Robert Scott Lazar

Posted: May 4, 2020
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Robert Scott Lazar

Robert Scott Lazar, more commonly known as Bob Lazar, is one of the very early conspiracy Stars, from about the same time period as Milton William Cooper.


Robert claims to have a degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology. Officially no records exist which could prove that. Presumably, these records were disappeared as punishment for Robert going public.

Robert claims he worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratories. The Lab denies Robert ever working there, but there is a June 27, 1982, Los Alamos Monitor front page article titled LA Man Joins The Jet Set – At 200 Miles An Hour, featuring Robert regarding a jet engine car, but more importantly, it says ...Lazar, a physicist at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility... Roberts name was also found in the Los Alamos Lab 1982 phone book, by journalist George Knapp, who initially interviewed Robert in 1989.

Robert also claims he worked at the infamous S4 as a senior staff physicist, with task to analyze propulsion and power system. Adding that whether or not I actually acted in that capacity I don't know.

As the story goes, Robert was assigned to Project Galileo, his paycheck had a Department of Naval Intelligence on it. According to Robert there was no direct connection between what he did at Los Alamos Laboratories and his work at S4 and how it has perplexed me forever. Robert also stated that, during the job interviews, they were more interested in what he did in his spare time than his professional qualifications.

Robert’s spare time back then were jet engines.

Robert came to work at S4 after searching for a job, sending out resumes. One resume was sent to Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, who Robert claims he met one time in Los Alamos, when Teller gave a lecture.

Before he could start, Robert says he had to sign papers to basically waiver his constitutional rights and he had to agree to his phone line being monitored. In relation to that, Robert spoke of an event, where he was joking on the phone with his friend and they came to my front door 30 minutes later with a transcript of our conversation with outlined questionable phrases.

Working at the S4, Robert says he was given the infamous Majestic clearance, there were 22 people there with that clearance. Majestic clearance was designated as 38 levels above Q clearance, a civilian top secret clearance.

According to Robert; he was hired at S4 in early 1989, I was probably there only six moths on a very infrequent basis, from December 1988 to April 1989. He also said it is hard to remember as for how long he worked there. This might have to do with what John Olsen Lear talked about. Robert himself describes how he was given to drink something that smelled like pine but Robert thinks the fluid was the anti allergen drug and how he was given a wide spectrum injection of something. Sometime later he experienced a very strong pain in his kidneys, this may or may not be related to the injection. Robert does not know.

Robert also stated John Olsen Lear has a tendency to exaggerate the events.

Whenever Robert talks about his time at S4, he very often says he does not remember certain details or has trouble focusing. This may be due to some alleged mind control technique, or maybe it is due to him not being honest, or maybe he actually does not remember.

Another odd thing is when, talking about the work, Robert said it was a very disorganized group. In theory such programs are anything but disorganized.

To get to the S4 Robert flew from McCarran International Airport where there was a special projects EG&G building to the Groom Lake, more commonly known was Area 51, from where the bus took him to S4, which is just off the Papoose Lake bed, it consists of nine hangers, the hangers have sloped doors with a sand texture coating.

Once in the hanger you go through a security check, inside there is a small complex, there is some office space, several laboratories, hanger itself and a few other places. I did not have a free reign to go wherever I wanted to. Everywhere I went to I was essentially escorted. It could have been but I don't think it was an extensive underground facility. Everything looked fairly new, I don't think this installation was there in the early 70's. Nothing was worn, things looked freshly painted. As a ballpark guess I would say it would really surprise me if the installation was older than 5, 7, 10 years, something like that.

Robert was told he was hired to replace one of a couple of people who were killed while working on one of the reactors from one of the crafts. Robert found out the people he replaced died in a reactor explosion, which happened when they tried to open the reactor, while it was operational. Allegedly the detonation from the explosion was very large, it would have rivaled a small tactical nuke. It was done at the Nevada test site and it was to be passed off as an unannounced nuclear test.

Element 115

As a physicist, one would expect from Robert to be able to elaborate on how stuff works, which he actually did. Most of the technical things described here, he talked about back in 1989 and early 90’s.

