Robert Orel Dean

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Robert Orel Dean

Described as a one man disclosure project by Kerry Lynn Cassidy, Robert Orel Dean more widely known as Bob Dean, is a Project Camelot celebrity, but was also known before that. Bob says he used to work in Paris at SHAPE, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Allied Command Operations - NATO. Bob’s work there started in 1963. I worked in there regularly. I ran duty rosters. I was a Senior NCO at the time, I was a Senior Master Sergeant at the time, and my clearance allowed me, I had a desk in SHOC, SHAPE Operations Centre.

I retired from the Army in '76. I still had clearance. I worked for FEMA. I got a what's equivalent to a Master's Degree in emergency management at the Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

The Assessment

Allegedly SHAPE conducted a study between 1961 and 1964, a study know as The Assessment. Bob said the study was conducted since in February of 1961 there was a massive flyover of unidentified circular disc objects, coming out of the East from the Soviet Warsaw Pact area, flying towards the West, coming over our lines, over NATO lines, over Germany, over France. These objects were very high, very fast, in formation, obviously under intelligent control. According to Bob, at that time, NATO thought the discs are Soviet and Soviets thought the discs are NATO. Bob saw and read this study, it was given to him by Air Marshall Sir Thomas Pike, a five star rank Air Marshall.

The study was designed initially to determine if there was a threat to Allied Forces in Europe. The conclusions of which was apparently not. No threat. If there had been a threat from these guys, whoever these guys were, it would have been over a long time ago. Implying a vast technological superiority compared to Earth’s civilization level. As far as the possible origin of the craft and who or what is flying them, the study concluded we are dealing with at least four separate groups. Photographs of crashes, retrievals, landings and contacts, where they had landed and contacted people, indicated that they were humanoid, all four different groups.

The study itself had several annexes, one of them was relating to past relations with extraterrestrials. Historical records in The Assessment itself indicated that the Romans had been paying attention to them two thousand years ago and they apparently had some involvement in the origins of our species.

As a reason as to why he is allowed to talk about this subject and still breath after the fact Bob stated after I began speaking all over the world and all over this country, about subjects as sensitive as the ones we've just been talking about I concluded there was someone, somewhere who wanted me to do this.

After coming in contact with the study Bob said he develop an urge to know and find out everything he can about the ET presence.


It's very difficult to talk about. I've been abducted. I don't look upon it as an abduction. I look upon it as an invitation. I've been aboard some of those ships several times. Bob said he was there mostly for the medical examinations. Bob also said they have an ability to make you think whatever they want you to think.

Old Boys Network

Bob has been a member of a group called the Old Boys Network for over forty years. Group consists of men with mainly military backgrounds and had about one hindered and fifty members at it's peak. Members of the group shared with each other classified information regarding the ET phenomena.

One such information was about the NRO, National Reconnaissance Office and their series of satellites called the Keyhole System. Allegedly these satellites were used to look into the Ararat anomaly, an object appearing on the snowfields near the summit of Mount Ararat in Turkey, believed by some to be the remains of Noah’s Ark. As claimed by Bob the NRO remarks, regarding the satellite imagery, were Jesus Christ, it’s a god-damn boat! Christ! It’s a big boat!.

A SEAL team was sent to the location and retrieved anomalous artifacts, which have never been described or named.

Nibiru aka Planet X

Planet X is a reality. They sent out a couple of Pioneers satellites back in ’82, just to try to determine if there was some truth to it and they came back with data which said not only Yes, but Hell, Yes!. After which they sent out what they call an infrared astronomical satellite. I think they called it IRAS. And this was done in ’83. IRAS got two giant, positive responses that yes, the twelfth planet, the tenth planet, however you want to call it yes, it’s real.

Going into details, Bob lays out a time frame for Nibiru’s passing, along with past and future outcomes: It's last pass was 1600 BC, it has an orbit of 3600 years. Every time Nibiru would make a pass, it was not always devastating. It would depend on whether the planet Earth and Nibiru were on the same side of the Sun at the same time. The last pass triggered the explosion of Santorini. Thera, the volcano in the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea, blew its top, brought to a close the great, great Minoan civilization, among other things.

The Earth is not going to be destroyed, and the human race is not going to come to an end. But it is going to be a difficult period of time when it begins. You may see it next year, but I don’t think you’re going to have all hell breaking loose until maybe about 2020. You are going to see tremendous sun spot activity. You’re going see tremendous geologic activity. The Ring of Fire will probably erupt. You’ll begin having hurricanes showing up in places that they really haven’t troubled us for a long, long time.

