Randy Cramer

Posted: June 13, 2020
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Randy Cramer

Randy is somewhat like James Corey Goode but, the supposed real deal as claimed by Jay Weidner, who also says Randy agreed to and passed the lie detector test. According to Jay; James Corey Goode, who Jay once vouched for, never agreed to take the test.


According to Randy he was genetically engineered to do my job before I was born. Genetically engineered and augmented using some ET DNA with 299 other DNA pairs that were being created for the program which I was trained under called Project Moonshadow. Randy basically claims he is a laboratory product which was then implanted into a womb.

At the age of 17, November 1987, Randy was deployed for a 30 year tour in covert military space program activities. In April 2020 Randy said 30 year tour, at prior times Randy spoke of a 20 year deployment.

For 17 years he served in MDF - Mars Defense Force specialized infantry at Forward Station Zebra. Randy was equipped with powered body armor and gauss rifle, while patrolling and protecting the zone around the colonies, skirmishing with indigenous raptoids and insectoids in order to perfect and develop military hardware. There were two to three combat events a week that would involve injuries and fatalities. Randy also spent time as a pilot doing general solar system defense and some other stuff working with special forces.

While on Mars Randy and the rest of the team, composing of 2/3 male 1/3 female, never got to visit the colonies, they were completely isolated from them.

After Mars, Randy says he got promoted, sent to flight school and became a pilot. While stationed above the Nautilus every once in a while they would have guys from the diplomatic core who would come onto Nautilus before they would set off onto meetings at intergalactic space station which orbits around Jupiter. Being the only deck officer with infantry and hand to hand experience Randy was occasionally asked to come along because we are monkeys and like to have a just in case guy. So I was the just in case guy. Apparently, as the story goes, there was never a need for Randy to act as the just in case guy so to him it was a luxury that I got to sit in on these meetings, they were just the most fascinating interactions with other species.

Randy describes the meeting place as a room that is almost a mile in diameter with conversational environments which could be a table, table next to a tank, tank next to a tank. Hard light holograms adapt the environment to any size or environmentally required species. I have seen hundreds of species.

Upon the conclusion of his service he was age reversed, mind suppressed and brought back in time 15 minutes before he left.

The age reversal is supposedly to actually be a transfer of consciousness, the quantum fluid dynamic from one body into another, into a younger clone of the body. That makes Randy a clone with original consciousness. Randy also affirmed how memories can not be removed, just suppressed and how they always find a way back.

Like with James Corey Goode there is a ton of convoluted stuff as far as Randy and his adventures in the secret space program go. Some are briefly mentioned here, just to give an example. Most are not and might be added at a later time.


Speaking of Mars, Randy talks about trees and large biological animals such as birds, lizards, large cave spiders, bus sized salamanders. Biological life on Mars is incredibly similar to that on Earth.

The sky is blue. The air is thin and hard to breathe, thick iron oxide makes it smell rusty. The reddish tint comes from the filtering to make the planet look scary.

The colonists are told there is no more life on Earth.

The indigenous raptoids are between 5.5 to 7.5 feet tall [1.6 to 2.2 meters] they have two hearts, double circulatory system, their skin tone is sandy color, reddish tan, reddish brown, brownish tan. They have incredible understanding of science and technology but tend to live simple and simplistic, sort of like tribal communities.

Randy talked about spending a six month period with the raptoids, while amongst those captured by them. How they were treated respectfully and how the raptoids wanted to learn more about who they are. It was living in their communities as member of their communities, participate in daily activists, going through some of their warrior training. They were very nice, had incredible compassion, very caring and loving to each other. Their primary diet consisted of giant salamander tails. They are both a formidable opponent and a formidable ally.

After six months the raptoids let them go.

It is rather odd Randy and some other soldiers would be the first people the Mars raptoids would interact up close and personal. It is a great story element though.

Most surprisingly, according to Randy, raptoids speak pretty good English. Imagine that. They supposedly also consider the bad pronunciation of their words as insulting.

