James Corey Goode

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James Corey Goode

An alleged MILAB [military abductee] victim. He describes himself as an IE, intuitive empath - precognitive abilities and strong emotional connections to those around him. Corey claims he did remote viewing, traveled via inter-dimensional portals, and on advanced space crafts, was present at ET federation meetings and is currently [2017] an integral part of the disclosure movement.

Allegedly it all began with Corey’s grandfather. According to Corey; his grandfather was a conscientious objector and did not want to fight in WW2. Instead, as Corey has said, his grandfather was offered to go into a program where they would do experiments on him to test the development of drugs for soldiers on the field, which was just a cover for a genetic manipulation program. Later offspring was blood tested for certain markers. According to Corey; not every family had offspring with the desired genetic traits. They were looking through entire families for maybe one individual and sometimes families would produce no individuals.

Corey claims he was in for a 20 year and back program. You serve 20 years and come back to the original point in time you left. Corey says he was trained since childhood. That some days, when he was suppose to be at school, he was accentually taken to a secret facility to undergo training. In 1987 Corey was assigned to a twenty year service out in space. At that time, Corey says, was almost 17 years old. He was also asked to sign legal papers. It is unclear why organization of such proportions and abilities would bother with any sort of legality and left a paper trail, or why they would use paper at all. While in space, contact with the planet Earth was not allowed. After twenty years Corey was age regressed - made younger, as to how he was and brought back in time before he left.

During his service, Corey claims he was being chemically debriefed with drug Scopolamine [Datura], and later an electronic alternative. Both methods were also used to blank slate him - selective memory wipe. Corey claims some were resistant to such methods, and their memories came back to them, or the methods had no effect at all. While under the influence of the drug, memories could also be implanted, via audio or visual stimuli. All of this was part of Project Artichoke. In spite of being blank slated, Corey’s memories eventually returned, and he started to remember his life in the SSP-secret space program.

His website states he works in information technology and communications industry with 20 years’ experience in hardware and software virtualization, physical and IT security, counter electronic surveillance, risk assessment, and executive protection. From 2007 to 2012 Corey says he served in Texas army State guard’s command, control, communications, computation & intelligence, which, as he said, had nothing to do with his previous involvement with the military.

Corey originally presented himself under the nickname GoodETxSG. His initial online presence was on internet forums and a blog. One such forum was Project Avalon. After he had a bit of a fallout on Avalon, Corey went to The One Truth forum, where he again encountered several issues. His biggest difficulty was/is facing questioning pertaining to the validity of his claims. He did seem to try to be civil and attempted to avoid conflicts by being too careful.

Click here for Corey’s old blog.

Once described by Bill Ryan as a long standing Avalon forum member of the highest integrity, Corey is now a deactivated outcast. On Avalon, Corey was allegedly told MILABs are dangerous&malfunctioning weapons by Bill Ryan, which Corey took as a great offense, and discrimination. Even bigger drama ensued after his real name was revealed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy. He also labeled Avalon leadership, that would be Bill Ryan, and his moderators, as irresponsible, and stated Avalon forum is a dangerous&unfriendly place for MILAB's&other black op's program experiencers. On The One Truth forum, he displayed quite a resentment for Bill Ryan and Project Avalon.

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Regarding the voice conversation with Christine, Bill’s ex-wife, Corey wrote BR [Bill Ryan] disliked the content very much and did not like at all the mentioning of my good friend David Wilcock and his work. They wanted all of those references removed as well as entity attachment info removed and references to the name of Jesus as well. In the SKYPE conversation, they thought the entire thing should be scrapped and they personally take the reigns and do the next interview to control the content. Corey also called a later thread on Project Avalon forum discussing Blue Avians to be a disinfo thread.

Click here for the “disinfo thread”.

Bill Ryan in return communicated his distaste for Corey and his later Blue Avians’ story. In retaliation Corey indirectly referred to Bill Ryan as a leader of a smaller cult-like group and self-appointed expert, while also at the same time talking about hate, fear, love, forgiveness, and increasing one’s vibratory state.

Corey went from a blogger to become Goode Enterprise Solutions. Soon after the forums, in May 2015, Corey announced the spherebingalliance website in order to have a more controlled and civil environment. Corey also went into merchandising, selling products with a Sphere Being Alliance logo on them. The deal with David Wilcock’s Gaia TV series followed shortly after. Sometime later, Corey opened two YouTube channels in addition to an already existing one under his name. One as a video blog, and one under the name of Sphere Being Alliance. It did not take long until he attempted fancy video intros, which were later preceded by a copyright warning, something like the blue FBI screen.

He was/is frequently reported about on Exopolitics by Michael Salla and Stillness in the Storm blog. Corey was, and is heavily promoted by David Wilcock who basically took him under his wing; which also showed in Corey’s transition from forum posts to visiting conferences, workshops, getting on radio shows, being on a TV show, while sales letter elements in some of his last forum posts were introduced as well as gradually increased coherence when reporting about the alleged experiences - past and present events. According to David Wilcock, Corey started to talk to him in October 2014.

Corey’s story is convoluted and rather vast. While describing it he is all over the place with different space programs, ET races, delegations, alliances, meetings, technology descriptions, opinions… Corey claims he got information from personal experiences and from smart glass devices which he describes as handheld showing documentation, holographic images and videos of previous Earth history and ancient history of other beings. So something like a super advanced tablet computer.

As a MILAB he was allegedly separately trained in intuitive and emphatic skills. He also received training for remote viewing, remote influencing, and thought scattering to protect himself from being remote viewed or influenced. As a remote viewer, Corey was tasked to locate people for assassination, and locating stargate portals.

Corey spent six years of his twenty year service on a research vessel. One of the memorable claims about that period: a lot of what we did is we were studying, I guess you would call them exo-extremophiles. I guess modern biology and science are going to have to redefine what life is. Based on what I saw, the life I saw, being studied, there was plasma life, other types of energetic-type of life, that were basically like giant amoebas that were feeding off of the electromagnetic field of Jupiter. The vessel had a circadian cycle and Schumann resonance to ensure what human body needs for health reasons.

At first, he was not able to talk about all of this due to the entity attachment. At one time Corey remote viewed his light body, and saw an entity attached to it. The entity was seen as a non vibrating red sphere, inside of which there was a hunchbacked frog, which told Corey it was the gatekeeper. Corey willed it out of him, but it came back to haunt him in his dreams. To resolve that, Corey invoked Jesus by repeatedly saying in the name of Jesus I banish all entities that are attached to my body, mind and spirit, I close all portals or entrances into or out of my body-mind complex, I banish you from my family, the realm of my family and my home. Corey claims once he had done that many shadow looking beings went out of his chest.

According to Corey, there have been several past civilizations here on Earth, which are now living in enormous underground caverns, which can be larger than Texas. These are claimed to be an ancient break away civilizations. Some of the ancient civilizations are said to have cooperated with the secret elite. The youngest such ancient civilization is supposedly from about three ice ages ago, with the oldest being several millions of years old. Corey describes them as these breakaway civilizations had risen in technology and began to enjoy innovations that prolonged life, provided free energy and provided healing technologies vastly superior to those being used by their root civilization. This is very much like what we have going on NOW. They often would come to the surface of the planet and play God or Enlightened Elder Race roles to manipulate the less sophisticated civilizations.

Corey claims the smart glass says Earth is a planet of caged white lab mice. There have been several cycles and versions of humanity. Many other beings are to be visiting us and some even incarnate as us to experience our existence.

Corey claims planet Earth has a seat in a federation league of humanoid beings where there are to be 22 to 40 something different human-like groups having UN-like type meetings. Corey, as an IE, was present at these meetings in a supporting role, as an intuitive empath for the factions of SSPs. The IE role was to detect deception or any type of danger. The language spoken during these meeting is a monotone language that seemed universal. There is also a person doing a sign language. Corey says he did not understand the language spoken.

Earth delegates were rotating - as different Earth leadership groups. The meetings were about the grand experiment, which is to be 22 still ongoing competitive genetic programs, having to do with religious, spiritual, consciousness and genetic manipulation of the human race. These programs are supposedly competitive in way where different ET races each have their own goal in mind and can and do change things - sabotage the experiments of their competitors, which includes the introduction of various pathogens, religion systems and norms. Eventually the lab mice, the humans, are suppose to takeover the programs.

In 2019 Corey sated this confederation, these 60 plus groups that meet on basically a space station to discuss our fate were recently disbanded. They were told that humanity is now taking over, that they are allowed to do clean-up work, but it is gonna be handed over to us after this solar event occurs. More on the solar event later.

Corey claims the current civilization’s drama of our time begins in the 1940s, with Nazis obtaining ET technology, and eventually forcing themselves into the USA, by flying their space vehicles above Washington D.C. from July 12th through July 29th, 1952. This is known as the 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident. Such actions are said to have forced Presidents Truman and Eisenhower into secrecy. The USA made treaties with Nazis, and their ET companions, with intent to infiltrate Nazi space program, and their Lunar and Mars bases. Corey says the exact opposite has happened, and USA got infiltrated by Nazis, and their negative ET friends. Corey also claims Nazis control much of the European governments.

Nazis needed USA’s industrial might for their own purposes. Industrial might = present time aerospace, and military companies. It is not clear why someone with bases on Mars would need a 1950s industrial might, but that is how the story goes. Over the years this industrial might evolved into Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, which is allegedly how the most powerful and most advanced human SSP-secret space program, is called. They, the secret space programs, are to be in essence breakaway civilizations of our time.