Christ was born seven years before. And this is a fact. And if you don’t believe me, get Sir Lawrence Gardner, who is probably one of the best historians we’ve got working today. Lawrence Gardner’s got the facts. Jesus was born in 7 BC, on the first of March So by this count the Nibiru is to come back well, no later than 2017. I’ll throw 2017 out.

As to how a Nibiru could support life, on the surface at least or as to why it is not a giant ball of ice, Bob responded: Freeman Dyson, said some years ago that an incredibly advanced technology will have the ability to enclose its planet and retain not only its heat, but its atmosphere. And I suspect that the Anunnaki have done that to Nibiru. They have a protective shield around their planet which is why in the photographs it comes out as kind of reddish-gold.

Lockheed Skunk Works

Bob claims Ben Rich, a former Lockheed employee said we’re 100 years ahead of establishment science and we can take ET home. There was allegedly another Lockheed scientists named David Froning who told Bob we were dealing with something we called modified field propulsion, variable field. Matter antimatter conversion. Exotic field tension. Wormholes. It will modify time and space. We have had transluminal flight for over 30 years.


Bob said in 60s NASA had a deal with Japanese space agency. Deal in which every photo or film NASA took as part of the Apollo program also went to Japan. Bob was at one time invited to speak in Japan and it was then when he was given some of these photos.

This image was said to have been take by a crew of Apollo13
Object A was described as eight kilometers long
This image was said to show an object which is three thousand kilometers long and seven hundred kilometers in diameter, located in the Saturn A ring, next to it is a round object the size of our Moon
This image was said to have been taken by Phobos2 and is an infrared photo of a city the size of Chicago under the surface of Mars

Another World

Bob talked about his experience in 2003 when he was taken to another planet for six weeks and brought back to Earth five minutes before he left. At another time he said ten minutes and at yet another time fifteen minutes. Bob does not know where he was. While there Bob ate bacon, eggs and pork chops. Slept, used the bathroom and had all the accommodations you get in a five star hotel. He never saw any of them eat. There was no traffic, no police, no fire department. He was being taken to libraries - I was told that, in this one facility, that every event in the history of the Universe was there, to be retrieved at will. Bob asked to see the year 300BC, specifically about the Alexander the Great. He saw a live very realistic image of carnage along with sound and smell, he could smell the blood.

Bob’s hosts were male and female. He did not see any children. He was told children are busy. Bob was being asked a lot of questions which made him think they were just as curious about him as he was about them.

Bob did not share much else. Oddly neither was he asked about it. One would think this is a golden opportunity, six weeks with an ET civilization and barely any questions were asked about it. But what else can one expect from Kerry Lynn Cassidy, or to be more exact - her EGO conducting the interview. In a span of few minutes she could not even remember if it it was days, months or years when he said several times it was weeks. Thankfully there was another interview done with Walter Nowosad, who also did not bother to stretch and ask about details, but at least Walter did not interrupt him all the time.

Bob shared being here on earth is something like a school from which you can graduate. While on this another world Bob was shown a silver certificate, being told it is his. Bob asked for a golden certificate but was told not yet. Apparently, so Bob said, golden certificate means graduation.

The questions however is, why does an unimaginably advanced civilization rate things in terms of gold, silver and brozne and calling it a graduation? Who is assigning the marks, who is doing the grading?


Bob described a story of an encounter, as it was told to him by another. In this encounter the alien allegedly asked US army officer to Please turn off your radar, it disturbs my control or my guidance system, so I can leave. It is rather amazing a civilization so far advanced, compared to Earth’s, would have any kind of problems with radio waves.

Due to Bob going public with his information he was visited by an unmarked black helicopter, hovering at low altitude above his residence, a clear violation of the FAA rules, as Bob pointed out. FAA is Federal Aviation Administration.

According to Bob, Jimmy Carter was told Mr. President, you don’t have a high-enough clearance, Sir, to have access to all this material. Sir, you don’t have a need to know when he asked about the UFO.

Bob claimed he, at one time, met and spoke with Chris Carter, creator of X-Files. They had a conversation in which Bob asked Chris where he is getting classified information from, which Bob saw in some of the episodes. Chris answered well, you know, I can’t really say, but we’ve been getting some promotional ideas from different people.

