Richard Michael Dolan

Posted: August 3, 2019
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Richard Michael Dolan

Described by Kerry Lynn Cassidy as an amazing guy, road scholar, historian, brilliant mind, level headed, politically astute and intuitive. Here we have a tad different breed of ufologist, one that seems to stay away from fantastic narratives and tends to stay close to objective reality, or does he?

What I try to do in writing is to try to provide a reliable guide to our past. Our past is somewhat unknown to us and if we are going to proceed as as a responsible society, we have to know our past. Much of our past exists in the form of official government documents and archives. The vast majority of U.S. government documents ever created remain completely inaccessible to you and to me. They are classified. Majority of our own history is off limits to us. This isn’t just UFOs. This is everything. What I’ve tried to do with the UFO topic is my part in salvaging our history. Literally, that’s how I look at it.

Verifiable Information

Richard claims he does everything he can to provide reliable verifiable information, by using proven government documents. What Richard also considers to be reliable sources of information are journals by UFO investigative organizations doing on-the-spot investigations and various books. Richard also gathers information from interviews, be it either in person, YouTube live stream, via a telephone or correspondence.

Surprisingly, compared to the other Stars in the industry, Richard admits that, when he gets approached by people offering information but demanding anonymity, it puts You, the recipient of that information, into unequal position. This is very true and was also described in Circle of Trust. Richard dislikes this, in his opinion what he knows so should You. That is how good science is done.

Richard said he is sometimes distressed by the researches in this field, who do this to excess in my opinion. Meaning people selling you super fantastic information from anonymous sources. It is absolutely essential that we ask ourselves how do we know what we know, what is our source of data, and who are we saying this to? We must distinguish between what we know and what we believe.

However, Richard also believes that different anonymous sources telling you same things is a sort of a confirmation for the said things. This is a dangerous territory and it brings us back full Circle. This is what David Wilcock also says, how different insiders approached him with same information and supposedly that makes it true. It then all depends on whether or not someone is making it all up.


As far as U.S. presidents are concerned, Richard believes the king maker of the United States for the past half century has been David Rockefeller. Gerald Ford was a five-time Bilderberg attendee back in the sixties. He didn’t just come out of nowhere to become the first unelected President in American history. Jimmy Carter was lifted almost directly by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski and dropped into the White House. Ronald Reagan campaigned in 1980 against the elites, campaigned against the Council on Foreign Relations, campaigned against George Herbert Walker Bush. Well, it so happened that Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager was one William Casey, a key leading CFR man and a close friend of the Rockefellers, and all of that changed, obviously, when Ronald Reagan selected Bush as his running mate. A month or two after that, in September of 1980, Ronald Reagan had a pre-victory campaign party, and seated to his right was David Rockefeller himself.

To all of that Richard adds the U.S. President, let me put it this way, is essentially a sales rep and his job is to sell you, really, two things these days. The first thing that he’s got to sell you is globalization, which is a bitter pill for many Americans to swallow, so he’s got to be good at that. And then the other pill he’s got to make you swallow is whatever new war comes down the pike, and they do this on behalf of international financial groups.


As some of the documentation Richard mentions:

The 1947 Twining document from general Nathan Farragut Twining to general George Schulgen, regarding the flying discs. In the document it is written that according to military reports the state of the phenomena is real, not visionary or fictitious. There are very specific features. Metallic or light reflecting surface, silent or nearly so, extreme rates of climb, well kept formations of flight, evasive upon sighting, circular or elliptical in shape, domed on top flat on bottom.

The 1949 FBI Protection of Vital Installations memo in which officers of G-2, the army intelligence, describe the matter of flying discs, flying saucers, balls of fire. The matter is considered TOP SECRET by the Army and Air Force Intelligence.

The 1952 Chadwell memo describing objects sighted at high altitudes over sensitive installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or known types of aerial vehicles.

The 1966 Minot Air Force Base document which makes it clear than an object was seen by strike team tracked on NORAD radar, coming down, landing just outside the base. When the strike team went to investigate their communication systems went offline. They saw visually the object on or near the ground and then it took off.

The 1967 Malstrom Air Force Base document describing at two locations at Malstrom glowing red UFO were seen by personnel above missile silos, which simultaneously went off line.

The 1981 Halt memo describing the Rendlesham Forest case. An object was seen with a beam of light penetrating the nuclear weapons facility, that was not suppose to be there. That object adversely affected the ordinance.

Richard claims a former Aerojet employee, Ron Regehr was involved in building what was called the DSP satellite. That’s Defense Support Program satellites. Ron argued that they are designed perfectly to be UFO spotting devices. According to Richard; Ron legally obtained a list of DSP tracks of Fast Walkers, the code word for UFO in the upper atmosphere in space. From 1973 to 1991 there were about 283.

In connection to DSP satellite tracking Richard tells a story of spectacular 1976 Iranian jet fighter intercept. In September 1976, over the city of Teheran, a large number of Teheran citizens saw this very unusual object in the evening sky. They called the local airport. The air traffic controller person called the Iranian Air Force. They sent two F-4 fighter jet interceptors in succession, and we know all about this because we have a very extended defense intelligence agency Iran memo describing this in fascinating detail. What happened is that in each case of the F-4 encounters, when they got to within a range of 25 nautical miles [46 kilometers] of this object their key electronic systems went offline. In one case, right before one pilot was about to fire a missile at this object, it disabled the missile system. It so happens that we have DSP tracking data of a Fast Walker in exactly that spot at that time.

Like others, Richard also states Project Blue Book was a farce and that the same goes for the Condon Committee.


The document being discussed here was labeled by Richard as the leak of the century. It is a transcript of an alleged conversation between admiral Thomas Wilson and astrophysicist Eric Davis regarding an alien vehicle. Document became avaliable to the general public here.

According to Richard; Eric Davis was a member of National Institute for Discovery Science, ran by Robert Bigelow. Davis is also a close associate of Harold E. Puthoff, who owns company EarthTech, where Davids is also a part of the team. Along with Russell Tar, Puthoff helped develop the protocols for America's classified remote viewing program in the 1970s and 80's, is an expert in zero point energy, has written papers on space-time metric engineering and is a member of To The Stars Academy. Davis and Puthoff are currently engaged in researching a meta-material from an alleged UFO crash.

It is Richrd’s claim the notes were put together by Eric Davis in October 2002, after the meeting with Thomas Wilson. The notes concern a series of events that took place the spring of 1997. At the time Wilson was a deputy Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The notes concern nothing less than a confirmation of the existence of a deeply classified reverse engineering program to study extraterrestrial technology. On the page 13 there is a mention of an intact craft that, according to their belief, could fly.

The notes further state that, when Wilson attempted to find out more, he was told his official rank means nothing. When Wilson made official complaints, he was told to back off or risk early retirement and demotion.

Richard believes the documents are real and that there is no argument over their authenticity. The amount of detail and specific names cited in the document make it obvious that this is all very real. I believe it will be impossible to debunk this leak as a hoax or a fabrication. These documents are authentic. The information in them might not be entirely accurate. It is assumed the source of the original leak, before it came into the reach of the general public, is Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut.

This story has been, in part, previously talked about by Steven Macon Greer.


Richard claims NASA technicians are airbrushing UFOs from pictures. He is far from being the only one making such a claim. As source Richard used Donna Hare. In 1970s, working for a NASA contractor, Donna was shown a satellite photo of a UFO and was told by her colleague his job is to airbrush such evidence. According to Richard; Donna also heard some astronauts had seen extraterrestrial vehicles on the Moon. The codeword for the craft is Santa Claus.

The word Santa Claus was indeed used during Apollo missions. This Apollo 8 video is one such example. There are other videos, such as STS-114 UFO. This is the “best objective footage” of a possible UFO that you can get.

Then there is a UFO Nellis AirBase video, for which Richard says it is his opinion we probably made this object.

One of the more recent statements, on Fox News, was made by Luis Elizondo, a former employee of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSDI). He currently serves as Director of Global Security and Special Programs at To The Stars Academy.

