civilian clothing. A trans-dimensional ET vehicle biped in and biped out very quickly. They tracked objects going in excess of 200 thousand km/h. They were very pleased.

As proof of communication between Steven’s project and the French government the following documentation is offered: Translation of fax and Sporade document.

In addition to the above this image was offered as proof or partly materialized ET craft. The one which “biped in and out”. Based on a human face looking towards the camera you can see just how distorted the image is. The supposed ET craft in the background could be anything.

Other alleged evidence from CE5 events is an image of a light being taken in Florida, 2010. Another image from Florida is this one. This image was taken in April 2012. Frankly none of this can be deemed as convincing.

This is an image of Bijou an interstellar ambassador. We know his name because he told it to us. Based on Bijou’s cranial size Steven estimated Bijou’s IQ is about 400 to 500 and the detector affirmed it [communicating via electronic equipment].

Steven claims Alton Barnes, England 1992 Crop Circle Formation is a result of a CSETI team visualizing the exact same formation a day prior.


Steven defines MAJIC as majority intelligence commitee. There are two governments. One you vote for, with appointed members and since WW2 there has evolved a monster – the deep national security state of unacknowledged special access projects. These projects have not been properly supervised since at least 1956.

Steven further describes MAJIC as a transnational commitee. It had a name Majestic 12 or MAJIC. Now it is a commitee of 200 or 300 folks who are corporate, very deep shadow government, kind of operations. There is a cabal of sociopathic misanthropic folks who have decided their macro economic grip on power needs to be maintained through ruthless secrecy. Agendas withing the group are separate and competing. Agendas are macroeconomic global control, eschatologists who want a final battle resulting in the end of the world so messiah can come back, sociopaths who like endless war and status quo holders.

Steven named some people who were or are members of the commitee. Their names are: Vannevar Bush, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, Richard Bruce Cheney, George Herbert Walker Bush, Bobby Ray Inman, John William Warner and Michael Vincent Hayden.

It is a common belief in the community the Secret Space Program started in Nazi Germany. Most add Reptilians and Nordics to this narrative. Not Steven. According to Steven Nazis almost perfected gravity control by the time WW2 ended. Nazi scientists were brought into the U.S. by the CIA and became the foundation of the space program. Nazis being brought into U.S. is of course related to Operation Paperclip.

In 2018 Steven said he works with a man who is to be a son of the MAJIC member, grand son of Paul Mellon. At the end of WW2 Paul Mellon and general Patton [George Smith Patton] went over to Germany and got their secret weapon, the Nazi Bell and disc. Patton wanted to disclose the technology and that got him killed, general Patton was assassinated.

According to Steven; in the 1940’s the ETs were doing regular flyovers in White Sands, New Mexico, due to their concern regarding the development and use of atomic weapons. In 1947, using scalar longitudinal electromagnetic weapon, three ET craft were shoot down. Steven said the weapon itself was researched in prior years, starting in 1920’s, but kept hidden from the public. This is commonly known as the Roswell UFO incident, although Steven has said the craft which fell down near Roswell was completely destroyed.

Steven describes scalar weapon as follows: light has a wave component traveling at 300 thousand km/s. A longitudinal scalar is not a wave but a point and a line traveling at multiples of the speed of light and United States has weaponized it. They use it to target interstellars as they come through the crossing point of light, step down into this dimension.

It is unclear as to how any interstellar civilization could be susceptible to anything simians can come up with or why they would not be able to adapt or counteract it as in no longer being affected by it. Some say ETs crashed due to high powered radar interfering with their systems, which is ridiculous. Steven claims it was an electromagnetic weapon, but Steven also claims ETs can be a million to ten million years ahead of us technologically. Also, since ETs disabled nuclear weapons as many claim, why don’t they disable scalar weapons? CNN did not come out with the news of aggressive ETs making their phallic toys inert, as that would raise too many questions. The same applies here?

It was said MAJIC was originally put together by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. president 1933 - 1945. After that, the period from 1947 to 1956 was a deliberate takeover by the corporate state. In 1956 Rockefeller Commission [Advisory Committee on Government Organization] reorganized the Pentagon, Department of Defense, CIA, the whole alphabet soup of secret entities and they did so in such a way it became almost impossible to penetrate by anyone who wanted to navigate through it.

