Robert Duncan O'Finioan

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Robert Duncan O'Finioan

Described as Ultimate Warrior and as Psychic Warrior by Kerry Lynn Cassidy. Described as real life Jason Bourne by Bill Ryan.

According to Bill Ryan, Robert is a first generation super soldier. Original interview was done in 2006. Supposedly by 2009 there was already a fourth generation of super soldiers. In 2009 Bill Ryan said there exists about 15 thousand fourth generation super soldiers, which were never used in combat, are not human, but can pass as one during a non invasive doctor’s examination. Two fourth generation super soldiers were said to be able to pick up Abrams tank [about 55 to 63 metric tons]. This information was provided/agreed upon by Pete Peterson.

Allegedly, chosen based on his Native American and Celtic ancestry, Robert was selected to become a super soldier.

In 1966, at the age of six, in eastern Kentucky, he was taken by his parents to a back room of a hardware store. In the room there were other kids and also a woman of European descent with a heavy accent named Helga. She gave him puzzle pieces to solve - to make a picture. Robert believes Helga was a psychic transmitter. The test was to see which child is a strong enough receiver. Robert was picked. He was sedated and his next memory after that is when he was nine and a half years old. He has memories from between the ages of nine and fourteen, after which he was gone again, meaning no memories, until the age of eighteen. During the missing time, the time he does not fully recall, he was being trained and modified to be a super soldier.

Eight or nine years before 2006, time of the first interview, or 12 years before the 2009 Camelot conference, he was involved in a car accident, which ruptured three discs in his neck and needed MRI. As he was sent to do that he was not aware of having a cranial implant. The MRI procedure, in combination with the implant, caused images, as memories, be revealed to him and this is how he started to remember. The first hints before that came as he tried to recall where he had learned certain things, like some of his martial arts skills. Later, talking to people from his past and verifying events, he found out he was also given false, implanted memories.

MRI also disabled his implant, he was no longer activated, no more blackouts since then.

He is said to have a split personality or two personalities. The super soldier one is called the ultimate personality, which he was not suppose to have any memory of. This information is from 2006, later in 2009 he talked about having four alters.

The personality was split by torture. As a six year old boy Robert was strapped naked to a chair, unable to move his arms, needles were inserted under his finger nails and then he was electrocuted via those needles. Another method was water boarding, he describes it as they took a water hose and sprayed it at you until you couldn't breath and then they'd bring you back and I remember having my head dunked and to this day he does not swim due to that. Torture was gradual, increasing over time.

People are suppose to faint at the extreme levels of pain, but he was given something, a drug allegedly brought over by the Germans, which prevented that. Robert says this is what caused him to split into another personality, due to not being able to black out. The only other option was death.

Robert speaks of enhanced physical abilities as in body strength and psychic abilities which enabled him to see into other peoples minds - pictures of their thoughts.

One of his more memorable claims: I'm sitting in a Mexican restaurant, a very nice two story Mexican restaurant, and I hear somebody laughing. This was before the president now was the governor of Texas. I look over and there was George (Bush) Junior sitting at the bar with the secret service bodyguards, drunk as a skunk with the secret service trying to get him to calm down. Now, that's when I snapped awake. I don't remember driving there and I'm looking around, and I'm: Where the hell am I at, and but yet there he is and I had one impulse - kill him. Terminate. And I had a gun in my pocket. And for whatever reason I fought the impulse down and I didn't kill him.

Robert said he was in North Vietnam two times. One of those times was when he was 12 years old in 1972 and it was actually Cambodia, a rescue mission, where he was one of the 12 children which killed every Khmer Rouge soldier within 32km range, by forming a semi circle while holding hands arms raised, using psychic abilities. One person was targeting while the 12 children served as batteries. Robert does not know who the 13th person was.

The second time he remembers being in a Huey helicopter, which was shot down and he was pulled out of the helicopter by an alleged navy seal captain David Lawrence Corso.

Both Robert and David refused to give their rank and serial number or claimed they have none. David claims he is retired from telecommunications industry. Allegedly adopted into Apache tribe by family friends. He confirmed Roberts story about the 12 children, but gave a different year for it - 1967. David described the experience as blinding flash. According to David he has been out of the military since October 15th, 1968. Davids mother was said to be his psychic anchor, she could always tell what condition he is in. David described the location of his home Pahrump, Nevada as there is over 200 Vietnam vets living in the hills around here, in this valley there are over 800 ex special forces types, the largest known contingency of any location where there is that many ex special forces types.

Robert said an attempt was made on his life in 2002 by 2 people riding a motorcycle. One of the two pointed fingers into him, mimicking a shape of a gun and shot. Robert says he actually was shot, but not with an actual gun. He said he felt seriously ill for the next three days.


Robert wrote a book titled Innocence Turned Deadly. In the book the All Rights Reserved part goes to the name Bobby Joe Fannin. It is unclear if this is his actual name or if this is some other person.

Both Robert and David were on Conspiracy Theory show with Jesse Ventura.

No actual proof was offered to substantiate any of the claims. Robert did state there is a film of his cranial implant and spoke of X-ray photos on his website, which is no longer accessible.

There is a lot of maneuvering space in this story due to claims of memories coming back in chunks. It was also said people who experienced the exact same thing, remember it happening at different times. Robert comes across as serene talker, convinced into what he is saying. David comes across very much arrogant, showy and forceful.

There was an interesting moment during Project Camelot’s 2009 Awake&Aware conference, when Robert invited people from the audience to come and ask questions. A very good idea. Things had an intriguing progression when all of a sudden Kerry Lynn Cassidy butted in, due to energies and to help move things along, or maybe her ego could not take not having any attention. Problems between Kerry and Bill were also pretty much evident at that conference.