Richard’s friend, Timothy Good, had a friend who…yes indeed…who overheard Neil Armstrong talking about what really happened on the Moon. According to Richard; Armstrong said yes we have been warned off, there were craft there, enormous and menacing.

Richard told a story of Karl Wolf, who back in 1965, had a Top Secret Crypto Clearance at Tactical Air Command, Langley Air Force Base Virginia and was assigned to NSA facility to do equipment repair. As the story goes, while talking to an airman, Karl was told we discovered a base on back side of the Moon.

According to Richard; Buzz Aldrin [Apollo 11 astronaut] has spoken many times repeatedly about objects following the Apollo craft on its way to the Moon. He talked, few years ago, about a tall structure on Mars's moon Phobos. Richard claims, that during Apollo 11 mission, Buzz talked about an illumination that was moving with respect to the stars, we were smart enough to not tell Huston there is a light out there that is following us.

Ken Johnson was a manager of Data and Photo Control Department at NASA. According to Richard; speaking about Apollo 11 mission Ken said Neil and Buzz were on the Lunar surface, Neil Armstrong switched to the medical channel and spoke directly to the chief medical officer saying “they are here, they are parked on the side of the crater and they are watching us”.

As another source Richard named Vito Saccheri. In 1979 Vito and another engineer went to NASA headquarters and asked to see Moon photos. Langley approved the request under condition of: three 8 hour days, no writing or recording devices, could not be left alone with the photos. According to Richard Vito saw obvious machinery on the surface, UFO rising from the surface, rectangular structure in the biggest crater pictured.

Leonard Stringfield, a ufologist, was told by military people about alien bodies at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and recovering crashed UFOs.

Barry Morris Goldwater, a U.S. senator and a close friend of general Curtis Emerson LeMay. When Goldwater attempted to get the information on this topic from LeMay he was told never to ask about that again. There is a similar claim about this made by Steven Macon Greer. Steven claims Goldwater, trying to help Steven, asked admiral Bobby Ray Inman for the information but was refused.

Gary McKinnon found a list of non-terrestrial officers, fleet to fleet transfers and ship names on a U.S. space command's computer. Gary did confirm all of this.

Robert Sarbacher, a physicist and consultant to the Defense Department’s Research and Development Board admitted in a two page typewritten single space letter to a researcher that yes, he was very much aware of the efforts to recover crashed UFOs and study the beings, which he described as insect like.

Eric Arthur Walker, a top defense scientist and later a president of the Pennsylvania State University made startling admissions, about the nature of the program to study alien technology and bodies.

Benjamin Robert Rich, the second Director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991, made some statements towards the end of his life about this. About the subjects of UFOs.

Edgar Dean Mitchell, NASA astronaut, was told by several individuals with ultra elite security clearances about the existence of deeply classified programs to study alien technology and bodies.

Harry Truman

Truman was the president when all the big UFO pieces fell into place. Richard spoke of Truman receiving oral quarterly briefings on UFOs from Robert Broussard Landry. By the retirement Landry had a rank of major general. After Truman’s death, Landry gave an Oral History Interview in 1974.

Richard then quoted the following: In this time period the UFO phenomenon was getting quite a bit of play in the press, radio, TV and from miscellaneous other sources. All manner of objects and things were being seen in the sky by people, including attempted UFO landings and UFO hoverings over isolated areas. There was even a report of seeing little men with big round heads getting in and out of a UFO.

Given what can be further gathered from the interview, it is Richard’s belief Landry downplayed Truman’s actually interests into the phenomena. Richard does detail Landry was talking about the CIA and their interest in UFOs as a strategic threat to national security. Richard also believes that keeping the reports oral ensured secrecy and left no paper trail.

James Edward McDonald

Richard told a story about James who was an atmospheric physicist. According to Richard; In early 1950s while driving in Arizona, James saw an UFO and how in the spring of 1966 James wrote a letter to the Charmain of the Committee on the National Academy of Sciences in which he stated his concerns about the unscientific methods used in the Project Blue Book. James received a grant from the Office of Naval Research to examine the Blue Book files. The official reason was to study cloud formations. Richard told how in the files James discovered an unedited copy of the Robertson Panel report from 1953, which according to Richard stated the recommendation was to work with media and public figures to debunk UFOs. That is the CIA’s recommendation to the Air Force.

As the story goes, James went to the office of Josef Allen Hynek who acted as scientific advisor to the UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force. Jacques Fabrice Vallée was also present at that meeting. Meeting concluded with an argument. Report was later reclassified and James was refused a copy when he asked for it.

Air Force, trying to sort out their deal with the UFOs, went to University of Colorado at Boulder. They used Edward Uhler Condon to do what was in their words a serious, objective, scientific and independent study. They did none of that.

Beginning with the Condon Committee, McDonald starts to openly talk to reporters on the reality of the UFOs and the cover-up seen in the Robertson Panel. Talking to American Meteorological Society, McDonald said my study of past official Air Force investigations leads me to describe them as completely superficial. They have, for at least the past dozen years, have been carried out at a very low level of scientific competence.

McDonald also went to Colorado to talk with professors at the university, where he stated a time is going to come for all of you when you find yourself confronting astonishing evidence of mishandling of the UFO problems by your sponsoring agency.

Due to McDonald’s activities the Robertson Report was partially released in 1967. Condon dismissed the report as meaningless.

One of the professors at the University of Colorado found a memo from Condon’s chief assistant Dr. Robert Low. The memo talks about doing things in such a way that all our scientific colleagues realize that we have no expectation of finding anything. It was Donald Keyhoe who told McDonald about the memo. In 1967, McDonald asking the secretary of the project and other staffers about the memo, actually got a copy of the Low memo.

In 1966 Philip Julian Klass, an American journalist, and UFO researcher, known for his skepticism regarding UFOs, publishes his first debunking on UFOs. The New York Times loved Philip Julian Klass and he was immediately anointed by the media as this instant authority on UFOs. It was a coordinated effort.

McDonald, seeing what Klass wrote, tears it to peaces. Klass then resorted to character assassination and ridicule, picking McDonald as his first target. In doing so, McDonald no longer got any grant money from the Office of Naval Research.

In 1968 McDonald writes a letter to Robert Low about everything he believed was going wrong at the Colorado university and mentions the memo. Robert was furious McDonald knew about the memo and Condon got a mild heart attack.

In the same year the Science and Astronautics Committee had a symposium on UFOs where McDonald delivered one of the greatest presentations any person in the UFO field has ever given. There were no criticisms allowed of the Air Force, Blue Book and Condon Committee.

At the event McDonald stated he had become convinced that the scientific community, not only in this country but throughout the world has been casually ignoring as nonsense a matter of extraordinary scientific importance. My own present opinion based on two years of careful study is that UFOs are probably extraterrestrial devices engaged in something what might very tentatively be termed surveillance. I believe no other problem within your jurisdiction is of comparable scientific and national importance.

Condon Committee concluded UFOs are of no scientific interest and that Air Force should drop Project Blue Book, which is exactly what they wanted to hear.

In 1969 the American Association for Advancement of Science held a UFO symposium, where McDonald stated no scientifically adequate investigation of the UFO problem has been carried out during the entire twenty two years that have now passed since the first extensive wave of sightings of the UFOs in the summer of 1947. The UFO problem, far from being the nonsense problem that often has been labeled by many scientists, constitutes a problem of extraordinary scientific interest. Mainstream scientists have just been complacent, not separating good reports from the bad. It is easy to make fun of the bad reports, that is just creating straw man arguments. Air Force has been conducting their investigation with absolute incompetence. The investigations done have been scientifically meaningless.

In March of 1971, McDonald testified as an expert in atmospheric physics before congress regarding the super sonic commercial aircraft. The people doing the counterarguments used the UFOs to ridicule McDonald.

James Edward McDonald died June 13, 1971 due to suicide by gunshot. Richard has some doubts whether or not McDonald’s state of mind has been remotely influenced by use of electromagnetic weapons for mind control and mental disruption.

Richard was visibly moved while telling the story. It is possible that, in some way, Richard identifies with James Edward McDonald.