Bob read the following quotes, saying they come from:

  1. Wernher von Braun: we find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed and whose base is at present unknown to us. I cannot say more at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers
  2. Hermann Oberth, considered one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics: we cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped by the peoples of other worlds

The above two quotes, Bob said, were published in newspapers at the time.

Another quote from Daniel Ken Inouye, a United States Senator from Hawaii from 1963 to 2012: There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, and its own fund-raising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself.

This is the proof for the above quote: Daniel Ken Inouye speech. People heard this and did nothing. Bob blamed it to attention deficit disorder, but perhaps a more proper term would be stupid dumb fucks.

Bob told a story how at the age of three he fell into an industrial water canal and found himself unable to get out. As he already thought he is about to die, he felt a pair of hands lifting him out of the canal. He never saw who or what did that. Bob says this is when his relationship with the ET began. It later lead Bob to believe he is here with a purpose.

Bob survived a viral meningitis at the age of 82. During his hospital intensive care stay he went home, an expression Bob is using to refer to death - implying he left his body, but was allegedly told it is not his time yet and had to come back.

Bob claimed ETs come to conferences. To speaking events. At one of his speaking events Bob announced to the audience there are two human like ETs present, describing them as what would seem to you as a couple about the age of 40.


According to Project Camelot, Robert Orel Dean died on October 11th, 2018.


Bob is an excellent story teller and he has no problems whatsoever to keep up the hype, to keep people locked into his story.

In his first Project Camelot presentation Bob did not in any way refer to the alleged Nazi space program. He even went as far to say that, at least at that time, NATO HQ had no idea about it and presumingly neither did the Soviets. It was a year later when Bob inserted the Nazi component into his presentation along with the Soviet factor.

Bob talked about being ON BOARD, as in physically present, Anunnaki ships and talking to them BUT left out the most important and interesting part - what he was talking to them about and what exactly was going on up there. Neither was he asked about it.

Bob talked about humans being engineered, genetics and everything. Bob claimed evidence for this is overwhelming, but he did not show any or referenced any verifiable evidence, even though it is so very overwhelming. Bob did mention books from Sitchin as part of the evidence. So he referenced more claims to support his claims. Sitchin’s works were refuted by academics, which many just take as more proof of actual conspiracy.

At one point Bob mentioned ET were given gold in exchange for technology. This makes no sense. Bob is basically indirectly saying the vastness of Space, has so little gold to mine, the ETs actually traded their knowledge for gold we found here on this very small planet.

Bob’s 1993 announcement of shit is going down fast y’all better get ready is a very fine example of how such words are always and forever just words. Bob actually made impending big future changes predictions several times. None of them ever happened.

He did not exactly present any much evidence, aside from pictures, some of which are linked above, but remain unverified. Given his alleged numerous regular face to face encounters it is absolutely mind boggling how he never took a camera to make some photos and videos of the ET, craft interior, exterior and so on. His descriptions overall are rather general and quickly move into esoteric beliefs. He has not been very specific about his personal experiences with the ETs.

Apparently, given the corrected birth year for Jesus Christ, that must be rather triggery to some, and the writings of Sitchin and the estimates from Bob himself, the Nibiru will be or IS upon us in 2017. Give or take a year or two.



  1. in all of the years that i have been trying to discuss this subject seriously with a lot of people i was not impressed at all with the response from the American public, if they don’t really care, if they are not really interested, why the hell should i worry about it so much why should i work so hard and strive so desperately to bring some of this information out
  2. the planet Earth has been a subject of an extensive massive detailed study by several extra terrestrial civilizations
  3. NSA - No Such Agency
  4. I have friends that are working at Langley and Fort Meade
  5. I have concluded in my thirty years of research that the human race is indeed a hybrid race, the evidence is literary overwhelming, every major human religious endeavor has told the basic same story, we have been created here, we have been seeded here and we have been genetically manipulated from the very beginning of our recorded history and this is still going on
  6. the teaching of carpenter from Galilee [Jesus] are basically the same as teachings of Krishna the great Hindu leader
  7. no one, that i am aware of, has ever challenged Zecharia Sitchin [implying Sitchin can not be challenged]
  8. in the next very few short years you are going to be seeing things and your are going to be experiencing things that are going to literary change your life in ways you never dreamed or imagined, you are going to learn who you are, you going to find out why you are here and you are going to find out where you are going and you better be ready for it [two decades later and NOTHING happened]
  9. we maybe being visited by thousands of people out there, different groups from different places
  10. we now have a relationship with at least three different groups
  11. every major religious philosophy has been given to us and manipulated by an advanced higher intelligence [ET], the carpenter from Galilee was a part of the program [Bob is saying Jesus was an ET]
  12. we are going to see cataclysmic occurrences here on the planet very soon [when is soon], you are going to see earthquakes, you are going to see volcanoes, your are going to see tidal waves, hurricanes who are going to literary obliterate large cities along the coast, you are going to have cases where cities will disappear beneath the sea


