Leo Lyon Zagami

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Leo Lyon Zagami

According to Kerry Lynn Cassidy Leo came from the dark side of the Vatican.

Leo Lyon Zagami, allegedly born of a Scottish mother, Lyon family and Sicilian father, DeGregorio family, Illuminati aristocratic bloodline, ex member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - the Masonic Executive Committee - of Monte Carlo, a 33rd degree Freemason, and a senior member of the infamous P2 Lodge, has been involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood. Leo was to take over after the Illuminati king Licio Gelli, but instead decided to blow the whistle.

Leo initially came out on Squarespace.com with a blog, which, as he claimed, got shot down. Leo was threatened. Police and social workers came to his home in Oslo, threatening to take away his kids. By that time the blog had already spread. People had downloaded and preserved the content. He started a new website IlluminatiConfessions.

I say it once again to the camera and to the people of Norway, shame on you! Come to my door, come to my house, threaten me to take my kids because they can’t take the truth about their [possibly Kristin Krohn Devold] executive of Ministry of Defense who I saw in an open Lodge worshiping the Book of the Dead [an ancient Egyptian funerary text] and the Stele of Revealing [a painted, wooden offering stele, discovered in 1858 at the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut at Dayr al-Bahri, a complex of mortuary temples and tombs located on the west bank of the Nile] of Aleister Crowley, dressed in a black cloak.

Leo also said he was tortured. It is not entirely clear how he got himself out of the situation, if he did. One speculation is that he was being left alone since the damage was already done by him putting the information online. Leo later revealed he was being protected by the Gulen Movement, an Islamic transnational religious and social movement led by Turkish preacher Fethullah Gülen, allegedly involvement in the 2016 coup attempt in Turkey. This protection ceased to be after, as a result of his interview with Project Camelot, Leo’s wife left him and Leo himself was temporarily imprisoned.

Leo wrote his wife Fatma Süslü left due to him being critical of inter religious dialogue of the Methuselah Gulen Movement, a right wing movement secretly manipulated by the CIA and the Vatican Illuminati, including Jesuits like Thomas Michel S.J. [Senior Fellow, Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding and Woodstock Theological Center] and spiritually driven by the most corrupt descendants of Prophet Mohamed and for not having strict and more fundamentalist view of Islam. His wife filed domestic violence charges, with the goal to prevent Leo any contact with his son, so they could brainwash him with their twisted and hypocrite version of Islam.

Leo stated his conversion to Islam was forced as he tried to please my wife's family.

From the 5th of March 2008 I'm officially a Christian again, Mohamed is a false Prophet whose descendants are involved in satanism and the New World Order.

On May 19th 2008, not long after the interview, Project Camelot made the following statement: Project Camelot is greatly concerned by recent statements and actions taken by Leo Zagami. We stand by the authenticity and value of our 17 February interview with him, but since then many of those watching Leo's personal saga play out will have noticed that there is something terribly wrong. In a phone call to us soon after his arrival in America, Leo told us that he was under very great pressure and had been obliged to agree to work with the CIA. And in the last few weeks, Leo has made some extraordinary public statements. It's evident to us and others from his recent behavior that he is being heavily manipulated by negative forces. On a spiritual level, we recognize that Leo is a good person who has taken an important stand against an extremely powerful enemy. In his weakened state, after the loss of his wife and son, he became overwhelmed and - we believe - taken over. Therefore in summary, and with regret, we need to make a clear statement that we cannot in any way support his recent public statements, some of his recent actions, or his currently intended modus operandi.

The above statement relates to Leo talking about himself as a Messiah and New World Order being a Kingdom of God, such as in this video.

Much later, in 2019, Leo stated how Kerry Cassidy, another idiot, said I said to her that there is an underground base of Reptilians under the Vatican and that I am possessed and can not be trusted.


