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Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson is (was) a Project Camelot exclusive. The interview with Pete Peterson was a trinity event, financially supported and enabled by David Wilcock, who to this day is frequently referencing Pete Peterson as one of his important sources.

According to Bill Ryan Pete's motivation to come forward has to do with his increasing distaste with the projects he was involved in. There is supposed to be something very important hiding in plain sight in the part of the interview where Kerry Lynn Cassidy is asking the questions. Drama ensued as a result of that part. Kerry stated took us a month to get clearance to release the interview, he gave clearance but took it back few hours later, by then the interview went public. As a result Pete broke all contact with Project Camelot. It was later mentioned Pete only asked for that specific part of the interview to be removed.

Pete described himself as: very early on in life I was so different from the people around me that I thought that probably I fell from the sky in a titanium egg and landed in my grandfather’s orchard and my parents found me there. I find that the people I'm stuck with here on this little spaceship Earth don't seem to have the same view of anything. On both of my parents’ sides I have long lines of geniuses that extend back in history. I distinguished myself at age 10 by building a number of rockets that held altitude world records, and by inventing a material that's used even today to power solid-fuel rockets. I have a PhD degree in Natural Philosophy, which they used to call Physics, that took a lot of effort to acquire.

What material he invented at the age of 10 was not specified. It is also not entirely clear as to why an alleged prodigy would have to put a lot of effort into a PhD.

UFO experience

In 1950 Pete saw a series and groups of what I can only call flying saucers flying through the air. It was this experience which compelled him to study science. He wanted one, a saucer, for himself. Pete never said if his childhood dream came true.

Information field

According to Pete there is an abstract space called the Information field which holds everything in the known universe. Pete agrees with David Wilcock stating the intellectual aspects of mind are non-local, that they’re not happening in the nervous system at all. They’re in the field where those cognitive processes take place. To that Pete added it’s not a part of the neural or even non-neural anatomy. It’s a field. It’s like a magnetic field or an electric field in some respects.

DNA is merely a factory that generates the physical part of the body. The DNA gets its information from the informational field in how to do that. The informational field is eternal and holds the spirit or the being or the information of the person in perfection - whereas the perfection then runs through the factory. If the factory is missing the thing that puts the wheels on, the wheels are going to fall off, if you would.

Every substance has an informational field around it. We found out a way to take that substance, place it on a device, and from the device find a numerical signature for that information field. Then we found a way, therefore, to store it in a computer. Now we can take the computer and run that information back out and generate an informational field. We can make that field large, so it surrounds the body. we can make a signature of a compound, and what happens is, the body will react to that informational field as if you had given the person that substance. We can generate this field around the body and the body will act as if the DNA were perfect. If they had a genetic disease, the genetic disease goes away.


Pete spoke of inventing several different machines. One of the more interesting ones was a machine which can allegedly help heal any condition for the 85% of the population.

I designed a machine that would read a field that surrounded the human body and could give you a read-out on the condition of the organs, organ by organ, in the body. Then it could locate or find, or even create, a medication that would fix it. Machine could pretty accurately come up with a diagnosis rate of 50 percent and not more because a lot of people had genetic errors in their genetic system, they had disease processes that were based on those genetic errors. I found that 15 percent of people had very, very similar sequences in the DNA that were unlike the other 85 percent of the people, DNA that had come from off planet.

Pete considers himself to be one of the people with alien DNA and he is not alone, Bill Ryan and Kerry Lynn Cassidy also believe they and David Wilcock have alien DNA. This could maybe just be since 15% out of 7 billion is 1 billion 50 million people.

The machine can be used by dial up on the machine now some 850,000 different substances that are in this world. All the medications of every medical system known; all the herbals of every herbal system known; all the magic healing potions of every magic healing potion system known; all the chemicals that are out there that are man-made; all the chemicals that you find in nature; all the vitamins; all the minerals; all the pharmaceuticals in the homeopathic pharmacopeia, and in the allopathic pharmacopeia. Everything’s there.


