John Olsen Lear

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John Olsen Lear

John Olsen Lear, pilot, son of William Powell Lear, founder of the Lear Jet corporation.

Robert Scott Lazar

They had him drink the pine-smelling fluid. And he drank the cup. And immediately he felt, you know, dizzy. And he described exactly what he felt like. He said he felt like he was in a well that was 100 feet deep, that his arms were 100 feet long, and he was just holding on to the sides of the well, just barely with his fingertips. Then they started to read the clearance, the briefing of the clearance, which he was being given. So they’d say, you know, they’d read a sentence. And he’d say: And I understand that, you know, I am being briefed. And at the end, the soldier would take the M-16 and poke it into his stomach. At each different phase of the clearance, the soldier would take the M-16 and poke it into his solar plexus.

It is believed this was done to instill a reflex. The claim was that, whenever Bob was asked about something secret, he felt the pain.

According to John; in 1988 Bob Lazar told him, he saw an alien craft and bit later a live Grey alien.

Bob took a small group of people, including John, to a Groom Lake [Area 51] test site via a back road. They went there on Wednesday evenings when the UFOs were being tested. One evening they ran into army already being there and attempted a quiet getaway but did not manage to pull it off. Before the army reached them Bob took a gun and ran into the desert, to hide.

Army questioned John and then let him go. At first John thought they had left but allegedly all these guys did was go about 100 yards down the road, turn around, set up all their cameras and parabolic recording equipment and were recording everything that goes on. Army men heard Bob returning to the car and talking with John. They preceded to drive home and were stopped by the county sheriff. Sheriff was asking them about the the gun and the extra fifth guy - Bob. Due to the incident Bob was threatened, he later stopped working at Area 51 because they were wiping his memory. He could remember going to and from the Groom Lake but did not remember what he was doing while there.

Later in 2008 John stated Bob went back to work for the government at Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Describing the different levels of access John stated the lowest clearance you can get is Top Secret. And then above that, there’s 28 levels of Top Secret Crypto. And then above that, there’s 10 levels. Now, these aren’t the real names, except the top one is Majestic. President of the United States is, like, Top Secret Crypto 17. He doesn’t need to know very much. Each level is suppose to be compartmentalized. Having an X clearance does not mean you get to know everything everyone with an X clearance knows.

Some of the things Bob told John:

  1. It’s theorized that there is one black hole for every galaxy
  2. It’s theorized that every black hole has its OWN galaxy
  3. HIV - the protein coat is on the virus itself
  4. The recycle time of the gravity amplifier is 10 milliseconds


AIDS was invented by a Navy surgeon named R. M. Donner. The cure for AIDS has to do with the cucumber Trichosanthes kirilowii, which is only grown in China. The mold of the cucumber is mixed with I believe hydrazine sulfate but I don't know how to do it. The original targets were Africa, then San Francisco and Los Angeles specifically in the homosexual community.

Information from S-4 regarding the alleged cure for AIDS virus: AIDS virus is protected by the protein coat on the RNA preventing the antibodies, the T-4 cells, of the immune system from detecting and eliminating it. The alleged cure for AIDS lies in the excrement of the white fungus that’s grown from the Chinese cucumber Trichosanthes kirilowii. This excrement, which develops after about two or three weeks, is separated with hydrazine sulphate in an acidification process which dissolves the protein coat on the RNA and exposes the nucleus of the virus that’s detected by the antibodies in the immune system. Regardless of how weak the immune system is, the virus will be destroyed. No more than 20cc dose per 36 hour period should be administered. No antibiotics should be used during this period. The 20ccs are metabolized in 36 hours, having dissolved the protein coat on the virus.

Iran Contra

In 1980, when Reagan and Bush were running against Carter and Mondale, as you know, the hostages were still in Iran, in Teheran. And then Bush took an airplane to Paris to meet not with Khomeini, but with a representative of Khomeini. And the deal was, if the Khomeini would delay the release of the hostages until Reagan’s inauguration, that the Reagan-Bush administration would supply him, the Iranian regime, unlimited guns and ammunition throughout their administration, which would go from 1980 to 1988.