As evidence to help prove the existence of the commitee Steven offered a Wilbert Smith memo. Canada wanted to find out what Americans are doing. On page two the memo acknowledges existence of highly classified program and flying saucers.

I discovered in the early 90's there is somewhere between $100 and $200 billion a year basically just being stolen going into these illegal projects. Steven claims the commitee also funds itself through partial releases of technology, such as microprocessors and fiber optics, international banking and illegal drugs. According to Steven there is an army of 8 thousand men, special operations folks and they move drugs all over the world.


This part is unique to Steven. None other in the community ever made claims of this nature.

In December 1993 Steven met the CIA director. I was brought to Washington during the Clinton years to do the briefing for the CIA director [Robert James Woolsey Jr]. The reason Steven was asked to come is because allegedly president Clinton had inquired about the subject of ETs and was denied access. The CIA director was honestly completely in the dark and I was mortified. Towards the end of the almost three hour briefing I said “we really need you to help disclose this information” and he looked at me and said “how do we disclose that which we have no access to”.

The meeting with CIA director did happen, yet what exactly went on during the meeting was later disputed. You cant read about the controversy here on Steven’s website.

Steven claims high government officials have no access to the secret projects and no oversight. Just because you are a CIA director or the secretary of defense or just because you are on a senate intelligence commitee means nothing. I have done briefings for the director of central intelligence, the head of the defense intelligence agency, members of the senate intelligence commitee, government oversight commitee, presidential staff, head of intelligence for the joint chiefs of staff, members of the European leadership, the Japanese cabinet and others. Everyone of these people have been inquiring about this issue and have been denied access.

Steven claims he showed a National Reconnaissance Office document to admiral Thomas Ray Wilson head of intelligence for the joint chiefs of staff. Admiral, recognizing one of the compartments on the document, contacted them and demanded to be read into the project just to be told “sir you do not have a need to know”. This meeting and others have been confirmed by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell, who was also present. According to Richard Michael Dolan, who also talked about this, the admiral was not denied access by the military people but by attorneys of the private entities that controlled the program.

Gordon Cooper [Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr], a mercury astronaut [first human spaceflight program of the United States] his crew filmed extraterrestrial vehicle landing on a dry lake bed, in broad day light, near Edwards Air Force Base in 1956. When Clinton was president Gordon Cooper was asked by the secretary of defense about this issue. Cooper gave the information. Secretary of defense, having this information, made an inquiry through channels and came up with a dry hole. Senior people in our government have no access to this information.

Steven claims Laurance Rockefeller [Laurance Spelman Rockefeller established the UFO Disclosure Initiative to the Clinton White House. They asked for all UFO information held by the government, including from the CIA and the US Air Force, to be declassified and released to the public] hosted Steven at his ranch and told him we really need you to hurry up and do this. The implications of this are so vast and so profound that no aspect of life will be unchanged when it comes out. Later Steven was told by a close friend of the president Clinton we are very supportive of what you recommend in this white paper but will not do it. Hillary put a stop to it. They are convinced if the president steps into this too hard he will end up like Jack Kennedy while you are expendable.

In 2016 Steven said two years ago I was on an island off Australia near Great Barrier Reef with a 120 world leaders, I was asked to be the keynote to talk about this stuff. According to Steven those were some of the most powerful people on the world and most of them gave him the hate stares. He was there for three days.

Steven allegedly handed hours of video testimony and top secret documents to ABC executive producer Ira Rosen. Rosen, initially enthusiastic about the material, later informed Steven they will not let him do the story on it.

Steven claims Arnold Kopelson flew me out to LA and wanted to do an enormous expose true life story, be like Argo but based on Steven’s work. He had a 60 million dollar discretionary budget for any movie he wanted to do. They did not allow him to do it.

Steven claims former U.S. senator Barry Morris Goldwater tried to help him by calling Bobby Ray Inman to inquire about the program. For doing so Goldwater god reprimanded and threatened. There is a similar story about this by Richard Michael Dolan. Richard claims Goldwater asked general Curtis Emerson LeMay for information but was refused.

Steven claims he has the original document as seen on this picture. Steven called it a Marilyn Monroe death warrant. Document from August 3rd, 1962 relating to Marilyn Monroe, Project Moondust and Project 46. These are correct codenames for UFO ET related projects by the agency as of that date. It is a wiretap summary of telephone conversations by Marilyn, Robert Kennedy, Howard Rothberg and Dorothy Kilgallen.

