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Damon T. Berry

Damon T. Berry, professional radio broadcaster who learned the art of screen writing and movie making at Walt Disney Company, presents an over dramatized series of videos in which he touches upon the cycles of humanity and it’s relation to ETs.

Damon claims all of which he is presenting in the videos was revealed to him when he touched a holy Egyptian stone of the Sphinx. This has occurred while he was in Egypt, working as media liaison for United States government, at the coalition base.

Damon’s main premise: what is considered a primitive ape man is anything but that. If we are to look at the ancient artifacts and ruins with the conviction our predecessors were on the same or greater technological level as we are, we will see those artifacts differently. The previous civilizations are claimed to have been technologically advanced and have left us hidden clues, about cyclical cataclysms, hidden in ancient cave paintings and megaliths.

It was revealed to Damon human civilizations are cyclical. As one civilization progresses far enough, in a technological sense, a cataclysm occurs. Unless the civilization manages to leave, it gets destroyed. If it leaves, it has to go to the Sun, into the Sun, back to it’s origin in Andromeda galaxy. There they meet the ETs which are actually them, their predecessors, who once also lived on Earth and have since moved on, to then return back to the planet Earth and help the next cycle of human civilization to develop.

Damon made the following claims regarding these images:

  1. The eye and dots around it are the stars representing the constellation Taurus
  2. It shows Taurus and Pleiades, which are suppose to be represented by a bright white spot above the bulls shoulder
  3. Represents the constellation of the Bear - Big Dipper
  4. This is constellation of Pegasus, a horse running alongside the bull
  5. A hand of god image officially called a Pulsar wind nebula
  6. The antlers, top part, represent a synaptic structure of the human brain
  7. Circle/Spiral like symbol is to be the rings of Africa
  8. An alleged sculpture, found among the Mayan ruins, represents alien language, the face of out father, supreme knowledge and an alien codex.
  9. An image of Lilith holding a shen, which means immortality. Feet of a bird, wings on her back. A goddess. Lyons at her feet are the Sphinx, which means she is Isis.

It is further claimed cave paintings, different color tones and shapes, show satellite imagery and some of the faces represent black holes. Damon claims UFO formations, such as those captured on home video cameras, present different constellations like Cygnus, Triangulum, Pegasus, belt of Orion… and are to be considered as an ET communication.

Damon claims all evidence of before civilizations is buried/hidden from the next one. There is something that comes, takes humanity, wipes the Earth clean and then restarts it.

The ETs are already among us, Damon calls them the GMO humans, which are/were in communication with the Black Knight satellite [BKS]. Some claim BKS existence was first confirmed when Nikola Tesla in 1899 detected rhythmic sounds on his radio receiver, or maybe they were just what science calls cosmic radio waves or cosmic noise. Supposedly the BKS has been in Earth’s orbit for the past thirteen thousand years. In 1998 a NASA photo emerged, showing a black oddly shaped object around Earth, which was jumped at as undeniable proof of BKS. NASA refuted this, claiming it is space debris - a thermal blanket.

According to Damon every Sun monument is created as a square [as for example the base of the pyramid], since in the ancient world near the summer or the winter solstice a hole will appear on the Sun and invariably it will be a square. The square is an invitation to a holiest place of all, the place of the Apis bull. When you enter the square on the Sun you enter a wormhole leading to constellation of Taurus.

In relation to BKS Pepsi has produced the following Black Knight Decoded video, which Damon has dismissed.

As evidence for BKS and GMO humans communicating with it, Damon uses a video such as this one.


Never before has fear porn been this poetic. Well it is not all that bad, it can just be a tad of a stump, when big black eyes are interpreted as black holes, eye lashes are light and gravitational forces and something which could be anything from a random ornament to an earring is said to be a Bluetooth earphone. Most interpretations in the series are a bit of a leap and doubting them makes you be unenlightened and you are also having cognitive dissonance problems.

Damon’s story is not a part of the mainstream UFO conspiracy, yet what is that anyway? It differs from the UFO conspiracy celebrities yet it has some of the same elements they have. For example: Damon went to a place and had an experience which opened his mind, very much the same or similar is claimed by David Vaughan Icke. Damon speaks of GMO humans, David speaks of Reptilians. Damon’s exact view on ET is not clear, for the moment he is somewhere in Steven Greer’s area. Steven says Earth’s governments will want you to go to war with ETs, which are friendly and benevolent. Damon also urges not to war with the ETs. As many before him, Damon looks at the remnants of the past, megaliths, artifacts, paintings and makes of them what he considers to be the truth or whatever fits the narrative, so do the others.

