Kerry Lynn Cassidy

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Posted: November 3, 2016
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Kerry Lynn Cassidy

Defiant, insurgent, divergent.

A co-founder of the original Project Camelot, established in 2006. The other one being Bill Ryan. After a final dispute in 2010, Kerry took control over Project Camelot brand, while Bill went ahead with Project Avalon.


Born June 16, at Moffett Field, Palo Alto, California, USA - this supposedly holds some significance. Kerry used to work in Hollywood for 19 years as a writer-director-producer and later as a freelance communications consultant for JPL [jet propulsion laboratory], prior to Project Camelot, which has since been her full time occupation.

In Hollywood Kerry was a reader and en executive assistant to top executives. I read screenplays and i would recommend them to be made into movies. I worked for HBO premiere film division, was a reader for ICM, CAA.

Kerry has bachelor’s degree in English, graduate work in Sociology and MBA from UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. Also attended but dropped out, due to financial difficulties and being bored of college, of NYU film school. Studied acting with a private teacher from Sanford Meisner School of Acting.

It was in New York when Kerry claims she connected all my chakras, while meditating, reached Samadhi and saw the matrix melt. Since that time she has dreams of the future.


She makes video and audio interviews on a regular basis. While there sure is quantity one could argue about quality. A lot of the videos have bad sound and image quality. Some of them inexcusably bad given the availability, and ease of use, of the modern equipment.

In part, some of the technical shortcomings result due to using software such as Skype, and online streaming services, to conduct interviews with low grade microphones and video cameras, often being used in poor light conditions.

Most videos used to be free, which is commendable. There are also pay2view round table live stream events with top level speakers and whistle blowers, pay to attend conferences under the label of Awake&Aware and pay to attend speaking events.

Kerry claims she initially used her mother’s inheritance to fund Project Camelot activities. Given her statements, financially, she seems to be on the brink of existence for most of the time. She, or anyone else in the industry, never released her financial records - exact amount of donations over the years, and how they are/were used.

For the time being, all new shows will be broadcast live for free and then moved to the member only section. It would appear this also applies to some videos from prior years, unless those were already pay2view before. One can only wonder if the new subscription based service will also result in a better quality.

Investigative reporter

The other, non technical quality part, relates to how the interviews are carried out or psycho-social dynamics as Kerry refers to it.

Which person is being selected, and why, what questions are being asked, what is not being asked, what moments are being interrupted, what is being asserted, is there any critical thought present, what is/is not being challenged, where is the emphasis…

There does not appear to be many restraints as to who and why is being picked for an interview. Kerry herself has stated in 2010 that finding tangible evidence is not the focus of Project Camelot, the focus seems to be getting a testimony on camera. Anything goes?

In her own words: We [Kerry&Bill] select a witness based on the amount of truth we believe they can bring to the table and I am also an emphatic intuitive I will enter a state of resonance with the interviewee, which will make focusing on the tech very difficult as doing both at once requires a split state of mind in which both tend to suffer and if you want to see technically perfect interviews I suggest you donate enough to make it possible to hire a professional camera crew for me to travel with and I guarantee you that is what you will get and anyone who tells the truth about what is really going on is a Camelot Whistleblower and every whistleblower and source I deal with has both truth and falsity in their info. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TESTIMONY I RECEIVE in the course of my investigations.

War of the worlds

According to Kerry, humanity is made of a genome of 12 or more ET races. Original human body was immortal. We are a human experiment, invaded multiple times by other races who were not included in the original 12, so now we are a melting pot of many other interstellar races. The Grey-Human hybrid program has been very successful, it worked through the abductions of females. There are now wonderfully gifted children who are fully half Grey. They are a lot less empathetic and highly intellectual.

Alien interaction

In 2018 interview Kerry stated I think I was abducted by aliens. I know i was abducted by Greys when I was a young child. I have intuitive awareness of Grey alien bases and where they are. I think I myself was augmented. I have had evidence that I have been helped physically as well as in another ways. Augmented as in enhanced. Kerry did not specify how or in what way she was augmented.

I have reason to believe I am related to, at least a portion, to Pleiadians. Most surprisingly, Kerry did not state what the reason is.

I had alien interaction. Describing an experience before Project Camelot, Kerry claims that while sleeping or I thought I was sleeping, whatever you call sleeping, which I think people don't understand, I was in some state and there was little old man, sitting by my bed, talking to me all night long. When Kerry asked the old man what planet are you from, the answer was Andromeda.

Human consider Andromeda to be a galaxy, not a planet. But hey, there might also be a planet with such name with or with no relation to the actual galaxy. It is aliens, anything is possible. What is interesting here is that Alex Collier aka Ralph Amigron and Steven Macon Greer also had experiences with beings from Andromeda. Meeting Andromedans seems to be a common thing.

Also, before Project Camelot and before believing in Reptilians, while meditating, Kerry somehow tripped into the interdimensional reality. I saw a flying reptilian, with scales and a whole thing, a winged dragon go by me. He wanted me to see him and I snapped back into this reality and I did not forget what I have seen, which usually you do but I didn't and I realized that indeed that was a Reptilian. That Reptilian wanted me to know that he was very real.