My part in that was to deliver those guns and ammunition from Tel Aviv to Teheran. Guns were coming into Tel Aviv from Zaragosa, our Air Force base in Spain. And Mossad was handling the whole thing. I never did fly a flight. And the reason was, the first airplane got shot down over Russia, about 40 miles south of Yerevan. Mossad couldn’t figure out how the pilots got off course. They were on their way out. They had dropped the load. Pilots were intercepted by the Russian MIGs who knew what was going on and didn’t like it. And the pilots thought: Well, you know, might as well follow them because we’ve got nothing on board, they can’t prove anything. And then as soon as they got them over Russia, just shot their ass down, which was a message to Mossad: Hey, we don’t want this to go on.

Mark Richards

John had the following to say regarding the alleged captain Mark Richards and his claims: total, total unadulterated bullshit. It wasn’t until several years later when Kerry Lynn Cassidy managed to get her first exclusive on Mark Richards and his story. John refuted the entire Dulce war story, saying it was actually an incident inside Dulce between a single Grey alien and Delta Force. Grey killed a soldier when he walked armed into the room where the alien was instructing a group of scientists. Allegedly approaching a Grey alien with a weapon was forbidden. Delta Force attempted to retaliate. As the story goes the incident ended with the Grey alien killing 66 people which included Delta Force and the scientists.

Above Top Secret

According to Kerry Lynn Cassidy the ATS forum might be a CIA front. John believes the forum is there for them [secret elite] to see what people think in order for it to be then handled by paid debunkers, like Jeff Ritzmann and David Biedne. John felt being attacked on the forum due to his claims, some of the attacks were insults. John took his time to compile a list of insults and posted them wondering why that is allowed to go on. Next day William Irvine informed John he had been prevented from further posting untill he can prove those insults were used against him. Apparently the forum moderators were unable to find original posts on the forum, containing the insults.

John got help from Ron Schmidt going into the archives, where he found the posts in question and informed William about it. As a reply William has said Jeff admitted it, it’s a done deal. William wanted to keep this hidden, swept under the carpet, but John refused to do so and got himself a full ban.

The archives part is not explained as to what that is suppose to be. The word itself is a tad confusing. Unless Ron had a full administrative access to the forum neither he or John could see more than any other moderator could and if John as a regular member could go into archives so could any other member…

Moon and Newton

There’s 64% gravity on the moon, using Bullialdus-Newton law of inverse-square, if we know where the neutral point is and the size of the planets, we can figure out what the gravity is. We know what the neutral point is because: 1) Wernher von Braun told us; 2) the crew of Apollo 17 told us; and 3) one of the other Apollo missions told us. And it’s about 69998 kilometers and, if you work out the law of inverse-square, it comes out to be that the moon is 64% gravity of the Earth.

John claims moon is a spaceship that was towed into orbit. I would say thirty to forty thousand years ago. Now the reason I say thirty to forty thousand years ago, is because it’s still within the history of man. The electromagnetic vehicle that towed the moon into orbit is in the crater Tsiolkovsky. Iapetus is probably a spaceship too.

Allegedly there is far more to the moon than we think. The air settles into the craters and if you’re in the crater, you can breathe fine. If you get out of the crater it takes a little longer. But basically, the civilization of the Moon starts back at Newton. Shortly after Newton died, somebody modified his thoughts to make what is called the Newton Law of Universal Gravitation. John claims Newton never thought a mass had to be specified.

Moon has forests, meadows, lakes, rivers, people, civilizations, and it’s on a band of the Moon that’s just beyond where we can see. The atmosphere has a saffron color. We think it’s that color because, although the atmosphere is not as dense as Earth, it’s higher. And the rays reflecting through the atmosphere will go more towards yellow.

In 1856 a Danish mathematician and astronomer, Peter Andreas Hansen, proposed there was a bump on the far side of the Moon, center of gravity was actually placed 57 kilometers farther out in space than had been generally realized. And, for that reason, he thought that there might be atmosphere on the far side. That was until in 1870, when a guy named Simon Newcomb came to Paris and told everybody that Peter Andreas Hansen was full of beans. Simon Newcomb was a Rear Admiral in the US Navy and Head of the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC.

