David Wilcock

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David Wilcock

Join us on a thrill ride of discovery as we explore David Wilcock and his legendary cosmic top secret insiders with staggering mind blowing revelations.


David stated his first contact with UFO theories was in 1993. Ever since then David has been providing the benefit of insider UFO scoops to the public, to You. He was told about UFOs by his friend who was told about it by his professor who worked for NASA. According to this professor War of the Worlds was a public shock test to determine if people can handle the truth. Based on this test the conclusion was they can not. Also according to this alleged professor, the fiber optics, Teflon, Kevlar, laser beams, LED lights and infrared night vision were all reverse engineered from a recovered alien space craft.

When visiting David Wilcock for the first time, Kerry Lynn Cassidy’s initial statement was: we are every happy to be invited to his humble abode, which is not so humble. Seems David was/is doing well for himself. It is not clear what prompted Kerry to specify that detail or how David’s wealth was important for the interview. Could be Kerry was comparing herself to David, since they are both in the same business.

Law Of One

Law of One plays a huge role in David Wilcock’s works. It is his bible. David found out about the Law in 1996. After starting to read the Law, David began to experience contact, to which he initially refereed to as dream voice.

The Law of One is a channeled material. The source of the channel is Ra which is the name that they took on in Egypt. They also in the Bible show up as the Cherubeum or the Carabeem, these angels that protect the tree of life.

The Law of One series is also cryptic. It's hard to understand. That's why we have a study guide on my website, DivineCosmos.com is the website. This is just a slight intermezzo. Something David does a lot. Most of the time. All the time? It is how he sells himself. For comparison, Kerry Lynn Cassidy will never ever stop asking for donations and David Wilcock will never ever miss a chance for merchandising, even if the product in mention is offered freely, it is enough to get people to the website, where there are also other payable products.

According to the Law love and light are the two primal forces in the universe. The unity of love and light is the sixth density, the brow chakra, that's the level that your higher self is at. Love is 4th density. Light or wisdom is 5th density.

The 7th density which is the level of what they call the guardians. These are the entities that actually advise groups like Ra. They watch over us when we go through this process when our planet shifts from one dimension to another. By the time you are at 7th density level, it's almost like you are a star, like a whole star is your being now. Even the whole galaxy potentially is your being. And these entities eventually collide back into oneness. As a star or galaxy collapsing, it's actually an entity that has finished its curriculum of evolution and is regaining its unity with the oneness.

These guardians are also to be responsible for a quarantine around Earth. David said negative may not enter unless invited. Invitation is issued via an action - by what people are, how they are, how they do, how they think. It is David’s view that most ships or UFO seen by people are negative ETs that got through.

Oneness is intelligent infinity in which you have no memory, no identity, no sense of past, present or future. David further explains this does not mean you lose yourself or who you are, it is to be an upgrade of yourself.

Ra, the group that I've worked with, and it's in the Law of One series, is just one of the entities in the Confederation… one of many… of 53. The positive side like to call themselves the Confederation. And it's basically a group of 53 some odd civilizations that have all come together and are basically acting as sort of a celestial government for our little sector of the galaxy.

At one point David realized his source is Ra. David Wilcock was/is channeling Ra. Ra is not a single entity, it is a group.

This source said that it is in the sixth dimension, or the sixth density, and that at that level we all have a higher self; which is this part of us a million years more evolved than we are, and which travels back in time to help us to get to the future. To help us spiritually grow.

The Law of One series teaches us that the galactic creator they call the Logos created a body that it then writes into the energy around us. That means is the human body shows up on every planet in the galaxy where life can form. Some might get there by insects, some might get there by lizards, some might get there by mammals, like we do; some might get there by cetaceans. Some might get there even by vegetation, apparently.

In 2020 David spoke of different levels of the angelic planetary saving beings. 4th density, similar to us humans but they have levitation and telekineses, 5th density which can allegedly travel just by thinking about it and can manifest their own food, which is a liquid nectar or pure light, 6th density beings merged into a single collective consciouses, they exist as guardians and guard over the entire planets, 7th density beings the last density before you go back to the infinite creator at the 8th density. According to David 7th density beings don't work with us directly, they create a living repository of the wisdom they gathered, like the Internet, and leave it behind before going to the 8th density and only consult with 6th density beings.

6th density beings do not have a body unless they chose to project themselves into a body. According to David; there are 6th density beings helping us, that they had to come down to 5th density in order to be able to do that and that they heavily identify themselves with a hawk. This then David connected to Horus, hawk headed beings in Egyptian murals and the Blue Avians as talked about by James Corey Goode.


I did automatic writing, where you hold the pencil in your left hand and let it do what it wants to do. I felt this conscious connection [while meditating] to my third eye, trying to pull in energy from there, and the question asked was, Am I a wanderer? This is what they call these extraterrestrial souls. I start feeling something coming in really strong and for all of two or three seconds, my left hand jumped into activity, and did all this stuff. My hand had written forward and backward on the same line, and there were curves that intersected and only because they collided with each other did it say, 'Christ Cometh'. The 'th' of 'cometh' looked like the word 'Ra'.

There was more than that, there was an encoded message, it said EC 40-57 & Oxen.

David decoded the message using the Bible. EC was taken as Ecclesiastes. Counting verses from start, the first line told him for what hath a man toiled and labored under the sun; this too is meaningless and the last line told him to eat, drink and be happy in one's toil, this is the grace of God. The Oxen part David understood as him becoming a beast of burden in the working world. He had a summer job.

Golden Age

At about 1996, David had a roommate named Eric. Eric had a dream involving David and UFOs. In this dream a man wearing a white robe and sandals, with gray hair and a gray beard, spoke of the future.

David shared what Eric had told him about the dream: We are your brothers, your long lost family. You came from us, we came from you; we came from the One, we are all connected. We are here now at this time, because you are about to go through this amazing, fantastic, energetic enlightenment of your entire planet. Right now you are only seeing the bad part, where you have the earth changes, and you have the upheavals in your government, and you are starting to see the rottenness in your society, but what comes after this is a golden age, far more incredible than you can ever imagine, and we are here to help you through this transition".

As the dream went on David, who is said was also in Eric’s dream, walked up to this man. They greeted, hugged and then the man said to Eric: It is very important that you know he is one of us.

Following this account, David had to go to his $5.77 an hour job. He had a terrible day at work. After work he went on to visit his mother. It's pouring rain and my windshield is fogging over. I can't see anything, it's very deadly, and I might not even make it alive! I'm hydroplaning as I'm driving. All of a sudden, in this condition, where I'm almost in tears already from that terrible day, I realize, Wait a minute, I asked a question the night before in prayer basically, and I got the answer and the answer is yes, you are one of us!

David Wilcock ET origins confirmed?

I pulled the car over to the side of the road and I just lost it. This is where Kerry Lynn Cassidy used her directing skills to zoom in on David’s crying face. It is a very nice delivery - story engagement example. I knew in that moment that there was something that I was here to do. In other words, David had a revelation.

David has been following his dreams, using instructions from Joe Mason, such as when you wake up in the morning and remember your dreams, listen to the background noise in your mind, and just write it down; no matter how cryptic, or how nonsensical it sounds. Don't analyze it, that's the most important part; do not try to understand it. Do not pay attention to it, just let it flow through you, and write it all down. David originally started to follow his dreams in 1992.

As he started all this, he noticed a lot of really synchronistic events happening and he started to get readings. David was able to tell people of things that have not yet come to pass and other things - psychic abilities.

In 1996 David began to record his dreams on cassette tapes and later transcribed them. Recording his dreams and whatever words i heard. At the time he considered all of this to be wisdom teachings telling David of spiritual principles, ascension and a coming golden age. David had a TV show called Wisdom Teachings on Gaia TV.

Edgar Cayce

After his out of body experience, during which David was instructed he has to move to Virginia Beach, he met Francis Ford. Upon meeting David, Francis told him, he looks exactly like Edgar Cayce. David claims several others who were familiar with Edgar also told him he looks exactly like him.

So David went ahead and asked to get a reading. A reading by himself for himself. The question was: I would like to incubate a question on my identity here, related to Edgar Cayce. The answer which came back to David was Table rock. This is our boss - in short, the answer is yes. But with the answer comes great responsibility.