Kerry was allegedly told by members of the Hopi tribe that the Hopi god is a vindictive Reptilian.



How the virus is a reaction to the 5G in Wuhan, Italy, Spain and other places and the electronic smog inside and outside us from years of chemtrails; aluminum, barium etc etc sprayed worldwide for the last 20 years.


The real reason for closing the beaches in California are MILITARY PLANS ON ATTACKING ALIEN UNDERSEA BASES OFF THE COAST OF CALIFORNIA.

As far as the vaccine goes, the vaccine and possibly the test will contain NANO GRANULES that are going to be distributed into your body and link you to 5G and the worldwide AI which will be able to track you and your activities as well as send a pulse through a network rendering humans immobile or act in other ways deciding on the whims of the Controllers. This is the establishment of a worldwide network of Artificial Intelligence.

Kerry claims there is an AI grid activated around the world, connected to a nano satellite grid. How there are currently 9 human created AI operational and that there are 6 invading alien AI currently. It is all connected to the Atlantian Pylon Implant Network, information about which was obtained by a channeler Ashayana Deane aka Anna Hayes.

Getting a tad theoretical on the entire situation, Kerry stated she feels like this so-called Covid19 virus is a cover for something much more far-reaching. I had a vision today that we might have actually changed timelines… the whole world during this lockdown. I believe there may be some clear signs of this and I am going to investigate further.

In relation to the time lines, the tests aren’t really to test for that at all. They are to test for signs of the timeline switch in humans that have gone through this. It all has to do with the Nazi Bell, which when operating throws out a radiation field that makes people sick creating a cytosine reaction in humans. Bell can create enough of a field of resonance to go inter dimensional. There is reason to believe this is being used as an experiment to eventually teleport Earth into another dimension (temporarily or permanently). COVID19 is a bioweapon created to mimic the effects of the Bell on humans.

Allegedly the Bell was originally found in the tunnels under Gibraltar. The claim is that is how the Spanish Flu started.

Kerry also provided a list of remedies. Purely for entertainment and educational purposes. The list includes

  1. Drink warm water every 20 minutes to clear virus into your stomach which will kill it
  2. Orange Juice vitamin C
  3. Zinc
  4. Oregano drops under the tongue
  5. Olbas oil for healing
  6. Oxygen drops
  7. Chlorine dioxide

If all of this seems incoherent to you, that is because it is. So is Kerry’s messed up “running column” and other publications on her website.


In 2013 Kerry spoke of a camelot book being in the making. In 2016 she specifically asked for donations to support the creation of this book. In 2017 she said there exists a 300 page book, which so far everyone refused to publish. The book seems to be called - REBEL GENE: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity.

From time to time Kerry makes TV and movie recommendations, as in what to watch - what are they telling us disguised as a fiction aka fore shadowing.

Such recommendations include: V, Knowing, Persons Unknown, Rubicon, Fair Game,The Resistance, Flash Forward, Battlestar Galactica, Adjustment Bureau, The Conspirator, Atlas Shrugged, Falling Skies, Bad Teacher, Suits, Alphas, Cowboys and Alieans, Page Eight, Safe House, Fringe, Antitrust, Last Resort, Revolution, Cloud Atlas, The Event, Universal Soldier Regeneration, Tomorrow People, Person of Interest, Blackhat, The Triangle, Surface, The Code, Agents of the Shield, The Messengers, The Last Ship, Allegiance, American Odyssey, Mr Robot, Halt and Catch Fire, Expanse, Extant, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dark Matter, Scorpion, Suits, The Americans…

Reading her reports often seems as watching those series, and the other way around, which begs the questions - what came first - Fact or Fiction?


Kerry Lynn Cassidy is a Star and a Star maker. Or well she used to be. She is no longer as popular in the industry, but there was a time when she and Bill Ryan were the center of attention and so was anyone they put on video. There is content from those videos also on this website.

She is never shy to ask for donations and does it frequently. It does not stop there. If she needs help with something done she will ask for it. Her demands are far from being modest, when she does that, and more or less expects a voluntary participation.

Whenever Kerry has a technical problem of any kind it is always blamed on the PTB [powers that be] trying to stop her from spreading the truth. In addition, this is often used to hype things up as in go watch this, it is what they do not want you to see. Apparently PTB, being capable of interstellar travel, can only do so much when it comes to her interviews.

Kerry is also a highly spiritual person, or well that is one way to put it. According to Kerry; spiritual practices and believes were a part of her long before she started with Project Camelot. As far as Kerry is concerned there are things which are real whether you believe in them or not. Kerry believes. For example dreams and the dream world are merely excursion into another reality. They are as real as this is. For more, see her claims.

Ever since the split with Bill Ryan she has degraded. The amount of crapola she puts out there is overwhelming. If you wonder why go and read her claims! To follow up with all the things she says, the people she talks to say, trying to make sense of it all and keep up with contradictions and false predictions would be a full time job.

There is basically no filter, when it comes to Kerry’s labor of love - what she puts out there. In a sense, Kerry and Project Camelot is clickbait, the tabloid news of the conspiracy industry. What Kerry is selling is sensationalism and insinuations accompanied by claims which can make you question sanity - yours and hers.