According to Leo there are Dark Illuminati, like the Illuminati Order of Weishaupt and Illuminati who are truly illuminated by God. One such Dark Illuminati member was Napoleon, who was initiated by Cagliostro [alias of the occultist Giuseppe Balsamo] when he was a young lieutenant coming from Corsica. Napoleon made sure that there was a clear revenge against what was perceived to be the enemies of the Vatican.

Illuminati not only exists, but they practice what is known as the Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim [masonic rite which was formed by the merging of the two rites of Memphis and Misraïm under the influence of General Garibaldi in 1881] which is the Egyptian Rite. This Rite brings them above the 33rd Degree because the Memphis-Misraim goes until the 99th Degree, this one is completely diabolic in its own internal belief system and leads many of its members to become involved in Satanism


Jesuits control the astronomic and control very closely the stars in order to know where any possibility of the rebirth of Christ might occur, of the rebirth of Jesus within certain bloodlines. So they have been searching these bloodlines, tracing any possible heir to this throne which is the throne of the kingdom of God on Earth. Within certain families, within certain bloodlines, then it reoccurs that certain people have the possibility to have a message that is important for mankind. This happens to reoccur from time to time in certain families. The mixing of the bloodlines, it’s very important for the Illuminati to create strategic alliances.

The biggest strategic alliance that could be created at this time is a strategic alliance that would require unifying the Knights Templar’s Christian alignment with the Muslim Knights and their own alignment to their own End of Times and the Mahdi [the prophesied redeemer of Islam] So the coming of the Mahdi, so the coming also of the Christ figure for them at the End of Times, is actually something that occurs in the Koran.

Freemasonry and Monotheism

The Rosicrucian Enlightenment comes into being in the 1620s with a guy called Valentin Andreae [Johann Valentin Andreae, was a German theologian, who claimed to be the author of an ancient text known as the Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno 1459] The birth of the Rosicrucians coincides with the neo-Platonics [philosophical and religious system developed by the followers of Plotinus in the 3rd century AD] of Oxford, with what happened when Giordano Bruno [an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet, and cosmological theorist. He proposed that the stars were just distant suns surrounded by their own exoplanets and raised the possibility that these planets could even foster life of their own] this important Dominican who was also put on the stake later on by the Vatican in the year 1600, the year of the Jubilium [a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon] because he was accused of being not only an heretic but of having used his magic and his evocation power.

Giordano Bruno was a guy of great intelligence and he went around Europe at that time trying to oppose in a certain way what the Vatican was doing, manipulating temporal power instead of spiritual power, creating the fundaments leading to the birth of Freemasonry. In 1717 with the formation of the first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry at the Goose and Gridiron Pub in London - it’s already something corrupt because the Illuminati, the real Illuminati that preceded them, didn’t want in any way to have any kind of deal with the Church. One it's said Freemasonry was born itself as a deal between the Catholics, the Protestants and other people to meet up in common ground which was the Lodge.

Where is true Freemasonry to be found? True Freemasonry is to be found in ancient times at the time of Enoch [a figure in Biblical literature] who is called the First Master of Freemasonry. We talk about Abraham. We talk about the founding of the monotheistic religions - the coming of Moses, the coming of Jesus and then the coming of Mohamed. All these are part of a series of Illuminated Masters, enlightened beings, that want to bring illumination to this planet. Unfortunately all the religions, and Freemasonry included in all this, has been corrupted by mankind.

Zecharia Sitchin

Leo said Zecharia Sitchin is a member of the New World Order used to spread deliberate disinformation.

Adding I would like also to say that there is, unfortunately, today the disinformation coming from Jesuit headquarters. This information comes into being when Zecharia Sitchin meets in the year 2000 in Bellaria [town and comune in the province of Rimini, northern Italy] with Corrado Balducci [was a Roman Catholic theologian of the Vatican Curia, close friend of the Pope, long-time exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome, has written several books about the subliminal messages in rock and metal music, diabolic possessions, and extraterrestrials].

Zecharia Sitchin also gets invited by the Pope, John Paul II, visits secretly the Pope in the Vatican, takes from him instructions to write his pile of rubbish, which is the End of Days book that he has brought into being lately.