February 1942, Timor Sea, while on watch for enemy aircraft, crewman saw a large illuminated disc approaching at terrific speed. The disc circled high above the ship and after two of three hours suddenly veered off at a tremendous burst of speed.

March 1942, Holland, RAF pilot saw an orange spherical thing flying along the plane. Thinking it might be German, pilot gave order to fire. Firing had no effect. The object moved around the plan and flew away at a tremendous speed.

August 1942, Tulagi Island. A member of U.S. military heard a mighty roar that seemed to echo in the heavens and saw a formation of over 150 silvery objects. They had no wings or tails.

November 1942, Bay of Biscay, plane's tail gunner sees a dark massive object without wings appear suddenly behind the bomber. After 15 minutes object does 180 degree turn and disappears.

September 1943, Stuttgart, the observation of a cluster of elongated silvery colored objects.

November 1944, Strasbourg, three people in a plane observed 8 to 10 bright orange lights off their left wing. Radar observer gave these objects the name Foo Fighters, based on a word from a comic. The term Foo Fighter is believed to have later been used as a code word for an UFO.

Summer 1945, Adak, personnel on U.S army transport ship Delarof saw a large round object emerging from the sea, starting to circle the transport ship, not making a sound. Object then took off very rapidly, the crew saw three flashes of light at the area the object had vanished.

January 22, 1952 USA. Radar in Alaska picks up an object moving at 2400km/h. Military sent an F-94 jet to intercept. At this point objects slows down and heads for the radar station. It came to within 30 miles of the station and disappeared. More F-94 planes were sent to intercept. While pilots could see the object on radar they were unable to see it visually.

March 29, 1952 Japan. U.S. pilots were doing a practice intercept mission near the city of Misawa. F-84 were following a T-6. T-6 pilot saw a small shiny disc shaped object gaining on one of the F-84, flipping on its edge, flying between the aircraft, flipping again passing the F-84 and accelerating out of sight. All the pilots saw that.

There are numerous other reports of such nature. These are just some of the early sightings that Richard had mentioned. There are many many more. Early reports are also interesting, since people giving them and gathering them, were not motivated by celebrity status or money as much as they are today. This gives the reports some more credibility, but as always there is no material proof. Richard also gave rather detailed presentations on UFO encounters for other time periods and specific events, such as this one. See his YouTube channel for details.

Zimbabwe UFO

In 1994, Ruwa - Zimbabwe, there was a reported UFO sighting. UFO was seen by primary school children during the break time. Richard did an interview with Randall Nickerson, who has described the event based on the information he was able to gather from the locals. According To Randall the children saw a silver light in the sky and flashes of light. A silver object was seen hovering, oval in shape. They saw figures, wearing black, emerge from the object. They had big black eyes and large head. One stayed at the craft, the other approached the playground. Kids who had eye contact reported it was like time had stopped and everything went quiet. Their necks were stiff. They were gliding. Several of the children received messages through the eye contact. Messages about what we are doing to ourselves as a species.

Richard was getting information about the event from an intermediary, not the source. How was it verified? Was it verified? Judging by Richard’s enthusiastic remarks some of the claims match other stories, other claims.

Richard has a friend, Emily Trim, who he says was one of the one the 62 children, back then when she was 8 years old. According to Richard, in his opinion, Emily and her story, her experience, is 100% credible.

Breakaway Civilization

In 2009 Richard coined a phrase breakaway civilization. A term today popularized by James Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Richard basically spoke of hidden scientific findings, progressing to a point where a breakaway group can do things the rest of the world, including academia, would deem impossible or purely theoretical. Things like anti-gravity and field propulsion technology. Richard also describes it as black budget world on steroids.


When disclosure comes I think we should expect deception, self serving narratives, a way to ramp up fear as deemed safe without causing massive panic, so that people come running to the state for protection. I don't believe in utopias and I don't believe the disclosure is going to solve all of our problems.

Richard is not as enthusiastic or fond of disclosure as many other proponents in the industry. His view is that not everything can be, or will be, all nice and peachy if it comes to it. Richard is probably right. If reality of super advanced technologies and extraterrestrial life is disclosed a lot of shit will happen. There would be a lot of questions from the great unwashed. It would all depend on the narrative, the extend of truth and secrecy. Then follows the reaction, the herd.

It is Richard’s view that disclosure would be doable once population is under complete and total totalitarian rule. To this end, in 2014, Richard speculated on the following goals of human handlers:

  1. formalize a breakaway financial structure with international trade agreements
  2. transnational corporate friendly legal structures
  3. enforce intellectual property rights
  4. total surveillance and intimidation
  5. turn the web into TV, work against independent alternative research sources
  6. maintain total control of global intellectual life
  7. class-based transhumanisem

Richard made very good and accurate predictions based on things that were already in motion and the events which pointed into which direction things are likely to unfold. So far everything, some of it very recently, but the last point has happened. Designer babies are not too far away. The international trade agreements were not fully implemented after the backlash in EU and Trump winning the election.

Underground Facilities

Richard Dolan discussed this topic while presenting/promoting the book by his friend Richard Sauder. Most topics if not all of them are based on the book by Sauder.

Discussing the possibility and the reality of underground facilities, Richard named examples of how deep we can go. The Mponeng gold mine, currently in 2019 extending over 4 kilometers bellow the surface and the Snolab, a Canadian underground physics laboratory at a depth of 2 kilometers in Vale’s Creighton nickel mine in Sudbury, Ontario. He also mentioned offshore drilling. Deepest offshore resource, being gathered, lies under 2,4 kilometers of ocean.

Richard claims that all kinds of explosions were heard at Dick Cheney's vice presidential mansion for like a year in 2003/2004. They were doing construction under his mansion for a deep underground facility.

Another proof are to be statements made in 1987 by Lloyd A. Duscha, fomer Deputy Director of Engineering and Construction U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. That most interesting facilities are classified and there are other projects similar of scope to NORAD, which include multiple chambers of up to 15 meters wide and 30 meters high.

Richard then mentions Robert Hutchings Goddard, the father of modern rocketry, who also designed vacuum tube shuttle systems in 1944 and 1945, with 4,89G acceleration and Michael Andrew Minovitch’s High speed transit system patent, a Maglev Tube Shuttle, vacuum, frictionless magnetic suspension system propelled by gravity, the deeper the faster, speed of up to 1120kph. This relates to many claims about very high speed underground transportation between the facilities/bases.

As for the location of the underground facilities Richard stated:


  1. presidential retreat at Camp David
  2. NSA headquarters at Fort Meade
  3. FEMA underground command center near Olney
  4. site R or Raven Rock or the Underground Pentagon


  1. Mount Weather
  2. U.S. Army Warrenton Training Stations A and B
  3. Camp Peary underground CIA facility knows as The Farm
  4. Pentagon

Washington D.C.

  1. White House
  2. Texas
  3. Medina Annex Lackland Air Force Base
  4. Fort Hood


  1. Cheyenne Mountain
  2. Denver Federal Center FEMA underground center

New Mexico

  1. Kirtland Air Force Base Manzano Facility
  2. Los Alamos
  3. White Sands


  1. China Lake

As for the possibility of the underwater facilities, Richard cites 1968 Document from Stanford Research Institute in California titled Feasibility of Manned In-Bottom Bases stating the construction of thirty manned in-bottom bases within the ocean floors is technically and economically feasible. However, it will be necessary to establish some successive types of experimental facilities before a full construction program can be started. This could take 15 years. The major technology for a land-linked station in-bottom is established now; only adaptations are needed. A distinction between in-bottom and on-bottom facilities is made, wherein areas of one atmosphere space can be created in-bottom at such low cost. Presently, establishing an in-bottom facility and building upon this will present fewer technical difficulties than do the submersibles which support it and use it. According to Richard document cited a figure of $2,7 billion to build thirty bases.

The inflation calculator says that 2019’s prices are 635,9% higher compared to 1968. $1 in 1968 is $7,36 in 2019. So $2.700.000.000 in 1968 is $19.869.206.896,55 in 2019 or $19,8 billion.