Marilyn Monroe had an affair with both Jack and Robert Kennedy. In pillow talk [conversation after sex] then president told her about things from outer space.

Document states:

  1. Rothberg discussed the apparent comeback of subject with Kilgallen and the break up with the Kennedys. Rothberg told Kilgallen that she was attending Hollywood parties hosted by the “inner circle” among Hollywood’s elite and was becoming the talk of the town again. Rothberg indicated in so many words, that she had secrets to tell, no doubt arising from her trists [sic] with the President and the Attorney General. One such “secret” mentions the visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space. Kilgallen replied that she knew what might be the source of visit. In the mid-fifties Kilgallen learned of secret effort by US and UK governments to identify the origins of crashed spacecraft and dead bodies, from a British government official. Kilgallen believed the story may have come from the New Mexico story in the late forties. Kilgallen said that if the story is true, it would cause terrible embarrassment for Jack and his plans to have NASA put men on the moon.

  2. Subject repeatedly called the Attorney General and complained about the way she was being ignored by the President and his brother.

  3. Subject threatened to hold a press conference and would tell all.

  4. Subject made reference to “bases” in Cuba and knew of the President’s plan to kill Castro.

  5. Subject made reference to her “diary of secrets” and what the newspapers would do with such disclosures.

Secret Bases

Steven describes secret bases as facilities part government unacknowledged special access project compartmented deep black trans national security state and part corporate. at these bases there are contractors which run operations.

Steven provided the following locations and names of the secret facilities:

Edwards Air Force Base complex

  1. Haystack Butte
  2. China Lakes
  3. George AFB
  4. Norton AFB
  5. Table Top Mountain
  6. Blackjack Control
  7. Northrop Anthill Tejon Ranch
  8. McDonald Douglas Llano Plant
  9. Lockheed Martin Helendale Plant
  10. Phillips Labs North Edwards facility

New Mexico

  1. Los Alamos National Laboratories
  2. Kirtland Air Force Base
  3. Sandia National Laboratories
  4. Defense Nuclear Agency
  5. Phillips Labs
  6. Manzano Mountain Weapons Storage and underground complex
  7. Coyote Canyon Test Site, north of Manzano


  1. Fort Huachuca underground storage facility of ET space craft and autopsied ETs


  1. Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Deep Space Network dedicated for tracking UFOs
  2. Lawrence Livermore Labs
  3. Pine Gap
  4. Redstone Arsenal underground complex in Alabama
  5. Utah Dugway Proving Grounds accessible only by air

There is a subterranean state of the art research facility called the Cube near Lockheed Skunk Works in California desert near the Edwards complex. It has underground connection to the Nellis Range mistakenly called Area 51. The proper names are Pahute Mesa, Groom Lake, S4, S9 and S12.

Government agencies involved

  1. CIA
  2. DARPA
  3. DIA
  4. FBI
  5. military intelligence
  6. NASA
  7. NRO
  8. NSA

Private corporate entities involved

  1. BAE Systems
  2. BDM
  3. Bechtel
  4. Booz Allen and Hamilton
  5. Boeing Aerospace
  6. EG&G
  7. E Systems
  8. Lockheed Martin
  9. McDonnell Douglas
  10. MITRE
  11. Northrop Aerospace
  12. Phillips Labs
  13. Raytheon
  14. Rockwell International
  15. SAIC
  16. TRW
  17. Village Supercomputing
  18. Wackenhut

According to Steven many members of MAJIC originate from the above listed corporations.

Steven describes his experience going into a secret underground military base on the east coast. One of my military guys got me into the command center where nuclear war would be fought from. I wanted to go there to do and investigate some things. During the visit Steven and his military guy were questioned. Steven allegedly went into a state of consciouses where person asking the questions would just be ok. Steven did the Obi-Wan Kenobi hand gesture as he talked about that. Steven’s military guy said well this is Dr.Greer and you do not have a need to know why he is here. Steven then added that is how I got into the NORAD too by the way.

The above description is a tad self centered. Steven basically brags about using the force. Also, Steven has his own military guys? Anyone offering that kind of services to Steven would experience a short drop and a sudden stop. The above story is highly questionable.

