Richard Charles Hoagland

Posted: October 14, 2018
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Richard Charles Hoagland

Richard believes there is no singular government in the US. Instead there are to be fiefdoms, feudal divisions. It is unclear as to who the king giving out the manors is suppose to be. According to Richard the fiefdoms are the Defense Department, the State Department, and there’s NASA, and there’s the CIA, and all the alphabet agencies. There are, in the House and Senate alone, 535 governments.

We identify the three secret power groups who are in fact behind and in charge of and fighting with each other for power under the NASA emblem. They are the Nazis, the Masons, and the Magicians. How exactly is the decision making suppose to happen under such management was not specified.

In his own way Richard explains what most refer to as compartmentalization. According to Richard he was told The lie is different at every level. Every little group is controlled and contained and constrained by being fed exactly how much BS they will believe. With this he referred to media saying people who are in front of the camera spinning, telling you that the dollar is crashing, telling you that we’re running out of oil, telling you that we have to nuke Iran before they nuke us, telling you that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, most of those people really believe what they’re telling you. This is an interesting take, yet is it plausible? It could be argued the average reporter just repeats what it is being told, while the main news anchors knowingly and willingly participate in the lie as the teleprompter servers them the dramatic reading.


In 1976 Richard was at JPL [Jet Propulsion Laboratory] as the representative of CBS news, during the NASA’s Viking program of Mars. At that time NASA scientist Gerald A. Soffen showed a photograph of what is today known as the Face on Mars and according to Richard said Isn’t it funny what tricks of light and shadow can do? When we took a picture a few hours later, it all went away. It was just a trick of light and shadow.

Richard claims there was no picture taken of the face on Mars a few hours later. Technically, a few hours later, as Mars rotated and the orbit of the Viking camera changed, that region of Mars was in darkness. They couldn’t take a picture. It probably was a real face, it probably was a real statue. Richard believes NASA already knew where to look for [alleged ruins], based on photographs obtain by Mariner 9 the first US spacecraft to go into orbit around Mars.

Based on that the odds are we would have been nowhere near the interesting stuff where the face and the city and all that complex is located.According to Richard the second spacecraft’s trajectory was changed once Viking 1 Orbiter took the photographs of Cydonia region, to hide things from the public.

Richard believes NASA is hiding things from public due to religious implications. The reasons for more bloodletting, more slaughter, more pain, more suffering, more conflict on this planet than any other is the religious idea that my God is bigger than your God. According to Richard it was Brookings which in 1959 concluded it is better not to tell the public since all they'll do is kill each other over whose God is behind this new version of the truth.

Richard believes there is a connection between alleged ruins on Mars and Giza pyramids. Richard and Errol Torun claim to have discovered there was exquisite mathematical linkage between the physical placement of the ruins on Mars and the physical placement of the ruins in Egypt. Cosine of one was equivalent to the Sine of another. Details as to how that was determined are to be in in Richard’s book.

If you take a very simple clock, the plate tectonics in standard geology, and you unwind that clock of the plate rotation of Africa, due to the physics of the planet underneath Giza, it turns out that the architecture of the Giza Plateau and the time frame for whoever built Cydonia is exactly the same: a quarter of a million years.


The Nazi philosophy, the idea that human beings are not from this planet, that there is this special race of Aryans. I mean Aryans Aries… Mars, duh! That they may in fact be grounded in some ancient documents, which had been super secret and kept revered and deified almost is not beyond reality. Richard failed to specify the exact connection between words Aryans and Aries.

Swastika was a symbol that Hitler stole from history going all the way back to the Vedas. what the swastika is are insights into an entirely different level of reality which I term hyper-dimensional physics. Anti-gravity, making rockets obsolete. Then free energy making centralized power plants and centralized power and the control of people through the price of oil also obsolete.

So what we’ve had now in the country, if you just look around, look around, you have the creeping fascism. You have the Nazi philosophy in every bedroom, under every roof, in every public communiqué. You have people looking into the camera trying to tell us with a straight face: “it is constitutional to read all of our emails, to tap into our telephone conversations, to eavesdrop. To have the cable guy come in to see if you are doing anything suspicious." This is right out of Nazi Germany, and it is not confined unfortunately to NASA.