David compared Edgar’s natal chart with his own and found out it matches moon over moon, Mars over Mars, Mercury over Mercury, Venus over Venus, sun over sun, and then Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus and Neptune are all in these perfect aspect ratios to each other: 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees. It was so locked in and precise. As the story goes it turned out later that, in 127 years since Edgar had died, there was only one place and time for a birth which would match a chart in such a precise manner and it was David’s birthday. The Chinese zodiac at the time was the year of the Ox.

David went to ARE - Association for Research and Enlightenment, as instructed by his sources, to tell them about reincarnation, but was politely dismissed. David’s sources are the things he hears - Ra. Sources also told him to do more readings or lose his powers, his ability to channel.

From 1998 to 2005 David was running a psychic business, doing readings. David and one of his clients, Winn Free, wrote the book The reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. In February 1999 David started his own website.

In 2000 David got hired by The Time Of Global Shift, he was presenting scientific information about 2012 and planetary change. I started to have conferences, and I got on Art Bell. Arthur William Bell is the original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM. The current host is George Noory.

In 2001 David attended Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project as a VIP. David described that event as his first exposure to black ops people.

Montauk Project

This information came from Daniel, one of David’s sources. Daniel died in 2020. Daniel worked for Brookhaven National Laboratory at a Montauk Point, Long Island, Montauk Military Base and was involved with the Montauk Project from 1981-1983, during which time it was called Project Phoenix 3.

After Daniel’s death David revealed his true identity - Dr. Bruce Peret. David also disclosed him and Bruce were living together from October 2004 to January 2006 in Milton, Kentucky. According to David; Bruce shared a lot of Montauk information with him and wanted him to watch Stargate SG-1 and Babylon 5.

In 2007 David talked about a chair, allegedly retrieved from a crashed disc, via which, using mental instructions, a space ship is piloted. The chair is to provide a consciousness interface with the space craft. David claims the government experimented with such a chair. There are 22 wavelengths that the chair creates that are like your mind waves, your brain waves, and from these 22 wave lengths, all other waves come from your mind.

There was an extremely, extremely, enormous power supply that was required to run this chair. It was a non-standard frequency. It was not alternating current, 120 hertz; it was some weird decimal point number of hertz that they had to run through the chair.

Apparently the chair could also be used for manifestation. What would happen is that consciousness would create matter. They found that you could think about an object, like let's say you thought about a particular wooden chair and you visualize the chair, the chair would start forming in the room. First maybe very shimmery and sort of like you couldn't even see it and it would harden up. Depending on how much thought energy you would put into it, it would stay solid for a period of time and then it would dissipate and sort of disappear back into the background.

Then they started to find out that if you thought about a particular place that there would be an opening that would appear and you would go to that place. You could send somebody through it and then they could walk around in there for awhile and other people could see them. It was like they were there and then you would have to have the person in the chair physically pull them out with conscious intent to get them back out. David said the opening could also lead to another time. Time travel. In relation to time travel David talked about ZTR, a zero time reference. Each person has a ZTR at the point that you're first conceived. Allegedly, if you travel to future, you age appropriately given your ZTR.

David said people were experimented upon. Sent to their deaths. David specifically mentioned Stewart Swerdlow as being responsible for recruiting homeless children to use for experiments.

In 2020 David claimed the ZTR can be adjusted using extraterrestrial technology.

Philadelphia Experiment

David describes the experiment as following:

If you can imagine space/time like a sheet, everything above the sheet is the world that we inhabit, the reality that we inhabit. Everything below the sheet is this three dimensional reality that's kind of like where anti-matter is and where time is. It's like the astral plane, a mirror image of where we are now. As you accelerate though space you start curving space ,and eventually it curves around in on itself like a donut and that's a torus, it's called a torus. If you keep on going, the torus unrolls. Time is three-dimensional down there, Space is three dimensional up here. As the sheet curls in you get time on the inside of the donut, but then as you keep going, the donut unrolls in the other direction and the time that was down here unrolls and becomes your space. So you're now in a three-dimensional world, you can walk around in, you can inhabit, but it's out of phase with our reality and people in this reality wouldn't see you, you'd disappear.

In case of the Philadelphia Experiment David claims they used electrical energy to make a hole between space/time and time/space.

David further claimed the Montauk experiments were used to make a jump gate technology making a direct reference to Henry Deacon and his claims about a Jump Room to Mars. Jump Room is an alleged on demand wormhole, which took Henry Deacon form Earth to Mars in an instant. Like stepping through the door.

Apparently, so David says, another way to open a passage between space/time and time/space is a sacrifice - killing something or someone. The explanation for this is as follows: In the death process, you pop a hole through the veil temporarily. It's a conscious energy, so in a ritual, people can focus that energy and use it for something, including creating this opening.

So there are three ways to bend space and open a wormhole: A - acceleration, B - electricity, C - blood sacrifice

Pretty straight forward, nothing to get confused about here.

In 2020 David, speaking in relation to the Montauk and gate technology, stated that each planet in our galaxy and beyond has its own native stargate, each planet has a number you dial. So just like in the TV series, right.

The whole number for planet Earth is allegedly Each number denotes a section. Last three numbers are for the planet. So Earth has 606. Mars has 605 and Asgard has 1. Asgard or Æsir. Yes Asgard, just like in the TV series.

Fact or Fiction?


In 2007, based on testimony by Dan Burisch and Canadian project called Project Magnet, David has deducted, that criss crossing points of energy grid on Earth are star gates. Where the lines cross there is a node which is a dimensional crossing point. Now you have two counter rotating geometries on the Earth. One that pretty much stays stable and determines the shape of the continents, and then there's another one that we don't see which counter-rotates; and as the two go through each other at certain points the nodes will cross. If those node points cross together and you have a favorable planetary alignment at the same time, you get this surge of energy in which space/time and time/space, there is that crossing point briefly.

It was not specified what a favorable planetary alignment is.

The 2012 literally represents a vortex activity across the entire earth. That's what I have concluded from the research. Every person on earth, except for maybe some of the people that are on the negative spiritual path, called Service to Self, but almost everybody on earth is going to go through this vortex experience, which is an ecstatic thing; it's not a terrifying or painful event at all. It's similar to how the 'full out' happens. Our whole planet goes into that. David thought the 2012 thing will be a ZTR for Earth.

By today it is safe to say that apparently there was no vortex experience on December 21, 2012.

David attempted to connect the claims of his alleged insider he calls Daniel, regarding the Montauk Project - Chair and Philadelphia Experiment, with claims made by Dan Burisch, Henry Deacon and the general 2012 would be world changing event hype… turning it all into some sort of sciency thingy, which can sound plausible to the general public. David does that a lot. His entire books, voice and video presentations are based like this. For David, a comic depiction can serve as physical evidence, for his theories.

The negative group graduates 4D negative. That's a very small number and that's the people who become the J-rods and the P-52s, P-45s, P-24s. Those are all your negative graduates. They stay with the earth, and experience pole shift. They experience cataclysm; some of them are underground, some of them are on the surface. The ones on the surface are the P-52s that go to Orion. The ones on the ground are the J-rods and P-45s".

The above relates to a three way split according to the Law of One. The positive, neutral and negative. David is basically saying Burisch’s claims about the Greys from the future…etc that those are the negative oriented people from the present time.

If you are confused read the presentations for Dan Burisch and Arthur Neumann.

Plant polygraph test

From Wikipedia article:

In the 1960s Cleve Backster, an interrogation specialist with the CIA, conducted research that led him to believe that plants can communicate with other lifeforms. Backster’s interest in the subject began in February 1966 when he tried to measure the rate at which water rises from a philodendron’s root into its leaves. Because a polygraph or ’lie detector’ can measure electrical resistance, which would alter when the plant was watered, he attached a polygraph to one of the plant’s leaves. Backster stated that, to his immense surprise, “the tracing began to show a pattern typical of the response you get when you subject a human to emotional stimulation of short duration…

David was present when such an experiment was being filmed. In order to stress test the plant David had decided to conjure up the ugliest, darkest, most vile, heinous, horrible emotions that I could think of and just focus them all on that plant. As the experiment was underway David blasted this plant, this bolt of very nasty energy. The plant went crazy. Basically David says the plant had a reaction detectable by the polygraph. According to David, Backster proved this not just with plants, he proved it with bacteria, he proved it with single cells, he proved it with human cells.