  1. it’s not merely that we’re not alone, but we have never been alone
  2. we have had an intimate interrelationship with advanced extraterrestrial intelligence from the beginning of human history
  3. I really sincerely believe, that this will be my last interview. So I will share with you things that I strongly believe and strongly hold
  4. I sympathize with the government by saying that the masses of people out there probably are NOT ready for the truth
  5. it’s amazing that I’ve gotten to this point in my life without going to jail
  6. I had been given a Cosmic Top Secret, which was and still is the highest security classification that NATO has
  7. the flyover in February of ‘61 was a couple of hundred of them, they couldn’t count them, we didn’t have the capability to shoot because they were too high, and they were too fast
  8. I used to get into classified file cabinets and sort through material and look for photographs, and reproduced things that I should not have been reproduced
  9. material that I photocopied I don’t have any more because being somewhat intelligent, I knew that having classified material in my possession that I was not authorized to have, meant jail. So I destroyed it
  10. when we started shooting at them, they had a unique way of eliminating all of the electrical systems in our aircraft
  11. I retired as a Command Sergeant Major. And that rank gives me the privilege to open my big yap to anybody
  12. I came out in ‘91 at a conference in Tucson, Arizona [started talking about UFO]
  13. once I opened my big yap I had people come to me to tell me, “Bob, that’s your only defense, that’s the only security you’ve got. Keep talking. Because if they come and shut you up now, it’ll be so obvious
  14. I’d been in Viet Nam
  15. you people out there blithely think you live in a democratic republic… well, you don’t
  16. this species, this race that we’re all a part of is a hybrid race, we were genetically created by an extraterrestrial intelligence
  17. how do you tell them that every major religion on the planet has been initiated and orchestrated by extraterrestrial intelligence? How do you tell Christian fundamentalists that that lovely man from Galilee [Jesus] two thousand years ago was a part of that program
  18. this contact and these abductions is… the genetic program is still underway
  19. you are living at the moment inside of, part of, one of the galaxy’s finest, ripest, zoological gardens, you do live in a zoo
  20. for three years… ‘98, ‘99, and 2000… each year there was 2.7 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon accounts that they could not figure out where the money went
  21. we’re dealing with some groups out there that are a million years ahead of us in evolution, technology, and development
  22. there are intelligent races out there that are a billion years ahead of us
  23. we found stars out there, that probably have planets, that are three times as old as our star, universe, the last they figured, was 14 billion
  24. I have a love-hate relationship with the human race
  25. I’ve been through two wars, I’m on my third marriage. I raised two kids, lost one to suicide
  26. I have never shared this before, but I have been contacted
  27. I look around this mud-heap that we’re living in here, and I think, knowing what it could be and what it’s not and hopefully, what it might be
  28. Hell doesn’t exist. Hell is of our own making
  29. the government knew, not only everything the SHAPE study had in ‘64, the government knew all of that and more, years and years before. They just were not sharing it with anybody
  30. we were confronting and dealing with intelligences from other planets, other star systems, other galaxies and some of the contacts we’ve had have been intelligence from other dimensions
  31. to me, the fact that some of these dimensional people… that in itself is form of time travel
  32. that spirit, that soul, that great soul that incarnated in Galilee back then… is alive and well
  33. I had a series of hypnotic past-life regressions some years ago, which I think in a major way probably contributed also to the end of my first marriage
  34. you are the sum total of everything you’ve ever experienced, every life you’ve ever lived, all the good and all the bad, going all the way back to the beginning, whatever the beginning was
  35. there is a cosmic law known as karma
  36. I really am a coward when it comes to incarnating on the planet Earth, my last vivid memory was in the thirteenth century as a Templar, time before that was two thousand years ago, and before that was five thousand years ago