The above part is from late 2007, early 2008. It is commendable Richard was aware of the mass surveillance at that time. Most awake and aware light workers had to wait for Edward Snowden and all the public drama to realize it is happening. Not that it changed anything.

We have been dealing for at least last 60 years, post WW2, with a significant breakaway Nazi based civilization, which has set up shop in outer space. It is this civilization which was responsible for 9/11, using torsion field weapons technology. Apparently Nazis are also connected to sudden mass die-offs of animals. All of which is supposedly done to coerce governments on Earth against further expansion into space. Another such event is to be the Norway spiral. Richard claims that was a message to Obama - to not do what he was planning to. Allegedly Obama was about to disclosue truth about ET presence and advanced technology.


Apollo went to the moon; the astronauts went there specifically chartered by NASA, by the president, as a mandate to go and find the technology, secretly, and bring it back and back-engineer it. The race with the Russians to get to the moon before them was a cover story. Richard said Kennedy offered Khrushchev to go to the Moon together. Supposedly this is what got Kennedy killed, while Khrushchev was put into a house arrest.

Richard claims there are ruins on the Moon. Both bellow and above the ground. One of the places where the ruins are to be is Sinus Medii. One of the ruins Richard described as several domes made of glass. The simplest explanation is that it is made of glass. Richard has reached this conclusion based on Apollo analyses of the stuff they brought back. Overwhelmingly it is silicon dioxide, which is glass.

The structural buildings on the moon, they're twenty times stronger than steel. There's no water on the moon. There's no atmosphere. There's no impurities that get into the glass that make it weak and brittle. It is unclear whether or not glass could actually have such magical properties under the conditions Richard described. There was a similar claim made by Richard Michael Dolan, about stronger than steel glass used to construct deep underwater domes.

Richard claims the gold visor NASA astronauts used on the Moon was not there to protect them from ultraviolet light but to suppress all the visible wavelengths of the bright lunar surface under shining bright sunlight and amplified the blue. Those helmets allowed them to actually look out at the lunar surface and see the ruins of the domes, so they could aim their body cameras at any particular place to get the pictures of the ruins.

The method Richard has used to substantiate his theories is adjusting the colors, brightness, contrast, sharpening, deconvolution… of the official NASA photographs, magnify the image and then look for what he considers to be anomalies.

Richard found, on 14 photographs of the Moon, part of a panoramic sequence taken by the astronauts, a head which resembles the one of C3PO.

Richard said astronauts memories were affected in a way where they could not remember their experiences. He further claims aversion therapy like method was used on them, meaning trying to remember certain things would result in an unpleasant effect. According to Richard, the only astronaut to retain a full memory is to be Neil Armstrong.

In this video Neil Armstrong says the only bird that could talk was the parrot and he didn't fly very well, so i'll be brief and there are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief.

Richard, referring to this event, grossly misquoted Armstrong by inserting elements into quotes to substantiate his own narrative. Example of how Richard wrongly quoted Armstrong: There are wonders beyond belief on the moon, for those who can remove truth's protective layers.


Regarding the 2012 Richard stated there are some very interesting hyper-dimensional, or torsion indications, which are aligning in the galaxy, which happens once every 26,000 years, has an effect, a real physical effect. Synchronizing Mayan and Gregorian calendar supposedly made the 2012 event happen at exactly December 21st, 2012, at 11:11 am. Universal Time. To Richard number 11:11 is a code for the physics that we’ve decoded from the monuments of Mars. 11:11 is the code for 19.5, which is the key geometry of the upwelling physics of every planet in the solar system.

This makes Richard certain Christopher Clavius [Jesuit German mathematician and astronomer who modified the proposal of the modern Gregorian calendar] had secret inside knowledge. Richard suspected since the implications are so serious, and the amount of effort being spent by the bad guys is so great, I strongly infer that it’s not going to be a good hair day for a lot of people. Since we all still here it would seem Richard’s suspicions were wrong.

Richard did at the time believe things are being done, in secret with secret technology, to remedy any potential catastrophe.


