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Sophia Stewart

This is not a typical presentation. Sophia’s story does not revolve around extraterrestrials as much as with the others, yet it is connected and there are also some earthly and otherworldly concepts she talks about, which relate to the overall topics usually discussed within the alternative community.

Self described as a child prodigy, prolific writer, polymath, visionary, poet and creative genius. According to Sophia she did Regents Examinations in New York to skip high school and went to college, was able to write at the age of 3, started writing stories in the 7th grade and was a master writer by the time she started college, began driving at the age of 10 and did grown people’s taxes by the time she was 11.

At three years old I am fully conscious. My brother at Christmas get a bow and arrow, a plastic one. He gets a little short stick and he shots and he hits me in the forehead and it opens my third eye.

Inspired by god Sophia wrote The Third Eye, published in 1981, which is the source material for the Matrix and Terminator movies. In 1981 she sent The Third Eye to 20th Century Fox, which took it to Paramount. There was no response. In 1986 Sophia saw a magazine ad from the Wachowskis, asking for the science fiction manuscript and responded with her material. Again there was no response.

In 1999, after Sophia saw The Matrix, she called the legal department of Warner Brothers and they offered me five to seven million dollars for a copyright. She rejected their offer. Sophia said she did not see the Terminator movie in 1984 and was unaware about it, as she was pregnant at the time and did not pay attention to the movies.

On her website Sophia has scanned court documents. Such as this one and this one as proof of her legal claims. Also see Pacermonitor for more.

There was more than one court case. During the first court case Sophia said she was misled by her legal team which actually worked for the people she was suing. According to Sophia the FBI told me California has the most corrupted judges and lawyers. They told me to file in Utah. In November 2006 I got a call from Illuminati, they called and told me that I was gonna have another court case and win it and I was gonna go on and play a major role in world events. Right after that I got a call from the Masons and the Masons tell me that I am going to have a visitor as soon as Prince Charles and his wife touch the American soil. My visitor was governor Schwarzenegger [Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger] who owns 5% of the Terminator. He offered me five million dollars. An offer Sophia refused.

At another time Sophia stated Schwarzenegger called her but a visit was not mentioned. It is unclear as to why the difference. She often talks fast and is all over the place; most recordings have horrendous audio quality and people interviewing her continually interrupt with trivial side questions. It is also unclear what the arrival of Prince Charles has to do with any of it.

She pursued criminal copyright infringement/RICO. After 7 years in September, 2014, Magistrate Judge Evelyn Furse and Presiding Federal Judge Dee Benson entered their official rulings into the court. They ruled as a Statement of Fact that Sophia Stewart is the true owner of both the Matrix and Terminator franchises, and that the defendants had prior access to her work in the California case. Both judges found that the defendants were guilty of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties and malpractice, and ordered them to pay Miss Stewart $316,280.62 in attorney’s fees. The Judges’ rulings are final and cannot be appealed by the defendants. In addition to attorney’s fees, there are $3.5 Billion dollars in uncontested liens against Warner Bros, Fox, the Wachowskis, and the other defendants filed on record in the Utah Federal Court.

Sophia Stewart is the sole legal owner of the Matrix and Terminator franchises. As the sole legal owner, she is free to negotiate the development, production, distribution, publishing, licensing, and sales and marketing of any and all intellectual property related to the Matrix and Terminator franchises, including all derivative products and services.

Third Eye

Sophia describes her work The Third Eye, where the eye is the most powerful, the all seeing eye of god or Horus. Matrix is a Latin word for a woman's womb. It is a 7000 year old word that came from a king James bible. Mentioned five times in scripture, three times in exodus, two times in numbers. According to Sophia the person born from the womb is a child of god, while the children of men are artificial. Test tube babies, petri dish babies, artificially inseminated babies, gender bender babies. These are all soulless beings because they do not come from the womb. Just like the mule who was not created by god, it was created by men. A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. Mules are unable to reproduce due to the odd number of chromosomes.