Kerry however is under the impression that, in her mind, she can compare and cross reference testimonies from over 1000 people she says to have interviewed. You decide whether or not that shows in her work.



  1. we [Kerry&Bill] do not believe in things like life insurance and health insurance and all this nonsense, we believe in natural healing and so on
  2. I love expensive hotels, but live cheaply


  1. I believe whistle blowers should, at least initially, put their experience into their own words
  2. I believe myself to be an indigo
  3. chem trails are partly used to hide the war in space
  4. Roswell were a time traveling future humans
  5. abductions are part of attempt to create a hybrid zeta-human race, for the future where dracos openly rule Earth
  6. Polish air force flight TU-154M was murder
  7. I remote viewed the “room” at the top of the “major pyramid” and saw a tall being, dressed in gold, wearing a bird headdress, she also got the name Ibis. After some consultations I came to believe that is Thoth
  8. BP oil spill was intentional, the real reason for BP oil spill was to cover the Atlantean ruins
  9. I got a download about Angelic Humans vs Robotic Superman
  10. the final end game is about population thinning and control
  11. there is an incoming flux of energies, we are all developing super powers


  1. I believe i was part of a MILAB [military abduction] experiment as a child
  2. I was not invited, i was not allowed to come to that conference [Zurich], even though i wanted to
  3. the Church of Scientology is well known for going after its enemies with electronic warfare and so on
  4. blank slate is a time travel technology that allows moving Earth to a different time line
  5. there seems to be a growing amount of evidence that we are moving to another dimension, the sun is going to help escalate that process
  6. humans on Earth are a mixture of many genetic experiments by many ET races and have in the process been dumbed down
  7. Greys work for Nordics and Reptilians
  8. Haarp is killing fish
  9. Challenger disaster was a ritualistic sacrifice
  10. Bill Ryan has been deceived by Charles [Charles is alleged insider]
  11. Amarna [archaeological site] was decimated with atomic bomb
  12. one of the best remedies for nuclear fall-out is wheat grass juice, kelp powder and rosemary
  13. fresh pineapple is a great remedy for any flu or other illness
  14. healthy “light body” prevents illness
  15. light warriors of the planet can help cool Japanese nuclear reactor with meditation [Fukushima]
  16. I went to the site of the Fukushima devastation [out of body experience?]
  17. New Zealand Christ Church EQ was a targeted hit
  18. I had many dreams and visions about the future during the early 80s
  19. I feel strong energy in my feet and have headaches, dizziness and upset stomach before major earthquakes happen
  20. I am getting premonition dreams which are more reliable than anything any source has to say
  21. often in the past I have been visited by animals and birds bringing psychic messages
  22. Pacific ocean along the West Coast is acting very strange
  23. Large Hadron Collider being used to get to 5D is a very real possibility
  24. some of the cables, released by the Wikileaks, were planted
  25. Earth is transiting the galactic center and the wave of energy coming into our planet is increased
  26. comet Elenin could be paradigm changing for humanity
  27. environment is being steadily irradiated to create a race of super humans
  28. Illuminati are hard at work assisting several species of non terrestrials to make this environment more methane-like
  29. going to 5D means joining the chakras, raising your vibration and outfitting your light body
  30. government is DDOS-ing us to stop us spreading the truth about Elenin
  31. I am an emphatic intuitive, I enter a state of resonance with the interviewee
  32. learning to listen with ones heart is how you begin to develop an ear for truth
  33. Marduk is another name for Horus
  34. the secret space program is largely made up of former Nazis
  35. you can’t have a space program that doesn’t go into space unless you count NASA
  36. Norway shootings were carried out by one or more mind controlled assassins
  37. much of Sorcha’s info is cloaked in disinfo big time
  38. Nibiru or the Brown Dwarf has flipped Saturn on it’s axis 90%
  39. I am having visions of Atlantis here and the society that came much earlier than the India we currently see
  40. the group [Kerry was also part of] created 3 gates for ascension in locations around India, energies needed to construct such gates involve establishing a field of resonance that involves the genetic codes of all participants, a unified group intention and the assistance of a group of various races of beings called the Guardians
  41. I had very strong activations along the way as well as contact with members of the Guardians during this time [while in India]
  42. we [Kerry&Bill] consider ourselves journalists and documentary film makers