In 2011 Richard made a claim Elenin will be closest to Earth’s Far East on September 11th. To Richard this symbolized that epic day when the world changed [9/11]. What also seemed unusual to Richard was Elenin’s closest approach to Earth on October 16th 19:50 GMT [7:50pm]. To Richard this means the number 19.5 This number comes up again when 360 is dived by Elenin's orbital inclination of 1.839 degrees. [360 as full circle] Richard said Elenin is intelligently directed object. 19.5 was also the apparent magnitude of the Elenin at the time of discovery.

Richard made the following interpretation of this image: it reveals what happened to Elenin as a sudden CME interacted with it, just a few days ago. It shows that AROUND the actual nucleus of Elenin suddenly appeared a stunning GEOMETRIC shape… created by some kind of force field. This field, interacting with the stream of charged protons and electrons in the CME, made this Elenin field suddenly, strikingly visible - as an unmistakable, 3D TETRAHEDRON. This precise geometric shape is total confirmation of, and entirely consistent with, all the 19.5’s.

So the shape itself as a force field and not a physical object along with Elenin’s tetrahedrally-defined orbital parameters, removes ALL remaining scientific doubt that Elenin is NOT natural.

Elenin was discovered by Leonid Elenin in 2010 on images of the section of the sky called Leo. Richard equated Leo to Horus of Egypt. Richard believes one of the members of the Secret order of the followers of Hours was Arthur Charles Clarke. Richard says Arthur was telling truth through fiction. This is why in 2001 the 9/11 travesty happened, to apparently offset any positive change. Regarding the squeal - 2010 They Year We Make Contact, Richard stated Elenin represents the “something wonderful is coming”. Richard again misquoted, the accurate quote from the movie is something wonderful will happen.

According to Richard him and Arthur Charles Clarke were friends. He makes the same claim regarding Eugene Wesley Roddenberry.

Richard speculated Elenin could be bringing us information. He thought it could be broadcasting radio signals or optical laser pulses. At the time Richard thought Elenin might be the great blue star or the Hopi mythology [Blue Star Kachina] According to Richard all the world ending fear associated with Elenin at the time was deliberate, to distort the real meaning of the event.

Pioneer, Angstrom, Europa

Richard insists he co created the Pioneer plaque along with Eric Burgess. Others involved into this matter rejected Richard’s claims.

Richard is often introduced as a recipient of Angstrom Medal. This medal was given to Richard in 1993 by Angstrom Foundation Aktiebolag, a private foundation and not Uppsala University and Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which are actually allowed to issue this medal in official manner.

Richard claims he was first to come up with the idea about water under Europa’s ice [moon of Jupiter] and how his article about it became the basis for Arthur Charles Clarke novel 2010. He was not. The first to talk about it was John Lewis in 1971.


We have always been - those of us looking at this cutting edge, of the transition between fake history and real history - we’ve always been limited by the fact that there has been basically a field of amateurs. Amateurs can get you killed. Apparently Richard considers himself to be a professional. How amateurs can get you killed was not specified.

Richard said science, namely physics, was intentionally taken into the wrong direction. The peer review system is to be a system of control eliminating unwanted papers by character assassination of scientists. p>

Plasmas are key to controlling torsion waves, and torsion waves are a 3D etheric manifestation of the hyper-dimensional physics in this dimension. The microwaves from the HAARP antennae are used to vibrate the Earth's ionosphere, it is a plasma. The plasma generates the torsion waves, those are the ones that manipulate space time and move weather systems. Richard believes there exist many HAARP system.

Masonry underwent a radical internal civil war and revolution, the southern rite, the southern district masons [Scottish Rite], the ones with a 33 degrees and all that, they are not the real guys. They are the usurpers, the pretenders that came in and attempted to steer masonry away from it's true esoteric and ancient history roots.


Richard talks, a lot. But does not say much. Anything which can be used to make a connection is used to make a connection, or connect the dots as the New Age likes to say. Rational is often sketchy. Actual science is used to then insert what could at best be described as wild speculation, while trying to make it come across as something factual.

When it comes to how and why, many things if not everything, is attributed to torsion field.