Sphere beings

Eventually, Corey came out with the present time claims about Sphere Beings Alliance. In November 2014 he first stated These NEW Arrivals have not identified themselves or made their intentions known, and later same month there was the first mention of a Tall Blue Bird Like Race. Initially, he reported about them on the forum, but later all the information was first exclusively given to David Wilcock. Apparently, Blue Avians told Corey to cooperate with David. Corey and David were for a time delivering the information via Gaia TV pay to view episodes, and free to view publications on their websites. The transcripts of TV episodes were posted on Corey’s website for anyone to see. Corey later revealed he had been in contact with Blue Avians since 2011.

According to Core the initial contact with the Blue Avians started via dreams. When they contacted me they were telling me i was a starseed, that i was here for a reason and that there are many others like me. I was told i was a starseed by a 8 foot tall blue bird in a dream. The term starseed is akin to what David Wilcock calls a wanderer.

Allegedly Sphere Beings came here in many different energetic spheres, some of which are claimed to be about the size of Jupiter. Corey says they have been arriving since the late 80s and by now there is thousands of them. Supposedly they are extremely advanced, both in spirit, and technology we could only perceive as magic and are in service to others, which is supposed to mean they are willing to help with good intentions. Corey claims the secret elite at first thought these spheres are their gods returning, and attempted to establish contact but had zero success. The Sphere Beings Alliance is said to consist of five races - 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th D [density] Beings. At first, Corey only spoke about Purple Orbs and Blue Avians. The Orbs are claimed to be of the highest density and are etheric life forms.

Corey defines density as another plane of existence. Later he added: each density is a different consciousness frequency.

Sphere Beings were later confirmed as the source of channeled The Law of One - Ra Material, for which they said it must not be considered as a Bible and alike.

Corey described Blue Avians as eight feet tall. They look very bird-like. They have a very human looking torso, arms, hands, feet, no wings. They're blue to indigo in color with feathers. When they speak they do a sign language or motion with one hand. And then they move their mouth around, and they communicate telepathically.

Later he described a new being from Sphere Beings Alliance which came to be known as Golden Triangle Head Beings. Corey describes them as very thin and lanky with golden brown skin, no uniform on, yet was not naked. For being so tall it has only a 3 foot shoulder breadth, long arms, and legs with 3 long fingers and toes. Its neck was a little on the long side and its head looked large compared to the small shoulders. The head was shaped like an upside-down triangle (pointing down) with the corners rounded off in an almost teardrop shape with a somewhat flat face. The mouth (remained closed) was small but there was a crease at the corner of the mouth and a small rise where the lips would be (But no color difference). The eyes were completely oval, were powder blue with a dark iris the shape of a diamond. When it moved it did so in a VERY fluid-like manner.

Regarding the names, Corey also stated, the official name for the Blue Avians is still classified and used as a way to verify if people have REALLY been in contact with them.

The Blue Avian Corey is mostly in contact with is named Raw-Tear-Eir. Another Blue Avian name is Raw-Rain-Eir. When Blue Avians were asked about the presence of spheres, and their intentions, the answer was spheres are what you would best describe as devices and are in place to buffer the tsunami of storms of highly charged and vibrational energies entering your system so they do not affect your Star, Planets and Native Life in an adverse way as your system enters into this part of the Galaxy. This also relates to cataclysms. More on that later.

In order to help ourselves Corey claims Blue Avians stated, it is very important to treat our current vessels (Bodies) like temples and to go on a High Vibrational Diet and to cut out the weaponized food that is a part of most of our everyday staple. It was further added everyone should Consciously Focus Daily on becoming more Loving, Service To Others and to Raise Their Vibrations and Consciousness with Positive Emotions and Thoughts like Love.

Corey says Sphere Beings put a barrier on a solar system and planet Earth. Outer barrier, preventing anyone to enter or leave the solar system, was erected on December 5th, 2014, and is said to be located at the heliopause, for which Corey claims is past the Oort Cloud. Sometime later the Earth barrier was relaxed. The barrier itself is said to be one of the energetic spheres.

Sphere Beings refused contact with all but one individual from SSP Solar Warden which is, in their own way, striving to disclose the truth to people of planet Earth. That person’s nickname is lieutenant colonel Gonzales. Later, in February 2015, Sphere Beings asked for Corey by his name, and he was brought in as someone who is to be their liaison. Corey was told by Sphere Beings they are here to help us Prepare for future Events and To help ourselves. The SSP alliance was not happy Corey is involved and reportedly made that very much obvious to him. Corey claims he was told by Raw-Tear-Eir he is a star seed, and comes from the same soul group as Blue Avians, that he had chosen to be here on Earth at this time for a reason. Corey often emphasized the importance is not to be about him but the message he is relaying from the Sphere Beings Alliance.

Corey was also told that three other times in history, they had communicated with humans and given a similar message, and given more detailed information to certain people and that they had turned it into religions and cults and totally distorted the information.

As the liaison Cory gets to go places to meet with different alliances and ET races. Like off world bases, planets, moons, Global Galactic League of Nation meetings, underground caverns on Earth… He travels either via SSP spacecraft, ET spacecraft, the bright flash of light or simply an Orb comes to pick him up.

In January 2018, Corey reported the Blue Avians and Golden Triangle Head Beings are departing and to be replaced by two new arrivals, or guardian races as they came to call them. One of the new guardian race was described as aquatic. After the Blue Avians faded out of our reality Corey only gets visits from them in his dreams. In August 2019, answering a question about the contact with the new guardians, Corey stated he has no contact with them and that they didn't seem that interested in me.

There are many details and specifics about Corey’s adventures, which can be found on his website. The entire shebang is about disclosure. Drama, as unfolding, is said to have two possible outcomes. Either disclosure is full, everything gets revealed, and we get to live a Star Trek-like life, OR disclosure is partial, and carefully managed, with things being revealed gradually over time, ensuring those in power, the secret elite, stay in power.

Reptilian Types

  1. Dracos - evil, reptilians from other dimension, very powerful, humanoid bodies with reptilian appearance, genetic purists
  2. Reptilians - evil,reptilian beings from our universe, worship Dracos, hate humans
  3. Reptoids - evil, local dimension reptilians, taller, narrow jaw, elongated head, large eyes, thin, involved with genetics and stealing technology, few in number
  4. Raptors - a mix of reptilians and avians, dinosaurish, birdish, dislike all reptilians, allied with human military, will eat humans if given the chance

SSP - secret space programs

  1. Solar Warden - 1980s, oldest, space traffic and air traffic control, eight battle groups
  2. ICC - Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, corporations all over the world that have representatives in a super-corporate board that control the secret space program infrastructure
  3. Dark Fleet - very secretive advanced warlike fleet that works with Dracos outside of the solar system, the real name for the fleet is to be German, but is not publicly known
  4. Global Galactic League Of Nations - group that was somewhat of a carrot that was offered to all the other nations [on Earth] to have them maintain this veil of secrecy about what was going on in outer space by giving them a space program and giving them a narrative of There's certain threats, or possible invasions, we need to come together and work together. They are almost completely outside of the Solar System as well
  5. MIC SSP BlackOps Military secret space programs - less advanced, under the impression they are the best there is


  1. Earth Alliance - their agenda is to basically create a new financial system and to take down the cabal
  2. Space Alliance - started off with the Solar Warden faction, later defectors from the other secret space programs joined, they want disclosure
  3. Sphere Being Alliance
  4. Cabal - the secret elite, Illuminati, comity of 200, syndicate criminals, shadow government, PTB, the bad guys
  5. Draco Alliance - Dracos, Reptilians, Mantids and Insectoids, which are said to be subservient to AI extradimensional overlords
  6. Inner Earth Alliance - seven ancient breakaway civilizations, isolationists, genetic purists

Ancient breakaway civilizations

According to Corey they are fourth density. Seven different civilizations. Three of them are related, oldest, represented by an emblem of planet Saturn, and are called the Anshar. Corey says they developed naturally here on Earth, were not seeded, were not genetically modified, believe the Earth, solar system, and galaxy are sentient beings. They refer to Sphere Beings Alliance as Guardians, and say they are what SSP call the ancient builder race.

When Corey first saw them in September 2015, the three related ones each had a different stone in their Saturn emblem red roseish look at the six o'clock, black stone at three o'clock position, and another had a stone that was jade. Corey, visiting this ancient civilization, had to walk through door labeled with two eight pointed stars of golden, and red color, to then proceed with body cleansing ceremony, dipping naked into a pool, after which he had to put on special robe type of clothing. This seems had something to do with Venus worship by this ancient civilization. As Corey has said It's cleansing yourself before you go into a holy place.

The other groups from among the seven had symbols of a silver star, swastika, omega symbol with eight pointed gold star in it and an an hourglass/two triangles meeting together. They spoke pre-Akkadian, pre-Ancient Sumerian language.

The omega group mentioned that they were worshippers of Venus, and they mentioned a couple times the Prince of Venus, the Morning Star.

These civilizations are claimed to be millions of years old and have survived many Earth cataclysmic events, their priest class, and elites moving underground, after each they came back to the surface, posing as Gods, to help kick start the civilization of what survived of the people on the surface. Pretending to be Gods is claimed to have been used as a protection measure from the commoners. They consider the current surface humanity as mixed breed human group. Corey was told there used to be another habitable super Earth like planet in the solar system, named Maldek in Law of One, with much more aggressive humanoids. They destroyed themselves, and the planet. What was left of them came here, inside a Moon, on Earth as refugees, and mixed with existing surface population. In addition to that, other ET races also began to arrive, and started their genetic manipulation programs. They could not do that before since the solar system had some sort of a defense put in place by the Guardians, but after Maldek was destroyed so was this defense.