Friendly Extraterrestrials

This is one of the most controversial topics as far as community is concerned. It is also a topic Steven always mentions during his public appearances. Most, if not all, UFO community sees ETs both as good and bad. Steven makes no such distinction and argues that if any ET civilization would want us gone or subdued they could do it effortlessly. He also states applying anthropocentric projection is what is causing the good versus bad belief.

According to Steven any negative ET experience is a false indication and warning perpetrated by humans and programmed life forms posing as extraterrestrials. As evidence for this claim Steven uses this document.

The document is to prove an intent to setup a deception “the problems connected to UFO appear to have implications for psychological warfare” and a suggestion to “discuss the utilization of possible offensive or defensive utilization of this phenomena for psychological warfare purposes”. There is an overreaching agenda to create the spectra of a threat form outer space that does not exist.

Any civilization with technology for interstellar travel could instantly eliminate life on Earth. They do not need the Earth, there are billions of planets with biospheres like on planet Earth. Zecharia Sitchin is all wrong about the early connections with the Anunnaki and whatever and needing slaves to mine gold. I know a guy with a 3 thousand, 5 thousand degree plasma reactor that is making transmutation of the elements today on Earth with really kind of primitive stuff. You would not need to go into interstellar space and turn a bunch of early humans into slaves to be mining gold. This is all a tribal paranoia and racism.

PLF stands for programmed life form. They are nano bio machines. We have been making these since after WW2. They are genetic experiments and they pass very well as aliens and I know the facilities where we have been making these. The classified project are trying to frighten the public and I know men who have been on these assault teams. They use ARVs [alien reproduction vehicles] with psychotronic and radionic systems to engage people and have a very frightening pseudo contact experience. It is a part of conditioned response to grow a war machine from international level of fighting to global. A cosmic Gulf of Tonkin [false flag which started Vietnam War].

Steven further mentions what he calls interplanetary racism, where tall blond beautiful looking ETs are presented as good and any other, not up to human beauty standards, as bad.

They do not need our sperm and egg. Advanced classified genetic engineering programs that have been going on for decades are growing all kinds of different life forms from basic materials. All they have to do is retrieve a hair follicle, they do not have to drag someone kicking and screaming aboard a space craft to snatch the egg and sperm.

This does not sit well with everyone. Like Project Camelot. In 2009 Steven had an impromptu interview with Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot. It was the first time he was questioned and challenged on his position of all ETs being positive. Kerry Lynn Cassidy tried to make a point about Steven’s definitive statement, of there being no hostile ETs, as irresponsible.

Bill Ryan said the following statements Steven has made during the Barcelona conference are not true:

  1. there are no extra terrestrials which are not benevolent
  2. all abductions are MILAB psyops [military abductions]
  3. there is no ongoing relationship between the American military and any ET race

Kerry Lynn Cassidy stated what Steven has said was insidious.

Steven believes there are people who had ET contact which will then be target for abduction by the classified projects so their paradigm and perception will become confused and that people are being led onto a path of panic, polarity and duality.

In Bill Ryan’s view Steven himself is polarizing the subject by stating that anyone who does not see ETs as all good is working for the secret commitee. Bill further stated we think there is a big maybe category where for sure some ETs are friendly, I have meet some of them personally. We do not know if ETs are hostile but neither do you and you should not say that you know and you do not. You are presuming to know and you are capitalizing on your authority and position in the UFO community and that is irresponsible, because you are leading people who are feeding off your words and you should not do that.

Steven thinks anything is possible, so also the bad ETs, but also adds he has no evidence for that. I prefer to be cautiously optimistic and put out a positive view on how we should be interacting, it is not irresponsible, I am not insidious.

False Flag

Steven describes the current global situation as a covert Fourth Reich. We are getting closer to the hoaxing of events to stamped the world into something that would make 9/11 look like a picnic, even the mid level people in MAJIC do not know about this. In a last few weeks [talking in 2016] we have seen indications they are trying to fast track the cosmic false flag and the only way to avert it is to expose it before it happens. They would love to see a shut down of our civilization and the extermination of about 5 billion people to a conflict they will stage.

In 2011 Steven said this is why I have been blacklisted off of George Noory show, because I talked about this.

