Dan Burisch

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Dan Burisch

Testimony from Dan Burisch is fully endorsed by Project Camelot. Both Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan believe Dan Burisch is being truthful. Kerry herself described the interview experience with Dan as quite enlightening. To this day Dan’s story holds big influence in the world view of Project Camelot.

Before reading further, it is recommended you get familiar with William Hamilton.


According to William Hamilton, Dan Burisch formerly known as Dan Crain, name changed in 1995, graduated at the University of Nevada and got his PhD at state University of New York. In 2006 Dan stated he is a microbiologist involved in Project Lotus, retired from Majestic 12, which he was a member of for twenty years, joining in 1986. While working for MJ-12 Dan was assigned to Project Aquarius.

Due to Dan’s disobedience, by writing Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars, released in 1998, the Committee of the Majority took action against Dan, causing his Ph.D degree to be vacated. After the lose of his credentials Dan suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized. Allegedly Dan was too well connected to be just killed, or so the story goes. At one point they tried to wipe his memory, but the conditioning did not hold, so they undid the process.

Then, in the fall of 2005, Dan was presented with orders for him to speak openly and truthfully about his experiences with the J-Rod as well as his time at Area-51/S-4 and his history with Majestic. Six DVDs, containing the ABOVE TOP SECRET urgent information to be shared with humanity, which supposedly co creates the TIME-SPACE reality, were released along with several copy right warnings, threats of imprisonment and hefty fines, in order to help avoid the catastrophic future by rising consciousness of the world’s population or well at least of those buying the DVDs.


Project Lotus is/was a subset of Project Staarflower [2x a] which is an umbrella project above it.

Well, it's a beanbox. We refer to them as beanboxes. I'm in a particular beanbox which is called Aquarius. There's a Staar beanbox and that group specifically deals with time issues, with issues involving the larger milieu of extraterrestrial interactions and with the historical issues involving the imprints of the extraterrestrials on civilization past, and how those imprints affect us today - Dan in 2002.

Dan stated Project Lotus was an accessory project. It wasn’t something of a critical nature for the Majestic but it turned out to be earth shaking item for the participants at the T9 conference. T9 conference is where treaties were signed between ETs and humans. Dan did not state who the humans were or who they represented. Dan claims the ETs are us from the future, he described them as the future human intelligence. Time-travelers.

Project Lotus was based on captured J-Rod Chi’el’ah recommendation to drill into a bedroc of Frenchman Mountain near Las Vegas where Dan discovered a Ganesh Particle. It is alleged this particle can regenerate damaged cells. It is due to these properties the ETs were interested in it’s use in order to ameliorate their particular neuropathies.

In relation to Ganesh Particle Dan has discovered unusual electromagnetic activity associated with silicon oxides, the activity is the presence of an emission of electromagnetic energy bundles containing information after exposed to this energy cells changed their DNA structure we're receiving DNA essentially across some sort of an electromagnetic barrier, through these portals we call Shiva Portals, which are admission, or emission, centers, if you will, for these Ganesh particles.

Dan also spoke of another particle named Selkie. Selkies act as guards or guide ways surrounding the Ganesh particles, giving them a pathway to a target. It was claimed they do that based on the sound input. The Shiva Portals might be micro wormholes.

Dan used a quartz crystal while experimenting with the Ganesh Particles, the result of which was an anomalous growth of cells of unknown origin around the crystal, so we do not know where these cells were from. Not knowing what these could be or what they could grow into, the experiments were stopped.


J-Rod is a general name for a Grey alien, they are to be us, humans from the future, same goes for Orions. There are two groups of J-Rods from two different timelines. P+45000 and P+52000, meaning PRESENT + YEARS. The P45s Dan described as self serving, abducting present time humans, wanting to preserve the original catastrophe timeline as it happened and are allied with Luciferian Illuminati. P52s want to help us, the present time humans, with establishing a timeline where the catastrophe does not happen and are allied with Majestic. There are both good and bad people on both Illuminati and Majestic side. There is a third group referred to as Orions, more commonly known as Nordics, who look humanoid and are overall believed to be perfect in their appearance.

In 2002 Dan spoke about a future catastrophe on planet Earth. After the catastrophe part of the human population went underground and the other part left the planet. Those who went underground changed into what is known as Greys due to environmental and other factors, their DNA has degenerated. Eventually Greys migrated to Zeta Reticuli, where there were some further changes in their appearance while adapting to that environment. Humans, now known as Nordics, moved off the planet Earth several thousand years after catastrophe and first went to the Moon where the Ark is located, from there they went to Mars and from Mars to Orion.

Dan said the Ark has got genetic and tissue and other products from Earth. Something like a Svalbard doomsday vault.