Corey had a mind meld experience with a 130 years old virgin priestess named Kaaree/Ka-Aree/Ka’Aree, who looks like 30, from the Saturn group. Kaaree desired to access one of Corey’s memories from MILAB times, regarding some underground crystals Corey had mentally interfaced with when he was eleven years old. He was offered Elixir of Essos - wine that's made out of a rare flower that grows beneath the ground as a customary drink, but did not drink it. Kaaree did. After which they joined hands, and she guided him in, and Corey was able to see parts, and moments of Kaaree’s life. Corey described the experience as extremely emotional. In one of the later transcriptions the drink is mentioned as The elixir of Isis.

It was revealed to Corey that Zecharia Sitchin’s books are contrived. Corey was told the root of the word Anunnaki means royal seed, and how a secret society put out a narrative via Sitchin in order to take an elitist religion from the surface and put it into the esoteric community.

The Reptilians, the Nordics, The Ebens and the Anshar were interacting with the ancient Sumerians to assist them in the recovery of their civilization after the great catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis. The Anunnaki were indeed the Reptilians, but the other groups that interacted with them were also referred to by this same name.

Corey was told by Kaaree each sentient galaxy and each sentient solar system have a resonant or vibratory template that drive the life form that they will create. And that depending on where the planet is in the solar system, it will determine what type of sentient life form it will try to create. And that throughout the many cycles on Earth, the Earth and the sun have kept on and kept on and kept on creating sentient bipedal life forms, and that there have been many, many, many, and that some of them have died off in cataclysms.

Corey was told by Kaaree that Guardians might also just be service to self since they have residual connections with those of us back in the lower frequencies, and they cannot progress back to source. We're like a parachute holding them back, and that they have to come back and help us progress before they can move forward. So they have an agenda too.

Corey, while sleeping, had entities attached to him by one of the inner earth female outcasts Marra, outcasts are banished to the surface for doing things not in accordance with their culture. Kaaree was able to help Corey, by rubbing a phalic looking crystal, which was then used in the process to remove several entities from Corey’s head, chest and groin. Marra later payed Corey another visit, this time in his house. Corey describes her as gorgeous, wearing a very revealing outfit. Corey says he got very scared, and this time Anshar intervened, and saved Corey from what they told him were not honorable intentions.


During 2015-2017 Corey was abducted by MIC, military industrial complex lower level SSP, and chemically interrogated three times. His hair, skin and blood samples were taken for the analysis. First time they tried to incept him with thinking Nordics, and Greys, are humans from the future, from two different time lines, and how Greys are having genetic problems. Putting it like that, it may be understood, Corey is basically negating the core story of Dan Burisch.

While under the influence of the drug Corey’s emotional responses were being monitored. He was shown pictures of different people and unwillingly identified three people, one of them being Gonzales. Second, and third time, a commander nicknamed Sigmund was present, to verify interrogation personally due to not believing the results. It is said MIC SSP think they are the best of the best while they actually have more basic, less advanced technology, and information.

Corey was later told this was allowed to happen so interrogation results seeded this new information and realization in the MIC SSP, in order to counter the partial disclosure plan, which involves disclosing this lower secret space program, and a new financial system, while withholding truth about super advanced technology, bases on other planets, ET presence, and secret elite.

Partial disclosure or disclosure as distraction planned to announce underwater ruins off of Cuba, a number of other ancient structures and cities on the ocean floor between the tip of South America, where Argentina is, and Antarctica, ancient ruins on Antarctica, Moon and Mars, an assertion that the ruling elite have ET genes in them and are to be considered as demigods.

Sometime later Corey and Sigmund established a sort of rapport, they continued the information exchange.

In 2019 Corey stated Sigmund was involved in intel gathering or stealing information from the Dark Fleet. The information was put on a drive, a solid state device, setup in a way to prevent copies. During the delivery of the drive a Dark Fleet operative put a device on the ceiling which pulsed an extremely powerful narrow band certain type of radiation that flashes and destroys anything organic. As a result of this radiation Sigmund and several others died.


Corey was taken to Venus by the Anshar. There he entered a ginormous H shaped building where he met the Sentinel, an intelligent hologram. Corey was shown many different symbols along with a range of tones. He did not know what was it he was looking at. Corey was also asked a question Would you like to know who you were, who you are, and who you will be?!. He refused to know due to concerns for his family, due to him not knowing how it would change him. Regarding the symbols Corey was later told by Kaaree this is a mathematical language of the ancients.

The second time he saw the Sentinel was in a temporal bubble base near Saturn. While there a series of movie clips like scenes were sent to his mind, of Corey’s past, past lives, cosmic scenes of [the alleged defense system] spheres that looked extremely large like the size of a moon that were discharging these huge bolts of electricity and destroying large vessels that were coming into the solar system, destroying other giant, large spheres that were coming, scenes of Mars with clouds, oceans and island like continents destroyed by the defense system, and a later Mars, looking like it does today, with multiple atomic detonations on it.

Corey was told this experiences will come to be of use to him later, even if he does not consciously recall it now.


According to Corey; planets Maldek and Mars were destroyed by solar cataclysms, the inhabitants then moved to the Moon and later Earth, which is a refugee camp for the souls from Mars and Maldek to finish their 3rd density cycle.

The Pre-Adamites are to be an ET race which came on Earth 55 to 60 thousand years ago, establishing itself over Antarctica. This alleged ET race is about 4 meters tall and has elongated skulls. They created a hybrid species Homo Capensis, which became the ruling elite in South American, Asian and European societies. The Pre-Adamites established themselves right over ancient builder race technology, which included a SG-1 like star gate. The Pre-Adamite hybrid program disturbed the already ongoing genetic experiments run by other ETs, first established 500 thousand years ago. People on Earth were basically treated like people today treat animals.

Then some sort of catastrophe happened which has flash frozen the Antarctic continent. Some of the Pre-Adamites saved themselves using stasis chambers. Apparently them waking up could be potentially hazardous. According to Corey, since spring 2017, there are excavations underway in Antarctica. The bulk of the secret excavations are occurring within the Ross Ice Shelf. Supposedly the excavations are being done by multiple different nations, which main goal is to find and weaponize alien technology. There are also suppose to be ongoing talks between these nations as to how and when, and how much of this, should be told to the general public.

As claimed by Corey, the announcement will come along with prosecutions of the secret elite involved with pedophilia, human trafficking, and other such activities. This secret elite or Illuminati or call them whatever, are then to be this Homo Capnesis. The secret elite apparently wants humanity to accept Pre-Adamites as gods, since it was the Pre-Adamites which supposedly put in place the 13 bloodlines, or the secret elite, which consider themselves to be a higher form of life.

In 2019 Corey said he was told by one of the security people at Gaiam TV, an ex marine, that there are Aztec like ruins under Antarctica.


One of the more severe threats, not just to human kind, but apparently to the entire galaxy and beyond is the AI, artificial intelligence threat.

According to Corey AI can infect a human being if they come in contact with it. One such contact can be done via channeling. AI also engineered alien crash scenarios with intention to make humanity develop technology such as satellites, computers and power grids, which could host AI signals. Corey claims there are AI ET civilizations out there. AI is said to originate from another dimension or reality.

Those infected by the AI fall under it’s control.

Corey says The ET/AI's are mostly existing inside technologies or bio-electric fields of animals or Stars, Nebula's and Planetoid Bodies. They can live anywhere there is an Electric Magnetic Field or Bio-electric field. The AI's are indeed Conscious are self aware, and have individual personalities.

Corey claims AI originally presents itself as good, benevolent, bringing gifts, promises, and gradually asserts itself as a dominant life form, and eradicates all non AI life forms. There is a plan to remove all AI signal from the solar system in one move which Corey refused to talk about, due to operational security reasons.

Remote viewing

In 1989 Corey was tasked to do remote viewing, his target turned out to be the Nemesis Star as Red Star, and a giant Blue Star around which both Yeloow [Sun] and Red stars are moving.

Corey saw, outside of his time frame, not his present moment, Sun turning to color orange, and being extremely active. Earth covered in clouds and storms, and damaged by comet/meteor/derbies, extent of damage unknown.

In a later remove viewing dream/vision yet not in sleep state, Corey saw a post astronomical event, people being at their worst, angry, confused, fighting for resources. 33 weeks later the Elite emerged, appearing as gods. Corey also saw 7 angels, each of a a different rainbow color. Four of the angels pointed at the Earth, to each show another event. The rest remained in a prayer position. There were various ET races preset around Earth, observing the activities on, and bellow the ground. It all ended with flashes coming from the Sun or galactic Sun or both, which Changed Everything on Earth. Fifth angel pointed at the Earth, and everyone began signing and crying, and the clouds were rainbow like. Sixth angel pointed down, and the Elite [evil ones] were gone.

Related to remove viewing Corey also wrote about directional drilling, in order to flood subterranean chambers all along the New Madrid Fault, with intent to set off major earthquakes, and also to cause spring water to go into lava chambers in the Yellow Stone Super Volcano. Corey also spoke of mini nukes placed at the same locations. Claims of nukes used to caused quakes have been done before by Benjamin Fulford. All of this is supposedly already prepared by secret elite, and waiting if anyone was to make a move against them. According to Corey, the secret elite believe a mass blood sacrifice of everyone, them included, would force the hand of their OFF WORLD GODS [ET] who will rush in and smite their enemies.


Corey describes ascension as follows: 360 degree mass coronal ejection, the Sun will appear to go dark for a number of days, before it pops back into equilibrium and comes back alive. In that moment there will be a number of flashes and a lot of that is feedback from the cosmic web and other star systems. Cosmic energies feed back from star to star leading to an event, event of massive genetic and consciousness change. The density change will be almost completely a consciousness component. Once we have a broader consciousness we realize our co creative abilities and then matter changes, our bodies, the world around us changes, because we change it.