However, explaining his work results in 2019, Robert said how a lot of the time they were finding out what the craft can do, but not finding out how it was doing it. He compared it to taking a motor bike with a key in ignition back to a time before the industrial age and letting people fiddle with it - eventually someone would turn the key and eventually someone might get to drive it a bit, they would see some of the things it can do, but no one would understand how it works.

Robert felt himself to not be adequately qualified to work at S4. He also thinks secrecy and compartmentalization prevent the best and the brightest to contribute to the effort.

We could not even duplicate some of the most basic systems of the craft, what I assumed to be metal wasn't even metal, it appeared to be advanced ceramics.

From that it may be assumed, what Robert had to say about the workings of the craft, was the best guess they had at the time.

Robert saw the first UFO disc the third time I was up there. At first Robert assumed it is some advanced form of fighter, it never even occurred to me that I was looking at the extraterrestrial vehicle. That is until Robert realized we weren't building this thing, we were trying to find out how it was made, we were back engineering it.

The dimensions of the craft were estimated to be 52 feet in diameter [15.8 meters], 16 feet high [4.8 meters].

Being inside the extraterrestrial craft, Robert describes as an ominous feeling. It feels as if you should not be there. I know it sounds kinda corny but it is real ominous feeling. As for the origin of the craft Robert was told the crafts originated from a third planet in Zeta Reticuli binary star system. In conspiracy circles Zeta Reticuli is considered to be the home system of the Grey aliens.

Robert described entering the craft as uncomfortable and the insides as everything was formed together, there were no nuts and bolts, no seams, no right angles, everything is one dull aluminum looking color, there were no connecting wires between electrical systems, no buttons, no lights, no switches. As to how the energy was transmitted Robert said the best guess is that it essentially operated like a Tesla coil does, assuming a wireless power transfer.

Further describing the insides of the craft Robert said that in the center of the craft there is a reactor, extending from the reactor up to the top of the craft is the wave guide, kinda looks like a little chimney. Surrounding the reactor are three sits, these sits all face one direction. Near the sits there are the three gravity amplifiers, solid rectangular objects.

On the lower level of the craft are three gravitational wave emitters, they are cylindrical shaped black objects, positioned directly underneath and connected to the gravity amplifiers via a metal pipe. Applying electric charge to pipe bends it, this is how the amplifiers were aimed.

From the outside the craft felt cold and metallic to the touch.

Given Robert’s story, the main component to the workings of the extraterrestrial vehicle seems to be Element 115, where 115 stands for the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom.

At the time Robert spoke of the Element 115, it had not yet been synthesized. There was no official scientific data. It was first synthesized in 2003, today it is called Moscovium. The amount synthesized is measured in atoms.

According to Robert; Element 115 is extraterrestrial material. Meaning it can not be naturally found on Earth. Robert also claims Element 115 is a stable element, not undergoing any radioactive decay, not emitting radioactivity. This goes against the official Moscovium data, which describes it as extremely radioactive element.

Robert never stated the isotope of Element 115. Maybe there is one that is within the island of stability.

Element 115 is in the top of the reactor, at the base of the reactor is a cyclotron - particle accelerator. There were 223 grams of Element 115 in the reactor. A proton is accelerated to high speed, deflected up a small tube and aimed at the 115. This transmutes the 115, this causes a reaction, a radiation emission that we really haven't seen before, it produces antimatter, antihydrogen. This antimatter is guided down, attuned to, and reacts with a gas. When matter and antimatter react they convert to 100% heat energy. This energy is converted to an electrical power through a thermoelectric converter. There is no thermal radiation. The thermionic generator is 100% efficient, which is a violation of the first law of thermodynamics, but in fact it works.

In other words - none of the energy got wasted by emitting heat, like electrical appliances usually do, when they get warm.

The reactor also sets up gravitational wave, from the 115 being bombarded. When 115 is exposed to radiation it produces its own gravitational field. This gravitational wave is present at the top of the reactor and is essentially guided in the same way microwaves are guided via amplifying cavities to the projectors at the bottom of the craft.