Looking Glass Catastrophe

The catastrophe was predicted to occur in 2012. Since we obviously survived the dreaded 2012, which was frankly quite uneventful, the question is whether or not J-Rods and Nordics still exist, have they been removed form time or is there some other paradox in place along with them or just whatever something time thingy happened?!? Since the events have not occurred as they originally did, since time has changed, shouldn’t that undo the Greys and Nordics, delete them from time…or is that just some narrow minded puny human attempt to understand the oh so ever complex mechanics of time elasticity.

Allegedly, if you go back in time and fuck something up, a parallel time line is created and the reality from where you went back in time remains unaffected. The question then is why would P45s bother with what happens here if that does not affect their present reality. Parallel time line thingy came from Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann.

This is how Dan described the catastrophe: What I have heard is that to precipitate the catastrophe, there would be, as we pass into the plane of the Milky Way, some sort of energetic burst through the plane of the galaxy by virtue of wormholes that are traveling… that travel through the plane of the galaxy from the center of the galaxy, which have been depicted in ancient lore … called the Serpent Rope… even the ancients… and that the Serpent Rope would return at the time of the end of the Mayan calendar, revealing… and there are several perspectives as to what it will reveal. But that during this same time, the history of the J-Rods record that this burst will cause a disruption in the Sun and that, concomitantly with energetic bursts from the Sun and from the wormholes which would be passing through our planet, that there would be a disaster provoked by virtue of these time travel devices [the Stargate devices] and the time viewing devices [the Looking Glass devices] spontaneously turning on and directing an inappropriate amount of energy into the crust of the Earth, precipitating a geophysical disaster. This geophysical disaster, in accordance with the history of the J-Rods and Orions, record that over 4 billion, 157 million die over a several year period by virtue to the geophysical shift in the crust.

It's not a Stargate. It's a device which accesses a portal, a wormhole, an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. So a device which allegedly access a naturally occurring phenomena. The gate technology came from cylinder seals and was originally it was a series of instructions for accessing the wormholes, which naturally pass in the hyperspace in which we find ourselves. And from there they worked on the technology, they built the equipment from the instructions. The cylinders were provided by P45s. There were over fifty man made star gates on the planet.

There was another device called the Looking Glass, which was a back engineered Stargate. Looking Glass was described as a device which shows the past and future probabilities. When the Looking Glass was operated, they were usually worked in tandem. It required a second Looking Glass to be turned on at the same time, to be able to hear acoustics or sound, if you will, from whatever the people were watching, to piggyback in tandem with the visual response of the equipment. That it required two to be turned on to hear anything.

There is also to be a variant of the Looking Glass called the Black Box or Cube also know as Yellow Book. This Cube was given to Eisenhower, USA government, by Nordics. The Cube was then usurped by the US military. Existence of the Cube has been known since 1946. Orions allegedly handed the Cube as a gift, thinking we are balanced enough to use it.

Eventually someone took the Cube back. Dan did not say who or how, but he gave assurances it is in safe hands and wont be used to the detriment of humanity. Before that the Cube was passed around in the secret elite circles, for them to see and prepare for future events.

All star gates and looking glass devices have been decommissioned in order to avoid the catastrophe. Dan said no human ever traveled via the gate. It was mostly used for communication and transfer of items.


As part of Project Aquarius Dan had a scientific job of removing the samples with a pressurized induction needle and then study the samples for the back engineering use of the reversing life chemicals. Reversing the J-Rods illness. What we were trying to do is we were trying to actually strip the exterior cytoplasm off from the cells and produce cells which would be independently functioning, then to understand those cells biochemically, genetically, so that those cells could then be re-added as a graft into the J-Rod to attempt to ameliorate the neuropathy.

According to Dan J-Rods suffered/suffer from peripheral nervous degeneration, closely associated with what we could call a monoclonal gammopathy. Dan said in order to help J-Rods it was determined that the only way would be a cloning effort, or clone therapy, genetic therapy. And that the only way to proceed with that therapy would be to produce hybrid associations between human and J-Rod genome.

There was one particular J-Rod named Chi’el’ah who was allegedly held captive by the USA at the Papoose Lake site, S4 facility. S4 is part of the Area 51 also known as Watertown. Chi’el’ah was kept in a pressurized hydrogen Clean Sphere, larger partial pressure of the environment was hydrogen, and in so doing we have a pressurization and a temperature difference. It was an extremely cold facility within the Clean Sphere. Whenever Dan enter the Clean Sphere, to get samples, he had to wear a special suit and follow a series of protocols. Even thought it was not allowed Dan was in telepathic communication with Chi’el’ah, who was able to see Dan’s thoughts and send him his own. Dan says sample removal could cause Chi’el’ah extreme pain which he himself also felt. Over time Dan and Chi’el’ah became friends. Dan finished with this work in 1996.