John further claims the moon landing never happened as is officially publicized. To substantiate his claims John quoted from Buzz Aldrin’s book regarding how it felt being on the moon: For Christ sake, I don’t know! I just don’t know! I have been frustrated since the day I left the Moon by that question.


In 2003 John stated the intention of 9/11 was to polarize American opinion against Muslims and to get rid of the Osama who was shutting down heroin poppy field and was causing a disastrous monetary lose to the illegal drug industry. There was a five hundred percent increase of drug traffic from Afganistan after Osama was eliminated.

There were no planes on 911, it was a hologram. The entire thing was done by Nasty NASA Nazis. Flight 11 and 77 didn’t exist in the beginning. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has no record of them taking off. Flight 93 allegedly crashed in Shanksville. Anybody who has any background in accident investigation or any background at all, can’t possibly believe that an airplane crashed. There was no wreckage. Flight 93 was the one that was supposed to crash into building seven.

John believes flight 175 could have never had hit WTC in a manner it happened. An airplane cannot fly 500 mph at a thousand feet. It has to do with drag, and it has to do with power and it has to do with the fact that they use turbofans. It just can’t happen.

John refuted Henry Deacon’s claims by saying I don’t believe you could remote control an airplane the size of a 767-200 anyway, particularly to hit dead center of the World Trade Center.

There was no wreckage from ANY airplane in the World Trade Center. When each airplane, American Airlines in the North Tower and United Airlines in the South Tower, hit, it was two-fifths of a second while they [fuselage] disappeared in the airplane In two-fifths of a second you’re not going to have a fuselage panel about seven feet long drift down and just be lying there in almost perfect condition, unless it was accompanied by Mohammed Atta’s passport.

The engine on Murray Street has been identified as either a CFM-56, CFM stands for Snecma OR the CF-6, which was a 767 engine, which was developed out of the CFM-56. But whichever one it was the CF6 or the CFM56, it had to be General Electric and unfortunately, or fortunately, United Airlines used strictly Pratt and Whitney. So that engine you see flying off and that engine they say is from 175, isn’t from 175.

The World Trade Center was collapsed by a direct energy weapon, being operated from one of the outer space weapons platforms, and the reason we know is because of the size of the dust that was left of the concrete. It was approximately 80 microns, and that’s what a direct energy weapon collapses when it’s pointed down. That’s what it uses, it’s called molecular disassociation.


It was James Harold Doolittle, which confirmed MJ-12 existence to John’s mother. He was NOT a part of MJ-12, but he was around our house in Santa Monica, 222 14th Street. He lived down on Third Street with his wife, Josephine, and they were in our house just like Vandenberg, just like Twining, all those MJ-12 guys.

John was told by his source a mining machine, for the moon, had been constructed someplace in southern USA. According to this alleged source the machine was acres in size but it did not know how they got the machine to the moon.

John disproved of David Wilcock and Richard Charles Hoagland joint effort to showcase how all the planets in the solar system, not just Earth, are warming up.

Most interestingly John said Grey aliens are responsible for human-containers-bodies and would protect Earth from any catastrophe.


John Olsen Lear by itself is not exactly a whistleblower. He is more like a middle man. It is important to note that any information form John is at best second hand information.

Extremely surprisingly, John was questioned about what he knows or claims to know, by Kerry Lynn Cassidy as the interview was in progress. This is something she never does and judging by later experiences it is something she only does when she does not agree with the interviewee. A good example of that would be Kerry Vs Steven Greer.

John made several claims, 9/11 ones being among the most innocent ones. What stands out most is his AIDS CURE claim. Any virologists around here? Another interesting claim is that about the Sun, the Moon and the rest of the planets around it. If true, everything we know or were told about the solar system in basically science fiction.

His take on Grey aliens is unique?, how they are a sort of servants for whoever owns the human genetic project. How bodies are merely vehicles. Here John also touched on the common belief that humanity is a genetic project, manufactured. Greys are not suppose to be malevolent or benevolent, they are mechanics. Allegedly they do what needs doing and that can at times seem cruel from human perspective. Yet his view is very much similar to series Taken, which again brings us to Fact or Fiction.