Allegedly there was once Walter Koerschner, an illustrator who, according to Richard, was attached to the China Lake, California weapons center during the 1960s. Navy was then developing detailed plans for siting large, technologically complex, deeply buried manned bases beneath the sea floor, in mid-ocean. Koerschner was assigned to illustrate the Navy's plans.

This is one of the images, a would be Santa Catalina island rock site base.

At this image of the glass dome Richard claimed that under the water glass has incredible tensile strength, it is stronger than steel and can withstand enormous amount of pressure. Sadly Richard did not provide exact scientific source for this claim. There might be some truth to this, but the experiment used hot water. The claim is also very much reminiscent of that made by Richard Charles Hoagland, about the supposed glass structures on the Moon and glass there being twenty times stronger than steel.

For this spiral sea mount installation Richard said if you are tunneling, doing a spiral is actually a lot easier to do, if you are carving out a space in the undersea mountain.

Other images:

  1. This image is to depict an opening to the sea
  2. A depiction of a viewing capsule for high profile visitors
  3. Undersea base to house Polaris submarine
  4. Image showing a racetrack
  5. Undersea interlock cutaway
  6. Undersea oil rig image
  7. Image of spiral sub bottom installation
  8. Activities undersea installation
  9. Image of sonar installation

According to Richard one of the places under consideration for the undersea facilities were the Moonless Mountains in the Pacific Ocean.

Unlike most others, Richard offered no spectacular information on joint human extraterrestrial bases and such. No mention of Dulce. No mention of S4. No mention of Phillip Schneider.


Richard believes there is a geoengineering agenda, meaning chemtrails. He agrees with the work of Dane Wigington, researcher of geoengineering. According to Dane; Aluminum, Barium and Strontium are primary elements used in geoengineering, sprayed by the airplanes, with the intention of climate modification, weather control and weather warfare. Dane claims they can take what should have been a rain storm and turn it into a snow storm, heavy wet snow at temperatures far above freezing. In 2012 Dane believed there are 18 HAARP like facilities around the globe and that metals, being sprayed by airplanes, enable HAARP to manipulate the more conductive atmosphere. If you heat the ionosphere up to 15 thousand degrees Fahrenheit [8315 Celsius] that causes a bulge in the atmosphere like a bubble, under the bubble creates a vacuum and that can steer the jet stream. We don't have natural weather.

Nazi Bell

Richard spoke to Joseph Farrell who, unlike most others, has shared a different story about the alleged Nazi Space Program. According to Joseph the stories about it and the base on Antractica and so forth are not credible and originate from Neo Nazi community in Austria and Germany. Basically, Joseph is saying it was not as advanced as most believe. Richard agrees that Nazis were not as advanced as most believe.

Describing the legendary Nazi Bell, Joseph described it as 4.5 meters wide and 5.4 meters tall, bell shaped, ceramic covering. Two counter rotating drums inside the bell, inside the drums was xerum-525, cherry red, maroon like substance, that was very heavy. Might have been thorium isomer 229 and an oxide of mercury. As the drums were spinning they were pulsed with massive amounts of direct current electricity. The device made a buzzing sound. They were trying to create a differential plasma rotation and see if they get gravity effect from it by measuring time dilations, like possible variances in a radioactive decay. Such time dilation would be an indicator of gravity.

Allegedly a power plant was constructed solely to provide the power for the experiments with the Nazi Bell.

According to Jospeh; the entire secret research during the Nazi era was overseen by Hans Kammler. What Kammler created was a Nazi version of DARPA.

In connection with the Nazi Bell, Joseph mentioned Kurt Heinrich Debus, a high voltage plasma scientist. After Roswell the U.S. army reopened his security file and re vetted him for some reason. At the time it was suspected that the Germans are keeping their original command structure inside the American military industrial complex. He eventually ends up as a senior flight director at the Project Apollo and before the retirement he was the head of NASA's UFO desk.

This last bit does in part relate to generally believed Nazi infiltration and takeover of the U.S. Secret Space Program.


As can be gathered from interviews with people, such as Niara Isley, Mike Clelland, Peter Robbins and Kathleen Marden, Richard believes military and ET abductions are a reality and that military can and does manipulate or condition peoples memories.

Niara Isley

It is Niara’s estimate that she was used as a person to help the hybridization program and to collect data on human sexuality and that Greys did things to make me a bit more highly sexed individual and had implants in me to take readings of neuropeptide levels, hormone levels all of the different neurological, emotional and chemical things that go on in the body during sexual experience. The Grey was floating over me and observing me while i was having a sexual experience. The interview with Niara was done in 2014. The hybridization agenda is the same as the one shown in the series Taken, which brings us back to Fact or Fiction?

Undergoing hypnosis, Niara says she was able to recall some of the things from her time at the Air Force. I was taken out in the middle of the night, at gun point, to test the surface to air missile radar at Tonopah electronic warfare range. There were three people on the radar crew, no rank insignia and no name tags, we were forbidden to speak to each other beyond what was necessary to run the radar. When it was over we were told to stand out and be quiet and when we looked up in the sky the special aircraft we have been tracking were saucers. This was January of 1980.

The story goes on, including the part were Niara was injected with intent to chemically create an ascension dimensional shift. Richard did not say he agrees with her or believes everything she said, but he also did not in any way indicate he does not. If anything, Richard indicated he does believe her.

Mike Clelland

In September 2006, Idaho, Mike asked a girl out on a camping trip. During the trip they had a conversation for which Mike said the conversation had a depth to it that took my breath away and right at that moment an owl flew over us and then a second owl and then a third owl. Until the Sun was fully down owls were flying over us. They would land near us. According to Mike the girl was talking about her most heart felt definition of what god means to her. Four days later at another place, camping with the same girl, arriving at the destination an owl landed on a branch near us and then a second owl and then a third owl.

Judging from experience from other people, who according to Mike received telepathic communications from owls, or were otherwise physically affected by being given energy healing abilities, it is Mike’s belief the owls are screen memories done by the Greys to conceal their activities. That owls are used to tap into the archetypal role of the owl.

After seeing what might have been a large landed UFO, Mike had a psychic flash while standing in my home, I saw a very clear map of three dots on a map. Each dot allegedly representing an UFO/ET event. Lining up the dots, they are in exact straight line of 231 miles. [371 kilometers]

During the interview, instead of applying critical thinking, Richard interjected with “wow wow” more than once, which is very reminiscent of David Wilcock reacting to what James Corey Goode had to say or someone else telling David a fascinating story. In other words, just how critical Richard’s perception really is? How could he ever confirm what he was told?

Peter Robbins

Peter and his sister Helen had a mutual UFO sighting in 1961. At the time Peter was 14 and Helen was 12. Peter described disc shaped metallic silver objects. Recalling the event years later, Peter remembered he ran towards the house to tell his mom about it and lost consciouses and that, at the time, Helen later told him how she was lifting off the ground, seeing the top our house and then being walked through a curved metal hallway with a number of little doctors with big heads and big eyes who talked to me in my head and one very large one. The next memory was being on a metal table, with no clothes on, with these beings clustered around and hearing in her head “we have seen you before, we will see you again, you are special, we love you, we won't hurt you” At the same time she was experiencing very definite pain.

Richard had no doubts about Peter’s abduction story. There was no mention of any fact checking. Richard simply trusts Peter based on his personal relationship with him.

Kathleen Marden

One of the more out there interviews Richard had was with Kathleen Marden, a certified MUFON field investigator. Kathleen talked about the less conventional abductions or experiences with extraterrestrials. Like orbs when it comes to ET contact with children or orbs themselves being a consciousness of a contactee’s yet unborn child. Astonishingly, Richard which prides himself with objectivity, stated that is just fascinating, absolutely fascinating. How does Kathleen orb descriptions, in terms of audacity, actually differ from the ones made by James Corey Goode?

According to Kathleen, when the human body is moved through a sold surface and through this inter-dimensional portal you might call it, the consciousness can separate from the human body temporarily, reconstruct and then experiencers have these characteristics. Meaning gaining new abilities.