In 2009 Pete was absolutely sure the financial system collapse is imminent. As a result of that and also due to being suggested to do so by people he claims are also on the inside, he moved to a remote secluded location, far away from large population centers, growing his own food, using vehicles with engines that burn alcohol for which he said he has all the required resources needed for it’s production.

I have very dear friends in China that are offering me mature T-bills and mature US bonds that they can’t seem to get cashed, that they’re offering for 10 cents on the dollar. And there are trillions of dollars worth. It would be enough that, if the world court system would enforce their eventual payment, every man, woman and child in the United States would have to work for four or five generations to pay them off.

The Unions have increased their salaries to a point where the work has had to move off-shore, because we don’t have people that are willing to work and be blue-collar workers anymore. They want to work and get white-collar wages. The white-collar people want to get white-collar wages, rather than wages that were consistent with their production so, in essence, they’ve stolen from the blue-collar workers and stolen from the rest of the world by loaning them money and then taking all their natural resources at very low rates.

People have been taught is that they’re owed a living, they’re owed to live like television says that people should live. They don’t have an ethic; they don’t have a morality.

Rothschild Offensive

In August 2017 it was reported on David Wilcock’s blog, Pete Peterson had his belongings seized. Allegedly David was told this is all happening on behalf of the Rothschild family. The reason being Pete’s involvement with Corey Goode. The blog post repeats several times the worth of belongings is in millions. It is however never specified what kind of belongings. Allegedly Pete had/has a legal issue ever since 2009 when he did the interview with Project Camelot. The details of this legal issue were not stated. As the story goes, the court sent the notice about the seizure of these assets to an address where Pete lived 18 years ago. This made Pete be unaware of the notice. The authorities came and seized all of his property.

Brief pause here. Pete is a man of vastly superior intellect. At least that is how he was always being showcased. If that is true, and knowing justice system is broken, how is it he never took proper measures to safeguard his well being? A gofundme page was setup, to gather donations for Pete Peterson. A man who had items worth millions in his possession, just laying there in the house. By September 2nd people donated over 52 thousand dollars. There is money to be made in the New Age Industry?

In relation to this event Bill Ryan has raised some suspicions and also stated Close examination of Peterson's testimony causes me personally to suspect that there's a high probability that some of the information he presented in the 2009 Project Camelot interview was inaccurate, exaggerated, or invented. I do not any more believe he was a reliable witness then — and certainly not now. Which is very much contrary to what Bill stated at the time interview was made.

David Wilcock was later suspected he did not give that money to Pete. In response to that David sated there were complications regarding the transfer of the money and how Pete was nowhere near Internet savvy enough to know how to provide them with his own bank information through any online means they would accept, and we did try. It is strange such a technical genius is not Internet savvy, whatever that means. David also assured Pete did get the money.


According to Project Camelot, Pete Peterson died in July, 2019. After his death David Wilcock revealed the interview was done in Garden Valley, Idaho where Pete’s home was.


A genius inventor, an alleged genius.

It is interesting though how despite this super intellect Pete does not comprehend socialistic system. Makes one wonder if Pete is even aware that most proclaimed socialistic countries never actually did socialism. Just like capitalism is not done as it should have been. Makes one wonder if Pete ever heard about Scandinavia and compared their standard of living and development to the USA, for example - the infant mortality rate. Scandinavian countries are heavy users of socialism or what is more politically correct named Nordic Capitalism.

There is plenty of socialism in USA too. It is used by the 1% in partnership with Federal Reserve. The people however, well they have capitalism.

Also, the gofundme campaign was - socialism. Why has Pete resorted to socialism?

In regard to Pete’s medical device, for which Pete said he would give it away freely to companies, for which Pete said he got it approved at the FDA - Food and Drug Administration… Where is this device? How is it called? Since Pete said he would give it away freely to companies, why has he not given it away freely to the people? Make a torrent file with all the instructions? Distribute it in print? Something…?