  1. child boys are sexually abused to stimulate kundalini energy in the base chakra in order to raise the sleeping cobra which can lead to samadhi and eventual enlightenment
  2. I have a number of Navy Seals who don’t want to believe Bill Wood’s story…they all believe Bin Laden was really killed recently by Seal Team 6 … who were then “disappeared” in a helicopter “accident”. They need to wake up and get real. [turned out he was fake]
  4. last night I had massive feet energy happening that tells me there’s going to be an EQ
  5. the chakras of Earth and Humanity open and CONNECT resulting in a gradual but permanent state of enlightenment also known as Ascension this awakening and corresponding MERGE is not going to come easily or without pain
  6. the targeting of the place [Conspiracy Con] with scaler weapons made me ill
  7. I am told that as of December 21, 2012 and maybe sooner, there is some kind of a line up which facilitates the possible invasion of a race of robots
  8. there is a war going on in your skies
  9. Bach music contains secret mind control codes
  10. I do think the Brown Dwarf [Nibiru] is real and incoming based on multiple whistleblower testimony and my own intuition
  11. I have a few undisclosed “protectors” of the earthly sort and several others of the ET variety
  12. I firmly believe (as an intuitive healer) that we either allow or deny access to our bodies by viruses
  13. we know Russian and Chinese troops are being gathered in secret in Canada and Mexico
  14. I am convinced there is no Quarantine around Earth, Draconians and Repitilians are still here
  15. the infiltration and intervention here on Earth by service-to-self beings is widely documented
  16. the Grey-Human Hybrid program has been wildly successful
  17. those in power are working to terraform our planet to make it more comfortable for Reptilian based hybrids who favor a more methane-like/radiation infused atmosphere
  18. AI based nanotech race of robots may ultimately be another impending and very real adversary here on Planet Earth
  19. Anunnaki and return of Horus is a very real additional scenario to what we are dealing with, there is some evidence that he might have already arrived
  20. AI powered drones and nanobots are already in space above our heads, with a central command located in the satellite grid called MOTHER, linked to a mega command center called SKYNET
  21. SKYNET is a fail safe ‘centcom’ where the major gateway to control contains an uncrackable interface
  22. as has been demonstrated, when I do an interview the PTB get especially nervous
  23. I can now read a witnesses very well and i know how to question them in certain way to get the truth
  24. Project Camelot really knows how to handle whistle blowers
  25. i think he [Obama] is going to win this election but is going to then step down
  26. Cassidy is a stage name, not my real last name
  27. we [Camelot] specialize in witness testimony
  28. Los Alamos is a time travel area and has a jump gate, so does Dimona
  29. the Earth is being run by 4th dimensional beings which are the Anunnaki
  30. third dimensional Mars is a wormhole into fourth dimension
  31. many of us have Anunnaki gens
  32. the Earth right now is transiting into the fourth dimension
  33. i would say he [Henry Kissinger] is heavily Reptilian in his gene structure
  34. a lot of Reptilian genes does not make you a Reptile
  35. not all Reptilians are on the negative side
  36. Anunnaki, to some degree, or to at least some of us, are our progenitors
  37. the Great Pyramid is an ascension machine
  38. from 2012 to 2019 stargates are opening on planet Earth
  39. what new world order is all about is preparing for the return of Horus
  40. I remote viewed the Moon and seen these beings
  41. Project Camelot is about getting the truth out
  42. real whistle blowers will often never go on camera


  1. Ben Fulford is often being mislead
  2. there is no doubt Reptilians rule the Vatican
  3. Obama reports to the Anunnaki
  4. I do not believe Vatican is the only power on Earth
  5. monatomic gold is used to make a craft or planet go inter dimensional
  6. gold is used as part of stealth technology
  7. Ison may or may not actually be a comet
  8. dark entities will enter channeled information with intention to mislead
  9. regardless of what they [government] discloses it will be a spin and more simplistic than it really is
  10. humanity is an experiment
  11. China is prepping for something. But for what exactly. This is the big question
  12. I can say that in the past few days Haarp has been ramping up big time in the Pacific. I have been feeling it. They turn it on at night after 12 midnight… it runs until around 5am… When they shut it down again This seems like some kind of amping up being sent out to trigger the fault lines
  13. a source has suggested that there exists a 5 minute video clip showing Shanghai in a parallel timeline
  14. I have no doubt that we are most probably entering times when Meteor showers may well occur.. in fact, I have even had dreams in which I have seen them
  15. I also am very well aware that we have installations here on this planet left behind by ancient aliens
  17. using incoming meteors and asteroids as targets or spears with which to hit targets was a common occurence in space war, There is a lot of evidence that this is how Atlantis was sunk
  18. we have access to all kinds of “security types”
  19. Anunnaki Central Headquarters are probably underground at Dimona or nearby
  20. there is a war going on above your heads
  21. they are already here, but new visitors are coming
  22. NASA is an agency for defense of the Planet
  23. Chinese build ghost city in Angola is to host administrators for the coming race of beings about to take over Africa
  24. if you trace the trajectory of countries invaded by the U.S. for the past 10 years what you are seeing is a pattern that follows the possible trajectory of the missing nazi bell
  25. I got a very clear message from them [ET] one, that they wanted me to be here [Citizen Hearing on Disclosure]
  26. I can say, that I have been visited by certain beings who first of all made sure I attended the Citizen Hearing and secondly have communicated with me as of a few hours ago, revealing they are watching events closely
  27. I am getting major Haarp scaler wave impacts here in Southern California tonight like many nights lately. Always after 12AM to around 6AM
  28. there seems to be something going on with GRAVITY and our contact with PLANET EARTH
  29. I often have the sensation lately that I am FLOATING or GLIDING along when walking or sleeping
  30. I have been told repeatedly by a back channel source that Assange is working for Israeli intelligence
  31. Israel is simply a CORPORATION jointly run at least on the surface, by the U.S. and City of London. Beneath that, Israel is run by the Anunnaki
  32. the Reptilian group running the Vatican is considered to report to the Anunnaki
  33. based in Tanzania is possibly Marduk, who is the Anunnaki king recently returned to Earth
  34. humans such as the Illuminati bloodline are more like 1/12th reptilian
  35. following my intuition has always served me well
  36. an investigative journalist who tells the truth about what is really going on in the Matrix is by definition a whistle blower
  37. humans were not created by the Anunnaki. Their DNA was intrfered with and they were dumbed down by them
  38. Gordon Duff [Veterans Today] is working with MJ12 or Scion or whatever they are calling themselves now-a-days
  39. I think that Tavistock and Rand [think tanks] consider Veterans Today a market research firm to see just how far they can go in revealing the real truth without people running screaming into the streets or attacking the bastions of power in Washington
  40. Tavistock and Rand institute use and manipulation of rock and all popular music for use in programming is known
  41. the most accurate history of humanity and Earth and the multiverse that we inhabit comes from the Ashayana Deane
  42. Secret Government has been putting nano into chemtrails for years and no doubt other things as well such as food, clothing and soils and they can be triggered by electromagnetic weapons or other means
  43. service to self ET [the bad guys] are working with military industrial complex
  44. humans have been dumbed down and turned into slaves ever since 13.000BC when Anunnaki came back to the planet [Earth]
  45. a frequency fence was put into our DNA to stop the development or at least postpone it
  46. we are all hybrids of various races
  47. 12 races came to together to create what we call a human being