I have received information on craft, when I had been taken. I had telepathic communication about what is going on here and they said to me that they had to take tissue samples because they were testing for environmental toxicity in my tissue, over time. They needed to use families, to take us generational so they could document this over time, so hypothetically maybe they took my grandmother. They are giving a lot of information across this type of communication. They are very concerned about our failure to be good stewards to the environment.

Some of these entities have communicated that they have been here from the beginning of time. Some even say they have planted our seed here and they come back from time to time to assist in our development and have altered us in the past. They say that they are here now because our technological development is out of sync with our spiritual development and are very concerned that we could destroy ourselves. Part of their mission now is to upgrade humans through their DNA studies genertaionally and also to raise human consciousness and spirituality in an attempt to save this planet. There are others who appear to have come here to create hybrids and conducting experiments on humans and others who are even more negative and seem to have a great interest in sex with humans which to me is horrible. Why would you cross the vastness of space to torture human beings and have sex with them, i just can't understand that. Maybe they are intra-dimensional and come manifesting as physical from human collective consciousness.

The Kathleen Marden story is pure New Age 101 and basically reads like most channellings and downloads about ET saviors and mass landings. Also having sex seems to be horrible or negative, unless Kathleen meant rape specifically, but she did not say that. It is more like that in Kathleen’s opinion there is only one way, the Kathleen way, to do things.

“Surprisingly”, Richard did not show any much doubt about any of what Kathleen has said. To Richard this is some the really most difficult subjects of the UFO phenomena. It is probably safe to assume Richard did not go to verify what he has been told, or that there is anything tangible that could support any of it.

Barbara Lamb

There are many, many other stories about abductions. Most of them are described as a bad experience, but there are also some claims which can be seen as a good experience. Such stories include claims of being healed, taught psychic skills or feeling honored to be selected by the extraterrestrials. As far as healing goes; according to Barbara Lamb, a regression therapist which Richard interviewed, the rectal probe is the most efficient way to determine what goes on with a human body. Also, according to Barbara; ETs see us as very uninvolved in relation to them and want us to become more aware of other beings, by creating hybrids that can live here fully as humans, to do the benevolent work so one day humans can become a part of the great Galactic Federation.

Richard did not seem to be enthusiastic about Barbara’s view, it would seem the Galactic Federation was the breaking point, but he did show more interest into what David Jacobs had to say.

David Jacobs

Jacobs is another regression therapist. According to David Jacobs; If aliens were doing their work a thousand years ago [abductions] then by 800 to 900 years ago everybody on Earth would be an abductee. David estimates there is little chance for that, since we would know if there was such a thing before the last quarter of the 19th century.

According to David, the Insectoids, a mantis like ETs, are at the top of the chain. Reptilians are their work force and Grey aliens are artificially created in part using human DNA. David also claims alien-human hybrids are infiltrating humanity with possible end goal of taking over the planet and that some of the abductees are teaching these hybrids how to blend in.

Richard commented that David’s research is important and was not critical at all. Instead, what Richard could have or should have done is a ask a very simple question. Why would extraterrestrial, technologically so far ahead of us, bother taking over the Earth with such redundant means as hybridization? Why do alien takeovers always involve dramatic plot twisting elements?

David Jacobs is not the only one talking about hybrids, Insectoids and artificially created species. Yvonne Smith and Clif High have the same views and it would seem that, for the most part, Richard is going along with all of that.

To The Stars Academy

A former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge got himself involved with To The Stars Academy, or TTSA, an organization to study UFOs. Being a celebrity got DeLonge media attention. Most of the UFO community dismissed his initiative as some sort of a deep-state attempt at controlled disclosure and/or to present extraterrestrials as a potential threat.

According to Richard; DeLonge had developed inside connections, to some very impressive high level people. Major general William McCasland, major general Michael Carey, Robert Weiss from Lockheed SkunkWorks, Christopher Karl Mellon, Lue Elizondo a career intelligence officer, Steve Justice a program director at SkunkWorks, Jim Semivan a senior intelligence officer at CIA, Harold E. Puthoff engineer and parapsychologist.

DeLonge was also in contact with John Podesta. Podesta has direct connection to both Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama II. Richard sees Podesta’s involvement in UFOs as a political play card.

Richard also stated he respects the people that he's got there, they are impressive but their plan does not seem it is likely to succeed. I don't know if Tom DeLonge is being played or not. I don't take what he says at face value, he says the secrecy exists for a good reason and that they [military] are protecting us. I do believe Tom DeLonge is sincere and legitimate in what he is trying to do. I like what he is trying to do.

It was also TTSA through which the Tic Tac UFO videos were first released in 2017. The mainstream skeptics dismissed the videos as being false or searched for any other possible explanation. In April 2020, Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of the videos. According to Richard; David Fravor, one of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet pilots, said the UFO took off at speed that we conservatively estimate at ten thousand miles per hour, or 16093 kilometers per hour.

Pentagon’s confirmation did not do what one might expect. It did not become a major global news event. They, very conveniently, decided to do it in the middle of the COVID-19 event. Also, not much can be expected from a rather traumatized and numb human population.

Richard claims TTSA has serious enemies within the Pentagon, who have been trying to prevent the UFO information from coming out.

James Corey Goode

Richard spoke about James Corey Goode in context of intelligence agencies infiltrating the UFO research community, with intention to control, subvert and detract. Goode’s intent to trademark certain phrases and acronyms like SSP [Secret Space Program] and Blue Avians, seemed off to Richard since you do not trademark the truth, you usually want to trademark works of fiction.

In other words, Richard more or less indirectly dismissed James Corey Goode as a fraud, which he basically confirmed when he said can you think of anything more disruptive to the UFO community than the intrusion of Corey Goode and his claims over the past four years?

New Age

In connection with the New Age, Richard mentioned the Esalen Institute as a major driver of the New Age movement, early promoter of Hippie culture and psychedelics. They describe themselves a shape-shifter of the culture, generating and promoting new ideas that have transformed our world and are there to raise consciousness and untapped human potential.

The phrase human potential movement was coined by the Julian Huxley, a member of the MI6 and brother of Aldous Huxley, author of the Brave New World. Both of them were very active in the Esalen Institute.

According to Richard; Esalen dabbled in similar health experiments as the Tavistock Institute or its predecessor Tavistock Clinic. Studies in human trauma and trauma based conditioning.

Esalen was also involved in high level diplomatic negotiations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. A Hot Tub Diplomacy.

As a possible CIA involvement in the New Age, Richard mentioned the book A Course in Miracles, written by Helen Schucman who got a series of communications from Jesus. According to Richard; her employer William Thetford was deeply involved with CIA's MKUltra and Project Bluebird. Mind control program and splitting of personalities program, trauma based conditioning.

Richard sees more possible CIA involvement in form of cults such as Peoples Temple and World Vision. The son of World Vision’s president was John Hinckley Jr. who attempted to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan. The Hinckley family were very very tight with the Bush family. As a possible connection Richard mentioned the Heaven’s Gate cult, a UFO cult, with ultra New Age type of belief system. Their web-designer sold all the rights to Heaven's Gate story and found himself as a business partner of Nicholas Rockefeller. Rockefeller family was deeply involved in the creation of the CIA back in the 1940s.

When someone says they meet with Andromedans [Alex Collier] and they make one prediction after another that is always wrong, you have to wonder what is the purpose here.

There is a lady, Zeta talker, her name is Nancy Lieder, she had a prediction about the collision with Nibiru. Aliens in Zeta Reticuli told her through messages via a brain implant about this planet which will enter our solar system and cause a pole shift that will destroy most of humanity.

Ascension 2012 was the most pernicious of all of the New Age intrusions in ufology. It was just horrible that this thing gained the momentum it did. The idea that planet Earth was shifting from third to fourth and fifth dimensional vibrational frequency, one would hear this all the time and extraterrestrials along with angels or spiritual hierarchy would be the catalyst to usher in great changes.

Lets not forget, Obama was predicted to disclose over and over and over again. He was also said to be the reincarnation of the god Horus. The 2011 was stained by wild theories about the comet Elenin. Earthquakes were used to make claims about good guys destroying the secret underground bases belonging to the bad guys. The various claims regarding Pleiadians and Arcturians. Countless predictions which never happened.