Regarding these Anunnaki beings, call them Nephilims, call them however you know. Do they really want you to know what they ARE? No. They want you to know what they want. You know, their idea that they want to spread, is something of a big constructed lie which is disinformation. It is not the real thing. If you knew in reality what these entities were you would not even touch them.

Most of the people who are spreading the disinformation regarding the alien beings have been from the time of Aleister Crowley [was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. He founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus] and his following, the followers of Hubbard [Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology] or whatever. But these people have been deliberately spreading disinformation.

Aleister Crowley made this Book of the Law, which is the biggest pile of rubbish in the world. But it also is a very dangerous book. It’s a heretic book. I don’t see many books being so heretic, but if there is one that definitely has all the blasphemies, it is The Book of the Law which is everything and the contrary of everything, which represents really the Luciferian character of Aleister Crowley who managed to plant the seeds very carefully into America, in California, with the Parsons' Lodge which Hubbard became a member and then after he founded Scientology.

Leo described magic as the calculation of the arts, with peculiar calculations around the symbols to evoke certain entities and have from them, if you want, certain gratifications. You can work with them. But doing so one basically has to sell it’s soul. The real reality is that we are definitely in a constant fight between angels and demons, between the devil Iblis [arch devil in Islam] who represents the dark side, and God. Iblis itself is the devil, yes, but the darker side of God, created itself by God.

There is definitively an ancient time in which we have been merging with other creatures from the universe. This is described clearly in the Book of Enoch. But who were these creatures? These creatures were the rebels that were escaping, the rebel angels that were escaping from God, in a way. What we have here in this present situation is that we think they are, in reality, interbreeds between mankind and aliens. This is the most, the biggest disinfo that we can get.

Leo said what is thought to be aliens are actually djinn entities from another dimension and by that negating the entire UFO conspiracy thingy as it is commonly known, along with all it’s attachments like Plante X aka Nibiru and Majestic 12.

Vatican, Knights of Malta and Black Pope

The Knights of Malta are the biggest secret service in the Vatican. They have diplomatic immunity. They have international sovereignty. They have a Grand Master which is totally sworn to believe that he has to be the true defender of the Pope and inside this membership you have the head of the intelligence of the MI6, the head of the CIA, the head of the NSA. The Top Cosmic Secret [security clearance] is for them, the most secret thing in the Vatican headquarters.

Vatican is hiding books and important rituals of evocation. Vatican constructs miracles for their own purpose to establish a place where people go, spend money on hideous things like make a cross, make cash, a couple of holy waters, then so you have Lourdes, Fatima. Then you have Padre Pio now.

Black Pope is the General of the Jesuits But he is NOT the one of Revelation because the one of Revelation is black [skin color] from Nigeria [Francis Arinze] . He’s already a Cardinal. He’s already been put in the post that used to be of Ratzinger. He’s already there, ready to become the next Pope.

December 21, 2012

For them the fact that this 25,920 is the number of God and it coincides with the changing of an era, has to be celebrated with a ritual that reflects above/below. So on the 21st December you’re gonna all see them there with their aprons and thing. It's a holy day. The whole pyramid will be together. For the first time every single character will be celebrating one way or another this specific day because we are moving the whole of our consciousness into a different part of the universe here.


Where to being? Ah, the evidence, yes precious… Leo is actually offering photos of him with what he says are other Illuminati insiders and some documentation. Those photos can be seen on Flickr. Authenticity of the photographed documents and identification of people on photos has not been done, but should be done.

As an example… Leo showed a picture of him and two other men. One of the men is to be a Russian billionaire Sergei Gordeev, senator, close friend of Vladimir Putin, representative of the Illuminati of the Grupo de Eur in Moscow, one of the senior Intelligence operatives at all levels regarding the research of the Holy Grail and also one of my close friends for a time.

For his books Leo claims everything in the books is proven and true facts otherwise he would get sued for defamation. Leo says books, something on paper, are more reliable compared to a blog or a website which can be taken offline at any time. Makes one wonder if he ever thought of just simply making quality scans of the evidence he claims to have, create a torrent file and let the internet take care of the rest.

