Jake Simpson

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Jake Simpson

Jake Simpson is highly regarded by Project Camelot and has been frequently mentioned and referenced in years to come after the initial publication.

In 2008 Bill Ryan and Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot allegedly interviewed a person known under a pseudonym as Jake Simpson. The story goes it all happened on Thailand’s island of Koh[Ko] Samui. Aside from what is claimed to be a written account there are no video or audio recordings, although Bill and Kerry did express a desire for that to happen.

Allegedly Jake works for a country friendly to the USA and has been trained for an enhancement of his ability to absorb written information and can allegedly read 80 to 100 thousand words per minute. Jake is further described as a psychic intuitive and a white hat.

A story in three parts

First part talks about a threat, metaphorically described as a wave, heading our way. It was unclear to Jake whether this wave is a product of an area of space which the solar system is entering - or whether it is the result of a close fly-past by a large rogue celestial body or other unusual and impending cosmological events. This information was brought to light by superluminal craft which went to look what is around. Jake did not known when this catastrophe is set to occur and to what an extent the damage could be.

Apparently the extinction level event has happened before [and it will all happen again?!?] given the claimed discoveries of thousands of years old underground facilities built by prior Earth culture to safeguard themselves from just such eventuality.

According to Jake there is also a serious threat of pandemics, food shortages and a mass die off - depopulation.

Second part is on a brighter, less of a doomsday side of things, Jake told Bill and Kerry about technology surrounding access to other dimensional states of existence for which there is a massive amount of research funding being applied to. This research, Jake said at the time, is a top priority. He also claims some of these dimensional states can be subtly experienced on a specific locations on Earth, at the specific times, very much dependent on Earth’s position in relation to other celestial bodies.

Third part, the epitome of Jake’s testimony, is the alleged quantum AI [artificial intelligence] hyperspace surveillance system, being in existence for over 20 years. The claim is any conversation anywhere can be plucked out of the reality matrix, this is not limited by time and is directly connected to the akashic records. This implies the system can monitor what anyone is saying or thinking about in real time or what was said and thought in the past, no matter the physical location or means of communication.

Bill claims Jake was carefully selecting moments as to when to reveal certain information. Jake was talking enigmatically using code words, timing what he is saying. After being questioned as to why he is doing that, Jake replied with yes i am avoiding the sweeps.

Bill further claims he [specifically mentioning it was him, much to the later anger of Kerry Lynn Cassidy who insists she also had this experience while there] has had an experience, an experience where during the conversation a remote influence tried to inhibit them by preventing Jake to speak and making Bill [and apparently also Kerry] feel overly tired/sleepy. This allegedly happened late at night after Kerry had already gone to bed [due to this exact supposed remote interference as she has said] when Jake and Bill were still talking. Jake is said to have entrusted Bill with more information but could barely speak and Bill could barely concentrate enough to listen and next morning could not remember what he was being told.

According to Bill the interference was caused by negative radionics.

Apparently Jake also warned them to stay away from any attempts of obtaining an actual proof, in regard to everything they do, as that would result in everyone involved being killed.

Jake believes there is an off-world group or association that I may have a very special relationship with, that is lending a very discreet helping hand, where possible.


There actually was a swine flu pandemic, as per WHO, during 2009. What was initially called an outbreak was first detected in Mexico City, March 18th 2009. Date under Project Camelot’s post is January 8th 2009. The interview was conducted in 2008. So the claim about the coming pandemics might be regarded as accurate. It is relevant to mention this was not the first swine flu outbreak, there were four prior outbreaks of which 1918 one is labeled as a pandemic. There were also outbreaks in 2015 and 2016.

There however were no food shortages, if one discounts the ever present lack of basic necessities in some of the so called third world countries.

The described surveillance system, compared to which NSA and GCHQ revelations, brought into the public face by Edward Snowden, are on a level of a baby monitor or a cup-string phone, is very much akin to the alleged abilities of the North Korean supreme leader, that is, he can know what you are thinking, along with not having a need to defecate. Now, unless North Korea has access to this exact system, the point of such propaganda is to instill fear, obedience and subservience. No one will think about going against the system, let alone do it. There actually is no escape. The supreme leader knows your thoughts, so you better be on your best behavior each and every moment of your life. In the case here we have an all encompassing global supreme AI leader which can do the same. So, what is one to do, aside from feeling trapped and doomed to fail in advance?

Yet whatever you do, do not in any case attempt to prove anything, as that will surely result in your death - a message leaving you with nothing but hopium, which is exactly what the last paragraph in the interview is. There is this would be ET race, working behind the scenes, doing what they can, yet not too much as that would violate your free will, not to mention ruin the ever lasting plot line of Bad Vs Good.



  1. classified technology is ten thousand years ahead of public sector, accelerating for one thousand years each year
  2. advanced craft can travel from geostationary orbit [35.786km] to the ground in 5 seconds
  3. some of the craft were larger on the inside than outside
  4. they can travel outside the solar system and move faster than the speed of light
  5. it was very probable that Eisenhower’s 1955 heart attack was at least partially induced by the stress of some of the information he had learned from the extraterrestrials
  6. ET visitors came from various races, systems and times, human DNA is compatible with hundreds of different races
  7. the international network of deep underground bases, as deep as 9km, had been built in a continuing program since soon after the end of World War II costing trillions of dollars
  8. military leaders had learned through ET contact that a potential catastrophe of huge magnitude, occurring early in the 21st century, was possible
  9. Australia is the Ark of the World
  10. the catastrophic events are cyclic
  11. great classified libraries of the world, in the Vatican and elsewhere, all contained detailed accounts of the destruction of prior civilizations
  12. there is a threat of the deliberate release of viruses followed by hideous effects of spontaneous eruptions of new generations of opportunistic bacteria like Necrotizing Fasciitis and more advanced versions of golden staphylococci which would further reduce the world’s population after the initial first line of worldwide disasters had occurred
  13. before the end of 2009 - or possibly early 2010 - there would be a sudden and rapid escalation of international reported outbreaks of extremely dangerous viruses
  14. coupled with these outbreaks there will be a very real possibility of food shortages
  15. alternate states of reality can manifest into alternative universal realities
  16. there are very many localized effects experienced subtly, here on Earth in the course of a year, in relation to the specific location to other localized celestial bodies

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