What Damon calls GMO people, 9Nania refers to as ishshah.

9Nania reinterpreted the Bible accordingly:

  1. Gen 1:26 Elohiym said let us make humans in our image after our likeness
  2. Gen 1:31 And Elohiym saw everything that they had made and behold it was very good
  3. Gen 2:8 And Yehovah Elohyim fixed enclosure eastward in Eden and there he put the human whom he had formed [modern day Iraq]
  4. Gen 2:9 And above the Earth Yehovah brought forth shaft that is pleasant to the sight and a good provision, the shaft of sustenance in the midst of enclosure and the shaft of the skill of harmful prosperity [provision - technology]
  5. Gen 2:17 But of the shaft of the skill of harmful prosperity you shall not use it, for in the day that you use it you shall surely perish
  6. Gen 2:21 And Yehovah caused a deep sleep to fall upon humans and they slept and Yehovah took one of their cells and closely joined the flesh
  7. Gen 2:22 And the cells which Yehovah had taken from humans made ishshah and brought it unto the humans [ishshah as a hybrid being]
  8. Gen 2:23 Humans said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, this shall be called ishshah because this was taken out of humans
  9. Gen 2:24 Therefore the humans shall forsake their ancestors at this point of departure and shall cleave unto ishshah and they shall be one flesh
  10. Gen 2:25 And they were both bare the humans and ishshah and were not confused
  11. Gen 3:1 The image was more crafty than any sustenance of the country which the Yehovah had created. And he said to ishshah you shall not use of every shaft in the enclosure
  12. Gen 3:2 And the ishshah said to the image we may use of the reward of the shafts of the enclosure
  13. Gen 3:3 But of the reward of the shaft which is in the middle of the enclosure Elohiym said you shall not use it neither shall you be stricken by it least you die
  14. Gen 3:5 Elohiym knows that In the day you use [the shaft] your appearance shall blossom and you will be perceived beautiful and favored
  15. Gen 3:6 And when the ishshah saw that the shaft was a good provision and that he/she was pleasant to the eyes and a shaft to be desired to make one have success he/she took of the reward and did use and gave also to the humans
  16. Gen 3:7 The appearance of them both blossomed and they learned to distinguish who was bare or not and they sewed fig branch together and made themselves armor
  17. Gen 3:13 …and the ishshah said the image deceived me and i was destroyed
  18. Rev 12:9 Sharpness of vision called Devil and Satan deceives the whole world
  19. Rev 13:14-15 He deceived them by the means of the mark [deceiving with the image], he had the power to give life unto the image



  1. all the hieroglyphics in the world are nearly alike
  2. Egyptian sand is almost like dust
  3. the greatest works of Egypt are in Louvre
  4. our civilization began four thousand five hundred years before Christ
  5. the future of mankind is in space
  6. angelic beings have left us clues
  7. Anunnaki are builders and creators of our world
  8. I am certain USA government has established contact with the ETs
  9. Black Knight satellite has an ability to appear and disappear whenever it wants
  10. every five thousand one hundred and twenty five years a civilization gets wiped out, we [current civilization] have passed that mark in 2011
  11. what happens on this earth has something to do with eliminating males
  12. there is not enough people that think like Jimmy Church
  13. the thing that destroys our world is our believes
  14. its once the world heats up, once the atmosphere gets warm that you being to uncover all of this things that are hidden
  15. gate C17 [2006 O’Hare International Airport UFO sighting] signifies NGC17, a place of the Kraken
  16. it is something that comes from the water that destroyed the last world, there is something already down there
  17. they Eye of Ra is a satellite
  18. name Khufu [pharaoh] means the birth of men is in the sky
  19. if you put a satellite image next to a cave painting they are identical
  20. time will come, when popes will be killed, when those who are dead will rise up against the religious [alleged Mayan prophecy and a secret given to three children by virgin Marry]
  21. I accept everybody as they are
  22. first Hubble image of a star is identical to a diamond shape of a cross behind the head on depictions of Jesus
  23. GMO is when the genes of one species is taken and inserted into genes of another
  24. aliens are here now and they are GMOs in the appearance of human beings
  25. Caucasian DNA is brand new