Most interesting is Leo’s take on ufology. He basically says there are no aliens or, well, at least not in a manner that most talk about. He says there are other dimensional beings brought here via magic rituals. He says a lot of UFO and alien stuff is Jesuit propaganda; that Jesuits infested the New Age movement, which is interesting if for no other reason simply due to it being something different from what everyone else has been saying. Yet, maybe not so very different. Leo is referring to aliens as demonic and angelic beings, so he is referring to them in religious terms.

Maybe he is just using a different word for the same thing. The part where the secret elite is controlling this planet with the help of these entities, the power these entities give them, is very much similar to what most others are saying. Leo however does not talk about spacecraft landing or leaving the planet, he talks about magic rituals as a method of how such things come to be manifested. In other words, the method of contact Leo is describing, the contact between the entities and humans, is sort of a pre-industrial one.



  1. they [Illuminati] work for a pyramid of power that ends up in Jerusalem and Rome and that represents both the Vatican and the Zionist establishment
  2. there is, basically, an ancient tradition that forms the Freemasons but it is a self-made, sometimes, tradition with a lot of legends that have been deliberately created to misguide people and manipulate them
  3. Freemasons are themselves a creation of the Rosicrucians
  4. most of this Freemasonic network started to be used for intelligence purposes, for purposes that were not the purposes, properly, of the people who originally founded true Freemasonry
  5. I was initiated on the 13th April, 1993, by the Insediata di Monreale in the Order of the Sword and the Eagle. I soon joined the Supreme Council of the 33-Degree. As an aristocrat, I got initiated by a family friend, somebody who was close for many centuries. The family, the Alliata family in Sicily (princes) family is close to the DiGregorio family
  6. in the year 2008 we’re probably going to have the first Freemason from Prince Hall Freemasonry to become the president of the United States, which is a 32-degree member, which is Barack Obama
  7. every sovereign monarch in Europe has been submitted to the Vatican power, even after the Reformation
  8. Monte Carlo Lodge founded by Ezio Giunchiglia, William Rosati, Licio Gelli back in 1976
  9. Pope was always linked with the Emperor [leader of a nation]
  10. if the opposition has only to be one guy like Alex Jones shouting with a microphone in front of a building, well that is a very stupid opposition for me, sorry. Opposition has to be a constructive opposition, we have to propose some alternatives, discuss some possibilities
  11. in the Vatican itself, we have over 40 Cardinals that are Moslem
  12. the majority, unfortunately in the Vatican practices with the Black Masses, with the evocation of certain entities, with the use of these demons
  13. Jesuit Order is in charge of the esoteric side of the Vatican as it includes all this secret information regarding the evocations and how this should be done
  14. Rosicrucian became corrupt and became themselves part of the Jesuit conspiracy, in the 17th century
  15. the people in charge of the Vatican Library are the Jesuits
  16. the Nazis themselves were actually born out of a conspiracy, if we want, to create Adolph Hitler and make sure that this being did what he did so they could then claim the Israel state, everything in plan so, for the End of Times, the Jews have their land
  17. they [Jesuits] are really masters of deception, “Ah, OK, there is a Jesuit footage of Planet X.” Another pile of, the biggest pile of rubbish ever
  18. the main rule of the Freemasons - it is always to reflect below what is above
  19. Freemasons are actually controlled by the Vatican
  20. the fact that the Jesuits are even present in the New Age movement is not acknowledged by New Agers, but they should wake up
  21. it’s forbidden to do any magic in my new religion which is Islam, what I’ve embraced. It’s forbidden because it’s too dangerous