  1. during and interview i get downloaded information which tells me where to go, it is totally psychic
  2. ultimately we are all psychic, human beings are incredibly telepathic
  3. sometimes i have unseen visitors in the room
  4. densities go vertical and dimensions go horizontal
  5. I believe there is an AI housed at NSA Salt Lake facility and other places as well, underground, it started out from Promise software
  6. for all intents and purposes this planet is being run by an AI
  7. my Golden Retriever dog is part ET
  8. Camelot got in under the radar and got disclosures people will not get these days
  9. history is part of the mind control
  10. Nazis did not lose the war, they simply became part of the USA and joined the space program
  11. Romans never left, we are the Romans
  12. I don’t know everything
  13. I am a guerilla film maker
  14. I am known as somewhat relentless interviewer
  15. halos around beings of light have to do with activating kundalini energy
  16. activated kundalini and dark agenda is what dark magicians are, not all angels are angelic
  17. I think Moon is a heavy duty Grey base
  18. we [Project Camelot] were contacted by high level producers, who came across our interview with Dan Burisch and wanted to make a movie out of it, but they got a phone call and were told to drop it
  19. high level entertainers [celebrities] are very monitored by Illuminati, there is a lot of black magic going on in Hollywood
  20. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were murdered
  21. USA has become the fourth reich
  22. I am sensitive and can feel energies
  23. incredible energy of Malta is beginning to change my mind and make me think this is a place were Atlantis was
  24. they did not have a good taste to invite me to speak at Contact in the Desert [an event]
  25. i like living dangerously and on the edge
  26. Vatican and Knights of Malta have heavy influence over the island
  27. the whole island [Malta] is honeycombed with underground stuff
  28. Bush cabal supported the Nazis
  29. Reptilians think they own the Earth
  30. our governments made deals with certain ET races in exchange for technology
  31. there is some evidence Obama is a descendant of Tutankhamun and was specially genetically engineered, to occupy the office of president at this special time in history and is aware of this
  32. one of the ways to activate kundalini energy is to go to power places on Earth
  33. race known as the Tall Whites is a completely different race than the Nordics often called Tall Blonds
  34. the secret government in both the U.S. and Russia, China and other countries as well are ALL working with various races of beings including the Greys, Reptilians (of many types), Draco, Raptors, Tall Whites, Nordics (of many types) and more
  35. many fully half Grey/ half human hybrid children are now among us
  36. Nazis were in touch with the race from Aldebaran
  39. it is unclear which is bigger: Vatican links to narco money, or links to FOREX fraud theft, or their control room for Nazis
  40. Putin plays his part well as does Bush and company. They are two wings of the same bird and in the end the objective is world dominance and control
  41. Crimea : Ancient Pyramid and Mummy Real Cause of War Mongering
  42. most likely the high tech scientists [Freescale Semiconductor] aboard are now in an underground base probably in Australia or Diego Garcia [flight 370]
  43. this [alleged selling federal land to China] actually sounds like it is headed towards one of my very bad precog dreams… about the invasion of Chinese soldiers in the Denver airport area…
  44. I have been told in a download that this is a place [Malta] where secrets surrounding the fall of Atlantis and the Knights Templar and the Vatican are held
  45. we stand all along the watchtower broadcasting the comings and goings of the Illuminati and the dark forces as well as trumpet the light
  46. evidence leads us to believe that the Dulce base experimentation and the plentiful evidence of ETs currently visiting our planet reflects a very similar time in history back in the days of Atlantis
  47. Bob Lazar is telling the truth
  48. Snowden is lying too apparently. Or seriously uninformed [regarding the black budget]
  49. I don’t have any contact with him [Bill Ryan]
  50. there are some things we agreed as souls that we want to experience while here [Earth]
  51. I would urge everyone to stay away from predictions
  52. I am surveilled around the clock, anyone i met with or talk with is being surveilled
  53. when we [Bill&Kerry] started we were a radical organization
  54. paper work [documentation] can be faked, just like Obama’s birth certificate
  55. I don’t kiss the ass of the person i am interviewing, unlike others
  56. I had Duncan O’Finioan threaten me to take his testimony down
  57. super soldier means super abilities, special abilities
  58. I have seen the matrix melt, long before the actual movie
  59. GCHQ and NSA are basically one thing
  60. America and Russia run the secret space program, Britain, Germany and France have secondary role
  61. I am documenting truth
  62. apparently there is a race of blue Greys which serve humanity
  63. I have been diagnosed as having a small patch of skin cancer (due to sun exposure) that I am currently dealing with via alternative therapies
  64. flight 17 [Ukraine] is flight 370
  65. we [kerry and her partner] had been purposely targeted by some viral spray or electronic weapon [during their stay in Venice]
  66. I believe the reality is there is some kind of rivalry between the Scottish Rite and the York Rite [regarding Scottish independence referendum]
  67. I pay close attention to the Mammoth super volcano as I have seen it erupt in a future scenario
  68. within the secret government/secret space program (way above top secret) the Russians and the U.S. are working side by side
  69. I have a small patch of skin cancer which is being healed by a RIFE MACHINE
  70. there is also evidence Tesla [Nikola Tesla] was assisted by ETs in his work
  71. Earth is relatively easy to access when it comes to getting gold, compared to an asteroid
  72. soldiers who are alleged to be going to Iraq and Afghanistan are actually being sent off to planet to places like Mars and have minds wiped when they come back
  73. I have friends in high places who help to keep me alive