David claims Brian O’Leary, former NASA astronaut, gave Backster a skin sample from inside of his mouth, and they put it in a tiny little test tube with gold wires, and then sent O'Leary off to the airport. They synchronized watches and O'Leary would write down every time something stressful happened to him the result of which allegedly was here's his living cells, three hundred miles away in a lab, and every time he had a stressful event, his cells were showing a reaction.

Galactic Center

When we are in alignment, when we are aligned with the galactic center, so that if you're standing on the Earth, and the Earth is rotating, and your body is on the surface of the Earth and as the Earth spins, your position of the galactic center spins. As I turn to face it, my psychic ability increases so much. It's like we're this river of energy coming from the center of the galaxy. So, what that ultimately suggest is, that our position in the galaxy does have an effect on our cognitive function, on our thinking.

Next time you are having a bad day, or someone pisses you off, it is not you, it is not them, it is the galactic alignment. Or it could also be just mind control. There is always room for mind control.

In order to really understand how this science works, you really have to think in terms of fractals like the [Mandelbrot Set](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandelbrot_set "Mandelbrot Set"). The fractal principle is important because you have an energy system within an atom, which in some degree, is similar to the energy system within the solar system, which to some degree is similar to the energy system within the galaxy, and even the galaxies all have a orbit around a universal center as well, that has been determined by a researcher from Russia, Dr. A.N. Mishin.

Creme Dela Creme

The following is referring to the one and only – David Wilcock, his top secret insider Daniel and Project Camelot’s top secret insider Henry Deacon: We're talking about the deepest, most concealed aspect of the UFO phenomenon you could possibly imagine. These witnesses are the absolute cream of the crop. We’re talking about stuff that you have not seen in the Disclosure Project, stuff that has never come forward before. We’re talking about the most esoteric, the most difficult to comprehend, and understand as something that could even possibly be true.

This is another thing David does a lot. Maybe just call it the way of David. It is the order and manner of the introduction. It is building up the hype. It is drawing the audience into the story.

Bill [Ryan] came here with all this new information that I don’t even know yet, so you’re going to get my first hand original reaction as I’m actually hearing this for the first time myself and that’s pretty rare and unusual to be able to capture that on film. But that’s what makes this good video.

This is David’s way of saying: It’s David bitch, shit just got real!

Bill Ryan said Henry Deacon confirmed everything David has said in relation to what Daniel had told him – the Montauk Project. To which David replied: “Really? I’m not surprised”. Humble as always.


The Rothschild, the European side of the Illuminati is Luciferian, they married the concept of Lucifer with the Egyptian Gods like Osiris, Isis and Horus – the trinity. That’s why we have the Washington monument as an obelisk, that’s the severed phallus of Osiris; you have the Statue of Liberty as Isis, with the rays of light coming off her head; and then the torch which represents the mystery schools and the book which represents the secret mystery teachings.

Isis/Osiris are the male and female aspects of Lucifer, eye on top of the pyramid is the eye of Horus; that’s the son of the trinity.

Rockefeller side, the US side, the neo-Conservative are basically fundamentalist Christians, they’re not Luciferian. Deliberate efforts have been made by the Bush/Rockefeller side to ensure that it is impossible for a singular world leader to ever emerge, specifically to throw off the possibility of the Illuminati/Antichrist world leader prophecies from ever coming true.

If you are afriad of or angry at Illuminati they win, when you are afraid of their power and you’re trying to sound the alarm, you’re actually worshipping them, because you are buying into the belief that they have all this power. The best way to study about the Illuminati is to realize how the negative self-talk that they have and the way that they rationalize everything they do… it’s something we all do. We all do it.

Rothschild Offensive

In August 2017 David Wilcock spoke on his blog about being issued threats, having his car breaks disabled and his website hacked. Allegedly David was told by the attacker everything happened on behalf of the Rothschild family. A bit like in the old movies, where the evil guy lets everyone know his intentions, and ruins the plot. The reason for it all being David’s involvement with Corey Goode. It is hard to look into the first two claims, but the website hacking description does bring some questions. At first David talks about the SQL Injection Attack. SQL injection is what happens when poorly secured webform allows entry of the SQL statement. David then proceeds to blow the entire event out of proportions, as he does with everything, and talks about his big expenditures to upgrade the website - we have been trying for two years now to upgrade this site. Three previous major efforts failed. Each cost us thousands and thousands of dollars, to then immediately reassure his customers their payment data was not compromised.

Apparently David does backups. That is good! Everyone should have backups! David referred to backups as hyper-redundant backup system , it is not clear if David in some way tried to incorporate Hyper-V and some sort of RAID into all of this, or if it is just another hyper attempt, or if David does not know what he is talking about. The following statement on his blog is interesting: Literally dozens upon dozens of infected files had been quietly loaded into our site, all in anticipation of the equivalent of a tactical nuclear strike. Do you notice the synchronicity? This implies files were uploaded. This implies the person uploading the files gained access to the host system, which is an entirely different level of security vulnerability. One wonders if David is running his website on Windows 95, and if his website was made using Frontpage. If any of the above claims are true, it would seem David is getting screwed by whoever handles his website.

In 2019 David shared some more details regarding the car breaks incident and also adding Pete Peterson had already told me that Deep State officials had planned on murdering Kerry Cassidy through the exact same process — by her brakes failing in the mountains. Pete was able to use his political power to get it called off.

David was not the only one to report on being attacked. James Corey Goode and Pete Peterson allegedly also had difficulties.

Mass Arrests

According to David, Howard Hughes used highly attractive prostitutes to seduce managers of competing companies and get their secrets. This way he learned about a satanic cult running the defense contractor companies, believing Lucifer is the good guy and not Satan. They do not believe in Satan, they think Satan is a myth. They think the god of Abrahamic religions is an evil impostor, the Egregore or the Demiurge. These people believe they are descendants of beings that crash landed on this planet, originating on Mars and the destroyed planet which is now an asteroid belt. These people have elongated skulls and consider themselves blood descendants of Lucifer. They have taken over press, media with TV, film, music, taken over judiciary, police, military, education, agriculture, pharmaceuticals.

David claims United Nations was compromising the positions of American troops in Korean war. By law, thanks to international treaties, they were required to tell the United Nations where their troop position is gonna be. Once they gave the UN a fake troop position they saw that is where the ambush was. And also that Cuban Missile Crysis had to do with the Cabal trying to nuke America.

All of that lead to the creation of The Plan on how to defeat and overthrow the Cabal. David further adds that Whitewater investigation related damning documentation against the Clintons was kept in the building in Oklahoma City which blew up in 1995. On 9/11 the Pentagon was targeted with a missile shot right into the office of the Navy that was the central coordinating hub for the Alliance bringing down the Cabal.

For years David has been talking and announcing mass arrests of high profile individuals which never happened. If memory serves David was not the first to talk about it. The arrests and the Alliance of over 100 nations were first mentioned by Benjamin Fulford who frequently writes most astounding tales of behind the scenes battles with Sabbatean Khazarian Mafia, which somehow always miraculously gets away with their world domination and live to fight another day. In today’s times [2018] this is related to Q and mass indictments. For more see Above Majestic.

GAIA TV Satanism

Gaia TV, former Gaiam, is where every true light-warrior gets its juice. Naturally someone like David got to work for them and then it happened. It would seem that on July 1st 2018, David sent a letter of resignation to Gaia TV. According to a Reddit post, which has since been deleted, the letter itself was posted on Laura Eisenhower’s Facebook page. It was later rumored the letter was leaked by Emery Smith. Emery is one of David’s insiders, a person who was allegedly performing autopsies of extraterrestrial bodies. Emery is also an associate of Steven Macon Greer and can be seen in Greer’s movies. Emery’s alleged motivation for leaking the letter was to help oust James Corey Goode and David Wilcock from the Cosmic Disclosure show they had on Gaia TV.

Rumor is it was also Jay Weidner, Gaia TV producer, who wanted Goode out of the show. Goode allegedly refused participation with fake insiders to avoid tarnishing his name. The fake insiders Gaia TV was allegedly brining in to keep the Cosmic Disclosure show going. One of those fake insiders is to be Jason Rice. Supposedly it was due to such events that Goode began with the process of trademarking his testimony, to protect it from falsehoods.