As far as propulsion goes, Robert said it produces a gravity wave, which is similar to the gravity wave that the Earth produces, however the craft phase shifts the wave, it turns the wave not rally in the opposite polarity but something to that effect, where it will work against the natural gravity wave of the Earth and it produces a lift in that effect.

There are three gravity amplifiers. The craft can operate on a single one. There are to be two operational modes or configurations. There is omicron configuration where the craft is using one generator or delta configuration where it is utilizing all three.

Delta configuration would be for space travel, the craft tilts on its side, focuses the three gravity generators to a single point and moves through space that way. Answering a question about aliens traveling through space, Robert assumed the trips over long distances are made by several small jumps. I can't see them jumping a light year, much less thirty. Robert assumed this limitation due to what he perceived as the problem of precision.

The omicron configuration is supposedly used for traveling at lower speeds. Once they are hovering in the air they will swing two remaining gravity generators up in front of them and create a distortion, essentially a downhill and a craft rolls downhill for infinity, chasing distortion. That is why they look goofy when they fly around at low speed.

Surviving the sudden inertia movements were explained: as the craft generates its own gravitational field, being inside that field essentially you are, and this is a terrible way to say it, almost in a different realm because you are now influenced only by that gravitational field. For instance, people wonder how a craft like this can make a turn at such high speed, when they would imagine people slamming up against the wall, or something to that effect. That really wouldn't happen, inertia would have no effect. You are in a distortion and don't that forget gravity distorts time and space so really nothing is going to influence you while in there.

I only witnessed one test flight up close. They were in radio communication with the craft which is kinda surprising to me because the gravity waves the craft was producing should have distorted the radio waves. Apparently there is something there that I don't understand. The craft lifted off the ground virtually noiseless, small blue corona discharge at the bottom of the craft indicating a presence of high voltage, it moved completely silently.

As to how the craft might not be visible, Robert claims that if you are looking underneath the craft or from certain vantage points, you will actually see what is above the craft, due the way light bends under the influence of gravity. We can see stars behind the Sun because of the light bending around it.

According to Robert; the UFO in the sky appear glowing due to high energy source affecting a gas around it, gas being the air, different gases the air consists of, electrons go into a high energy state and release a photon.

Robert stated he obtained, or more like took/stole, some of the Element 115 and in 1991 said that right now it is in private hands. At other occasions, when asked about it, he refused to comment.


One or two autopsy photographs I saw dealt with head, shoulder and chest of an alien. Chest was cut open in T fashion and one single organ was removed. The organ, most closely resembling a liver, was cut and vivisected, showing the different chambers in there, this was totally unrelated to anything I was doing. From the photograph it looked like a typical Grey.

Robert denied having any direct contact or communication with aliens.

As far as the alien treaties are concerned, Robert was told that allegedly what happened in 1979, there was some sort of an information exchange going on, where there were actual live aliens at the facility and at one particular point there was an area where some security personnel went to enter and apparently because the bullets in their sidearms would have detonated if they entered the area and supposedly one of the creatures tried to stop the security personnel from entering the area and a fight ensued and all security personnel died of head wounds.

Robert said in 1991 that at one time, while at S4, he briefly saw the backs of two guys talking to a child, through one of the windows on one of the doors. Robert told about this to John Olsen Lear, who concluded that that was a Grey alien. When talking about it again in 1997 he described it differently. Robert spoke of two gentlemen in white lab coats facing my way and there there was a smaller thing, with its back towards the door, looking at them. One of the men in the white coats was supposedly Dr. Michael Wolf.


Robert also spoke of Project Sidekick and Project Looking Glass.

According to Robert; Project Sidekick had to do with weapon potential of the craft, whether or not that craft had a weapon in it, or could it be used as a weapon. It had to do with some sort of a particle beam, where gravity generator can be used as a lens to focus a weapon of some sort.

According to Robert; Project Looking Glass dealt with a distortion, the fact there is a time distortion. Essentially looking back in time and by that I do not mean to see the wagon days. They were looking for distortions that are milliseconds in time and what that was used for I don't know. Just observing the time dilation phenomena of the craft in operation.