  1. it’s a triad now. It’s not just the military and industry. It’s the national security agencies as well
  2. well, they are a lot more than twelve now [referring to Majestic 12]
  3. there is a gigantic, circular-shaped, metallic object deep under the ice at the end of Lake Vostok
  4. the last I heard, the Chinese have a satellite orbiting the Moon, taking lots of pictures
  5. I know Richard [Hoagland]. He’s a good friend
  6. our original space program was all a product of the Nazi party, the Russians grabbed their crowd they also went into Germany and grabbed a bunch of scientists
  7. Russians have a tremendous scientific program of their own. You know, they didn’t need Nazi scientists. They would have eventually done it on their own anyhow
  8. not all of the Anunnaki are nine feet tall and that lovely little story in Chapter Six of Genesis is quite true. They did, indeed, engineer the genes and chromosomes of an existing species on this planet. One of the major tweakings took place about 60,000 years ago, that Homo sapiens sapiens were tweaked and genetically manipulated even more
  9. there are two types of Grays, from what I’ve learned. There are the little guys who appear to be laboratory products. And then there are the six-foot Grays whose eyes are more round. And they’re not really gray. They’re just sort of a chalky, off-white color
  10. I know this old man [Zecharia Sitchin], I respect him tremendously
  11. oh, a tremendous guy [Ingo Swan] What an intellect that guy is
  12. the Prime Directive [non interference with less advanced races yada yada] does not exist
  13. this is a valuable planet. And they love it. They own it. They farm us, so to speak [Jupiter Ascending anyone?]
  14. comparison between many of them [ETs] out there and us is closer to how we feel about the chimpanzee, the difference between them and us is between us and the Rhesus monkey
  15. we are shimmering beings of light [so we are not monkeys?]
  16. Pine Gap is R&R [rest and relaxation] facility
  17. I’ve been in underground facilities you wouldn’t believe, there’s a big facility right under Fort Wachuga here in Arizona. I mean a massive one
  18. Human beings can handle anything [not what he was saying just a year ago]
  19. we’re now in the process of redesigning and engineering our own DNA
  20. there’s no such thing as original sin. The human race never fell. It was pushed
  21. Earth itself was terraformed
  22. artificially constructed objects in space in the rings of Saturn that are over 2,000 miles long! Space ships 2,000 miles long! I have pictures
  23. I have photographs taken by Apollo 13 of alien ships five miles long
  24. I’ve known Ed Mitchell [Edgar Mitchell] for some years. Every time I get a chance to see him, I chat with him
  25. I talked, before he died, with Gordon Cooper. I admired him because he was one of the mavericks that had the courage to come out and say what he had seen
  26. they [astronauts] have been conditioned not to speak. And in some cases, they may have been hypnotically effected to not remember
  27. Aldrin has had experiences where he has been with friends and the subject would come up. And Buzz would start to cry or he would get nauseated
  28. the professional astronomers in this country, have been guilty of criminal activity
  29. there’s a city the size of Chicago underground on Mars that’s generating so much heat it shows up in infrared photographs
  30. I’ve met John [Lear]. I’ve been at his house a time or two. I’ve visited him. I have a tremendous respect for him
  31. what you call reality, our threats with the Russians, the Georgia invasion, the stock market collapse all of this is all engineered
  32. the government we’ve got is probably being totally run by the Anunnaki
  33. there are guys above the Illuminati that are really in power
  34. I’ve been doing some remote viewing
  35. I’ve even had a couple of out of body experiences
  36. I have memories of Sumer. I knew the Anunnaki back then, worked with them. I was one of their products
  37. get rid of the fear. You have nothing to fear. You are an immortal, timeless being who has an infinite future


  1. he [Jordan Maxwell] is one of the foremost scholars of our time and I honor and respect him
  2. Rich Dolan [Richard Michael Dolan] is very special. He’s probably one of the foremost historians of our time
  3. I violate my National Security Oath every time I open my mouth
  4. we have had an intimate interrelationship with several advanced extraterrestrial intelligences now for, oh, at least 10,000 years
  5. the evidence is pretty overwhelming that at least one, perhaps two, of those different groups had a hand in engineering the human genome over 100,000 years ago
  6. Brookings [Brookings Institution] study was that, if we, indeed, would encounter advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, we probably shouldn’t tell the masses of people because sociologically, theologically, scientifically, it would be a damn disaster
  7. we’re being visited by guys from other star systems, other galaxies and other dimensions
  8. the more advanced societies we have encountered have been multidimensional, you would think that it was almost godlike to have that kind of technology
  9. who would have ever thought that the American people could elect a black President
  10. I’ve known Steven Greer for years
  11. NASA. You know that crowd? Never a Straight Answer
  12. I simply don’t like religion because it tends to divide people
  13. one of the lives [Bob talking about his past lives] that I discovered was in Galilee 2,000 years ago with Him [Jesus]
  14. there is a separate space program, which you guys are paying for and they’re not telling you anything about it
  15. you [people] are as gods, what he did you can do and even more
  16. people are turning into a new species
  17. there is a god, there is a supreme being, don’t you ever doubt that
  18. I have a great respect and admiration for Steven Greer
  19. there are no unidentified flying object out there, they are all identified