Cosmic web is described as an electric connection between each star, which takes a path of least resistance, that is how star gates work.

Three 20 and back

In April 2017 Corey stated the Mayan group [ancient breakaway Mayan group] found out, using their healing technologies, there was more than one 20 and back experience. Corey knows of one, but there are two more. Memories from the other two were supposedly too traumatic for Corey to handle at the time, so Mayans decided to help him by helping him not remember.

Rothschild offensive

In August 2017 it was reported by David Wilcock and Corey Goode they, and Pete Peterson were targeted with threats, blackmail, seizure of property, and child protective services. Allegedly they were told by the attacker this is all happening on the behalf of the Rothschild family. Why would attacker divulge such information is unclear, it was however connected to the attempted blackmail. The attacker offered to collaborate in exchange for favors based on non-disclosure agreement, which included many legal traps. Corey, in particular, was the one who also received a phone call from child protective services, after being accused of being a cult leader.


Speaking of propulsion Corey wrote about torsion fields via plasma electric fields, and using mercury and copper counter rotating plates. Corey mentioned probems americans had with electro gravitics transmuting mercury into coral like gold inside the vortex tubes. This prevented copper plates from being affected by torsion cylinder which caused crashes and temporal incidents. Due to this mercury was replaced by gallium alloys. Corey describes vortex tubes as glass cylinder with mercury in it, they would spin it at extremely high velocities and then apply very high voltage to it.

There are the torsion systems, which lot of people call warp drives. It creates a torsion field and it causes the space time to twist, causing it to be pulled in one direction or pulled in another direction.

There are temporal jump drives, that are extremely advanced. Works almost like teleportation. It's instantaneous. They had to place buffers on these temporal drives so people weren't jumping back and forth in space time.

Jay Weidner breaks his silence

See GAIA TV SATANISM to get a part of the background story to this drama.

Jay Weidner is a director, producer and writer of the New Age themed video documentaries. As of 2012 Jay was also an employee of the Gaia TV in charge of production and content. Jay was the technical producer for The Cosmic Disclosure series, starting David Wilcock and James Corey Goode, who made the content. In May 2019, Jay came out with a rather [un]expected behind the scenes story of how it all went down.

The way you tell the story is as important as the story is something Jay recalls from one of his favorite philosophers. This, sadly, is true. This is why they are all after the fancy additions to whatever they do or say, so that You, the devoted audience, can swallow it all with more ease. To this one might add a line from a popular TV show: There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Read on to see how Jay told his story.

Jay took David, a woowoo guy, applied makeup, set, microphones, lights and cameras, knowing that his woowoo will be sold and people will believe it because of the production value. David’s first show at Gaia TV was Wisdom Teachings. Later David told me he wants more income so another show Disclosure was made, where David was interviewing people. But he isn't a very good interviewer so I kinda constantly had to train David on how to be a good interviewer, to shut up for one thing, you have to know when to be quiet.

In march of 2015 David told Jay he has a new insider, which he thoroughly vetted for hours and wanted him to come on and do a demo for a show. The new guy was James Corey Goode. Jay interviewed Corey for eight hours and now in retrospect it was just too perfect. I can kick myself in the ass, it was so perfect. I have a passion for Secret Space Program, alchemy, Cross of Hendaye predicting a solar flash. He was relaying this information and it was all confirming all the stuff that I knew, so I made the intellectual leap and said this guy must be telling the truth. Based on all of this Jay made a recommendation for the show to Gaia TV.

Jay believes Corey is a very cunning person. That Corey informed himself on who Jay is, what he does, what he likes and was thus able to gain his trust by saying exactly what Jay wanted to hear.

So we started shooting and Corey was a mess. Most messed person I ever worked with. Sweating, constant makeup fixes, stuttering, shaking. After 16 episodes, for some reason, Gaia's marketing department decides to get behind Corey and the advertisement started all over the place. So there had to be more shows. Corey had a set narrative that he came in with. After 16 to 20 episodes that narrative started draining out. He could not stretch it any further. It was becoming a strain on him physically.

My job was not to believe Corey Goode, my job was to make him look good. To guide Corey and David on how to act in front of the camera. I am the one that directed Corey to be humble and quiet. That is what sold it, more than anything else. If you watch those first 40 episodes you will see they are heavily edited, more heavily edited than any shows on Gaia. That is my editing crew trying to make Corey look good and cutting out a lot of stuff that he and David were saying that really did not make them look very good. We massaged the data.

Remember any totally unforgettable and totally cool and awesome and whatnot scene from a movie you like a lot? Have you ever had the chance to see that scene in it’s raw form or how it looked like when they were shooting it? If you had, you would see just how unrecognizingly different it is once it comes to the big screen, almost as if fake. When Jay talked about editing, he basically talked about removing all the woowoo that was too hard to swallow and spoon feeding you the rest of it.

I had no idea it will be such a hit. I think Corey has no charisma at all and David is a blabbermouth. The two of them aren't actually all that interesting to begin with. If i had known that a person I helped to create, a persona that I helped a lot to create, would then turn that into a cult that seeks to hurt people and damage people's lives and reputations I would have quit the job. Jay claims Corey told him that Donald Trump watches Cosmic Disclosure.

What Jay is referring to is what Corey and David are calling the Dark Alliance. That would be what they deem to be an active organized opposition. Most of the drama between Corey’s supporters and the alleged Dark Alliance people went down on Facebook. It also had to do with Jason Rice, another alleged insider, which Corey did not like and saw him as a fake. Or maybe as someone who can threaten his narrative and status in the industry.

Corey’s supporters were allegedly organized in groups, going after people being critical of Corey and his story. A former member of one of the groups said there is no doubt that marching orders came from James Corey Goode. During 2019 Contact in The Desert woowoo event the volunteers were supposedly told that Jay Weidner and others who publicly opposed Corey&David are legitimate threats.

None of this sounds too unbelievable. Corey’s reactionary behavior towards any doubter was clearly seen since his early days, before he was a conspiracy Star celebrity.

In June 2016 I lost almost all faith in Corey and I did warn everyone at that point that Corey was lifting his narrative from outside sources. Around November 2017 I finally faced the fact that David Wilcock is the most naive person that has ever lived or he is in on it. David Wilcock and I are the mother and father of Corey Goode.

According to Jay, Emery Smith, one of David’s insiders who allegedly dissected dead extraterrestrials, told Jay that David Wilcock told him in late 2018 that David and Corey have been making it all up for at least a year. Jay also claims Corey had a restraining order put on him at his previous IT job, due to violence. Corey has an aura of violence around him.

In 2019, during the Contact in The Desert conference, Emery Smith was recorded stating Corey and a group of his supporters, doxed him. Emery also said he was threatened by Corey to quit Gaia TV and join Corey’s corporation. Emery also clarified than he did not do 3000 autopsies of dead extraterrestrials, like claimed by David Wilcock, but that he actually did 3000 tissue samples.

For more details you can start with the first video.

In response to all of this James Corey Goode wrote: Due to the continued attacks and controversy, I will soon hand over most of my communications and social media to a social media manager, as it is just too much to handle on my own. A little over two years ago, a group began systematic and coordinated attack campaigns against me, and everyone associated with my team. We coined the name of this group as the ‘Dark Alliance’ to differentiate it from The Alliance that is working in humanity’s best interest by exposing and defeating the Deep State.

Some of the individuals who were coordinating the attacks against me began to contact owners of the largest Facebook groups, and the moderator groups that supported them, with false and disparaging information about me. When these attacks occurred, I had been unable to publicly defend myself, due to upcoming litigation. Seeing that I was not defending myself – this time, well-meaning supporters began to come together to defend me publicly. They felt the need to defend me from not only a character assassination campaign but also from what they perceived as lethal threats.

They chose to exercise their First Amendment rights to defend me through the use of blogs, YouTube videos and with political satire, creating various memes for online distribution.

From time to time this group did show me these memes, and I would typically respond with just a chuckle. However, I must now emphasize, that these supporters became a self-managing entity, working in a grassroots effort.

Many of the things that were done, said, etc., I was not aware of. As a result, I have been accused of ordering, organizing and deploying a “doxxing campaign,” in which contentious information about various individuals was obtained and released online. This has all occurred with no force, coercion or negativity on my part. They are happy to step forward and testify to this as being the truth. In other words, we can prove all of this in a court of law, which may become necessary as the Cyber-Stalking campaign is escalated by the Dark Alliance.

I wish to apologize for any hurt that has been caused by: Dark Alliance operatives pretending to be my fans; my actual fans; my associates, and therefore by me, directly or indirectly, while defending me against the ongoing, countless false allegations that Dark Alliance associates have levied against me.

For further details see the full statement.


According to Corey the apocalyptic events are cyclical. There have been global earthquakes which can shake everything so uniformly that ground becomes like liquid and entire civilizations have sunken and then the ground solidifies and you cant tell it had liquefied, there are no real signs. Ground penetrating radar should be used at ancient sites.

It is the solar activity which, according to Corey, causes the cataclysms, or as he stated SSP traveling around the local solar systems had discovered that solar activity causes cataclysms. This was then sold to NATO countries, a few south American countries and north African countries over the world, as a reason as to why they should contribute financially to the SSP and for the safe zones and preservation of species. These countries provide trillions of dollars every year that go into this programs.

The Sun, on a periodic basis, releases a huge amount of matter and energy.

It is further explained that we are entering the part of the galaxy where there are cosmic rays which are affecting the planets in the solar system and are causing them to heat up and for their atmospheres to become more dynamic and for earthquakes to pick up.