  22. everything in nature all around us is itself part of God and a representation of God, we are all emanations of God
  23. I was in London just a week before what happened on the 7th of July and I have to tell you that definitely the whole of London was flooding with Psy-Ops and they were working all kinds of manipulations to pull off what they pulled off that year, which was the terrorist attack in the tube station
  24. Giorgio Balestrieri was also an illegal weapons dealer, a guy in charge of the defensive strategies for terrorism. He’s the guy who after 9/11 first made a lot of business selling security equipment to the American airports
  25. 9/11 happned due to a specific date as - It’s written in the Zohar. Zohar, for the kabbalists, is the most holy text for the kabbalists. The most savage Zionist element, the Jewish occult element, is very important because the kabbalah is born out of them, but born originally where? From Egypt
  26. Majestic has been always an organization mentioned mostly by conspiracy theorists without foundation
  27. the real meeting place of the Grand Magistry is on the Aventine Hill
  28. in the Vatican, that [murder] is very highly possible, you know, to change somebody
  29. for me the Scottish Rite is corrupt. I said that. Why? Because part of the degrees have been created by the Jesuits
  30. the York Rite is corrupt. Why? Because part of the degrees has been created by the Zionists
  31. Roberto Negrini, is involved in a satanic anti-Christian order, the Ordo Templi Orientis Fraternitas Luciferiana
  32. what happens in the Illuminati, by their own instructions, is an ancient practice that was also done by the rabbis in, the most orthodox rabbis since ancient times, in Israel. And this is to create a fetus and sacrifice it amongst the members of the congregation. They eat this fetus
  33. Egypt is the example of what the Illuminati are
  34. there is a tendency in humankind to have the worship for these entities that can give you terrestrial power
  35. occultism and black magic is the most ancient form of military tool known to mankind, from the ancient times
  36. this materialistic society is a reflection of the End of Times scenario, the Kali Yuga, the last part of the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga - this specific timeframe describing the End mythology - is a very dark period in which there is very little light, very few Masters to be seen on the horizon
  37. today we have Gnostic churches that claim to have some apostolic succession going back to the time of Christ. They are all under the control of the Vatican. All under the control
  38. Vatican and the Jesuits keep an eye on all the Gnostic movements
  39. Jewish people are actually chosen by God for a specific purpose
  40. religion of Abraham got corrupted
  41. the Tibetan monks, are the Illuminati of the East
  42. Zionism you see is a corrupt branch of what is really the religion of Abraham
  43. Rome is the oldest Jewish community in the world
  44. after the Second World War, the Vatican became an American club
  45. they [Jesuits] arrested me three times in Norway. They tortured me, injected me, beaten me up, put in prison cell. They did all kinds of things to me
  46. inter-religious gatherings that were organized in monasteries around Italy for the specific purpose of trying to bring closer Islam or the Illuminati with the concept of Islam and be able to have also what happened many centuries ago - a meeting between knighthoods of the East and the West; so basically between the Islamic Chivalry Orders and the Christian
  47. these people in the Christian Democratic Party have been working with the NSA, the CIA, for 50 years in the GLADIO
  48. Vatican and the Zionists and the Mossad. The Mossad was very important in this thing [9/11]
  49. Freemasons trace their ancestry to Pythagoras as their faith
  50. there will be some very big happenings, especially because they will be triggered by… Unfortunately, some very serious events might happen around the Olympics of 2012, in England
  51. one of the rituals of the ancient Chinese tea, which is not a tea, but is a kind of specific drink, a drink from a little village, that gives you immortality. Actually it gives you a lot of energy. It is like 20 ginseng all together, like a line of cocaine