2014 by Tommy Hansen

[former Camelot’s 1 man technical team]

  1. an interactive self hosted broadcasting station that will not only serve Project Camelot as hosts, but also other cutting edge shows from other respected hosts
  2. we are also testing an app for Smart TV’s as well, which will help get millions of new people get Project Camelot TV right in their living room with ease
  3. music site targeting music and artists that will help wake up the masses through their musical art
  4. project Light Warrior: In a sense, this will be the “ground crew central”, a resource center and a online community for everything in the “alternative sector”
  5. mobile apps for all devices are in the works


  1. i don’t discount completely wacky people, but i do hold them at a distance
  2. once in a while i will interview, only on radio show, someone who is suppose to be a complete whack job and i give them a time of day
  3. dolphins have energetics which put you in an altered state
  4. I got death threats while in Hong Kong
  5. there are Reptilian races who are really influencing certain Asian factions right now
  6. Robin Williams death was a targeted attack
  7. there is evidence Michael Hastings [Rolling Stone reporter] was killed by a drone
  8. whether Neal Keenan knows it or not, there is evidence to believe he is a part of a sting operation [deceptive action], to discredit alternative media
  9. I have etheric sight, i can see through the dimension
  10. children are being monitored, tested and used given their blood lines and potential abilities, those not considered special are traded off to ET as slaves and a source of food
  11. they want to dumb us down with chemtrails, fluorescent light and stupid teachers and schools, religion and all other cages
  12. I am told owners of Bechtel are higher than Rothschild [on a power scale]
  13. through meditation you activate kudalini - activating the orgone and increasing the spin and this process will reverse age you, i have done it, it works for me
  14. if you entertain the idea that we are entering the 4th dimension and talk to your body about it, that it is ok, your body will respond and you will find yourself craving less heavy foods
  15. I am a healer
  16. I am constantly on call
  17. I have been attacked with a scaler weapon
  18. intermittently using magnets and crystals in pockets changes DNA signature which obscures you as a target from those weapons
  19. products advertised on Project Camelot website can improve your health
  20. flat earth advocates see the planet in a “hyper dimensional” mode, unbound by the holographic reality
  21. Charlie Hebdo attack was a false flag
  22. Adams Calendar [megalith in Mpumalanga, South Africa] is a time travel device among it’s many other purposes
  23. I, Kerry Cassidy have used MMS [Miracle Mineral Supplement] and found it to be beneficial in combatting colds and flu as well as many other ailments
  24. 911 was an inside job
  25. as this planet enters the 4th dimension and becomes more fully 4th dimensional things hidden in time, are revealed
  26. we exist simultaneously in many if not ultimately all dimensions
  27. we know the Illuminati will take down a plane to get rid of one person
  28. the co-pilots [flight 9525] actions are those of a controlled Manchurian Candidate
  29. there is a multi-state training operation (read False Flag opportunity) being planned for July [jade helm]
  30. there is EVIDENCE that at least some of us are aware of that thoughts for example are manifesting FASTER into material reality
  31. my body feels lighter, I exude more light and I need less food
  32. with my FULLY FORMED LIGHT BODY that I am in essence LIGHT and that RADIATION IS A FORM OF LIGHT and therefore the radiation from Fukushima doesn’t affect me
  33. the human vehicle, is built with the DNA from at least 12 contributing RACES OF BEINGS
  34. if you can separate your atoms sufficiently to match the frequency of the atoms in the wall you can in essence move through it
  35. some of us can WALK ON WATER or have a MIRACULOUS non physical experience that is real in every way and can save our lives. I’ve done it and know others who have done it
  36. I, Kerry Cassidy, was struck by a SCALER WEAPON ATTACK to the right side of my head, causing facial numbness and damaged nerves
  37. Project Camelot was told many years ago by various witnesses that the end of 2015 was the cut-off point for the ringing in of the new financial system
  38. Gordon Duff [Veteran’s Today] is CIA
  39. the Illuminati and the BRICS are two sides of the same coin
  40. it’s raining in California they no doubt need the cloud cover to shoot it [asteroid 1999 FN53] out of our atmosphere
  41. I have been told by 3 top psychics that it was a scalar weapon attack to the right side of my head
  42. Veterans Today is completely involved with and run by the CIA
  43. I stay away from traditional medical doctors and any traditional medical establishment practices
  44. surely Americans can hold more than one piece of news in their heads
  45. we know ISIS/ISIL is funded by the Saudis, U.S. and CIA and Israel
  46. we know about the use of chemtrails and flouride in water containing chemicals and nano particles that are working to make populations more malleable and submissive
  47. highly likely much of this material coming from Corey Goode is at least partially programmed by the same dark group that have been fighting for control of the GIZA stargate