The insectoids looked like giant ants, they use telepathic communication and their fighting forces are genetically engineered.

One day, while on patrol, Randy walked up to an insectoid in what he described as a ballsy move. Rady told the insectoid hi i am Randy and i am from over there and the telepathic response was my name is Steadfast and i live here. After an awkward moment of silence Randy said can i bring my friends back later to meet your friends, to which the Steadfast said yea sure. The exchange resulted in a diplomatic relations and a peace agreement.

Randy sys the notions that all extraterrestrials are more technologically advanced and militarily superior are not true. The older races consider brains as a quantum entanglement computer that can bend matter and energy.

Rewiring your brain so that you can do things and believe and understand that you can do them gives us an ability to have incredible potential over the bending and manipulation of matter and energy in our lives. That is more important in our evolution and our understanding of where were are in the Universe, than whether we have cool space ships.


Randy is having a gofundme campaign for HOLOGRAPHIC REGENERATING MED BEDS. Randy is asking for $70 thousand and has currently [June 2020] gathered $8512.

Why does Randy need money to re invent something? Something that allegedly already exist? Why can’t he just be given the technology specifications, from his handlers, along with instructions on how to make it? Oh yea, must be legal reasons. That is because secret space program bothers so much about doing things legally?

Disclosure PR

After several decades Randy got a total recall, meaning his memory returned, and got contacted by a micro walkie talkie in the back of my skull. Later Randy was given a psyonic implant, which access the pseudo hive consciousness enabling to communicate telepathically.

Since August 2014, Randy is a PR for a command staff united states marine corps special section. I am not a whistle blower. In other words - Randy claims he is/was sanctioned to come out and talk. Randy says he initially refused the job but, after talking to his brigadier general Julian Smythe, chose that over the alternatives.

Randy says he is an independent field commander and is not getting payed by his handlers. I actually have greater legal authority not getting the paycheck. The paycheck would limit what i can do.

It is not my job to talk to the general public. The general public just happens to be listening. My job is to simplify things that people need to know, not bother talking about things people don't need to know and do my best try to explain why there is positive spin to what is happening in the world and how we had to go through this process to get to the disclosure window that we are coming into now, how it is gonna roll out, why it is not gonna be the prettiest picture in the world but that is just the way it is gonna happen.

Randy describes the path to disclosure as a negotiation between different executive, legislative, military intelligence and corporate branches, where everyone has to be in agreement as to what and how the process will be.

According to Randy, they don't want people to talk about the last 70 years. They want to talk about now and the future. They are after offering the alternative narrative, that gives the opportunity for people who would otherwise be taken out back and shot to not be and save their own skins.

Sometimes we have to bite the bullet of civilization and accept that we have to go through a change to get the civilization that we want and it is not gonna be perfect for everybody because it had to be negotiated to get that way. So there are some people who are gonna get away with some things. Let us hope it is not forever.

Path to Disclosure

OK, as per Randy, COVID-19 is step one. Followed by civil unrest in the USA, which will make the country appear weak to Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. We may end up in WW3 and 4 style super power conflict with one or more of them and then, when you just think it could not get any crazier - alien invasion. Strongest likelihood is insectoid species.

At first the aliens are scripted to be winning, but then the “recently” discovered technologies help us a bit, until another species comes along and offers us help and technology and then we get to pretend that tech we had for 40 years was given to us next week by another species and then we get to win with their help and have the biggest party of the millennium.

Why such a violent plan? Why can’t the friendly aliens land on the White House lawn? Well, according to Randy, it is because the extremists would have hostile and violent reaction to anyone visiting from another world or anyone supporting the connection with visitors from another world.

Randy is convinced that a human, willing to meet an extraterrestrial, put into a situation with an extraterrestrial, without any sort of preconditioning, would panic, due to the amygdala making such a decision. Google will tell you amygdala is a thing in the brain, responsible for the perception of emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness, as well as the controlling of aggression.

