Philip Schneider

Posted: May 15, 2019
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Philip Schneider

Phillip claimed his father was a German U-boat captain in Hitler's navy, got captured and ended up with U.S. Naval Intelligence, was a master machinist, worked on the infamous Philadelphia experiment, was one of the principle engineers for the first U.S. nuclear submarine Nautilus and invented a high speed camera, which took pictures of the first atomic tests.

Some might say this makes his father more like a Paperclip scientist than a U-boat captain.

As for his own involvement, Phillip said he was a self taught metallurgist with 17 years of black projects or skunk works as government structural engineer, aerospace engineer and geologist. Allegedly he worked at Bechtel, NATO, Area 51, S2, S4, Los Alamos… co-invented shape charge explosives and laser rock deflagration to build underground bases and submarine bases and was 1 of 3 survivors of the Dulce base conflict, where 66 people were killed in 1979.

Underground Bases

They are building two prison camps every seven months. They are building two underground military bases every year. 17-26 billion per base. 1800 to 10000 workers each. Wackenhut is 4th Reich Nazi German, they run the entire police state operation in southern California, it is a low yield deep underground base 500 feet [152 meters] underground, 3 miles long [4.8 kilometers] with 2700 prison cells. Change of clothes once a week. Shower once a week. No TV. No nothing. Minimal lighting. If you talk you are beaten senseless.

Our black budget is 1.023 trillion dollars every two years. Right now [1995] there are 131 active deep underground military bases in the United States. I worked on 13 of them. 62 of the 131 bases are housing both the tall grey and the short grey alien. There are 1477 bases world wide. Whole cities underground. Each base has an average cost of 17 to 19 billion dollars. At yet another time he said 17 to 31 billion. Takes a year to two years to build each one. High speed Mach 2 railways, magneto leviton trains, connect all underground bases within United States. The public is considered stupid and moronic and is being lied to. Right now we are spending 28% of gross national product on building the underground bases solely. I am sure the underground bases, without question, are being used to house alien takeover, the implementation of the one world government.

When asked about locations of these bases Philip said he planned to have all the latitudes and longitudes of all the bases, but I can't do that. It would be a nice jail sentence for me, which is interesting since at another time he said I am breaking major federal law, I am breaking the entire security oath system by saying what he said. Apparently that is fine, but giving base locations would be espionage resulting in a jail sentence. Go figure.

When I was asked to by the intelligence community to continue my operations and black budget work i told them to go fly it, i won't be a party to betraying the American public and that is why I am here talking.


During late august 1979 I was involved in building a base inside Dulce, New Mexico, which is Los Alamos laboratory, a biological laboratory. In a southwest part of the Archuleta Mesa we built an underground facility. Three cubic miles. [16 cubic kilometers] To the southwest of that we were in the process of building four large tunnel like holes, some of them two and a half miles under the surface. [4km] As the story goes, due to repetitive equipment breakdowns people were sent down to observe the boring process.

The large alien greys have been encamped there for four or five hundred years. We drilled holes right on top of it. I was lowered down the basket into one of these holes and there was a 7 foot [213cm] tall alien grey. The stench was worse than the worse garbage can you can imagine, the entity was absolutely horrible, I did not waste any time, I reached for my pistol. I killed two of them, yes they are mortal and they do die. One of them waved his hand in front of the chest and a blue beam hit me and opened me up like a fish. Burned my finger and my toe nails, it was like an electrical force. Green beret, who was right behind, me put me into the basket and sent me up. He lost his life. The government knew all about it but lied to us.

According to his testimony, Philip killed a being he found not to be up to human beauty standards and having what he perceived to be a bad smell. There was no mention of him attempting to establish any way of communication or determining whether or not the being is hostile. Shoot first ask questions later method was applied instead.

Philip said the blue beam which hit him gave him cancer, I am dying. I got hit with cobalt like radioactive substance. It is similar to aplastic anemia. I was in radiation isolation therapy for 400+ days. My bones are extremely brittle right now. No cure. Philip also said he had his ribs replaced with plastic nylon plate.