John has a bit of a fame factor due to his father. John believes his father was originally offered to develop the anti gravity technology but was dropped out due to him talking about UFO at one time in Colombia. In some eyes John’s status, if it can be called like that, separates him from any other average Joe. Some believe this gives his claims more credibility, validity. However, what actually does give validity is proof, tangible verifiable proof. As proof John offered some drawings. He also talked about old NASA photos he had developed from negatives. Allegedly he bought some old negatives, had them developed and computer enhanced to see the alleged anomalies on the moon showing structures and objects.



  1. we have got two live aliens from Roswel, one died shortly after the other one lived until 1956
  2. we have found so far there are eighteen different alien species monitorning planet Earth
  3. we [humans] ar an experimental product


  1. oh yeah Clifford [Stone], he knows everything
  2. four, not three, astronauts had died on Apollo launch pad on January 27th, 1967. The fourth astronaut belonged to “secret astronaut corps”. NASA didn’t specifically kill those guys, just Grissom, but they let it happen. They knew it was going to happen and they just let it happen. [John refused to give the name]
  3. Paul Frederic Bennewitz, Jr. was correct about Dulce [alleged joint human and alien underground facility under Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado–New Mexico border near the town of Dulce, New Mexico]
  4. they [government] don’t bother anybody with second hand information
  5. I sat here and watched two or three hours of the tapes, and, I thought, you know, that guy’s been there. Nobody can make that stuff up [Dan Burisch]
  6. Dan Burisch story is simple but it’s complex. He was there. He did work there. There’s something that’s happening to Dan, something they’re doing with him, and it all fits into Project Serpo [hinting at disinformation]
  7. my mom had a crush on Hoyt Vandenberg, one of the MJ-12, dad was on the board of the Lovelace Clinic. Randy Lovelace was a surgeon in Wright Patterson when the Roswell thing happened. Lovelace Institute was where they did the autopsies of the bodies
  8. there’s a video floating around, 3 minutes on the internet, that shows my dad [William Powell Lear] giving a lecture, with my mom standing behind him, with pictures of saucers on the blackboard at the Monson Institute to a group of scientists
  9. he [Milton William “Bill” Cooper] got what we call “UFO disease.” And UFO disease is something that we get, we are just so in demand as speakers and we’ve already told whatever we know, so now we got to make up a little more to keep the interest. Being in demand like that is, it’s addictive, so you make up a little more and that’s called UFO disease and that’s what happened to Bill. He started making stuff up
  10. Bennewitz was on to some very good information. Doty [U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations Richard Doty] was sent to disinform him along with Bill Moore, to make him look like an idiot
  11. Grey aliens are are cybernetic organisms, there is no male or female gender
  12. the Grays, are just here monitoring, seeing everything’s going OK. They pick up kids when they’re 3 to 4; they pick them up when they’re 7 to 8; then once they’re 13 to be sure everything’s OK. That’s all their job is [John also feels Greys are not malevolent]
  13. what Earth is all about, is development of soul. There’s billions of us in the universe. Billions just like Earth in various stages of development. Some of them are not as advanced as we are, and some are more advanced. But it’s all about the soul, our nature, not being such murderous arrogant thieves. Going on, we have to develop
  14. sun is an electromagnetic sphere and what it does, it reacts with the electromagnetics of certain planets, all the planets in the solar system, which enables them to have atmospheres and environments just like Earth
  15. Mercury is not hot enough to melt lead, it’s just like Earth
  16. Neptune is not a big gas giant, it’s just like Earth. The only big gas giant in our solar system is NASA
  17. the day is 90 Earth hours long. It’s the 4th planet from Zeta Reticuli 2. So if you’re standing on Reticulum 4 you can see both suns, Zeta 1 and Zeta 2
  18. there’s always been part of MJ-12 that wants to disclose and they always get up to the threshold of “Let’s tell the public,” then they always back away, and I don’t know why they always back away
  19. it’s to keep us all riled up and worried and everything [wars and 2012 doomsday]