From what could be gathered in the internet archives, Robert and David had been trying to spread the word about the super soldier programs. Given their postings not everyone was excited about their story, it appears they received quite some backlash.

There is a website called Military Phonies, where they go through their story and try to look for facts. The website claims David Lawrence Corso passed away in 2014.



  1. I don’t say anything unless I have the proof or I have someone else who is willing to sign a deposition saying that they were there, they saw it, they know
  2. Hitler was looking for an ultimate soldier and was heavily into esoteric arts with mind control
  3. kicks in my right leg were 193km/h
  4. my punching power [right arm] was well over over 2576N m [newton metre]
  5. Native Americans and the Celtic are two of the races on the Earth that are more superimposed to paranormal ability or psi-ability
  6. my father was a CIA agent
  7. I have vivid memories of 15 20 of us in a group with adults and they trained us as adults. There was no kids gloves
  8. I hold a fifth degree black now, legitimately a fifth degree black
  9. somewhere, somehow, I have a cranial implant
  10. one of the things that they did to us was to give us ultimate personality
  11. I live with pain 24/7 [due to the car accident injury]
  12. his [David Lawrence Corso] whole family was in the CIA
  13. he [David Lawrence Corso] was one of the most decorated and had one of the best kill records in Vietnam, his abilities as a sniper were unparalleled, he was also a sailboat captain because he pulled I think five or seven tours in Vietnam
  14. I have memories of being on military bases and I had it verified that I was at Norfolk Station
  15. In 1966 there were supposed to have been 1000 kids taken that were in my group. There are only about 20 of us left now
  16. I graduated from Project Talent
  17. I put three rounds through the heart of a very high intelligence official [this allegedly happened in 1985]
  18. I used to incorporate professional wrestling techniques into my teaching when I was an instructor
  19. they are waking something up [on Mars]
  20. headaches, programmed headaches, are part of the conditioning
  21. we were actually at 6, 7 years old put into survival defense. Our personalities were split
  22. I can’t move. All I can do is open my eyes, the whole upstairs is full of light [due to UFO] and I can see a five pedal figure standing by the bed, I can see a head, I can see the arms, I can see the legs, and that’s it and I know it’s talking to me, it’s telling me something and the next thing I know my daddy is shaking my shoulders with my brothers because they saw the light and they thought the upstairs was on fire. That’s all I remember. I don’t remember anything again until I’m almost eighteen [he was 14 when this happened]
  23. she [Robert’s friend] said that I came out through the wall in front of her [describing his experience of walking through a wall]
  24. I saw 911 two weeks before it happened
  25. I have seen this country almost split in half, I mean physically split in half [a premonition] I saw that area going up into Canada, coming all the way into Mexico, the whole western part of the country split off from the rest of the United States and what I’m seeing is like a river of fire coming all the way down
  26. I remembered the beatings, being thrown naked into a refrigerator, a refrigerator room, because I couldn’t get something right, but not just to me, but to all of us


  1. I never say anything as fact unless i have three points of reference and proof to back it up
  2. I was first generation 1960s, there was a previous generation in 1950s that was a failed experiment
  3. we are now [2009], if my information is correct in a fourth generation
  4. project talent is taking other people talents and using it for their [secret elite] own purposes
  5. the ultimate personality was trained in every martial art known to human kind, to fly any aircraft that was at that time, every aspect that you can think of
  6. by and large we were assassins
  7. I am alive because the project i was part of is still ongoing, they [secret elite] hope to activate us one last time
  8. our ultimate personalities are beginning to merge with our primary personalities
  9. a lot of the programs use ritualistic magic and it is dark magic
  10. I have no memory of sexual abuse
  11. former Soviet union and China were working on a similar program [super soldier]
  12. my father was in a CIA, i haven’t spoken to my mother or my siblings in over twenty years and i have no desire to
  13. the ultimate personality has no emotions, right or wrong means nothing
  14. there were 172 different programs under the MK Ultra, Project Talent being just one of them
  15. I have four alternates [altered states/personalities], two of them we do not know how they got there
  16. my primary alternate is known as Omega unit 197, he [personality] knows where all the bodies are, locations, dates, bank accounts
  17. the x ray photos of my body implants are on my website [no longer accessible in 2017]
  18. I can dead lift 453kg at 49 years old, during a car accident my neck was broken in three places, i was not suppose to lift anything heavier than a cup of coffee


  1. according to Kerry Lynn Cassidy, he sent her a statement in which he describes his vision where oil is used as lubricant in the rotation of molten nickle which helps to balance the Earth. If this oil was to be removed the result would be planet overheating, sinkholes, rumble and the poles would flip over (pole shift). This was posted at the time of the BP oil spill

David Lawrence Corso


  1. I was in a group that didn’t exist, black operations
  2. they [military] wiped memories
  3. official navy records state i was a radar technician and I went to B-School and I was on five ships and I was on a swift boat detachment and I was in Vietnam for 14 campaigns
  4. both of my brothers served in a marine corps
  5. I was assigned to the marine corps but there is no official record of that
  6. I have a severe post traumatic stress disorder
  7. I take precautions to never be by myself, at night particularly, if i get triggered and have no anchor [person to help] i don’t know what i would do
  8. I was a staff sargent
  9. I intercepted and identified a lot of signals as to platform when I was in the service. Electronic warfare was what I was really good at
  10. I build and repair computers
  11. I heard you can go from the coast by Los Angeles almost to the middle of the country by submarine
  12. war on terrorism is a farce, it is about control of this country [USA] and setting up new world order


  1. I am not crazy, it just happens you are not in my normal realm

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