Steven claims back in 1994 they were threating to kill him if he talked about it. First part of this are air forms made by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Northrop Grumman, Boeing Phantom Works, etc which to average general or president are indistinguishable from an extraterrestrial object. Steven said these are planned to be used for staging an alien attack on planet Earth. Second part are extraterrestrial biological entities or EBENs, the artificial programed life forms resembling the real ETs. Third part are electromagnetic weapons systems and certain chemicals that alter awareness.

Somebody can be targeted with an electromagnetic field that has embedded in it a series of experiences and that person will believe it is real, it will be indistinguishable from reality. Allegedly they can fake a conversation with anyones favorite deity and the targeted person will pass a lie detector test about the experience.

As example of man made flying vehicles Steven references work by Michael Schratt. See triangle, boomerang and silent craft.

Dr.Fred Bell had been given over to the MK Ultra program at birth. To be programed as sort of a genius in aerospace and technology and to work inside the system as electronic and psychotronic controlled slave. His parents did this with knowledge and forethought. Fred's specialty was to develop weapon systems which could shot down the ET craft. During MK Ultra he was put through scripted experiences, Fred thought were real, with beings and civilizations that were horrific. That is how they taught him to hate the aliens.

In relation to above Steven referred to Corey Goode. Steven said everyone should be very careful about our assessment of what is out there in the universe based on victims of the military abduction programs. Steven is basically saying Corey has been deceived, that his experiences were made believe, programmed. If you do not know who Corey Goode is find him under the Star Index.

In 2018 Steven talked about white noise space time extraction, a trans-dimensional device which can access what some call Akashic records or in other words, everything that is happening or has ever happened. Basically Steven is talking about what Jake Simpson, a Project Camelot’s anonymous witness, was talking about. It would seem that whatever you think they can know it. No need to bother hiding or encrypting or anything of a sort. According to Steven the device has been in use for decades. By 60's and 70's this device was fully operational. Steven later added he knew about this since the 90’s.

This makes one wonder how come Steven’s sources are not found using this technology. Allegedly there is someone high up in CIA which has been keeping him alive for all these years, preventing his execution. How can that be? How can anything at all be done with such a device being around?

Free Energy

Richard J. Foch of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory told me that it was October 1954 when we really mastered gravity control and all the projects went black.

Steven described gravity control as an ability to put electromagnetic field at certain voltages and certain angular momentum so that objects become massless. Velocity is inversely proportional to mass. If mass becomes 0 velocity can go trans dimensional. Using zero point or quantum vacuum electromagnetic generators with high voltage systems you create a vector into baseline energy field that holds the universe together. The existence of this field has been proven with Casimir effect. Voltage involved in trans dimensional physics is in thousands to millions of volts at very low current.

William Pawalec told Steven about development of radio frequency chip implants in 70's and 80's At one point Siemens manufactured two billion of them. They are very miniaturized. They can control thoughts and behavior.

Most would agree technology is being suppressed or hidden. Steven is no exception. Coal, gas, oil and nuclear fuel are used to convert water into steam and use that steam to turn the turbine which generates electricity. Why are we using fancy steam engines to generate power? Why has that not changed in the past 100 years?

According to Steven scientists are human first and scientist second. There are those who pose as objective scientific folks who are on a payroll of agencies. Steven named Donald Howard Menzel using the perch of respectability at Harvard and Edward Uhler Condon being on a payroll of the CIA. Their role was to mislead and deter away from the truth about the ET phenomena and advanced technologies. Carl Sagan was on a payroll of the intelligence community. There were improprieties in his PhD thesis used against him. Sagan was instructed to do and say as told or “he will be washing the floors at Cornell”, instead of teaching.

Academia is political. A very famous astronomer who worked for Carl Sagan was at our meeting in 1997 that we did for congress and after he did that with us he was told if he ever wanted to be published again and have a career in astronomy he had to leave this issue alone.

Steve claims the CIA director Bill Colby [William Egan Colby, director of CIA 1973–1976] was involved with MAJIC and was going to give us zero point free energy device and starter seed money of around 50 million dollars to get it out to the public as an open source system. The week he was going to do that they found him floating down the Potomac River.