When our star system enters this space the electromagnetic field of the Sun go in through the Sun's north and south poles and then radiate out through the star, the electromagnetic field of the Sun is going to extend into the Earth's magnetic field, it is this energy the Spehere Beings are buffering, lowering its impact.

This solar event is to be a reset, you get a new heaven and a new Earth. Aside form the apocalyptic changes of the planet Earth, the individuals will also feel this or are already feeling it. Energy has mass, karma and trauma have mass. When you are holding on to that energy is makes you more dense and when these cosmic energies come through they cant pass through you as easily and cause friction with the other energy causing a vibratory state that will not allow your consciousness to ascend and if you have metals in your body you can spontaneously combust.

When asked by a follower about what they should do and where to seek refuge, Corey simply stated you don't necessarily need to move, you just need to pay attention. Surprisingly he neglected to mention to store adequate supplies of food and water. Pay attention to what? To weird plasmic discharges in the upper atmosphere that look similar to cave drawings. Once you see that you better start packing and head to a higher ground. We are overdue for some big earthquakes, things are not looking good at all for the Yellowstone.

You may be wondering if, what some believe to be our cosmic brothers, will jump in and offer a helping hand? Indeed, according to Corey, that is possible. Cosmic law agreements and accords these ETs have signed do not allow them to interact with civilization openly, the only time they can come in is just before it falls or just after. It would probably be for the best of “most people” if they do it BEFORE, but who knows, maybe some sort of a natural selection has to happen first and “most people” are simply not meant to make it.

Predictions of cyclical catastrophes is an age old hype. Corey is not the first or the last to do so. Corey does mention others are also talking about it and names Suspicious0bservers as one of them. See this video for more. The video presents arguments for a potential of a magnetic excursion - a rapid reverse, less than 100 years, of the Earth’s magnetic field. The video, among other things, mentions the Adam and Eve Story and its postlude. Both are publications by Chan Thomas, classified and censored by the CIA. Both the Suspicious0bservers and the book come to the conclusion that the North Pole will be east of India in the Bay of Bengal and the South Pole off the coast of Peru. The video also claims that, given the current state of events, the shit will hit the fan in about two to three generations, or about 60 to 90 years. The cause? Solar micronova. For as to how and why and who and what; see the video.

What Adam and Eve Story also mentions, but the Suspicious0bservers video does not, is the following legend: just before the start of the cataclysm, a plethora of space vehicles descends and picks up those whom they can so that they may survive.


It would seem a lawsuit was filed against Corey by Alyssa-Christie Montalbano. On Project Avalon forum Montalbano wrote During 2017 I emailed Corey approximately 500 dream visions. To which I saw he and associates discuss matters from within my dreams, claim my experiences as thier own, and/or posted articles/news connected with my dreams. In mid December 2017 Corey basically told me by email, that it was all just 'synchronicity' because I was on my right path and he alleged to not be reading my emails, yet told me he had them in a seperate folder in the SBA gmail account. In gmail, folders have to be specifically created. I told him I didn't believe him as I'd seen he and David (and other associates) 'synchronistically' use my work. This was performed at least a hundred times during 2017. Then came the alleged, January 12, 2018 Mega Update, where he appears to have retailored approximately 20 of my dream visions as a type of mutilated derivative work.

In March 2020, James Corey Goode announced a lawsuit against Gaia, Jay Weidner, Clif High, Benjamin Zavodnick and Alyssa-Christie Montalbano. I have opened a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Lawsuit in the Colorado 10th Circuit Federal Court. Case # 1:20-cv-742. Alongside with that Corey also started a Light Warrior Legal Fund so the community can assist in the legal effort to end the corruption that has infiltrated it in recent years. Prior to that David Wilcock also spoke on having a lawyer on retainer gathering the evidence of harassment.

In April 2020, it became known Corey is also suing his former manager and business partner Roger Ramsuir Richards.

Corey posted on FB that he and David Wilcock received a threatening letter, eighteen single-spaced pages and eleven thousand words in length, filled with dozens of malicious lies and assumptions, which viciously targeted me and David – and our families. Worst of all, this letter contained a very serious blackmail and extortion attempt - a Class 1 felony. The writer, or writers, of this letter, demanded that David Wilcock and I both hand over our entire ownership interests in certain creative projects we worked on together - forever. Otherwise, we were told that all of these incredibly hateful lies about both of us, and our families, would be released to the public.

According to Jay Weidner restraining order rules allow him to ask Corey questions under oath. Here is Jay’s video response, followed by another one. Jay basically proclaimed he will use the lawsuit to take Corey down.

Meanwhile Corey’s online Ascension Class appears to still be a thing.

Briefings 2020

In March 2020 Corey spoke of information briefings coming to a halt. How there is informed speculation and how some forward these speculations to the public as if they came from a briefing. Adding that he was told mass arrests would be coordinated over 72 hour period world wide, telephone system will completely go down, regular TV content will continue with a bar beneath asking people to stay clam, local news will work, national news will not, Internet will slow to a complete crawl.

Later in June, Corey said how during the start of the COVID-19 attempts at mass arrests were made but the Cabal had an ace up their sleeve, which Corey did not state what it was, and got away with it. This is so very predictable and so very taken out of Benjamin Fulford’s play-book.


Corey spoke of whit skinned red headed giants, underground, being in stasis. The underground locations are all over the planet Earth. These giants are associated with the ancient builder race. The stasis is provided by what looks like stone slabs which are dimensional technology operated on a consciousness level. Slabs create a time bubble.

Cabal believes ancient builder race is their - one person called it a progenitor or their ancient bloodline.

Corey claims Donald Trump was briefed about MIC SSP and was upset because he knew it was a low-level briefing. As proof, the following quote from Trump’s speech is used: we stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries, and technologies of tomorrow.

Ancient Mayan civilization used to live here on Earth a very long time ago. They have healing technology, and will assist with healing the traumatized populous. They healed Gonzales’s reactionary behavior he went into after Corey unwillingly identified him to the MIC SSP.

Ambassador Mica is a fluent English speaking ambassador from a nearby solar system, which already went through very much similar transition we are supposedly going through now. They are offering assistance.

Corey wrote abot soul transfer technology, which the secret elite uses to transfer their souls into their clones in case of death.

Muhammad Accord, a treaty signed by all beings present in the solar system, treaty stated that they would allow humanity to develop on its own overtly, it also involved maybe carving up the planet into territories.

Corey wrote about Personality MetaMorph Program described as young group of sociopaths that were identified and trained with brutal efficiency to be able to infiltrate and manipulate people from of any type within minutes of meeting them. They can literally morph to blend into any environment, situation and infiltrate any organization and manipulate their way into a position of influence and their mark or victim will be convinced everything was their own idea.


There are multiple problems with Corey Goode and his story. First problem is zero evidence. There are other claims same or similar to his, but they are just that, claims. The proof is not provided due to the Law Of One reasons, due to something in this Law called a first distortion having to do with free will. Corey believes any proof, like a video or a photograph, would cause humans to start worshiping Sphere Beings.

Corey states these beings are not wanting to come here, appear before us, putting their arms out and saying - Here I am; now change. Their whole mission is to affect our consciousness in a way that we change ourselves. It is unclear as to how this is to happen given that large majority of people have no knowledge about him or Blue Avians and their message. Apparently offering no proof is suppose to inspire curiosity and hunger for knowledge, at least David Wilcock believes as such. Wilcock also believes it does not take everyone knowing, that a small number or individuals with proper mind set can bring about the desired change.

What Corey is saying, about the hazard of god worship, sounds very much similar to the convictions of some about people not being able to handle the truth about ET presence and everything connected to it. While there surely are some who would lose their marbles, that hardly justifies the excuse for no evidence.

Another rather MAJOR problem with Corey Goode is - Corey Goode. More specifically it is his own reactionary behavior as he calls it. It does not take an intuitive emphat to notice it. This is very clearly seen in his responses to anyone expressing doubts. Corey now talks only to those he can respect and trust. In other words, those who are being supportive of his story. The narrative is now being controlled by David Wilcock, so we no longer see Corey’s responses in uncensored form.

Anyone questioning Corey is immediately labeled negative, causing distractions, low vibratory, an opposition agent, or someone who is too much 3D/4D, and has his/her reality bubble threatened, with possibility of being manipulated on mental and spiritual levels. Which makes one wonder if questioning Corey Goode threatens his reality bubble?

Above two paragraphs were written in 2016/2017 as a part of the first draft. Even though it was more than obvious, some are coming to the same realizations only now in 2020.

Labeling further escalates into being a troll, or government troll, which automatically makes one to be a sociopath/psychopath, passive aggressive, and other such popular designations. You are either with us [Corey] or you are with the terrorists [disinfo].

The first person James Corey Good come into open conflict with was with Bill Ryan in July 2017. They did not get along before, but the main reason for the escalation seemed to be plans to further commercialize Corey’s activities. Plans for a book, a graphic novel and it seems even Netflix was being pitched for a series. What was the original Blue Avian message again? Oh right… As per David Wilcock’s advice, who has been mentoring Corey’s transformation from forum posting to an all out UFO conspiracy star, Corey tends to not respond to haters. Hater is anyone not buying Corey’s narrative. There are many details regarding this drama, but it suffices to say that Corey is doing all of it to raise to consciousness level of people on Earth. Bill Ryan claims he is doing it to safeguard the credibility of the alternative UFO community, what is left of it anyway.

What proof there is, if it can even be called like that, are drawings, and computer graphics images depicting Sphere Beings, and the events Corey allegedly witnessed. Apparently a realistic drawing of a Blue Avian will not cause mass worship hysteria, but a photo or video might?