Whenever Sophia spoke of god she did not specify as to which god she is referring to. She often mentions the bible so one might guess it is the judeo christian god, but there is a twist as to where the bible allegedly originates from – Kemet. More on that later bellow. It is probably due to this why Sophia equated god with Horus, the Egyptian deity. Sadly no one interviewing her ever had the brain to go and ask. They were all too busy with Hollywood.

Genesis is an anagram for “is genes”. It is talking about gods children being born. Gods children are three dimensional beings – mind, body and soul. There are a lot of things here on Earth that are one dimensional beings, like clones.

When a third of the Elohim or the devil or the angels fell upon the Earth and saw god's children they said “let us create our own children in our image”. Angels are androgynous, they have no sex, their children are created in a lab and have no soul. All of this is said to be in The Third Eye book.

The first body is the astral body which comes with blood, water and spirits. The second body is a physical body. The third body is what you call the soul, it is vibrancy or an energy, a vibration or light. Mind, body and soul. The body moving through the telephone lines in The Matrix was the astral body.

Children from the angels are here to destroy, to kill, to lie, to steal, to take away, to subtract. Subtraction and division come from them, it is killing, lying and stealing. God is addition and multiplication. God did not create evil, men created evil by going in the wrong direction. One could argue division and subtraction are an integral part of mathematics, which Sophia said is the basis of Creation.

Speaking of the angels and god, it is proper to mention Sophia’s take on Cain and Abel, whom according to the bible are to be the sons of Adam and Eve. The Serpent introduced Eve to sex. Cain is chaos, the child of darkness. His father is the Serpent. Eve introduced sex to Adam. Abel is born. Eve means evening, night, dark. When she comes from the rib of the ATOM, that is cloning. Splicing is how you create clones. As far as the Serpent is concerned, Sophia said it was a walking being but refused to say anything about its skin color, when the guy she talked to hinted it might have been white.

Was the Serpent one of the fallen angels? If Eve was a clone, she was created by the angels and thus, per Sophia, Eve had no soul. Did the Serpent had sex with a clone; with its own Creation? Incest? Did Eve give birth to one or both of her children via a womb, womb of a clone? Did both Cain and Abel have souls? According to Sophia the lineage of Cain is to be the evil one.

I am the Oracle. The movie Terminator is a prequel to the Matrix. The Terminator is the Oracle's prophecy that a baby is gonna be born, that is going to destroy them in the future when they enslave men, which is a real true to life story that is going on now.

In her book, Sophia had originally chosen the name Eva for the artificial network of collective consciousness, while stating that Skynet is the name used by those who stole her work. Similarly, if James Cameron is a thief of ideas, he uses the name Eywa for the conscious biological network of Pandora in his movie Avatar.

Sarah Connor is Neo's mother. Neo is an anagram for calling him The One. John Connor is JC, the Jesus Christ, who grows up to be Neo. Terminator travels to the past, attempting to prevent Neo's birth. Rebels know about the prophecy so they come and save Neo once he reaches the age of 30. Trinity is an angel. Morpheus is John the baptist. Man is the devil that enslaves his own kind. Character Neo is based on Muhammad Ali [Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. an American professional boxer] the real life black superhero.

Neo being in the pod is baptism [after he takes the pill and wakes up in the fluid] he is cleansed and all the human side dies, his spiritual side is born and third eye energy comes inside of him. Now he is able to dodge bullets, cross dimension, bent time, step into the void, fly and defy gravity. When Neo jumps into agent Smith and destroys him, that is when matter goes into antimatter. If you go into Neo's body, the opposite direction, you are healed, the resurrection.

The first part The Matrix was adapted correctly. Two and three the fans are pissed. They did not know where they are going, there is no concept there, there is a bunch of shooting bang bang killing. You can steal a Picasso but you can not paint the Picasso. First three Terminator movies are based on my work, the rest are flops.

It is odd Trinity is said to be an angel given how Sophia sees angels. Altough it could be Trinity was not one of the fallen angles, but that is just guessing.