  1. having been in NASA and outside the NASA, having seen thousands of pictures, having experienced lived through the most incredible adventure and journey of the history of mankind as i began to find [the alleged ruins] i had to ask myself over and over again - Hoagland are you crazy, how could anyone have missed this
  2. Jupiter is ten times the size of Earth [not true, unless he meant the diameter but he did not say so]


  1. there is no such thing as the government. There are several governments, and they’re at war with each other
  2. the astronauts, I believe, have been tampered with, Ed Mitchell has had something done to his mind
  3. all the astronauts at one time or another have complained about not being able to remember what they did on the moon
  4. for most people, the idea that what they see on CNN is not reality is a shock
  5. the real determiners of our fate are being determined in private and in secret
  6. the first step in the road to freedom is knowing you’re being lied to
  7. NASA can’t be trusted
  8. huge several miles wide tetrahedral pyramids located halfway around the planet from Cydonia [region on Mars]
  9. Himmler set up a whole section of the SS to do nothing but go around the world and steal all the good stuff [referring to alleged ancient texts]
  10. it doesn’t matter if something is true”. If politically people perceive it to be true, and then act upon that belief, that can make it true
  11. Joseph Farrell is a stunningly important scholar
  12. masonic tradition philosophy is a stunningly important adjunct to the advancement and evolution of the human species
  13. masons are not bad guys. Masons are good guys [to Richard there are true and fake masons]
  14. Nazis were able to come in and take over the Masons almost unknown, seamlessly, secretly, quietly
  15. NASA is not a civilian space agency. It is a military space agency. It was always formed under the fiat and control of the National Security Council, Department of Defense, any of the intel agencies
  16. I’m dealing with actual data I can touch. I do not do UFOs
  17. In my mind there is zero probability that the lunar landings were faked
  18. I believe the astronauts are blameless. All except for Neil Armstrong
  19. physics, a hundred and some years ago, when Maxwell was writing his equations and the modern foundations for electromagnetic theory were being laid in England, took a radical wrong turn
  20. f you look at the stuff on Mars, it is obvious that there was a huge planetary catastrophe
  21. Atlantis is a concept, not a place
  22. I strongly suspect that HAARP in fact is one of the positive technologies protected by all the stupid lies all around it


  1. the reason 9/11 took place, it was a key moment in a change of physics where emotional terror was infused into the general consciouses of the people on planet Earth
  2. hyper-dimensional physics of this planet is changing
  3. the white guys come from Mars [meaning white race]
  4. if you can destroy a hundred and four storey building in ten seconds have it literary on camera blow away in the wind you have a power of a god
  5. extra terrestrial can be an alien with different DNA or it can be a human living off planet
  6. Alex Jones has two remarkable websites, which are so revealing in their titles [infowars, prisonplanet]
  7. solar system physics is changing for the better right on schedule with the Mayan calendar
  8. the planet with hyper dimensional physics and technology could support 50 billion people
  9. you must not let other people define your choices
  10. I predicted Obama will win before anybody thought he had a chance because i was using the physics to make the prediction
  11. political figures are talking to each other in code, as well as making general statements to the rest of us
  12. Barack Obama is one of the good guys
  13. your consciouses can change reality if you open gates or portals to this other higher source of information
  14. aluminum is one of the few materials which will reflect torsion field change
  15. torsion field transfers information at least a billion times faster than light
  16. torsion field physics is a fluid physics, as above so bellow
  17. 9/11 buildings were instructed at an atomic level to dematerialize
  18. nibiru is crapola, it does not exist, it is disinformation


  1. porn exists because people want it
  2. if you want to experiment with god like technology, type 2 civilization torsion field technology, the best time to experiment would be at a sun spot minimum because the background of the sun doing weird stuff [what stuff?] is gonna be at a minimum and you can detect you can see whether it is working
  3. the Moon has stunning ancient artificial structures all over it
  4. i think there is a planet 9 out there and is dynamically trying to tell us how this solar system is not a virgin, it has been modified by folks with super technologies hundreds of million of years ago, to be a laboratory, a nursery for us [humans]
  5. our solar system is unique, it is one of a kind

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