When you are basing your belief on feeling and intuition, rather than evidence, you are going down a very dangerous road where anything is possible and you don't need to back it up.

Jonny Enoch

Richard had a talk with Johnny Enoch. Johnny is a good friend with Russell Pine, but most know him as Jordan Maxwell. Richard is fond or Russell as well. So Johnny and Richard talked and it was anything but what could be considered objective or fact and evidence based.

According to Johny ghosts and apparitions are a neutrino light source that is brushing up against the fabric of space time. Yes, really. But hey, it could be true, right?

Jonny further explained we are living in a multi-fractal holographic universe, we are surround by different types of sacred geometry and energy and light-waves. We are very much interacting inside these various frequencies, as well as I believe we live in a multi-verse. We have all sorts of multi-dimensional intelligences around us. Our consciousness is a nonlocal awareness. Our reality is a just a series of neurological and physiological discharges. This last one relates to eye sight and brain processing of what we see.

It sounds as if Richard was interviewing Bernard Perona, known as Drunvalo Melchizedek, to love&light community.

I am actually quite open to this Richard said. Surprisingly, or not so much at this point, Richard does think it is a viable hypothesis that we live in a kind of multi-verse. Richard did specify such things should be tested by rational inquiry and scientific methods, so not all is lost.

Johnny also tapped into the elongated skulls, ancient progenitors, Great Pyramid, other pyramids, instruments to levitate stones, ancient blueprints… It was almost like listening to conversation between David Wilcock and James Corey Goode.

False Flags

There are many compartments in the covert world, which may or may not intertwine. One such compartment are false flags. Richard hosted and wrote a Gaia TV show on the subject of false flags and covert operations.

A false flag as we understand it, is a modern form of control. The WW1 is the foundation of why we have the false flags today. In the aftermath of WW1 people came to believe that war was immoral, that it must never be allowed to happen again.

It is Richard’s opinion false flags bypass the critical filters and reasoning about war being a bad thing. The reason they are so successful is because they combine our emotion with our mind. Richard also includes modern media as manipulative public relations, convincing the population in order to justify a war.

Nothing can happen without adequate propaganda. According to Richard; pledging allegiance to the flag is a form of cultural conditioning and implementing cultural values. As another form of such conditioning Richard mentioned cultural celebrity distractions. To help with it all there are Military Psychological Operations, now called Military Information Support Operations to selectively convey information to influence minds, emotions and objective reasoning of the target. Or in other words - propaganda spin and deception.

Richard made the following distinctions between psyops:

  1. White psyop: openly acknowledged statements by the U.S. government to influence the world
  2. Gray psyop: Operation Mockingbird
  3. Black psyop: an activity emanating from the U.S government, which appears to be emanating from another source, usually hostile in nature

Black psyop is a definition of a false flag. A function of the U.S. intelligence community. After the supposed backlash in the 1970s, due to CIA activities, they needed to put some distance between what they need to continue to do globally and tracking it back to them. They came up with the idea of non governmental organizations - NGOs. In 1983 they created a National Endowment for Democracy - NED, a front for the CIA, dominated by neoconservatives, who believe in U.S. necessity to remake the world in its image. NED is funded by USAID and CIA. The funding then spreads to other international NGOs and from there to NGOs on a nation level. Like Ukraine. The funding also comes from private individuals like George Soros and Koch brothers. The NGO model then evolved into colored revolutions.

False flags according to Richard:

  1. Burning of the Reichstag.
  2. German soldiers wearing Polish uniforms while attacking German villages.
  3. Japanese blowing up railroad, belonging to Japan, in Manchuria and blaming it on the Chinese.
  4. Sergei Mironovich Kirov assassinated on orders of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin [Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili] and blamed on the enemies of the state.
  5. Soviet Union attacking their village [Shelling of Mainila] and blaming it on the Finland.
  6. Provocateurs on the protests are government agents, being violent to give authorities an excuse for repressive action.
  7. Members of intelligence infiltrating organizations, inciting them to violence, giving authorities an excuse to deface, discredit and shutdown the organization.
  8. Rigging of Italian election in 1948 by the CIA to make sure right-center government won.
  9. Operation Ajax in Iran, a CIA organized coup to regain control over petroleum interests.
  10. Guatemalan coup of 1954, CIA plants Soviet weapons, planting fake stories of alleged horrors in international media, setting up ragtag armed force.
  11. 1950 anti Jewish bombing in Iraq, committed by by Israel, to panic Jews into immigrating to Israel.
  12. 1954 Lavon affair, a failed Israeli plan to destroy American education center in Egypt and blame it on the Muslim Brotherhood, which was covertly supported by the MI6 and U.S.
  13. Laos 1957-1973, CIA carrying out one coup per year.
  14. Haiti 1959, U.S. military helps establish dictatorship.
  15. Cuba 1961, CIA orchestrated Bay of Pigs.
  16. Ecuador 1961, CIA instigated coup.
  17. 1961 Dominican Republic, CIA assassinates Rafael Trujillo who’s business interest competed with America.
  18. 1963 Dominican Republic, CIA backs military coup against democratically elected government.
  19. 1963 Ecuador, CIA backs military coup against government which became too independent.
  20. 1963 Vietnam, CIA and military plots assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother.
  21. 1964 Brazil, CIA provided supplies and funding for a military coup.
  22. 1956 Indonesia, CIA overthrows elected government, the successors massacres 1 million civilians, many names of which were supplied by the CIA.
  23. Operation Northwoods, a plan to take out Castro government in Cuba by hijacking American airlines, killing American bystanders and say it was Cubans. Kennedy refused.
  24. 1962 Operation Mongoose, a plan to poison sugar exports, blow up schools in Cuba, disrupt the economy. Kennedy refused.
  25. 1964 Gulf of Tonkin, U.S. naval ship was in North Vietnamese waters conducting electronic espionage and directing assassination teams, allegedly the ship came under attack by Vietnamese forces while in international waters, this was used as an excuse for Americans to go to war with Vietnam.
  26. 1967 attack on USS Liberty by the Israel attempting to incriminate Egypt.
  27. Bombings in late 70’a and 80’s in France. Synagogue bombing, Jewish delicates bombing in Paris done by Mossad and blaming right wing extremists.
  28. 1986 Berlin, Mossad bombs discotheque, implicates Libya to justify U.S. attack.
  29. 1965 Greece, CIA interference.
  30. 1965 Congo/Zaire, CIA backed military coup installs dictator, decades of thievery and repression begin.
  31. 1967 Greece, CIA backed military coup, follows six years of torture and murder against political opponents.
  32. 1968 Vietnam, CIA Operation Phoenix, murder of alleged Viet Cong leaders, resulting in 20 to 40 thousand dead.
  33. 1970 Cambodia, CIA overthrows leader opposing war in Vietnam and installs their puppet who enters the war and empowers Khmer Rouge, later resulting in genocide.
  34. 1971 Bolivia, CIA backed military coup, newly installed leader tortures, rapes and kills over 2000 political opponents.
  35. 1973 Chile, CIA plans and supports the assassination of first democratically elected leader, the successor Pinochet tortures and murders thousands.
  36. 1976 Angol, CIA and Henry Kissinger backup Jonas Savimbi in a war, several hundred thousand died.
  37. 1979 Afghanistan, CIA supplies weapons to Islamic jihadists destabilizing the country. Soviets invade at the request of the Afghanistan government. CIA spends billions to support fanatical Muslims fight against the Soviets. The goal was to give the Soviets their Vietnam and economically weaken them.
  38. 1979 Nicaragua, Sandinistas take over the government form murderous Samoza dictatorship. CIA begins to support Samoza’s old guard now called the Contras.
  39. 1980 El Slavador, CIA supported death squads, over 60 thousand were killed.
  40. 1983 Honduras, CIA gives Honduras torture manuals, used by Battalion 3-16.
  41. 1989 Panama, U.S. invades to overthrow CIA trained Manuel Noriega.
  42. 1990/1991 incubator hoax, daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador pretending to be nurse, lies about Iraqi soldiers looting incubators in Kuwaiti hospital and leaving the babies to die on the floor.
  43. 1995 U.S. Oklahoma City bombing, smearing of witnesses who question official narrative.
  44. 1999 Russia, bombing ascribed to Chechen separatists, possible the work of FSB, bombings helped bring Putin to power.
  45. 9/11 and anthrax scare, used to justify the Patriot Act and endless war on terror.
  46. 2003/2004 Rose revolution in Georgia.
  47. 2005 Orange revolution in Ukraine.
  48. 2005 Pink revolution in Kyrgyzstan.
  49. 2009 failed Green revolution in Iran.
  50. 2011 Arab Spring, specific colors and images were used to identify each revolution.
  51. 2011 destruction of Libya, foreign managed social media accounts, western media accepting all anonymous reports, U.S. airlifted CIA funded Khalifa Haftar to Benghazi declaring him the rebel leader.
  52. 2011-Present Syria, same scenario as in Libya, secular leader portrayed as brutal dictator, chemical weapons allegations, white helmets, Wikileaks memo shows U.S. ambassador WIlliam Roebuck wrote an action plan to destabilize Syria
  53. 2016 Brazil, NSA executed soft coup.
  54. Underwear bomber.
  55. Sandy Hooky shooting.
  56. Aurora shooting.
  57. Boston marathon.
  58. Je suis Charlie.
  59. Las Vegas shooting.