Apparently there is a GEM. An acronym which stands for Gaia Employee Movement the intent of which was to expose the toxic culture of the Gaia TV. In his letter, David mentions Glassdoor where some of the reviews can be seen:

  1. Rumors are true. Everyone including the janitors is under non-disclosure agreements and can’t talk about any internal issues going on at GAIA. And, there are plenty of issues, most CEO and upper management related
  2. Manipulative management, especially executive level, and rampant misogyny
  3. Leadership is really great at delivering inspiring speeches - really terrible at delivering on any of those promises
  4. Super sketchy and pretentious cult. Honest people are shot down in the dark by the most opinionated agenda wielding halfwits, and management supports it because they’re simply not aware enough to see what is going on right beneath their noses

Two people who had dealings/contact with Gaia TV, Patty Greer and Ron Sirchie, both mentioned Jirka Rysavy the founder of Gaiam, utilizes a box developed by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The box is supposedly causing selective energies in your home, that are not operated by you. Don’t you just hate it when people make claims like that but then hold back on what the thing actually is. So what else is new?

Patty Greer also mentioned Jirka owns a house in which four children’s white masks were seen. These masks are allegedly used in child abuse where the skin is pilled off the face, they put the mask on, while another member is hurting them form behind sexually and the child is still alive. To see more from Patty in regard to Jay Weidner and Gaia TV see this video.

In the resignation letter David talks of psycho-spiritual crisis the Gaia TV is to be in and also refers to GEM. David denies any involvement with GEM but it does mention himself and Goode were being mistreated in same ways as described by GEM and also mentioning offensive, disrespectful and abusive situations. According to David he has been mistreated for years and also there is a profoundly deep problem with the entire way in which Gaia is running. Several of the things the Gaia Employee Movement (GEM) has been saying are absolutely correct, based on my firsthand eyewitness experience – which I do not ever want to share with the public Oh c’mon David, rly? Do share, do share.

GEM got some publicity in the alternative movement. The claims made by GEM worried David since his association with Gaia TV could cause him a significant career damage. David also mentions Corey’s litigation. The legal threat with Corey still hangs over my head.

It might be that David was referring to the rumored cease and desist letters James Corey Goode was sending around once he was removed from the Cosmic Disclosure.

Then David writes he was tricked into participating in a very religious program referring to Ancient Civilizations, saying it promotes Luciferianism. I thank God (the authentic Christian one) that this show did not get popular. In my opinion, “Ancient Civilizations” is Luciferian propaganda disguised as entertainment. I was greatly disappointed to see Graham Hancock “come out of the closet” about his Luciferian beliefs in this show.

It would seem David is a christian. Also, what kind of a person writes a resignation letter like this?

The letter then continues. Do bother to read it yourself. David further accuses Gaia TV of not offering proper financial compensation to him and the insiders he brought in and how he had to do several fundraisers himself to keep people alive. How Gaia’s attitude forced Emery Smith to live in hotels and rental cars. He barely had enough money for food and you slammed the door in his face every time he asked. Emery could very easily have been killed for being on your show. He still could. You lied to him, brought him in, milked his talent and left him to be torn apart by wild dogs.

Emery himself had this to say on the matter.

The letter can seem a bit odd, especially for the ones who saw David’s Gaia TV sales pitch from January 2018. What I wanted to start with just because this might be something really cool for you is that we meaning Gaia, where Cory and I work in Boulder, we are hiring. We're not just hiring like one or two jobs. We're talking about a huge company that is in a massive growth expansion phase. It could be David was under contract obligations to do so.

After the resignation letter became public it was rumored David Wilcock came under immense pressure from Gaia TV and was being threatened with multi million dollar lawsuit. Sometime in late January or early February 2019 David Wilcock published an apology.

In his apology David indirectly affirms the veracity of the resignation letter and states the letter was taken out of context. As for GEM David wrote While I had and have nothing to do with the alleged GEM, let me be clear that the GEM posts were loaded with mean-spirited and false accusations. This is funny since in the resignation letter David wrote his experiences are like those described by GEM. David further “explained” how his view regarding Luciferian accusations was misunderstood and not seen from his perspective. That is rather odd, since that subject in the resignation letter is quite clearly worded. Things then go on in similar manner. One thing that maybe can be seen in between the lines of all the bla bla is fear.

All the rumors mentioned in this part originate from Mr. Thomas Crown and were found on now deleted/removed Fade to Light blog. The matter does not seem to be concluded. Originally there was no intention to include this convoluted drama but after David’s apology to Gaia TV things were reconsidered.

Jay Weidner believes Corey is behind GEM.

See JAY WEIDNER BREAKS HIS SILENCE to get a continuation to this drama.

2018 California Fires

David claims Thousand Oaks shooting done by an obviously mind controlled military veteran, in the military lots of people end up going through this kind of MK Ultra stuff was a satanic blood sacrifice with sacrificial fires, ignited with laser beams following soon after. According to David the target of the fires were Centaurians. These are the people who look like us, for the most part. The men are really buff, have really strong looking bodies. They are a bit taller than we are and their skin is pretty darn pale. They have white hair. Their eyes are dark blue or violet color. Their pupil is diamond shaped. They have serrated edges on the bottom of their teeth. They have 22 teeth. The roof of their mouth is scalloped, it has thick deep ridges, like a cat. These people supposedly came from Alpha Centauri. Apparently there have been treaties and Centaurians are allowed to walk around in our everyday world. They use contact lenses, dental plates and makeup to disguise their real appearance. They are friendly people, telepathic, communication with them gives feeling of euphoria. David claims Centaurians were given safe haven and refuge in Paradise, a Californian town which burned down, completely decimated, during the fire. David speculates Centaurians were punished for attempting to reveal themselves to the humanity.

Also, according to David, Centaurians like going to Vegas casinos, traveling there via high speed underground transportation. The casino closes for the regular attendees and Centaurians get to use their mind abilities to predict each others cards, roll of the dice and other such things for fun.

Coordinated military operation

In early 2019 David once again brought up the mass arrests, this time under the label of a Coordinated Military Operation. David, once again, warned about having two weeks worth of supplies on hand. The operation itself could result in blown up bridges, airports and power plants although, as per David there are alliance people ensuring the security of power-plants, airports, sewage facilities, water facilities, bridges… But it would seems we are to expect some disruptions since no plan is ever perfect. Possible vectors of attack are drones, Antifa, radical leftists, militia types and deep state paramilitary contractors.

As part of this David brought up the point on how the alliance are not angels but former deep state members. A sort of a resistance movement inside the deep state. People who themselves are dirty. Being dirty makes them hesitant to fully release the information to the public. To tackle this problem David suggests clemency. We need to allow people to be heroes. If all of this alliance and whatnot is true then David has a point here.

David claims the target of the 2019 Ridgecrest earthquakes of July 4 and 5 was the China Lake base and that the attack was carried out by the Alliance. According to David this might have been done to prevent the Deep State from using chemtrail planes to spray diseases, airborne pathogens, chemicals that induce mass hysteria, hallucinogens, nanites, you name it on the population. One can wonder, why do they need airplanes if they have space vehicles? If you plan to spray Andromeda Strain over the major cities, why continue with the charade? Also, why allow yourself to be strategically weakened by losing one Earth based base. What about all the alleged off-world bases?

There has been much talk about the Three Days of Darkness in the past decade, possibly more. What that is depends on who you ask and their esoteric believes. It can be anything from the end of the world to an ascension. In this case, in David’s case, the Three Days of Darkness refer to the time when mass arrests will be ongoing - globally. During that time you will not be able to make phone calls or use the Internet. At the end of March 2020 David hinted this could happen any time between April 1st and April 11th 2020.

All of this related to the secret Alliance and Q. For more see Above Majestic and Cosmic Secret. What is interesting here is that, according to David, Donald John Trump was asked by the Alliance to run for the president and was also briefed by them beforehand about what the world really is like. One of the reason to do so was since the Alliance has little money and needed someone who can finance own campaign. As far as Trump goes David said he is not a satanist, he is not drinking the blood of little children, he is not sacrificing people. That is why they brought him in.

In September, 2020, David claimed high level arrests were made in secret but people making the arrest had dirt on them and supposedly this is why those arrested were let go. At the same time David also claimed the information about how to defeat the cabal was transmitted from the future and how even people from the future came here to assist. See Time travel part later on, to get “clarification”.