According to Bill Ryan, at that time, the interview with Pete is the most important interview we’ve ever done. It is not entirely sure as to why this is but it could be that on some level Pete spoke to Bill Ryan’s prepper/survival mindset. Overall Pete talked quite a bit, but did not say much or at least did not say much of it in a straight forward fashion. What Pete also did not do is show any tangible proof. Pete mostly kept away from UFO topics and kept away from specifics. All the viewer is left with is one big sigh. Although, on a more positive note, the truth is out there, that is, the information is out there, so Pete has said. All one has to do is go look for it.

In 2018 Bill Ryan disavowed Pete Peterson writing Pete was certainly a military scientist or technician of some kind, but was principally a Walter Mitty [a person who fantasizes about a life much more exciting and glamorous than their own] character with a really convincing storyline that Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock and I all fell for.



  1. I’ve had an inside insight for many, many years, having been picked up in various programs to do things for the government since I was 13 years old
  2. I’m aware of many programs to remove intelligence from people and return the people
  3. I spent ten years in the Marine Corps and a great part of that was in combat and combat zones
  4. this country appears to be headed toward a socialistic system where reason and logic has no bearing
  5. many industries are actually governed by rules and regulations that make it virtually impossible for them to exist if they do things that are good for humanity, we’ve, through their own legislation, limited the power companies to being able to charge a certain amount over and above their costs, so when their costs went down, their profit went down and they couldn’t economically operate [lower cost due to allegedly very inexpensive alternative power]
  6. my dad was a pioneer in tilt-up concrete buildings and was an engineer for the military in my youth through the Second World War
  7. over the years I came to the conclusion that to build a flying saucer, you really needed to know first how to build what I call a Doctor Who phone booth [tardis]
  8. there is a lot of information there [Vatican library] that is very contrary to things that we believe very deeply, both philosophically and scientifically, and that’s basically been held away from the public - it’s not common knowledge - a lot of translations which, I think, probably came from the remnants of what didn’t burn in the Great Library of Alexandria
  9. I’m in the process now, at age 69, of building a laboratory to complete the work that I’ve done, and having acquired a number of very special pieces of equipment for researching such things
  10. I have a Sumerian document that’s been translated that tells exactly how to build a flying saucer and it’s a direct translation
  11. the greater part of science that we have today, the knowledge we do have is wrong
  12. I’ve seen skeletons of what we call giants
  13. I found out that there are numerous records and archaeological evidence that we were visited by people from off planet
  14. anyone who wants to find something from the past, read Ezekiel in the Bible
  15. we have extraterrestrial DNA in our bodies, some of us do
  16. mind control techniques work on 85 percent of the people, and the 15 percent that they don’t work well on are people that have that particular DNA
  17. ethics and morality were removed from the school systems 25 years ago
  18. the last four Presidents have all been members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and have openly stated that they’re moving toward a One World government
  19. there’s been a tremendous amount of currency that we know has moved here from Iran that is counterfeit, and it’s rampant
  20. there are around 10,000 containers a day coming into the country that are never physically inspected. We know weapons of mass destruction are coming in, in those containers. We know terrorists are coming in, in those containers
  21. the weather is changing. I think it’s changing to the colder rather than the warmer
  22. I’ve taught survival for better than 40 years and my particular area of expertise in survival was urban survival, I can tell you that today there isn’t any such thing as urban survival
  23. most of the good people left [the military] during Clinton and Bush because they couldn’t pledge allegiance to the President because of the things that were being done
  24. we haven’t had a President since right after George Washington that wasn’t under orders from someone else
  25. my sources tell me that he [Obama] is going to announce that there are indeed such things as flying saucers, and there is indeed technology transfer, and there is indeed beings behind it that didn’t come from this planet
  26. we took out of the U.S.S.R. a lot of technology that had been pent up, and brought back, and donated it to the government here [USA]