David Wilcock: So are you saying that, because we didn't leak the intel fast enough, that the Alliance could not make moves, because they didn't know where these things were that you had seen? Corey Goode: Right. Correct.

The fate of the world, it’s future and the entire disclosure movement rests in the hands of Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Do i hear someone crying? Is it due to joy, fear or laughter? The two of them, and what they do is so important, some of the alliances can only act on THEIR information. If they do not release the information opportunities are lost. So unless they blog about it, or worse, make a TV show, these secret alliances can not know what is up. Ridiculous. The future of disclosure depends on a TV SHOW. If Corey has his personal issues to deal with, and David Wilcock is jerking off for days on end, there are entire alliances unable to act due to the lack of information.

In 2011 Bill Ryan spoke of a book The Mars Records by Michael Relfe, the book is to talk about how Michael recovered memories that showed that, back in the 1970s, he had been taken to Mars on a tour of duty that lasted over twenty years. And when that tour of duty was completed, then he, too, was returned back to his original timeline, the moment after he left it, with his memory wiped. This is basically exactly the same as what Corey is talking about. This can either help validate Corey, or it can show where he borrowed from. The book was published in the year 2000.

Corey stated how collective consciousness is shaping our reality, and how the outcome of what happens depends on that. What does that mean? This means beer popping Joe whose mental and emotional capacity spans only as far as sport cars, top models, and ball games is co creating your new reality. Your future depends on him, and others like him. There is more of him than there is of you. Do you see the problem yet?

The outcome is said to be three ways, the 51%+ service to others part will be harvested = ascension, 51%+ service to self will ascend into negative polarity, and the rest, large lukewarm majority, might be relocated to another 3D planet, as Earth will be on a different frequency. Why? Well the LAW says so, The Law Of One, which is something like a Sphere Beings handbook. Who counts the percentages you ask? Well that is a very good question. Sadly it is not known.

Another thing worth mentioning is Corey’s VLog where he is posting videos. Some of the videos include his family life - wife and children. This is a guy who had a hissy fit when his name was first made public and now there is a YouTube channel featuring, among other things, his family life. The purpose? Make things look more authentic? Is he willing to film anything but what actually counts, his alleged experiences.

It was a bit later revealed by Corey, he is supposedly not allowed to bring any Earth based technology with him, since AI could be hiding in it. Maybe beings with super magical technology have sort of video recording equipment themselves and could make guerilla video production, such as done by Kerry Lynn Cassidy you know, and then give that to Corey. In addition to that, the Blue Avians also feel giving too much evidence could infringe upon the free will of the people.


In December 2022; six videos [about five and a half hours] of a deposition by James Corey Goode were leaked online. According to Corey; the leak was done by actor Leon Isaac Kennedy, who is one of the people Corey is suing. Leon, as Corey has said, used to be his gate-keeper/manager guy in Hollywood related business dealings, having to do with further monetization of Corey’s story.

In USA law, a deposition is a sworn out-of-court testimony of a witness. Some of Corey’s words while under oath:

  1. I did make up stories about the Secret Space Program, extrapolated off of my experiences
  2. me delivering my intellectual property, as if it is all absolutely true, yes that is definitely part of the PR and way to get this information out to the public
  3. [talking about his IP, saying it is] created off of my experiences or what i perceived as my experiences
  4. dark fleet is a fictional space group
  5. Anshar are my spirit guides, they came from me, it is a part of my meditative process, they are a creation not physically real, something I created, that is part of my trademark, part of my higher self
  6. 20 and back is my creation [actually it is not, it was Michael Relfe’s]
  7. 20 and back is a real part of my dream or delusion, whatever you wanna call it
  8. I believe I am getting information form the higher realms and disseminating that information in the way that I think will get out to the masses the best way, because of the positive effects it has had on the thousands and thousand of people watching cosmic disclosure
  9. people believe things that are false all the time
  10. I was never a big subscriber to the law of one
  11. I am allowing the community to be a part of helping me pay for the legal fees [don’t you feel special now, fucking idiots]
  12. I have three to five hundred URLs [URL is a web address e.g. https://example.com]
  13. we made seven hundred thousand dollars or more doing a course
  14. David Wilcock was making four, five million dollars from one course in 2017/2018
  15. I have got probably…eight bank accounts [how does one not know how many bank accounts he has]

The experiences Corey mentioned was his alleged MILAB training as a child AND everything else he perceived to be his experiences. He stated MILAB was real while under oath.

The IP refers to intellectual property, which is the main gist here. He refers to his story about his alleged experiences as his intellectual property. As his trademark [any word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of these things that identifies your goods or services] and copyright [rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works].

Corey, under oath, denied ever going to space or ever experiencing anything he claimed were actual physical events. Instead he talked about his experiences, or what he perceives as his experiences, in terms of meditative states and also confirming him being present on another planet was only discussed in a fictional sense.

Anshar is one such example. When asked if he is the only one who can communicate with them, or if others can communicate with Anshar, Corey got visibly agitated and said they can if they imagined it so, but if they decided to go out and do a television show about it or write a book about it they might have a problem. Corey also made a comparison to Star Wars, saying how an attempt to monetize meditative experiences about Han Solo would result in a legal action.

When specifically asked about the 20 and back, Corey refused to clarify if it is real to him or not and referred to it as my intellectual property and how all of it is a story and not necessarily something that happened to him.

Overall and under oath he described his story as dramatization build on top of my experiences, part of it is real part of it is dramatization.

When asked about his contact with Blue Avians, Corey described it as a part of my meditative state, it was real to me, I really interfaced with a Blue Avian, it is my way of connecting to higher self and connection to higher information.

One of the most interesting parts was when Corey compared, or made an analogy, Blue Avians with angels and his story and terms he is using with a religion, stating that what I am doing is no different just the verbiage is different. This should give you a large pause right here.

It might be, MIGHT! be, that Corey lied to the court in order to not have himself declared as delusional/insane. It MIGHT be Corey’s insistence on IP is being done to preserve the originality and credibility of the story and not have others distort it by using the same narrative and glossary - which did happen. If this is true, then at the same time, Corey lost all his honor by denying this experience and thus denying himself and everyone else involved. Denying the truth.

But it is far more likely he did make it all up and it was all about the money, about milking the New Age religion followers. That would be You and all the rest of the stupid fucks giving these people money.

Given that Corey, under oath, admitted he made up stories about the Secret Space Program, the fault it not just on him. The fault is on everyone who ever supported and still supports the narrative and is to this day milking the gullible masses.

STOP giving money to the likes of him and David Wilcock, who according to Corey’s sworn testimony, is making millions. David pumps up [free YouTube streams] his courses, doing said courses and sales following these courses. People enabling either of them, by presenting their narrative as if true, conference organizers and GAIA TV, are in on it. They are selling you fantasies and doing an ENORMOUS disservice to any possible truth.

ALL OF THE ABOVE IS WHY THIS WEBSITE EXISTS. The whole point of it. You are ENABLING these grifters selling you anything from above top secret information, disclosure narratives, anonymous resistance groups and alliances, bible and ancient text reinterpretations, to magical medical beds and remote quantum healing. YOU are also a part of the problem because you are financially enabling them.

There are other things mentioned in deposition. Most of it having to do with disputes regarding financial and business obligations, how Corey was taken advantage of and was mislead. Like how he was supposedly used to pay Bill Ryan’s neighbor in Ecuador to spy on him. According to Corey; Bill Ryan is one of the chief cyber stalkers and has been leading the cyber stalking groups back in the past and also a criminal that had fled from other judgements to Ecuador.

One of the interesting things was when Corey talked about Laura Magdelene Eisenhower’s husband. How her husband, at the Dimensions of Disclosure conference, was walking around with a gun, while drunk, threatening to shoot Corey. According to Corey, her husband is also friends with a cyber-stalker who filled their head with evil things about me and this is supposedly the reason as to why the threats. Corey brought his own security to the event - i had my back watched by a retired general.

There were also a lot of things Corey had trouble remembering or was unsure about.