  1. I had a personal intimate relationship with non human intelligence since i was three years old
  2. when i was in combat in Korea, when i was in combat in jungles of the south east Asia, my life was saved time and time again, situation where i should have died, where all around me died and i didn’t
  3. my face to face confrontations with them [ET] have been pretty regular in the last twenty years
  4. I am convinced they [ET] generally are calling the shots
  5. the one i have generally been face to face with were tall blondes
  6. there is a major power that is in this game that is a type four civilization, angelic beings, where Jesus also incarnated from
  7. they [ET] can take you away and erase from your memory the entire experience
  8. I am having an almost total recall of that world [meeting with ETs] and this world and my previous lives, i am almost a basket case
  9. we are dealing with technology that can manipulate matter and time
  10. I was on a back sit of a car with a couple of them [ET] and were going down the highway in Arizona and we were going into a fog and the next time i know we were going into a portal
  11. things are going to be happening here in a next few years that are going to challenge the masses of people [years later and NOTHING happened]
  12. at the bottom of S4 facility, 14 levels beneath the ground, there is a portal to Pine Gap
  13. they had a contained and sustained fusion reaction in Los Alamos thirty years ago
  14. real Galactic Federation [???] headquarters is not even in our galaxy
  15. there is not going to be a nuclear war, they [ET] will not allow it because frankly we do not own the planet
  16. we are cloning human beings, they are able to take a soul of a body and put it in a new body


  1. a blunt announcement [disclosure] is not what the people are ready for
  2. the next ten years are going to confront you with things you wouldn’t have dreamed before [years later and still waiting for it]
  3. I actually have been given encouragement from some of the Powers That Be. I’ve been encouraged by some of the guys with all the money
  4. there is no death
  5. there is indeed a Galactic Federation, they’ve been in control from the beginning and they are controlling disclosure
  6. I’ve never spoken at a conference in the last ten, fifteen years, where there wasn’t at least one or two of them in the audience
  7. I became a nuisance, then I became a threat and then I’m… I ended up… I’m an asset
  8. ninety percent of the world is still in dreamland
  9. war is insane! A sane person would never, never go to war [this is true, Bob lead an infantry platoon in Korea, is Bob calling himself insane?]
  10. I see them regularly. I really am. They take me aboard ship. I’ve been on board their ships many, many times. I get an evaluation. I think I get a kind of a healing
  11. they [ET] are well over six feet. Six five, maybe seven feet. Very thin, very trim. They’re not emaciated. I mean they look very healthy, but aside from that, they look human
  12. every planet has a kind of a caretaker, an authority. Every system has a higher authority, galaxy is divided into four parts, quadrants


  1. several of the Popes have entertained ET privately in their chambers at the Vatican
  2. we and the soviets have been working side by side on this particular issue [ET issue], the cold war was a made up construction [made up] by US and Soviet government
  3. agreement from 1954 allows ETs to continue to harvest our genetics in exchange for technology, we also traded a lot of gold for technology
  4. human genome is unique in the galaxy, made of at least twelve different races
  5. good ETs ended the cold war by coming down, scrambled guidance system and melted warheads on US and Soviet missiles [so was a cold war a construction or not?]
  6. we are going to the stars, to take out natural place in infinite community of life, the future is glorious
  7. dispense with doomsday bullshit, i am sick of doomsday garbage [he must have forgotten about his predictions in 1993]
  8. the human spirit is infinite
  9. Anunnaki are basically good guys
  10. Fort Knox is half empty, Anunnaki ingest monatomic gold, it generates their genome into immortality
  11. once average guy realizes who he is, he is free
  12. in Korea i should have died twice in Vietnam i should have died at least three times
  13. we have an infinite number of dimensions, infinite worlds
  14. dark SUVs followed me at night, i was getting calls at three in the morning, i went through a lot of intimidation
  15. we incarnate here to go to school
  16. karma is universal, it is cosmic law

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