Episode 1, 2015

  1. everything ancient man created in stone [megaliths] was created for us [the now generation]
  2. square hieroglyph represents space , constellations, cosmos
  3. circle hieroglyph with X in the center represents land, place, city
  4. king’s chamber [Great pyramid] represents the Sun and queen’s chamber the Moon
  5. the tree pyramids represent the three gods Enlil, Anu and Ea
  6. Enlil became El Lil which became Elohim
  7. Anu aka creator became God The Almighty
  8. Ea became Yah which became Yahweh
  9. the home of the gods is in Triangulum constellation
  10. there is a Tree of Life constellation in Andromeda galaxy, where we [humans] were born

Episode 2, 2015

  1. the civilizations of the Earth are older than we know
  2. on the Earth more than fifty thousand years ago a vibrant and thriving civilization lived
  3. e-cycle is a cycle of the Earth [cycles which wipe out civilizations]
  4. mankind has walked this earth for more than five hundred million years
  5. there have been more than thirty thousand versions of this Earth, all beginning and ending in five to ten thousand year increments
  6. everything we have been taught about our history of men no longer exists, because it never did
  7. all that you know of history no longer exists, because that history never was
  8. humanity gets wiped out whenever it reaches a certain level of knowledge
  9. Africa is the place of our birth and it is also where it all ends
  10. Nazca Lines tell us how to save the Earth, they contain the knowledge of the star gate

Episode 3, 2015

  1. our Earth is dying and we are killing it
  2. ET are here to guide us and help us
  3. whoever tells you to fight the ET is a traitor of man
  4. a pyramid is a symbol of ownership, represents a colony, every planet with a pyramid was at some point colonized with alien life
  5. Earth is not ours, it is theirs [ET]
  6. surface of every planet with a pyramid on it has so far been destroyed

Episode 4, 2016

  1. we [humans] are all a near exact copy of one another
  2. we all have the same father
  3. eight kings together ruled this Earth for more than two hundred and forty thousand years
  4. the great pyramid tells us where the house of god is found
  5. everything we think we know, we must abandon
  6. pyramid at the tip of the obelisk represents the house of god, the constellation of Triangulum
  7. the ankh is symbol for a tree
  8. on the face of nearly every great stone structure around the world is a hand, signifying the hand of the god of the cosmos
  9. year five thousand before Christ the sons of god came to our world and restarted our civilization
  10. flying serpent is a symbol of god
  11. Medusa from Greek legends in based on Egyptian ISIS
  12. megaliths carry electromagnetic field and their most important purpose is to be touched and kissed by humans, when touched stones collect and preserve the DNA
  13. every word i am telling you is true

Episode 5, 2016

  1. our entire future is based on past which is the future
  2. serpent means dominion over a land
  3. sphinx is the face of god
  4. cross in a circle is a symbol of god, present nearly three thousand years before the birth of Jesus, it came down to Earth from heavenly angels who we now call Anunnaki
  5. the winter and summer solstice are given to us by our alien forefathers, because time is the most important commodity in the world
  6. constellation Leo is also a serpent
  7. Sphinx represent the sun and is the face of the sun and when mankind enters into the technological age the sun will speak to us through the sphinx and when it does humanity will have to leave the Earth
  8. recently sun has been developing strange characteristics, strange holes where large chunks of it are completely missing, called coronal holes
  9. the summer solstice means the star gate is open
  10. the sun is a star gate
  11. Anunnaki were not all Caucasian
  12. Anunnaki are from constellation Orion
  13. UFO hot spot on Earth is the USA, which will play a critical part in mankind’s future
  14. there are ten planets in our solar system
  15. the sun is a black hole
  16. don’t trust our history or science

Episode 6, 2016

  1. cognitive dissonance is a disease
  2. pyramid is the symbol of the sun
  3. the holiest place on this Earth is Egypt
  4. pyramid has eight cardinal points of direction
  5. there is a Black Knight satellite in Earth’s orbit
  6. there are GMO people among us
  7. every human being who survives the end and knows the truth is subsequently taken form this earth

Episode 7, 2017

  1. the pyramids of Africa area all linked together with the pyramid of North America
  2. Egyptians, Mayans and the Aztecs are all inked together as one, they all share the same father
  3. all building project of the ancient world are religious, religions in the ancient world had little to do with faith and everything to do with knowledge
  4. an owl represents an entry way to heaven and into the house of god, an opening of a wormhole or a stargate
  5. the cow or the bull is one of the most holiest symbols of god on the world
  6. the end of the world is a fiery one because we refuse knowledge
  7. in the end if will be religious who decide what happens to the rest of us
  8. we have to walk away from what we believe and what we have been taught
  9. the knowledge of the stargate is always the last knowledge given on Earth and after that mankind is destroyed

Episode 8, 2018

  1. Pay 2 view. Region locked

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