Since late august 1979 the militaries of the world have been in constant conflict with the outer space aliens. There are eleven distinct races. Two are benevolent. One had to leave in a hurry because their world is under attack. Supposedly the alleged benevolent race which had to leave were Pleiadians. At another time Philip said 4 races are benevolent and 7 very evil.

As far as the construction process goes Phillip said that boring machines vitrify, deflagrate the rock. Reduces the rock to a powder and melts the remains as a coating on the inside of the base. There is no need to use cement or other things like that. Daily drilling speed is 7 miles long [11 kilometers] 28 feet high and wide [8.5 meters] tunnel.

Aliens and Technology

In 1909, American south west, army calvary chased some bandits into a cave. What they found in there was flying discs or what they called a horse shoe craft and little grey guys or what they called grey demons and all kinds of weird things. U.S. military knew about the flying discs technology as early as 1933 and was heavily engaged with French and English in dealing with aerial phenomena. Germans did too, Hitler and all their bunch of people. The aliens have been here for at least half a million and maybe as much as several million years.

Extraterrestrials and their vehicles in a cave. OK, why not. It can happen. Right? Must have been a large cave.

Philip estimated the number of downed alien craft, at the time, was close to 800 thousand. As we speak the Russian are shooting down two a day per province, United States and Europe one per day. There is a whole scale invasion. The alien craft was then, as it is usually claimed, harvested for technology. So lets say a total of 10 alien craft is shot down each day. 800,000 dived by 10 is 80,000 days, which is 219 years. Something does not add up. Ok lets say they have been shooting them down since 1979, when the all out war started, or something. Till 1995 that was 16 years. 800,000 divided by 16 is 50,000 alien aircraft a year or 136 each day from 1979 to 1995. Yes something still does not add up. Could even be my math!

All stealth aircraft airframes and phoenix class submarines hulls come from alien technology. Metals beyond element 109. Composed of complex carbon fibers mixed with element such as Murinite, element 123. There is no phoenix class submarine. At least not officially.

Corbomite, element 140, heaviest element in the world. It's three and a half times the weigh of Uranium, it cannot be made to emit gamma rays. It cannot be isotope. It is totally stable. It is used in all stealth aircraft and all phoenix class submarines. When combined with other alien elements it is impregnable. It can not be melted with charged particle beam weapon and can withstand temperatures in excess of ten million degrees Fahrenheit [5 million Celsius] It is grown by aliens in fifteen different crystal systems.

At another time he called it Murinite saying it has two and a half times weight of uranium. Philip also spoke of Titanium alloy metal that cannot break & it can stand at a temperature of excessive more than 7,500 degrees Fahrenheit [4100 Celsius] and man made rock eleven times harder and seventy times stronger than a diamond capable of withstanding 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit [5500 Celsius] used in aircraft that exceed Mach 5.

As of 2016, the periodic table has 118 confirmed elements. Philip spoke of Murinite as element with atomic number 123 and Corbomite as element with atomic number 140. The atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom. Each element has a unique number of protons.

There is a slight problem, however. Back in 1995/1996 this was not as easy to check but both Murinite and Corbomite are fictional elements from the Star Trek universe, from the time of The Original Series, aired from 1966 to 1969. Which brings us back to Fact or Fiction?

As for the alien metals Philip sad space shuttles are shuttling large ingots of metal made in the confines of the outer space. Most of these metals need a near vacuum of outer space for their production.

Black jets employ three dimensional radar. Pilots use psycho energetic range finding helmets, a Soviet technology, where pilot can think in his own language and arm his weapons and pick a target from his computer. This is very much similar to what James Corey Goode calls a consciousness assisted technology. It is also one of the first or earliest mentions of such a technology in an extraterrestrial conspiracy context.

There are two small space shuttles capable of speed in excess of 40 thousand miles per hour. [64300 thousand kilometers] We employ twenty nine prototypes of flying saucer and are successful in piloting those in excess of 90 thousand miles per hour [144800 thousand kilometers] in the atmosphere without burning up. When you go beyond Mach 2.7 you ionize the air around it and cause the elements of the air to catch fire and you need a forcefield around that to exceed Mach 3 or Mach 4 without burning up.