Statistically about 85% of everybody within 14 to 90 days will acclimate and come to acceptance. It is those 15% of mentally and emotionally unstable people that we are concerned about.


What evidence or proof does Randy offer? None. Randy is said to be officially sanctioned, how can we confirm that? We can not. How is Randy different from others? He isn’t.

What has happened so far that can prove Randy correct? There is a minor civil unrest in the USA, very far from making the country vulnerable. Though, there is always room for growth.

Why would Randy tell us how they want to circumvent the truth? Aside form the possible Cosmic Laws mandating them to do so, why would they let this information out? Can it be suppressed if need be? Sure. With all the supposed Internet kill switches, the flow of information can be stopped at any time. Not that average Joe would even know or be interested to know about it. But why let it out in a first place?

Given what Randy says, reading between the lines, the plan is to

  1. Shock and traumatize already traumatized population to an extent it might never fully recover from.
  2. Distract and dissociate the population from anything but the survival.
  3. Depopulate, the extent of which depends on whether or not weapons of mass destruction are used or how much they are used.
  4. Deceive the population on a planetary scale.
  5. Using the deception, bring the population under a new paradigm, a golden age of prosperity.

So the entire invasion scenario, following a World War, following the pandemic, is suppose to make people ready for contact? Since if not, the amygdala might tell them to go primal? Does that make sense to You?

Why would the secret elite be suddenly so very concerned about 15% of total population [cca 1 billion 170 million people] and the possible harm they can do to themselves or others. Could be the harm those 15% can do is greater than the harm of a pandemic, conventional! World War and scripted alien invasion? Since when is the secret elite so altruistic?

Maybe in the jargon of the secret elite, emotional and mental instability, translates to those who will not conform?

And wont the supposed extremists have an even more violent reaction if the first contact turns into a war with extraterrestrial species? Unless the alleged friendly extraterrestrials are to be humanoid, so humans can relate to them. But then it would also further ignite the human fear and distrust of anything which is different than they are. Just how well is xenophobia welcomed in the intergalactic community?

The fake alien invasion claims are old, very old. One of the Stars who takes this matter very seriously is Steven Macon Greer.

Talking about civilization and barbarism, Randy stated how some of the countries we have bombed into the stone age. See whether their civilization continues to function or whether they devolved straight into barbarism. It is Randy’s argument they went into barbarism and how the same would go for any other place and people living there. You think we are better than that, you think we are not animal enough. If you are desperate enough, if you are starving, if your life is in danger, if half of your family is already dead… You don't think you might do something extreme? To then add do you think once we allow the civilization to start to crumble that we are gonna rebuild it from the ashes? Sure in a few thousand years, maybe in a few hundred if we are lucky.

Randy also stated fear creates thought waves which create and bend matter and energy and create fear based reality in which bad things will occur. We want people prepared not shocked, it is the shock that will make people go crazy.

OK, Randy, just what exactly do you think a World War will do, other than make people afraid, behave like animals and crumble the civilization? An alien invasion, even when scripted, is probably not so innocent either. Also, speaking of shocks, just how not shocking is an alien invasion?

None of this makes sense. Then again, the secret elite can also script the World War and use the so called crisis actors, holograms and special effects to make it look real. Right?

Why does a super soldier, a genetically enhanced human, wear glasses?



  1. the last time I was on the Moon was in 2007
  2. not much difference between consciousness and physics
  3. artificial intelligence is a bad idea
  4. there are no more Zetas [Greys] in the solar system allowed


  1. in a box somewhere in a vault my records exist


  1. we have indigenous Insectoids here on planet Earth, they live underground and have no reason to come to the surface and hang out with us
  2. we were on the Moon in early 50’s and on Mars in early 60’s
  3. justice is important to me
  4. every successful planet has a centralized system
  5. the line between civilization and barbarism is very short
  6. the current list of species that we trade with is approaching one thousand
  7. weapons technology, beer, children’s clothing [alleged top 3 exports to extraterrestrials]

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