In 2006 Dan stated Chi’el’ah is back at Reticulum. Chi’el’ah was able to escape in 2003 when Dan, at Chi’el’ah request, pushed him into a time hole, a star gate in Egypt. Doing that Dan violated the protocols, as punishment he was confined to quarters, beaten and interrogated.


Dan said he was abducted in 1973 at the age of nine and had strange dreams after, which might be further abductions. He remembers meeting someone named Harry but has no clear memories of it. Craft that abducted him was a chevron like triangular shaped craft. Later Chi’el’ah, who was also on board of the craft at the time, showed him, via telepathy, what has happened to him. On board the vessel there were several young people, one of which was a son of the former MJ-1. The son was there as collateral in regard to T9 treaty. Something went wrong and MJ-1’s son had died. Dan claims P45s, in attempt to save the MJ-1’s son, transferred it’s energy into him, into Dan, who later developed an interest for science he never had before. Majestic was fully aware of this event. Dan believes this is why he was chosen by them.

This is also to be the reason as to why Dan was able to establish such a close bond with Chi’el’ah later while working at the S4 facility.

Chi’el’ah being on board was possible due to time travel and time paradoxes. Dan said Chi’el’ah traveled in time to 1973 and then to 1953 when he crash landed, which also means he was held at S4 in 1973 but was also on board the craft - an alleged time paradox.


Dan seems to believe what people think are Reptilians are simply J-Rods with degenerated skin, due to their DNA problems or as Dan put it changes in the sudoriferous glandular structure of their skin. At the same time, much like anyone else today, he stated he does not wish to apply a negative connotation, or poo poo as James Corey Goode has expressed himself, to anyone who says there are Reptilians.

Bio Chemical Warfare

Dan was taken to a facility code named Sweetness. He was brought there with two others. They were requested to perform an analysis of plasmid recombination involving restriction enzymes on a variety of tissue, to remove segments of a retrovirus fragment from a variety of tissue and to, if possible, associate that retrovirus fragment with the genome of a papilloma virus. The tissue source was a J-Rod. Dan claims they considering the usage of an alien retrovirus recombined with a terrestrial viral genome for possible use in BCW activities. BCW - biological and chemical warfare. Dan says that was inconsistent with my ethical boundaries and refused to do it. Dan was then temporarily held in the facility, something which he describes as: my experience in the time that I stayed in the residential unit there was horrifying. You know, when you hear human beings screaming in pain?

Timeline Variant 83

In 2007 the Orion Cube was used to look into the possible futures of the non catastrophic timeline.

Hillary Clinton, most interestingly, with John Kerry as her Vice President, would win the White House in November 2008. The Bush Administration, however, would before then launch a nuclear strike against Iran, the escalating repercussions of which would cross over into the new administration and also precipitate a major economic collapse. Geopolitical events thereafter would continue to deteriorate with a strike by Pakistan against India, an attack by China against India, and finally a nuclear exchange between the US, Russia and China.

To deter this event Mike McConnell, the Director of National Intelligence and former MJ-1 instructed his intelligence apparatus to publish the National Intelligence Estimate, in which it was stated that Iran presented no nuclear threat. Shortly after that, Benazir Bhutto herself was assassinated. Benazir was party to the findings of the 2007 project and was fully briefed about variant 83. Her personal mission was to avert the Pakistani nuclear strike, and in variant 83 it had been seen that she was very politically active - although unsuccessful. Most significantly, since her death there is now a coalition government in Pakistan which in itself may be sufficient to avert the strike against India.

Before these events Dan has said the Cube was taken away, apparently it was brought back? There was no explanation or even mention of Cube’s sudden reappearance.

Swine flu

During a 2009 Zurich Ground Crew conference, where Dan Burisch was also a guest speaker, a question came up, regarding vaccinations. Swine flue was a popular topic at the time. Dan endorsed vaccinations. Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan later posted on their website they do not agree with that. As a result Dan broke contact with Project Camelot. In Bill Ryan’s words: they distanced themselves for us publicly and attacked us viciously using a lot of stuff that was very untrue. Kerry Lynn Cassidy also stated: there were behind the scenes machinations during that conference which indicated there was some premeditation on their part in terms of them beginning to pull away from us. It all caused quite a bit of drama and even more attention resulting form it. Conspiracy nuts love drama, as long as it does not happen to them.