Alien agenda

The alien agenda is a complete takeover of this planet, the killing of up to 7/8 of world population by the year 2029. The rest to be used as slaves. U.S. military has known about this for 45 years, from as early as 1933. As far as I know I am the only person standing in front of the crowd talking about the alien agenda. There are nine alien races who see a human being as a bag of food. They use glandular secretions of human beings as a mixture of vitamins for their food. They get high off of our adrenal gland, of adrenochrome. It is like cocaine to them. Right now there are 100 thousand totally unaccountable children. They can not be traced anywhere.

This is one of the earliest, if not the first, mention of adrenochrome in connection with extraterrestrials and in the same context with missing children. Today, more than two decades later, adrenochrome and pedophile rings are again being talked about by main Stars such as James Corey Goode and David Wilcock.

According to Phillip the United States government and aliens did several treaties. First treaty was done in 1944. Second in 1954. Third in 1962. Fourth in 1979.

In 1954 Eisenhower signed a pact with three known aliens species at that time. The deal it would seem was about trading technology in exchange for experiments on human beings. Philip also said the extraterrestrial do not respect the treaties and do things they should not have.

Valiant Thor

Has been working for the United States government for the last 58 years. He started to work for U.S. navy and military in 1937/1938. Probably under duress. His life span is 490 years. Human looking. Has six finger and toes, over-sized heart, one giant lung, big blood vessels, copper oxide for blood similar to an octopus, brain capacity 300 centimeters greater than ours, 1200 IQ, speaks 100 languages fluently. I had a chance to meet him one time. He does not shake hands and is kinda in a space suit because all aliens are carrying germs and diseases and bacterium in and on them that are deadly to us. I would quarantine them all. How do we know that diseases like AIDS, Ebola, Hantavirus and a few of these other weird designer diseases as I call them, are not made from cadavers of some of these aliens as a biological weapons to use against the people of the United States.

Valiant Thor is an alleged extraterrestrial from Venus.


During one of his presentations Philip stated there have been 13 attempts on his life. I love my country more than I love my life, two weeks ago I was shot in the shoulder. I shot a federal agent 16 days ago. Shot him dead. I am very sorry for that, but I had to defend myself. Allegedly federal agent being shot dead had no official investigation since it was all covered up.

Eleven of my best friends in the last twenty two years have been murdered, eight of them as suicide.

Philip Schneider was found dead in his apartment on January 17, 1996, reportedly strangled by a catheter tube found wrapped around his neck. Officially his death is being seen as a suicide. The following graphic photo is to be of Philip when already dead.


If you are a conspiracy regular it should be easy for you to see how a lot of what Philip said is still being cycled and recycled today, with this or that addition. It would be interesting to know if what Philip talked about was at the time printed in any books or magazines. In other words - did Philip borrow his story from somewhere else? Unlike the glorious presenters and witnesses of today, Philip did not use every chance he got to promote himself and any products or conferences he could sell. That does not automatically make what he claimed to be true. He was also not active long enough to firmly establish himself in the industry, that is the extraterrestrial conspiracy community.

He made several odd statements and did not always stick to exact data. One of the odd statements is when he talked about the cows saying the cow mutilations are government sponsored alien operations since they were first started in 1967 to extract glandular secretions, in exchange we give them plutonium products for their drive and making alien elements for them and they give us the biological weapons. One would think extraterrestrials, being capable of interstellar travel, do not need anything from humans or their livestock.

Unlike any other, Philip brought what he claimed to be physical evidence to his presentations. Since video quality of his talks is horrendous and audio can only be digested once put through a noise reduction filter, it is hard to see and say what was it that he actually had there, showing it to the audience. Philip claimed it is metals and artifacts with small turbine looking device sitting in a 220 million year old fossil and such. None of this was ever independently checked by an expert, but Philip considered himself as the expert and used that to ensure the audience that the evidence is real. Though most of the people in the audience were probably unable to make a distinction between types of common rock, let alone between a rock and the alleged Corbomite.