Also in September, 2020 David, again, cried on camera. This time the crying intensity was about the same level as the time he cried on radio show with Kerry Lynn Cassidy. One of the first times David was seen crying on camera was during the initial interviews he had with Project Camelot. This time David was crying regarding Obama being in a room alone with George Herbert Walker Bush. Allegedly Bush Sr. repeatedly insulted Obama by repeatedly calling him nigger and also threating his daughters will be raped in front of him and killed if he does not do as told. David, in tears, also urged Obama to stop and take the deal. This relates to mass arrests and the alliance.


David describes ascension with the following train of thought: suffering→teleportation→Einstein was wrong→torsion physics→sacred geometry→universe is alive→dreams→Jung→Law of One→projecting→prophecies→ascension

Makes sense, doesn’t it? There was also Hitler somewhere in between all of that.

This whole process of suffering is an opportunity. We have the opportunity to suffer, the opportunity for depression. Conventional reality that most people take for granted has cracks, there is flaws in a design. You are in a living universe. When people go through extreme adversity sometimes they get unbelievable powers that happen.

Next time you are suffering, think of David. See his face smiling to you. See him telling you how what a lucky star you are for having the benefit of this learning experience. Now, don’t fret. How else could you appreciate the good without knowing the bad?

According to David there are children in China, growing up in harsh conditions, who can teleport pills out of a bottle and large objects in and out of an enclosure. There is also suppose to be a correlation between time and transportation. Unlike what Einstein says, time is not locally invariant. David claims Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev proved Einstein was wrong and how using Torsion physics, this is the Russian science, officially considered as pseudoscience, time can be changed. Time ultimately appears to be a function of gravity. Time is gravity powered. Consciousness is gravity powered. Consciousness is an emerging phenomena that ripples out into the world. Consciousness is the basis of the universe.

This is not the first time David brought up Kozyrev. He did it before, back in 2007, in connection with Aether.

Roger Penrose came up with the idea that all of the different squiggles we see in the quantum realm are emanations from a single point. David claims mapping out the shape of this point results in the merkaba. The whole universe is a photon. All matter all form comes from something which is ultimately just a shape, a vibration, without space and time.

DNA appears to be a basic byproduct of quantum physics itself. David further mentions Luc Antoine Montagnier and his research on electromagnetic signals from DNA. He takes two tubes of water, one of them has a little bit of DNA in it and the other one is pure water. All he does is run electrical current around those tubes, 7Hz electrostatic frequency, a basic frequency of Earth called Schumann resonance. After 18 hours the tube which had nothing but plain water in it now has DNA. Anywhere there is water in the universe you could potentially have DNA. There is something alive on a quantum level, you are not gonna get it by algebra.

You are a creation of some sort of quantum intelligence. Ascension is coming into a higher spiritual consciousness, learning you are a part of living universe, learning your consciousness is connected to all there is and that we are one being, learning to love yourself. The main thing about the ascension is supposedly to stop being an ass, start appreciating yourself and to be there for others when they need you. Unless you do so you are building new karma.

Moving on from “science” we come to meditative and religious practices, including prophecies and channelings.

You can access universal mind instantaneously, by focusing on awareness and emptiness. Meditating in the mountains, see yourself as the mountain looking at this incredible view, you project your identity into that view, your consciouses as being those mountains, that is your awareness, you become aware that it is empty, that there is an underlying intrinsic emptiness in which there is no form that all things emanate from. This is also to relate to what is called a rainbow body. According to David anyone can ascend ahead of time if the rainbow body is achieved, by meditating on the symbol Tigle giving off rainbow colored light, being aware of emptiness, thinking of your consciousness being the whole universe and only having loving thoughts for thirteen years.

When that state is achieved you chose when you are going to die. You stop breathing, they wrap you up in colorful silk garments, your body shrinks inside the garments overs the course of seven days, leaving behind a little figurine of ash about 7 inches [18 centimeters] tall.

Gehenna, the biblical term translated as Hell, was a garbage town where they burned dead bodies. It is a fire purification, a karmic fire. The word Eon just means a cycle of time. Burn in Hell for all eternity is a mistranslation of Gehenna and Eon, which actually means go through a karmic purification for a cycle. Eon could be a cycle of life, a day and hour, a year….

There are a number of quotes from the new testament that describe some sort of a solar flash event, compared to biblical flood of Noah, compared to fire and brimstone of Sodom and Gomorrah. This relates to an old claim, that the ascension will be facilitated by the solar activity.

We are surrounded by extraterrestrials, they are here right now, they are probably in the room right now as you listen to me talk, you can't see them since they are slightly out of phase, but almost anyone who is on the awakening trajectory has these guardian angels. They programmed mythology with code, to tell us something, to give us a prophecy about where we are today. That is the basic idea of ascension, the idea that there is something deeper going on there, that these beings will bring back to out attention. Apparently we all have invisible extraterrestrial to thank for even knowing about any of this.

The original Ra that came to Egyptians some 12 thousand years ago was benevolent, very benevolent. His benevolent message got distorted by the priests and people of Egypt.

As first prophecy David brought up the Kali Yuga as part of a divine script. David relates Sāṁvartaka to a solar flash, the before mentioned solar activity, which is to occur after Earth hits its worst point. According to David, in Buddhism this same thing is Samvatta Fire and yet another name is the Yuga Fire. All of it leading into Satya Yuga aka the Golden Age.

Next comes the Zoroastrianism, the coming kingdom of Ahura Mazda. The salvation of the world as dependent both on cosmic striving and on the sum of individual human choices, individual responsibility and the concern for the whole cosmos. The event itself is to be the Frashokereti, part of which is a molten metal flowing across the Earth like a river. To David this description is an interpretation of a vision of the solar flash.

David further mentioned Ekpyrosis, a Stoic belief in the periodic destruction of the cosmos by a great conflagration [fire], to David that means a solar flash.

David’s findings show that the phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum, found on the $1, originates from Sibylline Oracles, more specifically a Cumaean Sibyl, who obtained the prophecies while intoxicated. It was put into writing by Publius Vergilius Maro in his Fourth Eclogue. The full original form of the phrase is to be “Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo”, or in English, “The great/mighty order of the ages is born afresh”. David relates this to the solar flash and believes it was an extraterrestrial angelic intelligence which spoke through the oracle. Hardly anybody knows this. I am still basically the only person I am aware of who has actually brought up this peace of research. If there are others please tell me. Hi David, Wikipedia also knows about it.

The common denominator to these prophecies is some sort of a cleansing event after which the humanity becomes something new, something wonderful and all the bad ceases to be. If you want to find out more you will have to reach for your wallet and sign up to David’s AscensionMysterySchool, where you can prepare yourself for light body activation and make a quantum leap in consciousness. To understand the deeper spiritual dynamics.

2012 Reloaded

In 2019 David stated that he thought that maybe December 21st 2012 was gonna be when this big solar flash would happen, it now appears that we have been delayed thanks to divine intervention. At most we only have 10 years to go. This practically opens a new 10 year window for all believers and donors. A new 10 years to spin the tales and future promises, along with selling books, insights, classes, conferences, movies, seminars, webinars, consultations, readings…

There is a cosmic interstellar plan. The Earth is not going to be a normal place to live much longer. Solar flash is a kicker.

Noah's ark was a spaceship, it is gonna happen again, it is a metaphor for people being taken off planet. This relates to the Law of One ascension, where more than 50% positive people get to ascend to positive 4D. Those overly negative get to ascend to negative 4D and the lukewarm majority is moved to another 3D planet, a planetary relocation program, where they “continue to learn”. It would seem there is also a negative 5D but after that, if one does not better itself, it de-exists itself, gets completely removed from existence.


According to David’s top source, the virus COVID-19 development and research was payed for by Bill Gates and was smuggled via Harvard University professor Charles Lieber and his students. David claims the virus was suppose to be far more lethal yet it is not due to the divine intervention. David apparently believes the official numbers coming from CCP - Chinese Communist Party. Overall; David is not worried or concerned about the COVID-19, quite the opposite, he considers it to be the FIRST WAVE of Ascension and is offering TIME SENSITIVE information in his The Great Awakening 7-Session Online Training Program, using various superlatives and other exaggerations to market it.

Some say COVID-19 was caused by 5G. According to David’s sources, 5G is safe for biological life. David does not believe 5G has anything to do with the virus, but does not exclude the possibility. It is nice to keep your options open.

Even if 5G was malevolent or even if the virus was made to kill us all, David believes there are powerful benevolent angelic beings protecting this planet and will not allow this planet to be destroyed or people killed.