  52. for America, being like China is a dream
  53. democracy is the biggest illusion of all time. It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist. And the division between church and state is a fake. It doesn’t exist. It’s all linked
  54. these aristocratic families, like for example the Queen of England, like to trace themselves back to King David, as descendants either of Jesus or at least of King David. So they seem to be viewing in England, in general, a bit like the lost tribe of Israel
  55. the real intention is to just microchip you and put in a global network in which you are the prisoner. That is their objective
  56. starting from 2010 which is the end of a 13 year cycle, we will have some great crashes, especially in the economic field, this will lead to, also, an oil crisis in the year 2012
  57. the quality of life is not necessarily increased with the fact that I have the internet or I have the phone, I can call all over the world. Who cares if you can call all over the world
  58. Dan Brown [Daniel Gerhard “Dan” Brown - Da Vinci Code] is the king of disinformation
  59. the calculations are that after 2012 we’re going to have 7 years of tribulation - this really brings us to 2019 - the 7 years of tribulation in which we will have the coming of the messiah
  60. 2015 should be the key date in when Jesus comes to Jerusalem and starts revealing himself to the masses
  61. The messiah has been already born. But is he a messiah, or is he an anti-Christ? That’s the thing. Because up until now we have seen that the attempts of the New World Order to create a messiah failed. Like Alice Bailey tried with Krishnamurti and that failed completely, you know
  62. Princess Diana was having her child from Dodi Al Fayed
  63. I can create the antichrist with genetic engineering. That is not a problem. That is very easy
  64. from God to us is a hierarchy and the structure is always going to stay a hierarchy
  65. when they [Illuminati] see that there is missing the resources for all of us to be living at the same time, then they have to eliminate parts of the population. In that case, they bring in the weapons, they bring in the wars that can make sure, or the disasters, that can make sure that the population gets decreased
  66. there seems to be in the Illuminati a firm belief that the coming back of Christ will coincide with a series of disasters that will change the face of the Earth forever, including the possibility of the elimination of ¾ of the population of mankind
  67. at the end, there will be a war and there will be dead people on the ground because the moment they want to microchip me, I’m gonna take out a gun and shoot at them
  68. there is a base in Oslo for over 2000 people. The entrances are in the west side of Oslo, there are some entrances toward the port in Trondheim
  69. the moment in which they chip us, then they can let the resources fall apart but they still have control of us
  70. definitely McCain is not going to win. Why? Because Giorgio Balestrieri stated, he’s the Director of the Rotary of New York, this election, we support the Democrats. So Republicans are not in the least of support of the Illuminati
  71. Priory of Zion was a society that was born in Mount Zion in Palestine where you have this Cathedral of Zion, this order lasted for a very short period of time and has melted in with the Jesuits
  72. Plantard de Saint-Clair was the biggest piles of rubbish and fraud and an agent of the Illuminati because he was an agent of GLADIO
  73. Gino Sandri is also one of the biggest intelligence crooks there is around
  74. since the fall of the Soviet Union you see these big priests going around with Mercedes, Limousine, whatever. Why? Because they are getting a bunch of money from these sinners of the Russian mafia who are sinning like heck, you know. They have six lovers, whatever; the wife’s there waiting, eh? But at the end of the day they give money to the church. That saves their, you know
  75. my Illuminati enemies have a new friend in Fatma [former wife] who desperately works relaunching her image on Face Book with her Illuminati friends like Yoko Ono and even Paulo Coelho