As a potential false flag Richard also mentioned a claim by Robert Stinnett, that the United States were aware of a plan to attack Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen to justify their entry into WW2.

This is how Richard described the regime change in nine steps:

  1. Outside funding of core leaders
  2. Hire key workers and trainers
  3. Create social media and news infrastructure
  4. Reate physical infrastructure
  5. Create the event which sparks the movement
  6. Give an appearance of an actual movement that generates interest by the public
  7. Provoke police response to get material for social media
  8. Get support form local politicians
  9. U.S. condemning repressive actions


In 2008 Richard had an experience using night vision binoculars. I was blown away by what I saw. In two hours I probably saw literary one hundred objects going through the night sky, that I would not have been able to see with the naked eye. A very high percentage of these were really strange.

In 2012 Richard was promoting International Metaphysical University where he is an instructor. Some of the courses are energy healing, consciousness studies, shamanic studies and even metaphysical entrepreneurship and marketing. Yes really. It seems when it is time to make money the rational and objective is pushed aside.

Like others, Richard also believes black budget is being funded by illegal activities. A lot of illegal money from narco trafficking, securities fraud, stock market fraud is flowing through our government like the blood in your veins. When you look at the Special Access Program private contractors are the dominant partner, rather than DOD personnel, who function for their part primarily as gatekeepers for money to flow in. The actual decisions are run by, whether it’s Boeing or Lockheed or SAIC or Raytheon or whoever is running the programs. It’s also very much easier for keeping the secrets when you privatize this, because the information then doesn’t become classified, it becomes proprietary.


In the cloaca of whistle-blowers and their presenters Richard Michael Dolan seems to be a more down to Earth version of David Wilcock. Meaning Richard aggregates data from various sources, puts it all together and then adds what maybe could be seen as a healthy dose of speculation. David Wilcock does the same but adds an unhealthy dose of speculation. Richard tends to stay close to what is more plausible or provable and stays away or simply refuses any far fetched stories. Or does he?

It is very difficult to quantify someones subjective experience but it doesn't invalidate it, I became more carefully as to how I will treat subjective forms of evidence. It would seem Richard included this rationalization into his thinking after getting involved and married to a woman who does remote viewing. Is Richard being subjective about subjective forms of evidence? Probably since, according to Richard, Tracy has the most incredible dreams of anyone I ever met in my entire life, she is like my extraterrestrial wife. Maybe the boy is just blinded by love. Richard also stated he does not have strong attachments to my conclusions, which basically says he reserves the right to change his mind at any given time for any reason whatsoever.

Is Richard the only hope for some sort of rational and unbiased approach to the subject of extraterrestrials? Is Richard unbiased? Is he the best we have? Is Richard what we deserve? Is he James Edward McDonald of our time?

One thing that makes him stand apart from the rest, is that Richard does not bother with executing a “technically professional approach” when he addresses his audience - meaning the facade. He puts the emphasis on the content and not so much on the embellishments of presenting it. Which is good.

One time he even went as far as to live-stream from the porch of his house and back yard, which suffices to find out his exact location, in case he already hasn’t published it some place. Richard does not hide, more importantly, he feels no need to hide from his audience. The “men in black” already know where he is whether he live-streams it or not. Or maybe he was just being negligent.

While we learn and grow and search for the truth lets be good to each other.



  1. disclosure of UFO reality would be a nightmare for any president of the United States, i it is like being a little bit pregnant, you can’t do a little bit of disclosure, it won’t sell


  1. 9/11 is America’s Reichstag fire
  2. official MJ-12 documents are fabricated, false, a counter intelligence operation


  1. I learn more at the conferences from you than you do from me, there is never a lack of brilliant people who know a lot about this, some of them will come up to me and proceed to tell me this incredible things, so it is always worthwhile for me to come
  2. story of ufology is a part of intellectual history without a doubt
  3. there is an overwhelming evidence for UFO reality
  4. during the late 70’s, early 80’s, there is overwhelming evidence to show that intelligence groups infiltrated UFO research organizations, to stir up the mud and make it essentially a lot more difficult for us to know what direction is up and what is down
  5. the United States president is probably not the guy in charge of the country
  6. there is an active international cover-up of the core of the UFO phenomenon
  7. there is no question there is an abduction phenomena and it is not, as has been argued by some people, mostly notably Dr. Steven Greer, simply a military phenomenon. It is irresponsible to make this argument
  8. uninformed citizens of a democracy is a very, very dangerous thing
  9. there may be some extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional, or non-human intelligences that may not be working toward our best interests. If we don’t acknowledge that, at least as a distinct possibility, I think we’re fools


  1. whatever they are, we can not compete with them militarily
  2. I think there is a Secret Space Program


  1. UFO secrecy very soon is going to be a thing of the past


  1. I feel very strongly I had spiritual experiences, on a number of occasions i have felt that there have been very strong connections with non physical entities that have been interacting with me
  2. consciousness collapses the wave function into particles, all of reality is energy, when perceived it is seen as matter
  3. we are dealing with multiple entities here on Earth and they don’t all play nice


  1. in 1965 [was told so by his source] NSA had computers running at clock speeds of about 650MHz [Pentium III, 1999-2003]
  2. you think about occupy Wall-street, how about occupy Area 51, occupy Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  3. I home schooled my kids for years, that was a lot of work but it was the most rewarding thing I ever did and I have two young people now who have their own minds
  4. there were 15 thousand UFO reports in 2013 for just U.S. and Canada, 40 a day
  5. there are multiple space programs operating in clandestine manner
  6. Ingo Swan saw [remote viewed] structures on the moon
  7. Jimmy Carter 1977 June briefing concerning the UFO ET situation, former CIA, not know what he was told, Carter sobbing after the meeting


  1. I don’t believe all MJ-12 documents are a hoax [contradicting his 2008 claim] if they are a hoax it is a very sophisticated team effort from high level sources
  2. I take remote-viewing seriously, most of the remote-viewers have stated they see extraterrestrials in their remote-viewing
  3. When I was 20, I was feeding my dog. My dog was watching me open up a can of dog food. He knew what I was about to do. As I watched him eat, I thought how intelligent he is, how he knew I was about to feed him. But he did not know how the dog food got into the can. The dog was at a certain level of awareness, my level is above dogs, what level is above mine
  4. I think they [ETs] can manipulate space-time in ways we can not understand and have powerful telepathy
  5. some of many of them [ETs] are probably artificially created, maybe even genetically modified so they can function here on Earth, I think Greys are artificially created
  6. I think they [ETs] have been here for a very long time
  7. I think intelligence community, dominated by the United States, is trying to deal with the UFO phenomena
  8. our interaction with them [ETs] has distorted and damaged our civilization
  9. ascension is a mass cultural death wish, a fantasy desire to escape the human condition, people promoting ascension ideology are doing us all a disservice
  10. we [humans] do a lot of horrible things but we are pretty fascinating, I like being a human
  11. I have never been threatened but I have had annoyances thrown my way in terms of my research