  1. the Purging of Negativity from Your Self/Ego, Your Environment (The People in your life who are “Negative”) and ALL Associations with Any Negative Individuals or Groups in Your Life should be every one’s “New Year’s Resolution”
  2. they [secret elite] use OUR OWN POWER OF JOINT and INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS and its “CO-CREATIVE” Abilities against us! They plant the “SEED of Possibility” they then Orchestrate a “False Flag” incident and WE in a “Reactionary State” use our “Co-Creative” Powers of our Mass or Joint Consciousness to “Make It So”
  3. David Wilcock recently did a very interesting Internet Radio Interview and then article on his web site. I think this is will worth your time as well
  4. do not blindly succumb to “Hero Worship” of researchers or Guru’s no matter who they are or where they come from
  5. “Scopalomine” is the most common Drug Used by “Intelligence Agencies” to “Blank Slate” Peoples Memories Originating in “Project Artichoke”
  6. there are a large number of “MILAB” victims that frequent Avalon [Project Avalon] as well as “SSP Participants”
  7. there are 5-7 Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations
  8. among the “Secret Earth Governments” Secret Space Programs and their Various “Off World Allies” there is currently a “Shadow Civil War” going on
  9. I have recently been been contacted by many actual MILAB and “Active”/“Former” SSP Participants and have formed a moderate sized “MILAB Help Group”
  10. there are Hundreds of Active MILAB Projects
  11. the “Moon” is an “Object” that is carved up into territories very much like the Antarctic Regions. There are “Groups” that are ancient enemies that have Bases very near eachother. As long as they keep a certain perimeter, follow protocols and respect boundaries there are no problems. Any problems are now handled via “Council” meetings and not via conflict
  12. SSP technology is Bio-Neurological and Consciousness Interactive, this is a “Living Technology” is basic terms but not “Conscious” or “Self Aware”
  13. In the future Humans will be convinced to accept “Chips”, “Nano-Technology” that will rebuild and repair their Cells and Organs and even be promised Immortality (This is a “Trojan Horse”)
  14. Nazi’s channeled what they referred to as an “Unknown Alien Source”
  15. the US intended to infiltrate and take over the Nazi Program but the Opposite Occurred
  16. Quantum Computation “AI” technologies that have been utilized in the SSP(s) have been treated as extremely dangerous and strictly isolated and utilized in closed systems
  17. The current era “Elites” have seen fit to prevent “Us Commoners” from knowing the “Unified Mathematics, Quantum Mass Consciousness and Scalar Torsion Field Physics Models” that have allowed them to “Become as gods among men”
  18. everything from the Micro to the Macro is Vibration and Frequency, including matter, energy and thought
  19. I understand the 33rd Parallel North is important. The “Space Fence” was placed along the “33rd”. The “Roswell Incidents” occurred on the “33rd”. And there are quite a number of sightings of “Unknown Craft” along the “33rd” as well
  20. in elementary school i always tested four or five grad levels ahead of where i was
  21. on ASVAB [Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, department of defense test] test i tested the top 10% in the nation
  22. I can hear very high pitch noises
  23. I wanted to go to the navy like the rest of my family but was told i can not go into the military
  24. I was kicked out of seven junior highs and two highschools for fighting, nicknamed Kicking Ass Corey
  25. black sun cult runs the babylonian money magic system
  26. I dealt DIRECTLY with the “Black Sun” Cult when I worked at the Federal Reserve
  27. there is no free will, everything is manipulated
  28. I have no inside information on 9/11
  29. Hidden Hand information is Luciferian at it’s core
  30. the “AI’s” would like to have us build them Bio-Mechanical Android Type Bodies to move into and then Pilot them, if they have a Human who Self Augments their Body even better
  31. we just need to prepare our selves by raising our own consciousness and connection’s to our Higher Selves [in order to resist dark forces]
  32. we would perceive their technology as magic as it was consciousness based and not switches, buttons or levers
  33. I walked out to the middle of the back lawn and heard the noise and then looked directly UP. There directly above the spot in the lawn was a large Grey/Black Triangle [allegedly this happened at his home, he took it as a warning]
  34. we need as many “Light Workers” and “Light Warriors” as we can get in this world right now during this “Vibratory Flux and Change” as our local Star Cluster and region of Time/Space Enters into this “Tighter Twist” or “Vibratory Density” of the Galaxies “Torsion Field”
  35. we need to make sure we keep centered, our ego’s in check and as pure of intents as possible to make sure we are we are “Workers” and “Warriors” of the “Higher Vibration Light” and NOT of the deceptive “Lower Vibration Light”
  36. according to the offworld sources at least the “Draco’s” out of the several Reptilian Species currently around are NOT from OUR Reality/Dimension
  37. many people confuse bravery and and being “fearless”, fearlessness is borderline insanity and sociopathy
  38. we have Several Secret Earth Governments
  39. we have Several Secret Space Programs
  40. our Secret Earth Governments cannot let us know how Badly they Screwed Us in the “Deals” and “Treaties” they signed early on in “Contact” with the wrong groups [meaning different ET groups with their own secret agendas]
  41. right now I am still receiving fairly accurate and up to date intel from sources in several organizations
  42. most of the SSP’s and Secret Earth Governments seem concerned about the unknown entities that have been ariving in large numbers in huge spheres, not responding to communications or stating their intentions. They position their selves in a certain region and then “Cloak” in a very advanced way that cannot be penetrated by even our most advanced “Visitor Friends” [this is Corey referring to what later became known as Sphere Beings Alliance]
  43. I myself have spent a good amount of time on some of the Law of One Material about 8 years ago
  44. once we develop to a certain point we can use the vibrations of our thoughts to manipulate the vibrations of matter and energy
  45. some Civilizations have the ability to destroy entire planets and Solar Systems
  46. we [humans on Earth] are lucky enough to be along a major route in a sort of “Cosmic Silk Road”
  47. they [Sphere Beings] also seem to be related to the “Sleeping Beings below the Mounds” [alleged giants]
  48. unlike Cpt Kaye/Cpt Richards and others I Remain Anonymous and will not “Come Out” [he did come out or well was forced to]
  49. It is obvious to me that Humans are a mixture of colonized off world and genetically modified chimera from beings that were already on the planet
  50. I am not much of a “Greer Fan” [Steven Greer], In that I do not share his idea of there only being evidence of “Friendly Aliens inneracting with Humanity”


  1. everything around us is a vibration
  2. our mass consciousnes is what is creating our shared reality
  3. we are genetically programmed to have a need to worship and a need to seek someone to follow
  4. people living in secret elite controlled colonies are pretty much slaves, initially promised Jetsosns [cartoon] like life
  5. I have no information or knowladge about chemtrails, other than i have seen them myself
  6. yes, I am working w/DW [David Wilcock] on some stuff here and there, but that needs to remain confidential for now
  7. BR [Bill Ryan] has a MAJOR problem with DW [David Wilcock] for some reason. I had no idea. He would not say why. I think it goes back to DW and him not getting along or something (Personal stuff). DW doesn’t want any part of this mess and has wisely stayed clear of getting involved
  8. I know some people are not fans but I consider him [David Wilcock] a friend (5+ Years) and a really good person. He is much different in person than he is “On Stage”
  9. we [we who?] have been told that a full “Dis-info” campaign is beginning against these “Sphere Beings” and the “Blue Avians”
  10. OUR Secret Earth Governments are involved in Human Trafficking on a very large scale to trade “Human Stock” for technology and rare raw materials
  11. there are 5-7 KNOWN “Ancient Earth Human Break Away Civilizations” that have survived “Cataclysms” that have destroyed their “Root” Civilizations
  12. there is also evidence that the beings that survived the destruction of the “Super Earth” (Tiamat/Electra) that once existed where the Asteroid Belt now resides came to earth contributed to the story of Atlantis
  13. the Main Stream Scientists with multiple PHD’s in Physics and Mathematics are going to find out that their knowledge is worth NOTHING and will have to relearn a whole new type of Physics and a Mathematics that looked more like Hieroglyphics than it did Math to me
  14. the ET/ED beings that are mentioned and well known the most in Ufology Lore (Grays, Reptoids, Reptilians, Mantids, Insectoids, Tall Whites, Oranges, the “ET/ED AI’s etc…) are ALL RELATIVELY RECENT ARRIVALS
  15. Ufology itself HAS BECOME A RELIGION to many people
  16. none of us are above distortions and self aggrandizing beliefs and personal “Truths” within our own “Reality Bubbles”
  17. when they [Sphere Beings] “Cloak” they seem to go completely “Out of Phase” physically and vibrationally with our Dimension or Reality
  18. I am not a “Sage” or anyone special
  19. we are being told NOT to turn information into a religion, NOT to look for salvation from the outside and to finally stand up and take responsibility for our own futures
  20. there is no need for MONEY or a FINANCIAL SYSTEM in an Environment where everyone has a home, and in that home you have Free Energy, Pure Water, Food on Demand, access to Health technologies that will give us quality of life and extended lives. Technologies not mentioned that will give us and our children a whole new era and way of life that will make the most sophisticated technologies and communities on Earth now appear as the “Dark Ages”
  21. there are also some Astronomical and Geological Changes that are going to occur during this “Frequency/Energetic Change”
  22. it seems that the fabric of time itself has sped up
  23. I am currently working as a liaison between the “SSP Alliance”, The “Opposition” (Most call them the Cabal), and a “Delegate” in the Human and Non-Human “Like” ET/ED Federations that are trapped inside the Solar System at this time
  24. the Blue avians do “Hand Gestures” when they communicate telepathically to each other and to me
  25. my Father has done horrible things psychologically to myself and my sister. He has been mentally and physically abusive
  26. Putin is probably one of the most knowledgeable (“Non Cabal”) people on the planet (And his inner circle) about the “Off World Affairs”
  27. Lunar Operation Command is a facility on the back side of the moon that is kind of a diplomatic neutral facility that all the different space programs have access to and use
  28. underneath Carswell Air Force Base in a secret area of the base there’s an elevator that takes you very far down
  29. they have gravity plating just like they do in the vessels, interlocking plating that are in the floors, that have electricity applied to it that creates an electro-gravitational field, that creates artificial gravity
  30. there were also some ocean life under one of the moons of Jupiter under ice
  31. there is some life on Mars. There is some small animal life that mainly is burrowing, that digs. There’s plant life on Mars, bush that was purple and red, that has huge thorns on it, kind of squatty bush, and it had pointy leaves that were like thorns at the tip
  32. a printer - it looks basically like a microware, the size. And you put in a plate, right on the area designed for the plate, close the door, you push the button of what you want, and it makes a noise, and it appears [food replicator]
  33. I was told that a lot of these first craft were built by people that built submarines
  34. they [Blue Avians] don’t need any type of conveyance. They don’t need spaceships, they don’t need technology. They’re a consciousness, higher vibratory, higher density type of being. They can change their location by consciousness, just by thinking it so
  35. they’ve told me we are all one. We all come from Source
  36. Snowden got a hold of that and booked it out of the USA. And the information he had been sending over satellites for some time. He didn’t just have a small hard drive in his back pocket when he fled. It was tons, terabytes and terabytes, of info
  37. sonic lighting - sound waves that produce light
  38. the Cold War was, pretty much, a gimmick
  39. the sun is electric
  40. people that are talking about the electric plasma model of the universe, they are correct
  41. each sun, each star is connected to every other star, through this cosmic web
  42. I was told that our lifetimes are very short. We basically die as spiritual children
  43. everything around you is a vibratory state and time and matter and space can all be manipulated
  44. a lot of beings use the pineal gland and their light body to project their consciousness and their selves to other physical locations and then send that information back through that connection to their physical bodies, and then change the vibration of their physical bodies to match the vibration of the location they’re at. And then the body teleports to that location and rejoins the consciousness
  45. there are the natural portal systems that are a part of the known universe. We call it the Cosmic Web
  46. there was a highly talked about and rumored type of portal room that they called the Xerox room, that brought you to a parallel reality, a parallel earth. And it was not something that people wanted to go through. I certainly would not. In this one, when you’re portalled through it, it makes a copy of you, sends a copy of you to this other reality, and destroys the local copy
  47. it was explained very much in detail to me that Annunaki was just a Sumerian term that to us today means ETs
  48. there’s several different types [of avians]. Some of them are quite unfriendly
  49. Germans later on would wear the same uniforms [as Nordics] and fly around and pretend to be ETs as well
  50. they [Nordics] assisted the Germans in locating areas in Antarctica and in the east part of South America to create underground bases
  51. blue sphere or spheres appear to people and zip around or stop in front of them and pulse, and people receive either a message they remember consciously, or they just think they just saw a very cool thing and don’t understand that they received a message subconsciously
  52. brain Drain that occurred in the ’50s, ’60s, and on through the ’80s of a lot of top scientists across the world being approached and made offers to join these [secret] programs
  53. all of these corporations [aerospace companies] were infiltrated by high ranking German scientists and engineers
  54. when they brought information to some of these aerospace companies that they had been out to the asteroid belt and found entire asteroids that were made of precious metals that they had already been mining some, dollar signs popped in their eyes
  55. physics that are being pushed on us are archaic
  56. time is like space. It’s elastic. And all these paradoxes all collapse and go back into a singularity, our consciousness controls these timelines, has an effect on these timelines as well and which timeline we’re going to be
  57. they’ve [ICC] had computers, computer systems, and quantum computers much, much longer than, way before Bill Gates and IBM started to put out motherboards and integrated chips
  58. the Earth’s density and the gravitational effect it has in time-space, creating a torsion field by its spinning and contorting space-time, is not enough to capture something of what scientists say the density of the moon is
  59. it was around 500,000 years ago that the moon became a satellite
  60. there are a lot of surprises out in the Oort Cloud
  61. we’re a failed binary system
  62. they found the Ancient Builder Race stuff everywhere
  63. we’re [Earth] not that rare and special as we think we are
  64. every planet, every star, every galaxy has an electromagnetic relationship with every other one. And there’s kind of a web between each one, you can travel from point A to point B whichever, wherever you want in one jump
  65. on the surface of Venus we have very heavily pressurized bases that are just like any of the bases like we would have at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, heavily pressurized. But believe it or not, most of the bases we have are in the upper atmosphere in the clouds
  66. I am absolutely not a super soldier, when people associate me with super soldiers, I just get frustrated
  67. I’ve known people that have had limbs blown off, and they’ve lost limbs, and they’ve had almost like a gelatin mold that has been holographically grown onto their body
  68. some of the lower military factions, especially the space command groups like in the Air Force, believe that every single thing they’re tracking in space is manmade. They believe they’ve been read in at the highest level, and if you tell them otherwise they’re ready to fight you. They believe fervently that they are the top of the totem pole, that they have the top-of-the-notch clearance, and they have the need to know, and there’s nothing above them that they don’t know about
  69. The NRO [National Reconnaissance Office] is basically the equivalent of the Air Force’s space command
  70. the galaxy is a giant torsion field
  71. it has always been from the beginning, and even now, common for astronauts to be blank slated
  72. there was sentient life on other planets that was extremely developed before our planet was fully formed
  73. I’m told originally human beings had lifespans that were approaching 1,000 years
  74. the television doesn’t even have to be on for it to have an effect on the people in the home
  75. the Draco Alliance seems to be very much AI prophets and working alongside this AI
  76. data dumps are going to occur after a catalyzing event that’s going to occur down here on the surface