Sophia claims she was engaged with Muhammad Ali. I know my work Matrix and Terminator is what helped Obama get elected because Neo character was based on my friend and a man who I was engaged to marry in 1980 – Muhammad Ali. I met Muhammad through one of his body guards. It is unclear as to how that relates to Obama, other than he is also black, but those were her words.

Matrix 4 - Evolution

Sophia wrote a book titled Matrix 4, published in 2010. Like The Third Eye she does not consider this book as fiction but as a sort of precognition.

She claims Warner Brothers offered her 30 million dollars for the script. Sophia also said Janet Jackson called me, she is very interested being in it. 50 Cent [Curtis James Jackson III, an American rapper] called me he wanted to be one of the executive producers. Some of the Illuminaties calls me from over in Europe and tolds me and they wanted to read Matrix 4.

NASA scientists have read it, Homeland Security people have read it because there are technology in there that they can use right now. In the craft that I created some of the Homeland Security people thought I have high security clearance. The wireless hovercraft ships I created, helped them to solve the Roswell alien technology on ships from the 50s. At first, they didn’t know how those ships worked, how they were fueled, or how they flew – until they read my book. I saw the ship Nebuchadnezzar in my dream [when she was writing the book]

The above statements make one wonder. Does Sophia go into details such as laws of physics and formulas in her books? Just how is Homeland Security suppose to know how an alien craft works based on her writings? Are plain theoretical descriptions enough to understand, create and use anti gravity propulsion? Unless maybe, just maybe, they payed her a personal visit and the information was given to them by other means. Also, according to most, the secret space program had anti gravity propulsion long before Sophia wrote her books.

In Matrix 4 Neo and Trinity does not die. Christ comes back. Neo is gonna to ascend into his 4D body and he is gonna be able to defeat the machines upon the Earth which are gonna be so man like that it is scary. Neo and Trinity wake up to 11:11 clock prompt after having a shared dream [the dream is Reloaded and Revolutions]

Sophia has stated The Matrix was meant to have a full black cast. Matrix is black I am sorry. Terminator is black I am sorry. According to Sophia movies with black heroes can make a lot of money because ¾ of the world is black and they know it. Three quaters of the population do not consist of black people. The world’s largest ethnicity is the Han Chinese + population of other Asian countries = the largest race is not black, it is Mongoloid.


Sophia describes the future based on her book Matrix 4. It is to be a cashless society, with technology such as drones, which will be far more advanced compared to how they are now. Everyone will have a universal card, which will encompass all possible information about the individual. She also mentions the coming of hologram clones.

In the future when you commit a felony you will get a microchip in the brain to be tracked and recorded wherever you go. If you commit a crime a drone will come, sedate and take you to Homeland Security. They will put virtual laser rings around your body, one around each arm. The rings will be activated according to your behavior. If you steal something the ring will cut off your hand but will prevent you from bleeding out. Everyone will see you walking around in the mall with these white holographic laser rings around you and they will know that you are in prison. You’ll be able to speak to the people but at your own risk because you could activate your rings, which are triggered by your emotions. If you don’t have control over your emotions, you are not safe.

There will be wireless engines, which start with a musical note. No need for fossil fuels, antifreeze or wires.

Allegedly Homeland Security was especially ecstatic about my new penal system, which states that you don’t have to be behind bars to be in prison. And you will be your own judge, jury, and executioner. Why would Homeland Security need Sophia and her books to know how to plan for the future?


Sophia made several claims regarding the black people, slave trade and origins of knowledge. What might be deemed as historical revisionism.

The laws and the science did not come from the Greeks, they came from Kemet [Ancient Egyptian name of Egypt] All the martial arts, boxing, computers and technology came from Kemet. The bible is the book of life from Kemet. It did not come from the Greeks. It did not come from Rome. That is the lie they have been telling you.

The literal translation for Kemet is “Black Land” which is to be related to black fertile soil. Altough it can also be said Kemet is connected to the Black Egyptian hypothesis which states ancient Egypt was a predominantly black civilization and to assert anything else is white washing. Sophia herself did not go into details about Kemet, since yet again no one bothered to aks her.