  27. it’s my feeling as a scientist that, if we went to the Moon, we had to have help from friends [ETs]
  28. I deal almost daily with nanoelectronics and microelectronics
  29. I built some no-noise microphones. We found out that there are three narrow pass bands for all the information as speech is recorded. Two of them record the information. One of them gives you the identification of the speaker. But that one pass band that gives you the speaker identification has to have a variable frequency start-up and drop-off
  30. James Clerk Maxwell was right
  31. I worked with Dr. Jean Claude De Roche at the French Institute of Science. He’s a very famous acupuncturist. He taught the Chinese acupuncture [after cultural revolution]
  32. we injected radioactive potassium into each acupuncture point while the person was under a high-speed CAT-scan machine, and we found that the radioactivity moved directly to the organ associated with that point
  33. you can make an electret and rub the various points [acupuncture points] and it’ll just feel really good
  34. teeth are piezoelectric. When you squeeze a piezoelectric material, it generates a voltage. Or if you take a piece of piezoelectric material and apply a voltage, it expands or contracts
  35. lions and tigers never eat muscle tissue; it’s highly toxic
  36. problems in the organ manifest themselves both physically and informationally at the appropriate points on the body
  37. there are 33 substances that all humans and all animals are allergic to. Most of them are phenolic compounds that have a 6-sided benzene ring in the molecule, and a couple are hormones, and a couple are proteins
  38. most oxygen is produced by plancton, nickel-cadmium batteries and lead batteries have killed a good part of the plankton, cetaceans [whales, dolphins, and porpoises] are beaching themselves, so that there’s enough food left for the others
  39. I built a satellite tracking station before there were satellites, then tracked the Russian Sputnik when it was launched, I was about 17 years old at the time
  40. electrical conductors, inside of a heavy nuclear flux became insulators, and insulators became conductors, very stiff metals became like toast and very brittle and broke apart, or like ashes. Materials like ashes became very hard, and grease became like welds
  41. I got involved in computers. In 1975, ’76 we built a computer that was used in Tokyo at the airport to announce the plane flights in a number of different languages
  42. the computer chip we used in the 1970s, there are more of those produced monthly than all the Intel chips produced in a year, even today. Because it’s a chip that was actually designed like a computer, whereas the Intel chips are not designed like computers
  43. the programming language that we use is called FORTH
  44. I’m actually a member of the Astronautics Association for Mankind, which is the Russian equivalent to NASA. I’m on the board of directors
  45. my cousin and I did quite a number of spy satellites. We did the sampling arm that went on the Viking Lander to Mars
  46. I was asked to build a UFO detector when I was about 14, and eventually built one
  47. I have always billed myself as an Instrument Maker
  48. I’ve had a charmed life [felt protected, good fortune]
  49. there’s a very good book that anyone who has a child that doesn’t read this book, should be jailed. It’s called The Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce and he has follow-up books on it. For example, The Magical Child Matures tells you why that no center-city, fatherless child is ever going to amount to anything, ever
  50. if you look at how you would naturally hold your arms and nurture a child, the heart of the mother and the heart of the child are going to be right next to each other. The child starts picking things up. If the child is kept in that position for the first 12 to 14 hours, the child usually develops speech by six months of age and is able to stand on their own at six months of age
  51. children who were nurtured by both mother and father have both male and female components. Children nurtured by one or the other have only the one component of their emotional make-up
  52. I, in my research, have found that the melanin in the pineal - which, in Eastern medicine is the third eye, the seat of the third eye - is very, very, very good at picking up informational signals and adding a time content to them, thus subtracting a non-time content, so it’s always been attributed to clairvoyance
  53. we use chloride in the water was because the politicians have already spent all of the Social Security money, so you’ve got to have something there so that people die at retirement age
  54. that [fish] oil, one drop put in a slice of bread, eaten daily, and you will have no caries whatsoever, it’s not cod liver oil [he did not say which fish it is]

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