  1. the Meier [Eduard Albert Meier] story is true. There’s no doubt about it
  2. it is not there. It is not going to cause a problem in 2012. It’s a scam. Planet X and Nibiru, that’s based on 65 years of listening to bullshit
  3. George Adamski and Howard Menger stuff was all real, so was Truman Bethurum, and Daniel Fry. All those people were telling the exact truth
  4. we will probably have a nuclear war, you know, but things are just, you know, going to go along fine
  5. Norm Bergrun wrote the The Ringmakers of Saturn. It’s an EXCELLENT book
  6. the secret space program started in 1959 and they’re the ones who went to the moon in 1962. They went to Mars in 1966. All, everything we know is a cover for the secret space program
  7. I have no doubt that we’re going to nuke Iran, one of the scenario, possible scenarios, would be that Bush gets assassinated in October. Cheney becomes President and then declares Martial Law. And then something happens and where we “have to” attack Iran – we’ll get Israel to do it
  8. Sandia’s the most secret, not the most secret, it’s THE secret base here that replaced Groom Lake Area 51. And it’s out on the Paiute Mesa
  9. we have bases on Mars. You know, the Secret Astronaut Corps has visited every planet, or most of the planets
  10. sun is an electromagnetic sphere. It’s not a nuclear reactor. And it doesn’t radiate heat as such. It radiates electromagnetism and each planet has its own filtering system. And so the filtering system around each planet determines what the temperature is. So temperature on Venus is much like Earth. So it is on Mars. So it is on Pluto. The same on Mercury. There are people just like us on every single one of the planets
  11. a week ago CNN said that a 220 mile by 40 or 50 mile chunk of ice had broken off from Antarctica, it was obviously a direct energy weapon that had made all the square cuts on this [saying it is not due to global warming]
  12. there is global warming, but we had nothing to do with it. It’s just a natural cycle of Earth
  13. the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, was absolutely a direct energy weapon. No doubt about it. I’m sure that Timothy McVeigh is alive and well now. He was part of the operation
  14. the Navy has an underground tube system that goes all around the world, and it’s very, very fast. You can go anywhere in the world in an hour
  15. Pacific Ocean underlies California, Nevada and Idaho, entrance is in north of Fort Ord on Monterey Bay, Thresher and the Scorpion nuclear submarines were lost while exploring these areas
  16. there was a secret Navy base in Lake Tahoe
  17. other things I heard about was a computerized battleship. It’s called Fleet 21, there’s not one person on it. It’s all computerized
  18. I think the Ronald Reagan goes about 90 knots. The reason I think that is because the Enterprise definitely went 75 knots
  19. TWA 800 [Trans World Airlines Flight 800] was shot down by a Navy submarine, it was an accident, the missile was aimed at a drone. That was the fifth airplane, civilian airliner, that the Navy had shot down since 1963
  20. Ben Rich [Benjamin Robert “Ben” Rich] was one of the most, the biggest, Mossad spy in the United States
  21. David Ben Gurion [primary founder of the State of Israel], in the summer of 1963, said, you know: We have to kill Kennedy. We have to. I’m tired of him threatening us with inspecting Dimona. It’s none of his friggin’ business. I don’t want to hear any more from Kennedy. You kill him
  22. Air Force secret base runway lights are blue
  23. we had anti-gravity solved in 1957 or 1958, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo was just a COVER for all that was really going on
  24. Bob Lazar told me that there was nothing dangerous about the Van Allen Belt
  25. Bob Lazar was shown pictures of pyramids in Cydonia [region on Mars]
  26. the plan is to destroy us if they, Nasty NASA Nazis, can’t get rid of the Grays. And of course they’re not going to get rid of the Grays. The Grays are ALL OVER the friggin’ place
  27. we can’t be responsible for the bad guys. We can’t be responsible for the children that are having so much trouble in the world. We can’t be responsible for the nuclear wars if they are going on. All we can do is be responsible for ourselves. And that’s to live our lives without envy, hate or greed, and to tell each member of our family how much we love them, and to tell them that every day

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