One of the people I am working with had a resonance frequency solid state crystalline device at Lawrence Berkeley labs [United States national laboratory located in the Berkeley Hills near Berkeley, California]. Using very high voltages with certain Hertz, certain pulses, he was able to get ten times more energy out than it was going in, because the crystalline structure was tapping into zero point energy field. He was dragged off, injected with thorazine and thrown into a mental institution.

Gorbachev [Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev], Bush [George Herbert Walker Bush], Hans Adam II Liechtenstein and Pérez de Cuéllar [Javier Felipe Ricardo Pérez de Cuéllar de la Guerra, Secretary General of the United Nations] were planning to do a massive disclosure on UFO subject. Cuéllar was taken out, abducted, from his limousine in November 1989 by PLF and it got stopped. Cuéllar was told if they do the disclosure every world leader involved will be abducted.

In 1976 Jimmy Carter [James Earl Carter Jr] wanted to do disclosure. Two goons with all access badges went into the private quarters of the White House and said to him “if you would like to complete your first term as president you will keep your mouth shut”.


In 2013 Steven and his team released a movie documentary titled Sirius. Among other things the documentary presented Atacama skeleton, found in the Atacama desert in 2003. Click here for the image.

CT scans, X-rays and DNA were checked by scientist at Stanford. Gary Nolan and Ralph Lachman. Lachman’s written report, from the time the documentary was being made, is here.

Lachman wrote the specimen does not fall under any known to me class of disorders or syndromes. In many respects the proportions of the spine and extremities are normal. The major abnormalities appear to be the size of the specimen, mid-face hypoplasia [underdevelopment or incomplete development], the underdevelopment of the jaw and that specimen only has ten ribs. Humans normally have twelve, rarely eleven.

Lachman estimated specimen’s age to be between 6 to 8 years old. Radiology concluded it can not be a fetus, due to the density of the bone material.

After DNA analysis the conclusion by Gary Nolan was the mother of the specimen was an indigenous indian from Chilean area haplotype B2A, the specimen is male and probably died in the last century. What they could not determine is what genetics caused the anomalies. 9% of the specimen’s DNA did not match with the human DNA. For reference, human and chimpanzee only have 1% DNA difference.

As always, or as expected in such cases, a controversy ensued. Later writings on the specimen can be found on Wikipedia, Guardian article and CNN article.

In 2018 Steven told of how he originally trusted Gary Nolan, professor at Stanford. At the time Nolan shared his findings with a man who has asked to remain anonymous at this time because of the academic scandal this has become. The man I am referring to is one of the top geneticists in the world. He contacted me this past Sunday morning and said this is an academic scandal of first order of magnitude.

With scandal Steven was referring to this paper in the Genome Research peer review journal. Steven was told by the anonymous geneticist any peer review of this paper would have received a zero ranking. According to Steven the paper is a scientific equivalent to Dick Cheney cherry picking intelligence data to justify an attack on Iraq.

Unlike the original findings the paper claims specimen is a deformed human girl, that was an aborted fetus and that it had seven genes never known before that caused the deformity. According to the anonymous geneticist finding seven new genetic syndromes is laughable and implausible.

Steven was told by the anonymous geneticist Nolan's story has changed completely since we first discussed the early results. It is further stated Nolan attributed the mutations to the specimen while still alive. This is to be a mistake since the specimen was exposed to the environment for a longer period of time. They are not mutations, they are damage to the DNA.

Steven said Nolan changed once he joined the To The Stars Academy which is allegedly a rat pack, a disinformation and fake disclosure group. A part of that group is also Thomas Matthew DeLonge [Blink 182].

Dire Warning

During 2018 Atacama Cover-Up presentation Steven briefly mentioned an approved extinction level event he has been briefed about in April 2018. Adding we have little time. A bit later during the same presentation Steven refers to green lighted and approved apocalyptic event. Steven further mentions weaponization of inter-dimensional portals and a plan for the worst catastrophe in recorded human history with 5 billion of the 7.5 billion lives hanging in the balance. That is an accurate number.

The number 5 billion has been mentioned by Steven before. Years ago. It is unclear though as to why 5 billion and if it is random or if there is some sort of criteria. Steven also spoke of technology to access lower astral beings back in 2009 and during all the time he spoke of the cosmic false flag, a plan to get us to war with the ETs.