  48. none of this info is new that Goode is putting out
  49. Earth has become an ascension planet as of 2012
  50. everyone is in contact whether they know it or not
  51. I had an LSD experience where I went into the heavens and encountered what seemed to be “God” [during college]
  52. regardless of whether someone is telling the truth I listen
  53. there is so much deception out there today
  54. I had a vision of how the pillars [Göbekli Tepe] would be brought into a vibratory resonance that would open the gates allowing for interdimensional travel from that location as well as incoming visitation
  55. the war with Syria is likely to be more about the ancient sites in Syria than about anything else
  56. ISIS, originally funded and trained, by the U.S., Israel and Britain
  57. ISIS are trained and supplied by CIA, funded by Swiss Banks… trained in Saudi Arabia etc etc
  58. San Bernardino Shooting – Manchurian Candidate Activation
  59. After reading the book [Becoming Steve Jobs] I believe there is evidence that Jobs was being killed systematically
  60. we know ISIS has been funded and equipped by U.S. and allies


  1. children have very active kundalini, which is a plasma substance known as orgone
  2. the U.S. military (or portions of it) are not in alignment with Obama on supporting and funding of ISIS it would seem
  3. RECENTLY I had to replace the lock on my front door… it was stripped.. they must have broken into my apartment and searched it
  5. the EU has long been vulnerable to being at the mercy of Russia
  6. memes and thought forms are generated and shared and ultimately can become shared realities
  7. I find it very distracting and hence pay little attention to the constant stream of ‘fear’ based diabolical programming being out putted by the PTB
  8. you don’t need to actually “put” people in a fema camp if you simply sell them on the idea of it happening
  9. get people to trust something outside themselves to tell them their possible future more than themselves and they will build your diabolical dream for you!
  10. the Arc de Triomphe in Paris is a SUNGATE
  11. from my perspective the public and perhaps especially the alternative media are losing the plot when it comes to Brexit
  12. the European Union was the brainchild of the Nazis, conceived by Churchill, the OSS and CIA and encouraged by America during a time when the former Soviet Union (communism) was seen as a huge impending threat
  13. it appears that Britain is in fact run by and the headquarters for at least the Rothschild side of the Illuminati who themselves may be reporting to the Vatican / and Black Pope / Pindar and ET overlords
  14. more investigation needs to be done but the signs are clear. False Flag. [Nice attack]
  15. their [Reptilian and Mantid ET] history is one of raping and eating humans… using them as sex slaves, for breeding and food
  16. many many of the Camelot witnesses have gone back to work for the dark side and some have lost their lives trying to deliver the truth to the masses
  17. the Luciferian Agenda involving Reps, Dracos, Zeta Rigelians, and behind the scenes Necromitons (dragon moths) fighting over the stargate/portals in Syria as they did in Iraq
  18. Turkey is a vital arm of the U.S. control apparatus to create chaos in the Middle East in preparation for what some would call Armageddon
  19. nearly all so-called terrorist attacks are FALSE FLAGS
  20. Russian forces attacked and killed U.S. command center in Aleppo killing 30 Israeli Foreign Officers along with British, American, Turkish, Saudi and Qutari officers
  21. last night while watching Van Morrison perform at the Hollywood Bowl I looked up at the sky just in time to see a very large UFO
  22. this is clear evidence of the Secret Government of which she is a part. Nothing more [Clinton’s private e-mail server]
  23. Hillary is a card-carrying member of the secret government and completely read-in on the secret space program, our relationships with various ET races both on and off-planet as well as underground and interdimensionals. This is crucial to know. Donald Trump simply is not
  24. Comey, Director of the FBI, is not on board with the Secret Government. He is working for the side that wants to reveal the existence of a Secret Government. With the backlash from the Bush Cabal against his recent move to reopen the investigation, he will likely be finding another job or have some sudden health problems or an accident in the near future. That much is clear
  25. militaries within the U.S. have allegiance to the Secret Government. They are also aligned with various ET / Inner Earth factions
  26. Trump is aligned with the Scottish Rite side
  27. the evidence seems to point to a manipulation of the timelines by CERN (among other endeavors) that are sometimes called the “Mandela Effect”
  28. a portion of the Navy (deep insiders) are working quietly to among other things, remove the Grey alien/ Reptilian infiltration from Earth and to remove their control over the secret space / secret government
  29. from my perspective, nothing that goes on in politics or on the surface of Planet Earth today can be considered without considering the vast alien intervention, involvement and interaction within it all
  30. our wars are ET/Intra/Inter dimensional wars that we inherited from our predecessors