Is there a microbiologist in the house? Is there a microbiologist in the house?!? No? Oh well…

Back in the day Dan was a big controversy. He caused quite some polarization. The biggest trigger for many was Dan walking all over the holy grail of David Vaughan Icke & the shape shifting Reptilians. Maybe the problem for most was that his story was rather elaborating. People will mostly swallow almost anything, no matter how wacko it is or seems to be, as long as they think they can understand it.

It would seem Dan is one of the originators of the time line chupacabra, which has since been diligently used. Aside from a lot of talk, which at times seems memorized, Dan did not provide any tangible evidence. None of them ever do anyway.

Majestic is no longer suppose to be in existence as of 2005. The Committee of the Majority supposedly ended in 2002. After Majestic a new group took over. The new group which took over after Majestic, is named Scion, a biological term for a transplant.



  1. Raindancer, which is a compartmentalized project within the chemtrail project
  2. I know full well what their [Majestic] involvement is with regard to BCW work [Biological and Chemical Warfare] involving the retroviruses.
  3. we are in fact living in a chimera, a reality chimera
  4. we’re talking about the famous December 21st, 2012, and the Mayan issues. The Catastrophe is alleged to occur at or around that date
  5. J-Rods undergo adaptive radiation to the form that we see presently
  6. I was, in fact, made aware in a conversation that there are processes underway whereby they are, in fact, producing hybrids
  7. people want to OWN everything except the solutions
  8. I am privy to his prohibited name. However, they requested that I not provide it and that includes not providing it to the people who oversee me. It was private between he and myself because it was considered within their sociological structure improper to have personal names. So I’m not going to tell anyone [the name is Chi’el’ah]
  9. I’ve come to know ‘of’ the group called the Committee of the Majority. This committee is built of thirty-three men. They are Masonic-based, Scottish Rite and they are people who set in the highest positions of privilege and power both within the United States government and other governments
  10. the Majestic 12 is a group of scientists and scientific advisors who work for the Committee of the Majority
  11. I don’t believe the Queen of England is a Reptilian


  1. the notion of a Reptilian is a misnomer
  2. I actually came into direct contact with him [Chi’el’ah] at the end of 1993, the start of ‘94
  3. they [Greys] entrain on several levels and they are able to relax you by actually flooding you with natural opiates
  4. polygraph doesn’t work. If a polygraph worked, we wouldn’t need juries
  5. there are many of the Freemasons who inhabit the Majestic
  6. many people who are in the upper echelon of the Masonic movement, both York and Scottish rite, have accepted a philosophy which is Luciferian in context and history
  7. the actual European Illuminati, satanic, philosophy, where they have given their lives, their families, their sacred honor, to this satanic thought of creating a world order under the person that they consider the true God, which would be a Luciferian figure, these people have also been accepting of the influence of the P-45 rogues
  8. the so-called true Illuminati in Europe are God-fearing people
  9. I think that the energetics that we’re passing through is part of what’s happening to us naturally, that’s changing us in a positive way. It’s part of the loving cosmos that we’re part of


  1. everybody is worth exactly the same thing on this Earth and unfortunately there are individuals who feel otherwise
  2. we were aware [looking glass] as of the middle 1990s that there would be a coming Islamic extremist war with the United States
  3. Indira Gandhi was brokering the Committee of the Majority between the United States and the Soviet Union because the Soviets were threatening to start their own treaty system up with the extra terrestrials. Thus was born the Committee of the Majority between 1963 and 1967 until 2002
  4. we should have never built… The Stargate, yes, OK, for the purpose of speaking with the visitors from the other timelines
  5. as of about 2017 I would expect that probably that all of these little pieces of equipment will probably all get reassembled [turned back on]
  6. the time had arrived for us to pray for unity
  7. I am aware of one inter…dimensional species that won’t speak with us directly and was communicating via the Orions
  8. a lot of the UFO community, like, for them the stories have been a joke and a lot of them have been proffered by the folkloristic unit in Majestic
  9. the treaties were basically inflicted on us by the Orions. As they were enforced upon us by the Orions that we needed to do what we needed to do when they figured out that we weren’t able to handle the issue ourselves. We don’t have the ability to just take a Stargate and to step through onto the other side without violating the treaty. They don’t want us out there. We are dangerous to ourselves, so why would we not be dangerous to another culture? They are sure as hell not gonna let us off this planet
  10. Philadelphia Experiment provided radar invisibility and was an early cloaking system. And it was electromagnetic cloaking
  11. they [Majestic] were aware that there would be an Islamic attack upon the United States as early … meaning they were aware as early … as the mid 1990s that it would be coming sometime in the new millennium
  12. they’re using a gravimetric technology to warp time…space [propulsion]
  13. we create our own reality, and so we should, in my view, act toward the ideal to create a better reality for ourselves

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