Steven divides “Aliens” in three groups:

  1. man made programmed life forms, bio nano machines, using alien reproduction vehicles and psychotronic induced experiences
  2. trans-dimensional interstellar extraterrestrials and extraterrestrials that do not have interstellar capability
  3. beings from other dimensions, inter-dimensional, who are not extraterrestrials, that can manifest in this dimension:
    1. higher astral or angelic
    2. lower astral or demonic

Trans-dimensional ETs are to be the ones of the same dimension as us, but travel across dimensions to move from point A to point B. Inter-dimensional beings are not based in same dimension as us. Angels and demons do not need flying saucers. As Steven has mentioned before; allegedly a technology exists to go bring inter-dimensional being into this dimension we are in. This is what he meant by inter-dimensional portals.

Steven spoke of a splinter group within MAJIC headed by one of the four clans of the Mormon corporate empire, which has reached full operation on anti-gravity inter-dimensional device. This technology is in a hands of a person who I have learned is claiming to be “the return of Christ for this galaxy”.

I have been recently told devices have been deployed over certain tectonic fault lines to induce earthquakes. Technologies that to you would look like magic have been developed since 40's and 50's. Keep that in mind.


It is in Steven’s opinion the disclosure has to come from the people and not the government, corporations or academia. Steven thinks this can be done via consciousness initiated ET contact and the release of hidden technologies. As such Steven has put out a call for anyone with a working zero energy device to contact him, so Steven and his team can release it for free to the public in open source manner, to prevent coercion by the deep state. No patents, no intellectual property.

Steven further states people who have a need to know in the constitutional chain of command are being lied to and deceived, I am gonna declare all those rogue a priori illegal, therefore anyone who signed a security oath for them I am going to unilaterally announced that they are released from them. If they are denying access to the people who are in constitutional chain of command, which I can prove they have in the court of law, those project are rogue and therefore the security oaths have no enforceability. This was also the call for a mass defection from inside the illegal programs.

In 2011 Steven said ⅔ of MAJIC support disclosure but the other third will eat their own.



  1. I think that within a decade it is likely an undeniable event will transpire


  1. cosmos is a conscious quantum hologram, it is not the liner thing that we have been taught
  2. we have had even fighter jets a couple of hundred feet above ground level [during CE5]
  3. we humans are the primary movers of the destiny of Earth and the future of Earth
  4. the primary funder of the Third Reich [Nazi Germany] was the Bank of Liechtenstein and the House of Liechtenstein
  5. we have weapons platforms in space that have been fully operational since the mid 60’s and I know men who worked on them
  6. we have very advanced electromagnetic weapons
  7. Eglin Air Force Base has U shaped electromagnetic pulse device to knock down ET craft into the Gulf of Mexico for retrieval
  8. Carl Sagan [Carl Edward Sagan] was on a team that helped do the planning and design for nuclear weapon and missile system to be detonated on the Moon. As this missile was leaving atmosphere it was intercepted and neutralized by ETs
  9. the prerequisite for contact is to be free of the prejudice and have an innocence of pure heart and acceptance and to step beyond the human condition of fear
  10. there is no chicken and no egg but one being. They [ET] have an understand of a universal supreme being
  11. any civilization that is interstellar isn’t locked into linear space time or the speed of light of electromagnetism
  12. when you are in a deep state of consciousness a linear verbal transmission can be bypassed and in a fraction of a second or in a few seconds you can get books downloaded


  1. my family put the first man on the moon
  2. I had access to people in classified projects for a lot of my life
  3. there are electromagnetic systems where they can put someone into a state and they can go into lower denser astral field, they can see beings and creatures there some might call demonic and bring them into 3D to materialize in flesh and blood
  4. there is no alliance between Majestic and the ETs
  5. genetic material from ET bodies has been cloned


  1. we are being visited by multiple interplanetary civilizations, they work together, some of them are a million to ten million years more developed than we are, none of them are hostile
  2. spiral in Norway was a scalar weapon to warn president Obama to stay away from disclosure
  3. every star system that is stable has plants with beings
  4. anything faster than the speed of light interfaces with astral and etheric
  5. vedas came from interstellar civilizations, form the Sirius Orion sector
  6. we will soon be a civilization where everyone this planet is in cosmic consciousness
  7. when I go to the Pentagon ETs accompany me. Remote viewers at the CIA and National Security Agency told me they see them and are really scared of them, those are like 18 feet tall [5,4 meters]
  8. they [ETs] are here to help and to understand and we have to join with them, the cosmic forces all together
  9. they are not here to fix all of our problems, they will not intervene unless in a worst case scenario [billions dead]
  10. I first found god through Gaia and nature
  11. ETs help me all the time in ways I do not go into a lot because people would not believe it
  12. I have a very strong ego, but I am very selfless