  1. I can not attest whether everything he [James Corey Goode] says is true or not because i am not really paying a whole lot of attention
  2. the secret space program is made up of Paperclip scientist that came here [USA] after WW2 - ex Nazis, top officials and agencies in governments of Russia, United States and Britain, and also France, Germany, Australia. China has their own secret space program
  3. secret space program has to do with humanity 3.0
  4. we are food for a race of Reptilians
  5. we are being invaded by artificial intelligence, there are both positive and negative artificial intelligence
  6. a time travel witness told me about Nazis being reverse aged and Wernher von Braun is one of them
  7. Illuminati are a group of black magicians, lead by the Black Pope, originating on Atlantis


  1. there is a lot of crazy stuff going on, on the Moon
  2. the way the greys sometimes work is they are not very honest
  3. I believe I was around during the days of Camelot [a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur] and I believe that we [Kerry&Bill] carried forth the Camelot mission from that time
  4. I was never really interested in Roswell
  5. I have seen ghost, spirits stuck on their way, I have been able to interact with them my whole life
  6. time and space are illusions
  7. eventually even the dark will go to the light
  8. mind control can be exercised in any of the realities, Illuminati can get your astral body to do and believe certain things, to activate it and exercise it in certain other realities to do their bidding
  9. you are suppose to think that only experts know and that you don’t know, this is an illusion as well
  10. you have cancer long before it materializes
  11. if you reject something you will attract it [law of attraction thingy]
  12. Trump’s role is to draw fire, the election was stolen from the dark side
  13. ISIS is destroying monuments in the Middle East is because the history of the dominance of Reptilians over humans is inscribed on those temples
  14. Reptilians are a hierarchical marauding species that go around taking other planets, feeding on another beings
  15. every single creature on Earth is a reflection of an alien race
  16. Arthur C. Clarke had to sing a non disclosure agreement and was given knowledge as part of the disclosure program
  17. I don’t accept the voice of authority on anything

Sensing and seeing 4D is simply being able to do the following:

  1. sense or see auras around people, plants, animals, buildings etc
  2. seeing or sensing ghosts, ETs, or other beings such as light beings
  3. seeing or sensing the ether / information field all around us… and seeing how “alive it is” something like a soup of light and shadow
  4. seeing or sensing ufos, craft and consciousness in the night sky
  5. feeling/sensing/seeing vortexes, wormholes/stargates or other areas of high energetics
  6. having sensation of unlimited power and potential beyond the everyday 3D body… such as being able to do things previously considered impossible
  7. telepathically receiving or sending data


  1. there is a reason to believe there is an asteroid heading towards us, I did have a vision of this
  2. we all have coronavirus (respiratory ailments) from chemtrails weakening the immune system. It is triggered by 5G and concentrated wifi (cruise ships, airports and planes). It is NOT CONTAGIOUS except through suggestion: being influenced by the virus/fear MEME
  3. I get downloads, that happens more and more
  4. the idea that vaccines do anything positive whatsoever for the human system is highly controversial and very likely simply not the case
  5. time and space are one, we are one
  6. things you are being sold by so called mainstream science have been lies
  7. Trump is a reincarnation of general Patton [George Smith Patton] and is very inspired by John F. Kennedy
  8. I have prophetic dreams, I have dreams of the future
  9. I have a theory on possible meeting a few Anunnaki
  10. I tend to see life like a Hollywood movie
  11. Qanon is sounding more like a cheerleader than anything else at the moment [April 2020]
  12. if my dreams of the future are correct we may end up in a civil war here in the United States
  13. they were shooting 5G at me last night


  1. germ theory is faulty and completely wrong
  2. Bob Lazar [Robert Scott Lazar] has been in touch with various ET races
  3. I can bilocate
  4. I had another major dream about JFKjr….he is alive
  7. CRIMEA HAS MAJOR GEOMAGNETIC ANOMALIES… FOR EXAMPLE ONE MAJOR ROAD DOWN THE MIDDLE… VEHICLES SIMPLY DISAPPEAR….evidence of large portal..along with rows of pyramids… THIS War effort is not what it seems

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