The whites have lied to the black people for years telling them they were from Africa. Black people was in all of the land, they were not just stolen from Africa. They were stolen from all the other countries and land mass. The majority of them were stolen from up north. Look at the movie 12 years a slave.

The ones on the Indian [native American] reservations they are mixed with the conquistadors. Cortés [Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano, Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca] and the conquistadors they came over they mixes with the indigenous people here the blacks. That is why you see Spanish people, Mexicans, it is a conquistador blood, it is Spaniard blood.

Now, either the history as we know it is a massive lie and there has been a cover-up done on enormous scale, or Sophia is not the genius she claims to be.


The universal language is mathematics not words. Words are nothing but a symbolism. If you don't know math you will never be a creator. You can not govern or beat the system if you do not understand math. According to Sophia, words are used to program and indoctrinate. It would also seem that anyone who sucks at math is doomed.

The knowledge is not passed down by words, it is passed by genetics. This is an interesting one. Sadly no one bothered to ask Sophia ** if some genetics are better than others,** which ones are what or are we all the same? Is there a mudblood? Or maybe all it takes is being born from a womb and have the third eye opened?

Schools breaks the natural gifted programs you were born with and instill their own, they make you a robot. According to Sophia when you are born you know who god is, you know all the magnificent gifts that you have, you know what telepathy is, you know everything. What comes to mind here are all the people who do not go to school. Like most poor people all over the world. Why are they still poor? Why do they not use their genetic gifts?


I met Sitchin before he passed away and he said they all came to him trying to get his book, they wanted to do the movie but they all wanted to make the aliens white but Sitchin said they were black. He wanted me to be the screenwriter for his book. Aliens in Zacharia Sitchin book are black.

The moment somebody is being born somebody dies. There is no need to kill people, we have cataclysms. We have hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, giant tsunamis, floods, mud slides. Everything is always balanced out, god does not need any help from men. This is related to a question about war.

People looking back, missing the past, being stuck in the past have a dead mind. That person is dead dead dead. They are not able to elevate and move forward. They are stuck. We either move forwards or we move backwards, there is either yes or no. There is no maybe. Maybe is another label created to confuse. You are ascending upwards or spiraling down.

We have lay lines called longitude and latitude. The Earth is crisscrossed and this is where we find magnetism or vibrancy or energy from those grids. These grids have different forms of energy that are attached to them. Some of this energy can make you young, wealthy beyond your imagination, some of this energy can make you sick or kill you.

Men is masculine, female is energy of creativity, we are the ones that have the babies, we think of survival and love and progression. Males they want war, they wanna kill destroy and conquer. Female energy is the greatest creativity upon the Earth. We are the ones with milk in our breast, we are the ones gonna feed and bandage and heal and help. Way to go to breach the male-female divide.

Military is deprogramming you and installing their own program, so you can be robotic or a zombie. That is why they do not use vets, they are not good, they are useless mercenariness, a lot of them were Manchurian candidates, trained assassins. A lot of the serial killers we have are these trained assassins.


The image in the above tweet looks real, the context however is unknown. Did Laurence just pose for a fan or is there something else?

ET Arena has no means to verify and validate the scanned court documents on her website. Those documents are far more than what anyone else on this website have provided as evidence of their claims. They do seem genuine, although they serve, if not fake, as evidence to prove the claims related to her court case only.

Officially… The first programmable mechanical computer Z1 was made in 1936 by Konrad Zuse. The first working microchip was made in 1958 by Jack Kilby. The first working CPU Intel 4004 was made in 1971, designed by Federico Faggin. The first personal computer came out in the early 70’s; personal being a tad relative in this case. The personal computer which in appearance resembled today’s desktops came out in the 80’s. The first “laptop” was made in 1981, weighing 10.7kg or 23.6lbs, battery not included. A body building laptop. Anything a cheap ordinary computer can do today is science fiction compared to the ones from the 80’s and magic compared to the one from 1936.

1818’s Frankenstein, inspired by the very early electricity experiments, is the first work considered as science fiction. Time travel was first used in fiction in 1859 – The Time Machine. The concept of “time skipping” however, goes back to ancient times.