  1. Project Blue Book [systematic studies of unidentified flying objects conducted by the United States Air Force] was a cover story, a public relations stunt
  2. nothing ever goes anywhere in Washington
  3. my moms brother uncle was an engineer working on a Lunar module
  4. I am quite convinced they [ETs] have electronics that pick up on conscious field of coherent thought
  5. I have over 4 thousand cases where they have landed and we have evidence
  6. I have 3500 pilot cases [pilots seeing UFO]
  7. we don’t need petrodollar system, internal combustion, oil, gas, coal, nuclear power or centralized utility grid
  8. most of the information out there is disinformation
  9. the Federation of American Scientists came out with the report that there were 5135 patents seized under the national security act
  10. national security interests is a code for oil
  11. former head of army intelligence approached me in 1992 and offered me control over 2 billion dollar fund if I would shut up and close down the disclosure project
  12. before i was a doctor i was a meditation teacher
  13. the final frontier is not space it is consciousness
  14. if you really tell the whole truth it will hide itself because no one will believe it


  1. the true genius of the 20th century was Nikola Tesla not Albert Einstein, who is a minor luminary compared to Tesla
  2. there are obelisks and other objects and structures on Mars, millions of years old, which would show the ancient connection between other civilizations and the development of intelligent life on Earth
  3. nothing important of any strategic significance is above the surface of the Earth. Everything critical is underground, underground bases
  4. Science Applications International Corporation is one of the crown jewels of the contracting business dealing with the anti gravity, ET and UFO issues
  5. forget Snowden stuff. There are no private conversations anywhere on Earth
  6. there is a containment zone around Earth until rampaging primates [humans] make peace. If was lifted for the Moon, because we have facilities there but no further
  7. Eisenhower [Dwight David Ike Eisenhower] did meet with ETs near Edwards
  8. secret illegal corrupt kleptocracy of petro Nazis and fascists are running the world amok
  9. laser light is used to given ETs a vector to where exactly we are [CE5]
  10. Disney has always been in the back pocket of CIA since WW2, used to ridicule the UFO subject
  11. Jack Kennedy was briefed on the subject. In 1963 he said “unfortunately the whole matter is out of my hands and I don’t know why” and began to cry
  12. Foo fighters were objects flying around our craft during WW2. Allies thought it was a secret Nazi weapon and the other way around
  13. Interstellars have an interest in survival of this planet [Earth] and humanity
  14. Jack Kennedy was going to dissolve the CIA, get us out of Vietnam and disclose the ET information and make peace with the Soviet Union. That is why they killed him
  15. Nixon was a crook but was impeached for trying to disclose
  16. anything important is faster than the speed of light
  17. we have been brainwashed to think we are the land of the free [USA]
  18. there are certain orders of Jesuit priests involved with the technology transfer policy
  19. I spent over 10 million dollars of my own funding on disclosure project
  20. there are a lot of posers out there in the disclosure movement
  21. in last hundred years we have been deliberately miss educated
  22. conscious mind is an omni preset field that connects all of us, shining and refracting within every individual person
  23. awareness within yourself and others is a singularity
  24. Places like Gaia TV could be given information out there, that is scripted and being provided unwittingly
  25. in 1994 I had learned there is a deep national security state operation that had completely gone out of control
  26. covert operations have become an existential threat to life on Earth
  27. Richard J. Foch told me he saw 9/11 plans, prior to it occurring, in office of then vice president Cheney [Richard Bruce Cheney]
  28. Ben Rich [Benjamin Robert Rich, Skunk Works] said every point in space and time is connected to every other one through consciousness
  29. if you want to find out where the problem is go find a mirror and look at it
  30. we have never been alone
  31. if you are fanatic religiously then you tend to be not very spiritual
  32. they attempted to abduct me from out of my Saint Moritz hotel room in July 1994 when I met the Prince Hans-Adam II of Lichtenstein

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