What is more interesting is that Philip mentioned scalar weapons, earthquake devices and weather control systems. Yes he also mentioned One World Government system. These topics are all still prevalent today. It is hard to say what, if any, of what he said is true. At times he seemed to believe it all and at other times the impression was he is making it up on the go. Maybe he was stating disinformation unknowingly it is a disinformation.

As most others Philip also included a healthy dose of fear porn into the mix. At the time, and from his perspective, that seemed to be depopulation of the planet via alien takeover. Interestingly Philip did not name any projects.


1995 - 1996

  1. I believe firmly in constitutional law
  2. we are now being ruled by an autocracy and a technocracy with a feudal type system
  3. all religions have a time and a place and they definitely have a place in America
  4. every single person who believes in the constitution of the United States is a militia member
  5. those who murder children, sexually abuse children should not suffer to live
  6. defense intelligence agency goons tried to kidnap my daughter not too long ago
  7. the Russians are shooting down 50 saucers per month
  8. 6 to 7 million human beings have been slaughtered by the aliens
  9. I know nothing about the ascension movement
  10. Russians and the Cold war was a perfect cover story to test nuclear weapons use case against aliens
  11. for every calendar year that goes by the military technology increases by 44.5 years
  12. Bikini Island was one humongous underwater UFO base. That was known is the early 1940 [Bikini Atoll]
  13. Strategic defense initiative is probably some form of outer space defense
  14. World Trade Center bombing and Oklahoma City bombing were done by federal government
  15. right now we have out of touch run away federal government structure
  16. Russian troops are being trained in Montana and Northern Dakota
  17. rail gun shots a projectile at about 25 thousand miles per hour
  18. Nazis trained our CIA or OSS and other intelligence communities
  19. Nikola Tesla’s laboratories were in Colorado Springs
  20. the state of Nevada is 81% managed by the federal government
  21. the New world order and United Nations are taking orders from the greys
  22. the deepest underground bases are two and a half miles underground
  23. underground bases can house 106 million people
  24. in Colorado there is about four underground bases, one of them being at Denver international airport. There are eight levels beneath the airport tarmac
  25. United States is not a democracy, it is not a republic anymore
  26. our education is a joke
  27. we are treated as babies and children by federal government structure
  28. new world order is taken from Hitler’s manifesto
  29. I don’t believe we have a right to torture anybody
  30. when we blew up the a-bombs we basically opened up a hole in time
  31. aliens are even greater liars than people are
  32. women are being raped by aliens
  33. all aliens are a biological hazard
  34. if you are carrying more than one thousand dollars in your pocket at any United States airport you can be arrested immediately
  35. AIDS was invented by the special ordinance laboratory in Chicago, Illinois, in 1972 as a biological weapon to be used against the people of the United States. I have seen the documentation by developers of strategic services through the centers of disease control in Atlanta, Georgia. They used the glandular excretions of animals, humans and outers space aliens
  36. federal government has an earthquake device, a Tesla device, I have reason to believe that the earthquake in Kobe, Japan, there was no pulse or pulse wave
  37. cold war was a total farce used to gather billions and trillions of dollars
  38. there is nothing legal about the IRS
  39. MJTF military joint tactical force otherwise known as the black beret is a multinational tactical force, primarily used to guard the various stealth aircraft worldwide
  40. United Nations is a world dictatorship body
  41. there is over 64 thousand black helicopters in the Unites States
  42. atheist federal government structure wants to enslave us
  43. we will not see this country go on, I don’t believe I will see it go on as a country in six months
  44. our Attorney General Janet Reno hates children, she hates men
  45. 100 thousand children and 1 million adults disappear every year and these are not kidnappings or murders or rapes or suicides. Totally unaccounted for
  46. the U.S. government has been working with the Russians from at least 1972, maybe as early as 1966, on weather modification. They can modify a hurricane or a tornado out of existence

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