Considering the above one could say writing the story of The Matrix and Terminator at the end of the 70’s, took more than just imagination. However, Roddenberry presented the Star Trek draft in 1964. His imagination-defying work came 15 years before Sophia’s first book. Sophia herself also said she decided to write the book after she saw Star Wars. The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977. So there was time for her to see other people’s work.

Still, an average person had no concept of what the computer is until late 90’s and to this day most have no idea about the basic workings of technology they use every day, let alone be able to extrapolate on it and envision the future use and capabilities.


2010 - 2018

  1. Star Wars are the wars in heaven and Darth Vader is Satan
  2. Matrix and Terminator are talking about the second coming of Christ and evolution of consciouses
  3. Matrix is quantum physics, ancient secret geometry and calculus
  4. my grandmother is native American Indian, Cherokee, my totem is the jaguar
  5. all geniuses create from mathematics
  6. I have known the Jacksons [American family of singers] since 1980. We are still friends. I see them often. Me and Joe Jackson did a red carpet together at 2013 Academy awards. I first did Janet Jackson’s first television feature film, when she was a teenager in the 80’s
  7. evil is living backwards ignorant life
  8. we never die. Only body dies
  9. when James Cameron was talking about Avatar, he was talking about demon possession. You are not suppose to go occupying other peoples bodies
  10. there are no races. There is nothing but tribes
  11. people want to go to it, but there is no third world country called Rwanda [while talking about Black Panther and it is Wakanda]
  12. the angels created androgynous beings
  13. if you cut off your penis you become a Frankenstein [gender change]
  14. Black Panther [the movie] is gonna beat every white science fiction that ever existed
  15. Black Panther is based on a real true story [African American revolutionary party]
  16. the only way to destroy evil is with love because the act of violence made you the same way as the perpetrator
  17. evil is not physical, it is energy and has to be destroyed with another energy called love
  18. any spirit or demon or devil or ghost is not in your physical realm and can not harm you unless you invite them in [drug and alcohol abuse can supposedly do that]
  19. your thoughts dictate what happens to you here [Earth]
  20. the Yin and Yang is the same number 69 Six is Venus, love and heaven. Nine is war, Mars, Earth, Hell. Six and Nine are same numbers. It is polarity
  21. Matrix is so huge it has a religion over in Europe, over 60 thousand people follow it
  22. Hollywood does nothing but propaganda movies and illusions
  23. I am a paralegal, law firms are totally amazed about my gift and knowledge of law
  24. I scored a 98 on IRS exam
  25. I have a photographic memory
  26. I can do remote viewing
  27. I am ambidextrous
  28. Philistines, they are the Jews, stole the Ark of the Covenant, but the curses rain down on them so terrible they had to give it back
  29. the only thing that has ever collapsed civilization was the turning away from the god
  30. ¾ of the world was always black people
  31. Earth will never be destroyed, everything recycles, the only thing being destroyed is people
  32. I was born without a birth certificate, so i am a free person
  33. god gave men dominion over the air and the earth
  34. the man is manipulating the weathers
  35. natives when they needed rain they danced and made it rain
  36. Halloween and Santa Claus is nothing but illusion, not based on any truth
  37. the only thing you can keep is what you have given
  38. the greatest gift is self love, all the stuff going on here on Earth is because people hate themselves and when they hate themselves they hate others and do them harm
  39. Homeland Security and FBI all have autographed copies of my book
  40. if someone is treating you horribly all you need to do is kill them with kindness, for every evil act they do upon you turn around with kindness
  41. anything that you do not like, you have the power to change it. Corporations, banks and government are all afraid of you
  42. sacred geometry is about atoms
  43. acting is practicing the craft of lying
  44. if you do not know any math you can not create period
  45. if you are concerned with politicians you are giving them your personal power
  46. searching for Nemo [Finding Nemo] is searching for the omen
  47. metaphysics is science joined with spirituality
  48. you don’t need the third eye unless you are helping others

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