  1. the MJ-12 documents were very likely introduced as a way to create disinformation and so discord, you can put true information out into the world in such a way that is not credible or conformable thereby discrediting it
  2. CIA and branches in the military intelligence are very interested into UFO field
  3. there is a secret space program using very advanced technologies
  4. it is very important in my view that those of us who seek to represent this field [ufology] comport themselves in a way that is worthy of the subject, it is our obligation to do our best to defend this subject and not to treat it as money making sensationalist type of a scheme
  5. nothing of what Corey Goode says is information I can work with to either confirm or deny , it smells and feels wrong, Corey’s message is tailor made for south Californian love and light community
  6. if none of the people, who corroborate Corey Goode, can be independently confirmed and their backgrounds checked they do not count as evidence, some else talking about the same subject does not mean that is evidence, as someone could just simply study the field prior to going public
  7. I feel an obligation to speak the truth, to not mince my words, and to do it responsibly and carefully
  8. Andrew Basiago is exceptionally intelligent individual, but being brilliant does not make what you say to be true
  9. someone with good intelligence and a lot of detail is going to be persuasive to many individuals
  10. William Tompkins’s book, Selected by The Extraterrestrials, is a terrible written book [Richard got to see the manuscript when he was asked to publish the book, he refused to do so]
  11. in my opinion the argument is very strong that there is in existence an advanced clandestine space program that goes beyond Earth orbit, probably goes to the Moon, probably goes to places beyond Moon and beyond Mars
  12. I have been to Gaia TV a number of times, I know many of the producers there, I know many of the technical people, I know the owner, senior executives and marketing people and I can tell you they are not Satanists [relating to David Wilcock and James Corey Goode drama]
  13. MUFON needs to clean house, so desperately it is not funny. There is a lot of people int the upper leadership of MUFON who do not belong there. There is a lot of suspicious individuals who have connections with U.S intelligence, national security community, they should all go, they should all go yesterday


  1. CIA and other agencies have long since penetrated America’s intellectual culture
  2. Robertson Panel was a CIA orchestrated panel of UFOs
  3. Donald Menzel was the leading UFO debunker and a high level operative of the NSA, a fact unknown even to his wife
  4. alternative research field is constantly showing a blind spot about UFOs
  5. a genuine study about UFOs opens doors
  6. there are beyond 10 thousand reported UFO sightings every year in North America
  7. UFO phenomena goes beyond the pay-grade of most of the highest generals and admirals and U.S. military, only a few are read in
  8. the formal U.S command structure is grossly unprepared for the challenge of these extraordinary objects [UFO], but it doesn’t mean that some other agency, black secret agency is not prepared, they are prepared
  9. I am a publisher, as well as a researcher
  10. computer hackers charging bitcoin for ransom is a smart move [talking about city of Atlanta being blackmailed]
  11. I had been looking at the possibility of individuals using explosives connected to drones for example to just shut down airports. I was reading, you could now create drone swarms hooked up with small amounts of C-4 and just and just guide them to the local airport, blow up a couple of the planes there, you could shut down the entire transportation hub. So easily now, why it hasn’t happened is a shocking development, we should expect things like that
  12. roughly 50% of federally prosecuted cases have been setup jobs by the FBI
  13. when you shutdown the infrastructure of the society you just watch how fast people lose it
  14. Bernie [Bernard Sanders] is a shill just like any of these other people, I wanted a nice Jewish grandpa Bernie Sanders in the White House, but he is just as much as an establishment shill as any of the others, or maybe they bribed him, or blackmailed him, or whatever it was he rolled over
  15. Washington Post is a deep state newspaper
  16. for over 100 years some of the leading progressive intellectuals and forces in the western world have been Jewish1. disclosure is a paradox. It is impossible but it is inevitable
  17. futurists frighten me with their naive utopianism
  18. there is something genuine and powerful about the ability of some individuals who have psychic abilities and it does appear to be related to right and left brain capabilities
  19. I believe Tsarnaev brothers [Boston Marathon bombing] were almost certainly unjustly convicted, well one of them was murdered the other unjustly convicted
  20. the chemical weapons attack attributed to Bashar al-Assad government [Syria] was a false flag
  21. in the world of false flags the United States is the Olympic Champlain every year
  22. my wife Tracy is a very excellent remote viewer
  23. U.S. intelligence is actively working to control out culture
  24. CIA promoted abstract expressionism in art by funding thorough Congress for Cultural Freedom in the 1950’s and 60’s
  25. ascension is nothing but a mass cultural death wish, pure escapism
  26. by avoid things you think are negative you are setting yourself up to be dominated and controlled by a power structure that is relentless, it does not help if you live inside a mental bubble
  27. we have to be able to ask for evidence when we receive claims of any sort [indeed]
  28. Stanton [Terry] Friedman is the dean and the legendary of all legendary UFO researches
  29. if you are gonna cultivate the military for information you do not want to alienate them
  30. meta materials are engineered and have properties that are not found naturally
  31. I think I can understand dimensions a little bit better than I have been able to in years past
  32. any subject that can lead people into so many cutting edge scientific theories and possibilities there has gotta be something important and valuable about it
  33. I studied philosophy my whole life, it has always been a very important part of my thinking, trying to understand paradigms
  34. reality if a very complex thing
  35. time and space have a point of origin, they are finite in a sense, one could step outside the space and time, I decided in my own unscientific manner that somehow remote viewers and other psychics were stepping outside the space time reality we normally inhabit
  36. Canadians are intimately involved in U.S. national security apparatus
  37. it is a provable fact that New York Times lied about Roswell, the weather balloon explanation
  38. every major instance in American history that I can think of New York Times had worked hand and glove with U.S. government
  39. UFO secrecy has created a culture of illegality
  40. a potion of what we call the New Age movement has connections to U.S. intelligence
  41. for seventy years United States military has been actively seeking to understand and replicate technology that does not come from here
  42. UFOs have been deeply, deeply researched and studied and pondered about and have been matters of action interest by the U.S military
  43. Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior both knew and were briefed about the UFO phenomena
  44. George Bush senior was almost certainly actively with the CIA in relation to Kennedy assassination
  45. I know Bob Dean [Robert Orel Dean] quite well and I adore him
  46. control file in politics is a file [data] one of the three letter agencies has on you, basically the blackmail file
  47. the fact is there are these other beings that have been interacting with humanity for a very long time
  48. I believe in false flags
  49. Russia had UFO crash retrievals, every bid as large number of military UFO encounter as United States has
  50. there are competing UFO technology programs around the world
  51. I do not believe in a Project Blue-beam scenario [fake alien invasion]
  52. I am doubtful that the motivations of the U.S. intelligence complex are benign and good and always for the benefit of people
  53. Trump will not disclose
  54. the government of the world, U.S. particularly, have lied about the UFOs for generations
  55. the phrase Conspiracy Theory is a CIA construct from 1967, it came out as an idea of disabling people who disagree on the Kennedy assassination
  56. we are looking at the potential future where people are now talking about some level of immortality, we are staring in a face of a biologically based cast system
  57. only a hand full, maybe 20 nations, have military intelligence community significant enough that would allow them to have a real capability in dealing with UFO data
  58. if there was disclosure I would prefer Chinese or Russians do it ahead of the Americans
  59. I think we are moving into a fascist kind of disclosure
  60. I have always been a student of global geopolitics
  61. Pentagon spends $4 billion a year on managing its social image, including the use of sock puppets
  62. Libya was the wealthiest secular nation in Africa. Free health care and education for all. Women did not have to cover up. Libya was also independent of western financial control, including IMF and major banks. Qaddafi was about to institute a gold back version of their currency
  63. they are not from our civilization, they are here, I call them Others


  1. Tucker Carlson is the best mainstream person on the UFOs

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