David spoke to a top immunologist, which was not named. The information David got is that 75% to 80% of the people who get the corona virus are never even going to know that they have it and how in Italy it is 300% more likely for elderly people to die from respiratory complications from a flu than any other country in the world. David also repeated to general conspiracy-guess-work how virus is ethno specific and has a greater chance to infect Asian males due to ACE2 protein and also males in general.

David was told by Emery Smith how cabal has made a zombie virus, where people were bleeding out of their fingernails, eyes, nose, mouth and ears and if they scratch you, you die. They had over 100 million of these things for Europe and America each. They were clones and plan was to release them but the ETs stopped that.

Time travel

Regarding time travel David claims layered parallel time is existing simultaneously and how benevolent ETs live outside of time, thus all UFOs are time machines by definition.

In connection with gravity all anti gravity must be time travel, as soon as you shield an area from its normal electro-gravitational flux, you also shield off the flow of time and if you travel ahead of where the Earth was when you left you go into the future and if you travel behind to where the Earth was you go into the past.

If you change the rate of the flow of gravity you change time.

In relation to the time travel David also spoke of the Orion Cube. An alleged extraterrestrial object carried in the hands on the ET from the Roswell crash. Describing the cube, David claimed it is a navigational device which interfaces with the consciousness and shows different locations that can be either present, past or future.

David made a distinction between what he terms the Orion Cube and what is also known as Looking Glass, for which David says was modeled based on the Pineal gland.

Oh and in case of paradoxes the the time fabric corrects itself . An example of this was David describing how a man who went back in time and killed his father was killed - getting hit by a car, shortly after in the present time. There was no further explanation of how this works, like how the “invisible hand of time” just makes person A hit person B with car.

Time travel was also connected to disclosure. Partial disclosure attempts, for which David insists will be prevent so we get full disclosure, are supposedly to say that what we think of extraterrestrials are people from the future, omitting any other actual extraterrestrials.

Flux liner

David claims he is working on developing a hover car or flux liner with former Pete Peterson’s associates. They expect to have an operational prototype in a year [2021] and to get to affordable price in 4 years. In relation to the car the ionic type propulsion system was mentioned. Why would the secret cabal allow him to get away with developing this technology was not explained - since it is so often stated they will either buy you out or kill you if you attempt anything of a sort.

David also claimed he offered the hover car deal to Tom DeLonge of TTSA but never heard back from him.


David uses a term negative greeting. It basically means if you do it wrong, wrong may be done to you. According to David such greetings are most common when you try to do something positive for the common good. If you have bagage from before it will be used against you in a from of series of negative/bad events occuring in your life. The best way to avoid negative greeting is by preserving consistent harmony in your lives with yourself and with other people that are close to you. Negative greeting will happen to you when you lose the harmony with the people that you're closest to… when you start arguing with them… bickering with them, attacking them… when you start getting selfish… when you start getting jealous… when you start feeling greed… when you start saying "I want to do this basically, so I can make money, because I want to spend money on myself.

David claims he could read a persons mind while under hypnosis. While under, David’s eyes were black and also while under he said It is by nature of the continuity of consciousness that I can do this.

In 2018 David said how the hell have I been doing this for 25 years and I am still alive if they are so good at this. David was referring to the secret Cabal or Illuminati or the Elite or call them whatever. They do not have anywhere near enough staff to go after people. There is hundreds of million of people learning about this and they have probably not even a hundred thousand people that they could actually use to go after you. It is completely ridiculous to be afraid of learning the truth at this point. This is quite a difference from 2011 when David Wilcock allegedly received a death threat after writing the blog post “The trillion dollar lawsuit that could end financial tyranny” and came on the Kerry Lynn Cassidy’s online radio to sob into the microphone. The blog post itself did not actually offer any much new information. It was aggregated information from different sources put into one on David’s blog, a lot of the information went along with the wild claims Benjamin Fulford was making at that same time. Mainly about all the gold in the world being confiscated by the Rothschild British Empire and kept off the market in order to prevent the gold standard. At the time David claimed the information itself is much more secret than the UFOs.

Pineal gland is a third eye, wired into the visual cortex of your brain, it has retinal cells inside looking at the area of water which has DMT crystal in it. DMT crystals are piezo chromatic, can be vibrated by electromagnetic fields, and will release colored photons of all the different colors of the rainbow. So it is to be something your soul-body sees with. According to David; one of the biggest problems is pineal gland calcification, so you should avoid eating wheat, soy, refined sugar and halides like fluoride, chloride. Apparently, as David said, the best way to decalcify the gland is to eat meat, emphasizing he only eats meat from animals who were raised and treated in ethical manner. Why meat? Because it contains something called activator X, based on the research of Weston Price.

In 2020 David spoke of 275 underground cities within domed structures. Apparently, with secret technology, these cities can be made to look like as if they were on the surface and have back project holographic skies, trees, grass, buildings and roads. Each facility holds up to 65 thousand people.. Allegedly these cities are powered by the breeder reactor on a submarine which docks into a socket on the ocean floor. The cities were supposedly build for the planned nuclear war.


Where to begin…

The negativity mantra. So David says negative thoughts and actions will attract more negativity while the positive things, events and people keep clear. In other words David says: what you think you create. Surprisingly there is some truth to this.

Yet, is it really that simple? Firstly what is negative compared to what is positive? One may wonder what David’s basis for comparison is. Secondly, how exactly is the thought process being manifested? Are the vibrational forces around you somehow manifesting what you think? No. Just imagine the horror if all of Your thoughts would be manifested.

For David anything opposite of love&light is negative. In hiss case this negativity mantra is often used to dismiss doubt and/or criticism. If you do not agree with David you are being negative, thus you are labeled and often trampled upon by the legion of his followers. Such dynamic is often common on many New Age or UFO conspiracy forums. It is called a love&light philosophy. They love you to death. You are either with the hive mind or you are out of there.

What people think actually really does happen to them since, well…what people think people do. Not always everything or to the full extent. They would have, but they fear to or there are some other limitations.

David likes to write books and blog posts. Long blog posts in which he, as the main actor, provides you with the benefit of repackaged information regarding to current New Age hype the masses are buying into. He ads his reasoning to the post, attempting to validate the claims, while also selling you his upcoming events and books.

David thinks highly of himself. He does not say it, but he does show it. It is always mesmerizing to see one with such an Ego to talk about being humble and letting go of the self importance.

In his 2007 Project Camelot interview David’s gaze is never up front. He does not look forward. He is mostly looking down, moving his gaze from one side to another, yet still having his head tilted downwards. Not the most reassuring body language. Trying to not go too hard on the guy, it might simply be he was feeling insecure. It might simply be he knew the things he is talking about will be seen as crazy by most people, he knew he will be judged, laughed at, gossiped about and that could have all contributed to a sort of tremendous anxiety, leading to submission. This might indicate that, even though he was/is wrong about the things he says/said, he actually does believe in them and is not trying to intentionally mislead the audience. Then again, maybe not.