  1. Romanian kids at Rome’s Termini Train Station are being taken from the streets and brought directly into the Vatican by a fake ambulance
  2. Vatican is anything but a religion
  3. Jeb Bush is a candidate of choice for the Vatican
  4. Vatican Bank is laundering the money from drug cartels
  5. Pope [Francis] is a communist and is involved in a Cold War against Russia
  6. Ratzinger was forced out by the Jesuits
  7. Zbigniew Brzezinski initiated Osama Bil Laden into a Transnational Lodge part of the Ur-Lodges
  8. Al Baghdadi [Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS] was initiated into Hathor Pentalpha Lodge in 2009
  9. ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, the problem with Islam is that they don’t denounce this reality
  10. Muammar Gaddafi was savagely killed by New World Order
  11. Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi [pioneer of European integration, he served as the founding president of the Paneuropean Union] is one of the main reasons we have European Union, he devised the plan to destroy ethnicity of every European, this is the reason for mass immigration
  12. gay priests in Vatican has a website and meet at Piazza di Spagna library
  13. there is a very close link between pedophilia and satanism
  14. with Alex [Jones] we have a very great relationship and very big mutual respect for work we have conducted in a last few years
  15. Jesuits and Zionists go hand in hand
  16. we are going towards one world religion, directed by the Vatican
  17. if anything I consider myself a conservative Catholic, empty sit Catholic [Sedevacantism]
  18. I am being protected by the members of my order [Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis] and by a bloodline
  19. I have assassins ready to defend me
  20. Twitter is full of paid trolls, people in intelligence have suggested me not to have a Twitter account
  21. Madame Blavatsky [Helena Blavatsky] was the first to give warning about the Jesuits to her followers
  22. Age of Aquarius is rubbish crafted by the Jesuits
  23. everything which came out from Theosophical movement after Blavatsky’s death is being Jesuit driven, every single text
  24. communist agenda is the agenda of the New World Order
  25. the ultimate stage is enslaving of the mankind with micro chipping, people will be forced to accept it for their own security
  26. Scientology is connected with Jesuits
  27. there is a book in Vatican library so powerful you see things start happening around you if you open it, only Pope, before he becomes Pope, is allowed to open it
  28. Comte de Gabalis [a 17th century French text] talks about alien abductions and cross breading
  29. Bilderberg Group is a para-masonic group
  30. the original Illuminati were a part of Mystery Schools
  31. this planet is monitored from an outside [hinting at an off world source]
  32. we have to go back to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge that we have in a way lost
  33. we are subject to rules which are not of terrestrial nature
  34. the original sin was indulging in matter, from spirit we indulged in matter and when you indulge in matter things get gradually corrupt
  35. the serpet is the Astral Plane
  36. the concept of Grey alien sprung out of Aleister Crowley secret society
  37. there is angelic and demonic realm, the alien entities are divided between these two realms
  38. we are a young species, we were put on this planet to grow up
  39. Vatican is build on the Cult of Mithras
  40. Jesuits are the secret service of the Vatican
  41. Christian Cult is a Solar Cult, Muslim Cult is a Moon Cult
  42. HAARP no longer exist
  43. sexual magic is used for the creation of entities - Homunculus Concept
  44. I am against the use of psychotropic drugs
  45. Carl Gustav Jung was brought into the elite by Rockefeller
  46. large part of what Milton William Cooper said is true, his intuition was spot on
  47. I know general Alexander very well [Keith Brian Alexander, served as Director of the National Security Agency]
  48. Chinese freemasonry is a six million people organization and is not a regular freemasonry
  49. Pope Francis is the last pope
  50. Mystery Schools created the religions
  51. demonic entities are fed with the energy generated by a sacrifice
  52. they are pushing towards the manifestation of the Anti-Christ, pushing towards the final confrontation, they want to reach the point where the Messiah will be revealed to the world
  53. for next stage of evolution our creators will have to genetically re modify us because of the current change in the context of the planet, the planet will change very much
  54. after 2020 the planet will cool down, food will be scarce
  55. there is an egregore [an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people] of the New World Order and it resides in a meditation room of the United Nations
  56. pharaohs were superior entities incarnated in a human being
  57. CERN wants to open an extra dimensional door to let the angel of abyss Apollonian, the watcher or watchers, into this dimension and when this happens the third world war can take place


  1. John Paul I was given poisoned coffee
  2. I was very inspired by the Alex Jones going inside the Bohemian Grove
  3. Angela Merkel is an agent of Russia, a sleeping commie agent
  4. Infowars are great guys
  5. FDJ [Free German Youth] Merkel was part of is a communist version of the Hilter Youth
  6. London bridge terrorist [November 2019] was a Manchurian candidate
  7. David Icke’s reptilian theory is outlandish
  8. Vatican is an institution that compromises with the devil
  9. mark of the beast is the microchip
  10. cardinal Pell [George Pell] and his pedophile elite is holding at ransom the Vatican, Vatican bank and financial institutions have been isolated by the Egmont Group
  11. demonic entities often tend to be transmitted in the womb from one generation to the next and become part of the DNA of the person
  12. it has always been very insulting to me when people generalize the subject of Zionism

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