Jon Danner

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Jon Danner

Man initially known only as Mr.X, came into contact with Project Camelot via Project Serpo’s webmaster Bill Ryan. The interview, made as video and in writing, was conducted in 2006.

During 1984 to 1985 Mr.X, employed at unnamed aerospace company, allegedly spent six months archiving artifacts, videos, films, pictures and documents having to do with government involvement with the ETs. Kerry Lynn Cassidy believes he worked for Rockwell as a graphic artist. Why the above top secret elite secret space program shadow government Illuminati world has limited personnel and hired an outsider to sort such documentation is not known.

His claims are based on what he says he saw in that documentation.

Mr.X recalls documentation mentioning Truman and Eisenhower. Some papers are even said to have Truman’s signature. He claims to have archived documentation proving over fifty UFO crashes on Earth. He knew about five different alien species, four of which he saw on photographs.

  1. The tall thin orange ones with round face and large eyes, it was stated in documentation they were the creators of what we call Greys
  2. The Greys
  3. The bit more pale and more stocky Greys
  4. Human like looking with white skin, blue eyes and light hair

According to X, the autopsy reports of dead ETs from crashed UFO showed their blood being chlorophyll-based and them not eating, ingesting, as we do. They don't have stomachs, don't have waste material like we do. They're like a cross between like a plant and an animal and they gather their energy through absorbing minerals through their skin. And they use light for photosynthesis.

He further claims, ETs came here since they feared our nuclear capabilities and of both destroying ourselves and maybe other species out in space because we were getting awful close to space travel.

Mr.X said ETs communicated with the government officials using telepathy.

Documentation allegedly shows ETs told the USA government we [humans] are descendants of them. That we were actually put here on earth from their genetic material. That we are genetically engineered and put here and that we were one of their life breeds. Also, they also claim that they were the ones that were responsible for putting Jesus Christ on this Earth to teach us spirituality and to get us to evolve past the greed and what the Bible calls sin.

Documentation is also alluding to teaching of humankind to evolve to a higher plane, to where we would realize that we're all one species and we're of the same material, both energy and physical. And there's no need to fight wars with one another and there's no need to have currency, that sort of earthly stuff that we kind of pride ourselves on and get our identity from? Because according to them, they don't have that. They don't see their bodies like we see ours. It's not a possession to them, it's a vehicle

The home of the ETs is said to be a Zeta Reticuli star system.

Mr.X claims government received power source and communications technology from ETs, but did not get any weapons. He also did not see anything about ETs causing harm to humans. X saw, in the documents, ETs told the government there will be a mass landing at the end of 2012.

Mr.X is said to have been murdered. He was taken out as per Project Camelot, which also claims Mr.X was about to go public on Coast to Coast radio. Project Camelot made a statement about his death on December 13th, 2008. Exact cause unknown. Reportedly he felt unwell, condition deteriorated rapidly, he died in a hospital.

X’s real name, Jon Danner, was revealed by Bill Ryan in 2015 in a forum post relating to James Corey Goode drama.


It has been over a decade since Mr.X gave his testimony. What has changed? Nothing. As many he provided no proof and as many he complained due to being asked to provide the proof. In some parts his testimony is similar to channelings such as those from Galactic Federation of Light. He developed quite a resolve and conviction from simply being an alleged archiver of UFO documentation. Some might claim he offered truths, which were then twisted to fit an agenda.

If Jon Danner was really killed for revealing what he knew, I thank him for his sacrefice.



  1. they [ETs] didn’t have death like we did. They did not forget. They knew before their body was going to die and they just went ahead and got a new one and their body pretty much was gone after they left. So it continued for them and they lived anywhere from 200 to 400 years
  2. labeling [documents] included Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret Eyes Only, Confidential, and Unclassified. Some had markings of MJ-12 and MAJIC or Majestic
  3. I saw one piece of I-beam material with symbols on it. It was about 5 inches long and 1 inch thick, with no burn marks on it at all. It sounded like plastic when banged (gently) on the side of my desk. I could not scratch it. It was very exciting holding it. I thought to myself, “This is from another planet in another solar system, and I get to touch it!” I felt privileged
  4. there was several mentions of Zeta Reticuli in the documents about Roswell
  5. there were also diagrams of the inside of the ship, including panel diagrams, electrical device diagrams and ship compartment diagrams. All of these were sketches
  6. I also saw several pictures of dead and cut-up aliens. I would assume that these were autopsy pictures
  7. the materials came from everywhere. CIA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, NORAD, DoD, FBI, and government officials to name most
  8. according to documents, they have been visiting Earth for over 50,000 years
  9. documents told of more than 50 races of them, but the Roswell ones are the ones that make the aforementioned claims
  10. they claim that their purpose is to spread life throughout the universe, and that there are many planets like ours with creatures that can be crossbred or lab-created to inhabit those planets
  11. project names and codes that I can remember MAJIC, MJ-12, Bluebook, Majestic and I believe a project with “shine” in its name
  12. nothing about them being from our future, nothing about time travel, and nothing about them being hostile or benign
  13. the only locations I can remember are White Sands and Roswell
  14. most of what I handled was sealed. I was instructed to leave things that were sealed alone. I would say only 5% of the materials was not sealed or packaged in some way
  15. it is indicated in several documents that according to them, our spirit is the same as theirs
  16. the only people I have formally spoken to are Jerry Pippin, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
  17. subject of ufology is poisoned with skepticism and jealousy because of plants of disinformation
  18. we all have the same sort of story. We have no proof. We are ridiculed. We are denied that we experienced what we experienced. We are crazy, nutcases, insane, kooks the list goes on and on. There are some in the know that like it that way. PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. That is what it’s about
  19. well, we have about six years until everyone will know. The answers will be clear. The truth will be known, and the liars exposed [relating to 2012 mass landings, which never happened]
  20. we will learn the true history of man through the ETs and the powers that be
  21. we will have to be shown the truth. And if those who run the world do not do it, the ETs will
  22. it’s all to control us and make us believe we are weaker than we are and have less choices than we do [referring to monetary system and religion]
  23. I believe that the ETs will try to lead us out of the mess we are currently in
  24. we will meet the tall orange beings that created our ET fathers and mothers, and we will learn from them

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