The Looking Glass is mostly referred to as a device which can show possible future and past events. For more see Dan Burisch.


To make this drama story short - Robert’s wife started to cheat on him with her flight instructor. It could be she had done that because she thought Robert is cheating on her, whenever he had to leave when called to go to work at S4, which could be at any time. His wife did not know about his work.

Since the phone line was monitored, they found out about the wife fornicating before Robert did. According to Robert; they were worried about the possible psychological ramifications and decided to stop calling him in. Robert, who did not know why he is no longer getting any calls, got a bit worried, especially after noticing he is being followed.

As a consequence, he told his friends about his job and flight tests on Wednesday nights, which they went to see. They got careless, got spotted and caught. Robert was taken in for a lecture, where he also found out about his wife and that he is in trouble.

It was then when Robert went to George Knapp, an investigative reporter from Los Angeles, and the story came out to public.

So basically, Robert was afraid and decided to hide out in the open.

In one of the early interviews Robert stated he regrets his decision to come forward and how he wishes he would have kept his mouth shut and went along with the program. One reason stated was simply due to technology involved, the other reason were the consequences of him revealing the information.

Criminal charges

In 1990 Robert plead guilty to pandering - the act or crime of recruiting prostitutes or of arranging a situation for another to practice prostitution. According to Robert; he was installing security cameras and a computer management system for a brothel.

In 2006, Robert and his wife Joy White were charged with violating the Federal Hazardous Substances Act for shipping restricted chemicals across state lines. The charges stemmed from a 2003 raid on United Nucelar business offices, where chemical sales records were examined. United Nuclear, Robert’s company, pleaded guilty to three criminal counts of introducing into interstate commerce, and aiding and abetting the introduction into interstate commerce, banned hazardous substances.


I was threatened before I left. They threatened my wifes life and my life. Robert also claims he was lectured on the security, with a gun pointed at his head. That was when they questioned him after observing tests flights with his friends on Wednesday nights.

After the first public broadcast, Robert got a call from his S4 supervisor Denis. According to Robert; Denis said do you have any idea what are we gonna do to you now and then hanged up the phone.

Allegedly, while getting on the Interstate 15, driving down the Charleston Boulevard, a car came up along side of me. There was a gun shot, the back of the car was hit. I stopped and I was frightened, I just stood there because I thought the guy is gonna be along side of me and just shoot me, I was paralyzed with fear but nothing else happened.


Since 1989 and all the way up to 2019, Robert has been fairly consistent in his story, with some of the details mixed up over the years.

Any technical claims made by Robert are hard to refute without proper educational background, work experience and necessary equipment to test it.

Robert came out at the time of VHS tapes. Before the internet as we know it. There were no PayPal donations, no GoFundMe, no YouTube live streams and no online ascension classes. This does not mean there were no other methods to milk money away from people, but it would appear Robert was not trying to do that.

None of that means his story is true or entirely true. According to information obtained by Steven Macon Greer the gravity control has supposedly been mastered in 1954. That was before Robert was born. So the time periods do not match, but they rarely if ever do, when comparing different claims.


  1. the government is doing everything but looking out for us, the only thing they are looking out is for themselves


  1. my main problem with Stephen Hawking is that, once you start creating other dimensions it is like an excuse, the particle physics they do that too, when they can’t figure out something they say the gravity is caused by the graviton, they make up particles like that. The answer to anything is always simple, there is not an 11 dimension Universe, there is no need for it
  2. one of the Billy Meier [Eduard Albert Meier] photographs looks exactly like what I saw but some look unbelievably fake, especially the thing flying around the tree, it looks like it is hanging from a string
  3. the government is holding nine alien space craft, that are propelled by a modified gravity generator
  4. NASA is probably not aware of what is going on


  1. to this day there is no conclusive evidence that gravitational waves have ever been detected in a laboratory
  2. we don’t have a machine, on Earth, that can make gravity [speaking about official science]
  3. the Philadelphia Experiment story got blown out of proportion, they wanted to make the ship inviable to radar, using huge microwave generators, the accidents were radiation injuries


  1. at some point i think the technology is gonna fuse with us

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