  1. I have had the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time on many occasions, with some really amazing people
  2. I read this book, actually, when I was seven years old, It’s called, ‘How To Make ESP Work For You’ by Harold Sherman. The other thing I felt really drawn to at that age was books on Hypnosis
  3. I was unusually intelligent [as a child]
  4. when I was five years old I had an event, a pivotal event in my life, and that was an out of body experience. I woke up in the middle of the night, and was floating over my own body in bed. I looked down and saw myself breathing, so it was clear that I was still alive; but I couldn’t make sense of why I was in two places at the same time, and why I still had these funny yellow pajamas with the red cuffs. Well, the event had such an impact on me that I saved the pajamas. They became sacred pajamas that I never washed again, never wore again
  5. I had so many UFO dreams, where in some cases I would end up talking to someone who looked like Obi-Wan Kenobi. He said that something really amazing was going to happen in the future on earth, and that I had some kind of role in it, and that I would be guided
  6. I read this book by Stephen La Berge, ‘Lucid Dreaming’, and then explored the world of lucid dreaming in high school, and was able to have lucid dreams based on the techniques in this book. I would end up on the main deck of UFOs and talking to beings
  7. I finished college; I got my bachelors degree in psychology, and I got a PhD in UFOs
  8. I started to write my dreams down when I got sober, and that was part of my recovery process
  9. I read five hundred books in three years [166 a year, 14 a month]
  10. I had a dream that said, “Okay, here’s what’s going to happen: “You will be able to hear” it was this ghost that was talking to me in this dream, and he said, “You’ll be able to hear me but nobody else can. I will tell you what to say, and you just dictate it into a tape recorder”
  11. I am also a drummer and a composer
  12. I had gotten fired from the mental ward for being too friendly to the patients
  13. a year after I first had the automatic writing, I had joined Richard Hoagland’s discussion group online [so that would be in 1996]
  14. I was now living in Virginia Beach, because the Cayce readings had said it was a safety land, and I felt that was a trustworthy thing, safe from earth changes or whatever
  15. there has been a lot of negative propaganda in films, telling you that extraterrestrials are evil
  16. there are a lot of different ETs out there, there are a lot of civilizations visiting the Earth
  17. Darwinian evolution is not a viable model
  18. this whole idea of terminator seeds and genetically modified crops will never really happen, because nature can rewrite itself, and fix the errors in the DNA
  19. 99.9% of that dust in the galaxy has all the spectrographic signatures, all the light waves that you expect to see from living bacteria
  20. time is locally variable, time can be altered by electromagnetic means, a very strong electromagnetic coil, and this gets back into the Philadelphia Experiment
  21. Bermuda Triangle is a natural star gate
  22. I believe that 2012 is the rebirth of the earth’s energy body. The 2012 thing is about consciousness evolution. It’s about love. It’s about choosing to love
  23. I’ve never really had a negative ET experience myself
  24. the pyramid is a centralizing, focusing, spiral of energy, the Great Pyramid was built as a chamber of healing
  25. the Law of One series says that the Orions are a negative group
  26. Illuminati are the inheritors of this Atlantean science, which was then distorted, according to the Law of One series
  27. the idea of a singular messianic figure is very old world patriarchal thinking
  28. we have a great outside source of energy that seems to be coming into our solar system and causing changes that we haven’t seen before. And these changes actually affect our DNA
  29. only beings in 4th and 5th density require UFOs to travel. When you get up to the 6th density level, you are now the equivalent of a whole planet of people like us that’s fused into one mind. And that becomes such a powerful entity, that it will just think itself anywhere in the Universe it wants to go, and it’s there
  30. I mean I have been documenting my dreams for almost 15 years in a row, every single morning I write them down. I generate about a hundred pages every month or more. It’s an unbroken transcript from 1992 onward
  31. Francis Bacon was the illegitimate son of queen Elizabeth and was not allowed to be part of the royalty because his father was not the king
  32. it’s a lot easier for me to talk about science because it’s something I can prove [we are yet to see the proof]
  33. your shadow self is what you have to move through to get to the fruits of your higher self, shadow is what guards the gate
  34. there’s some really awful stuff that’s happened to me, which I all credit as part of my initiation. And the purpose of it was really to make me a lot stronger spiritually, so that I would not be susceptible to the temptations of ego that come with being a public figure [hmmm…]
  35. it’s only in 3D is what we have now that you can have openly negative and openly positive entities live on the same planet, you can have 4D positive and 4D negative, above 3D, negative entities cannot live on an already positive planet or a 5D positive planet. So, 4D is like the heart chakra
  36. one of the things that is very difficult about being a public figure in spirituality, as people meet me then they just want to take me out to dinner and they want to have these long conversations and tell me their life story, when you’re in a room with 500 people who are all trying to do that at the same time, which I’ve been in many circumstances, it is not pleasant
  37. honor is the principle in which you are willing to sacrifice yourself for a greater cause, and in which you have a sense of duty, a sense of responsibility
  38. we are moving into the 4th density on Earth. We will have superhero powers
  39. Creator uses the negative path and the positive path to promote evolution
  40. the seed of the negative path is separation
  41. if we were getting along harmoniously as a people, we would not be having Earthquakes; we would not be having hurricanes
  42. most of the UFOs that you see in the sky are negative entities. You will not be affected by these UFOs unless you’ve invited it in your own life by basically being overtly negative
  43. the man who was asking the questions in the Law of One series actually did commit suicide
  44. mind is a conscious energy field
  45. more involved you try to get in healing and evolving this planet, the more negative greeting you’re going to experience
  46. I’m not going to tell you how to believe or what to think. That’s the negative path. The positive path honors free will [free will which has to be done in a specific way, you must be at least 51% positive]
  47. I have a large background in the UFO field. I’ve been researching it for many years, and I also have had what appear to be contacts with my own source, so to speak [Ra]
  48. I don’t think the Planet X model has a whole lot of validity
  49. the philosophical underpinning of everything that I teach is in this series of books called The Law of One Series
  50. there is a one Creator. The Universe itself is an intelligent living organism, the organism itself has created free will for each co-creator, and we are the co-creators
  51. every Apollo mission had UFO sightings surrounding the ship. Every single one. That’s been documented. And that fact is that almost all the Apollo astronauts were freemasons


  1. in order to evolve, the universe gives us what is called catalyst – and catalyst is often times not what we would want
  2. if you have a negative thought about yourself, if you don’t love yourself, that doesn’t mean everybody comes and loves you; that means that you attract people to yourself who don’t love you
  3. the weather can be controlled also by a person’s own conscious focus, a leader of a particular country determines the quality of the country, and if the leader goes bad and the country goes bad, then you get all of these typhoons and mud slides and tsunamis and so forth
  4. I’ve done, and what I believe is the new standard for the internet now is you have to give away 50% of your best content free [hype part is free, the rest you pay for]
  5. I have been getting a lot of Barack Obama dreams – a lot. I had a dream recently that telegraphed that some big, nasty thing was going to happen to him
  6. fear is a call to study, it’s a call for knowledge
  7. I’m going to air pretty soon with Dr. Glen Rein in which he proved on a microbiological level with molecular genetics, that the DNA molecule changes it’s form based on the energy that you send to it with your consciousness and when you send the emotion of gratitude – that was the one word that he found was the most important one
  8. when you feel love and gratitude the sick DNA actually rewinds and becomes healthy again
  9. in one sense you could say that I am an ambassador for these higher forces, because I’ve made contact with them
  10. I want to get to a deeper subtext than one specific point of real estate [in Florida, regarding the possible Earth changes], Let’s just go there. Let’s just go there. So you fucking die, all right – is that all you think there is to your life? Are you done?
  11. you’re not going to see a pole shift, there may be a shifting of the earth but at the time that it happens, at least the vast majority of people will not be at the frequency that the shift happens on
  12. I make decent money because I have some products to sell [how much is decent?]
  13. 7000 people meditating together reduces global terrorism and fatalities and war and shooting each other by 75%
  14. the consciousness field itself is humanity
  15. when you meditate, when you chill out, when you play it cool, all these other metaphors for cooling it down – ‘chill out’ – you’re actually processing other people’s energy. You’re processing other people’s karma. You do your own work and you take some of the burden off of everyone else, so we are actually healing the earth, we’re healing each other and it has a direct radiant effect on the universe around us
  16. there is something out there that loves you and protects you; and the more that you listen to the things that your conditioning would tell you , “Oh that’s just superstitious.” – it’s okay to believe
  17. the best thing you can do when you are presented with a tough challenge is to figure out for yourself what you want, because that’s what your higher self is waiting for


  1. pyramids and ancient sites are build on an energetic grid, energetic lines representing where most of the torsion field energy comes from, cold fusion devices work well near these lines. Eugene Mallove had a cold fusion device which always worked, he told about this to Richard Hoagland, they were about to go to DC and show it to senators and announce it on the air with me [David believes Eugene was killed due to that]


  1. there are hundreds of indications that the Alliance military faction is directly working with Trump. We were leaking this intel throughout all of 2016
  2. I’ve been a Law of One scholar since 1996
  3. Sun will indeed give off an epic, DNA-transforming flash of light and energy in our future
  4. I just ordered my first truly broadcast professional level 4K SDI Sony camera from dealsallyear.com, who had the number one best price, and it will be in by next Thursday
  5. most of the time I prefer to be a private, isolated person, hence I still am not that interested in social media and the like. It comes in waves, and I have needed serious downtime these last few months
  6. I have also been working intently on a home broadcast studio solution that will allow for live-streaming of professional-quality updates as needed
  7. you guys prayed for Corey and this is probably why he is alive now [relating to Corey’s hospital visit]
  8. if you throw up you will feel better
  9. there should be amnesty for whistle blowers, used to work for bad guys, who come forward
  10. they tell you the truth but then they disguise it
  11. tall whites [ET race] are with the cabal, cabal planned to introduce them to us, for us to learn their language and worship them
  12. you will also notice my After Effects [Adobe] skills have gone way up. This is the result of three years of dedicated work and study, tantamount to taking on another university degree
  13. some of the people in the NSA designed Bitcoin as an alternative to the FED


  1. regardless of whether Corey’s experiences were literal, tangible realities or dreamlike telepathic messages, they nonetheless were very helpful. I do believe they took place in physical reality
  2. According to Pete; Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, had recently built “the best spaceship factory on Earth”
  3. Pete Peterson is a very high-level insider who worked for the CIA, NSA, DIA, DARPA and DHS, among others
  4. Alibaba is directly involved in some very, very, very interesting stuff. They may very well be helping to build various craft for the coming “Space Force”
  5. there will be a massive avalanche event of awakening and it is coming soon
  6. there is alliance, I know it is existing because I met people in it
  7. Pete Peterson’s grandfather was Nicola Tesla’s lab assistant who knew Tesla’s patents and secret technology
  8. I am a very prominent person exposing this stuff with millions of followers
  9. it is a very balsy movie [Above Majestic] it is the most daring presentation that I have ever given
  10. planes on 9/11 were empty. Passengers were taken off planes into the underground bases, prevented from ever again coming back to the surface
  11. the Alliance is a navy operation, always has been, they did not get penetrated by the Cabal in WW2
  12. you would be astonished at how little I actually get [for some reason the exact $ number was never mentioned]
  13. one of the benefits of me having this really fast processing brain is I can watch movies and in real time see the Cabal symbolism that people would normally get subconsciously
  14. the music has never been worse in the history of music
  15. if you hate people online you still get karma
  16. there is a possible plan they will be rolling out free energy technology through Elon Musk and Tesla corporation
  17. If “nothing” happens, particularly by the end of the year, then it is safe to say Q will have been largely, if not completely discredited, as this is huge


  1. I was told by one of my top insiders that if I continued to support Corey Goode, I was going to die
  2. I did meet, in person with my wife Elisabeth, three different people who are very high level alliance people, we know this. There was a binder that had all of their different intelligence certificates, classifications, it was huge. There were two whole boxes full of medallions and medals and coins they get from all these different things. We saw more than enough proof
  3. human beings are inherently flawed
  4. you can use satellites to create high pressure zones to steer weather patterns; to create weather. The alliance is now in control of these weather control satellites
  5. you want to have 2 weeks worth of drinkable water and food, ability to heat your house, fuel, hygiene supplies
  6. no one ever gets into a position of authority unless they are black-mailable
  7. words Satan, paradise and amen have Zoroastrian origins
  8. I have learned over the years I can trust my dream data
  9. reincarnation was supported in early christian teachings
  10. christianity has 83830 different denominations
  11. it is very important to have a dominion over your lower self
  12. we have religion because really cool guys or women show up and do amazing things, things that blow our minds and expand our awareness
  13. the real purpose of the pyramids was a chamber of initiation that actually raises your consciousness
  14. people are traveling through stargates they are visiting other worlds, they are visiting other cultures
  15. Corey if you believe the stories and I actually do, as far fetched as they seem it does appear he is telling the truth
  16. we are on the brink of some very amazing stuff [we have been on the brink for over 10 years?]
  17. the planets are getting hotter, brighter and more magnetic, I have proven that
  18. we are in WW3 right now, it is just not being publicized
  19. Q anon briefings definitely appear to be real and coming from the current US administration
  20. in the last 5000 years the DNA molecule has evolved by 7% in its overall coding structure
  21. we have gained the volume of a tennis ball in brain volume since the late 1800
  22. we are seeing unbelievable social renaissance right now of changes that are showing us the ugliness of the world
  23. boeing crash in Ethiopia was likely due to hacking
  24. it does appear that the Sun is going to give off a big flash of white light, think about ti as a multidimensional energy
  25. think lovingly of the people attacking you
  26. most of the chemtrail spraying planes have been grounded by the alliance
  27. as long as we are participating in consciously unloving acts and thoughts towards other people we are building new karma
  28. the majority of extraterrestrial life is benevolent and angelic
  29. Christ consciouses is an embodiment of galactic mind, it is a Galactic Christianity
  30. ascension process is a moment to moment process
  31. our latest briefings indicate that there is a “hard deadline” of mid-September 2019 for what they are calling DECLAS. By then, a huge wealth of world-changing intel should have been released
  32. we had thirty staff on high alert, two armed hotel guards on call, local police on call, two unarmed private security guards hired by the event in the room, and two big unarmed Samoans as my personal security guards [due to alleged threats made against David]
  33. I have now finally recovered enough from physical and emotional stress to “get back on the horse” and continue doing this work without fear [recovered from the alleged threats]
  34. Iran still acting as a proxy for the Deep State, some degree of conflict may need to occur before the indictments unseal, according to the latest insider briefings
  35. the current US administration is part of a secret, international Alliance that is in a fight to the death with the Deep State, which controls mainstream and social media alike
  36. I do my best to be a person of honor, integrity and compassion. I know who I am. I do not engage the cyber-attacks or infighting, nor respond with self-defense [referring to alleged cyber-attacks from those who openly criticize him and James Corey Goode]
  37. popular music may well have been deliberately ‘weaponized’ to discourage romantic love and encourage violence and drug addiction
  38. Mark Zuckerberg may be an MKULTRA stooge for the Deep State to create a highly addictive weapons system against the public… namely Facebook
  39. we have strong reasons to believe that the Tom DeLonge initiative is another Richard Doty-style example of deliberately-planted disinformation


  1. through the power of prayer we can energetically change the outcome, we can change the lethality and spread of this virus [COVID-19] sending love to the DNA cures it
  2. they are not going to shut down the society to save 1% of people from dying, that is ridiculous
  3. loving consciousness is the energy of the universe, the negative stuff we are all going through right now has been authorized as part of our great awakening
  4. Hitler was the illegitimate son of British royalty. Hitler’s tanks were manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, he was financed by Wall Street, Boeing manufactured Hitler’s bombers [info from books by Antony Cyril Sutton and Charles Higgins]
  5. I was offered hundreds of millions of dollars six times in exchange for promoting Lucifer [David refused]
  6. I am a soldier, not a journalist, I am fighting a war in virtual arena
  7. Bejamin Fulford some times has real stuff, some times his intel is very wrong
  8. the original Aramaic bible is FatherMother god not Father
  9. I know Q is real
  10. it is horrific what happened to George Floyd, it truly broke my heart, I did go through periods of crying and tears in processing all this
  11. I consider myself to be a law enforcemenr officer, a soldier, in the cyber arena
  12. time and space are two different versions of the same stuff
  13. local invariance is wrong [pertaining to time]
  14. in school, having 180 IQ and getting A on everything, people hated me
  15. the core of the Earth is plasma
  16. the TCP/IP protocol has been developed based on [star] gate addresses
  17. the Ashtar command came from people channeling Asgard [Æsir] and getting the name wrong
  18. before he [Pete Peterson] died he told me had been to over 30 different off planet locations
  19. there is tons and tons of reptilians in the Rigel system [star system]
  20. orgasmic energy bends spoons
  21. Tom DeLonge walked out of the meeting with William Tompkins


  1. we will show you how to do it [anti-gravity] but we don’t necessarily know why these things work. I believe there is a unified explanation for anti-gravity that regardless of how you do it you are ultimately creating the same thing - a spherical portal between two neighboring realities. It is possible gravitation in one realm turns into electromagnetic energy in the other, they inter-penetrate vice versa one another
  2. in order for me to write this book [archangel Michael thing] the right way i wanna analyze the information. In order to analyze the information i have to commit things to writing that would immediately de-platform this whole thing i am doing. So the only logical way to do this book now is to hide it behind some kind of paywall because obviously that is the only way it is going to get out. If i put it out another way it would be wiped off immediately and you would never find it and i lose everything and i would not be able to talk anymore. Because it is that good, it is unbelievably fire. Its fire. This is crazy. You are not gonna believe
  3. financial payment is a basic part of the initiation, an offering of the self, showing that you respect the material has value and that you are willing to return value in kind for the exchange of energy you are going to get

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