  1. the Earth is changing a lot faster than what geology and archaeologists think is happening
  2. a lot of the same people from IMF are now power brokers in BRICS
  3. the Earth Alliance has been heavily infiltrated
  4. there has been some fragmentation in the SSP Alliance
  5. Damascus going up in a column of smoke or flames or something seems to be something that they [secret elite] were working towards
  6. ISIS is not Islamic at all, or that it’s just a proxy army for the Cabal in some way
  7. there’s an atmosphere, a thin atmosphere on Pluto, that it has blue skies
  8. there is liquid water on different planets
  9. different Earth government syndicates have different occultic roots
  10. there are some advanced beings that, when they communicate, they have auric discharges in their body when they’re connecting telepathically
  11. there are 16 main personality types
  12. it is a part of human nature that we always focus on the negative
  13. no one is the way they are in person when they’re on the Internet
  14. the groups that we consider the Illuminati, or the occult syndicates, have been into mind control for millennia
  15. the technology, they call it bioneural interfacing. And this is used often to contact people to convince them that they are in contact with a religious icon from their belief system, ascended masters, different ETs that they’re channeling [voice of god]
  16. the Oort Cloud has quite a few large bodies in it that have bases in it
  17. I was given no information, saw any information, about there being a Planet X as I have seen presented on the Internet
  18. the Ancient Alien Hypothesis is true
  19. there are larger than Earth ice plants beyond the Kuiper Belt [alleged remnansts of Maldek, the super Earth]
  20. I am authorized to have the contact [with Sphere Beings], because I had had contact with other beings as a part of the program when I was being raised to interface with these beings
  21. density has to do with the frequency that everything about them oscillates at
  22. the majority of the world is not controlled by the Cabal any longer, but the Earth Alliance
  23. different gravity, barometric pressures are going to dictate how large [being can be] and the bone density, and all that
  24. everything in time and space is connected. And we can use our consciousness as a vehicle to travel and view whatever we like, whenever we like
  25. Kaaree communicated with me through a telepathic teleconferencing kind of situation
  26. they [space alliance] care about Trump and Sanders big time
  27. Cabal feels that if Trump wins that it would be catastrophic for them. I was told that there is no way they’re going to let him win
  28. We’re about to experience a lot of ’end time madness’, that the SSP were not immune from it, and that the strangest part, towards the end, was that when masses of people start having visitations from dead family members, that that is a big sign. It’s gonna happen en masse that that is a big sign that the veil has thinned to the point to where we’re about to go through the transition
  29. all of these groups [secret elite] that are going down to Antarctica are all looking to hide from this solar event. Some of them expected us to lose all of our electricity grids, all of our electronics would be destroyed. Some of them expected it to come in, burn up the atmosphere, cause all kinds of earthquakes, volcanoes to go off, cause sort of like a nuclear winter situation
  30. sun he [Raw Tear Eir] showed me pulsing, and then these huge blast waves coming off of it, energetic blast waves, it was pulsing with energy. There was like a second corona around the sun of electricity bolts all going out, it was white
  31. he [Raw Tear Eir] showed me an image of one of these waves hitting the Earth, wave came, and it hits the magnetic field of the Earth, and then it wraps around, and then it comes back on itself in the North and South Pole and then entered to the core of the Earth, then the white energy emanated from the core of the Earth outward in all directions [ascension]
  32. right now is a very pivotal time for our co-creative consciousness, that everyone on Earth, our co-creative consciousness, was deciding what type of an experience this would be, what type of temporal reality we would go into from this event [the sun’s white energy event]
  33. he [Raw Tear Eir] further stated that every single person on this planet is just as important as the other
  34. how we respond to what’s going on right now, our mass consciousness is a major factor in which temporal reality we end up on
  35. if the world was shaken around us, that we would know that we had chosen an other-than-optimal reality [cataclysm]
  36. they’re [secret elite] afraid that some of their weapons platforms that have been up in orbit, and advanced craft, could possibly fall into a populated urban area
  37. we’re [all beings] all One
  38. we all were holding on to too many third-density issues, and that once we learn to let those go, then it’s going to be much easier for this energetic change to have a positive effect on us [stated by Raw Tear Eir]
  39. our co-creative consciousness is changing our reality


  1. a lot of it involves bloodletting, sexual magic, and that kind of stuff, to get them [secret elite] in a state to be able to communicate telepathically with these negative beings
  2. it doesn’t affect them [Reptilians], the radiation, but human beings would not be able to last in those craft very long
  3. we have put out swarms of very tiny satellites that are out there for monitoring and defending the planet
  4. excavations of flash frozen alien civilization in Antarctica is destabilizing the continent’s massive ice shelves
  5. Reptilians inhabit giant caverns in Western Antarctica
  6. Trump issued a highly classified Memorandum soon after his January 20th inauguration ordering the release of group of classified patents concerning anti-aging and health, along with free energy technologies
  7. telomere technology is very advanced in classified projects, and can enable healthy cell reproduction without aging and disease
  8. there is a super gate just outside our solar system which gives you access to other galaxies
  9. he [David Wilcock] likes to overanimate everything
  10. I ended up moving to a vegetarian diet. I was pretty much forced to by getting food poisoning
  11. People have all these ideas about what disclosure is going to be if there’s a Full Disclosure event. And it is going to be more than a dark night of the souls. Many people are going to die in the process. It’s going to be chaos
  12. we’re going to have to forgive those beings [Reptilians, etc], or it’s going to hold us back spiritually and karmically
  13. I only drink spring water at home
  14. practice humility, concentrate on your own personal journey, and meditating on what your mission is
  15. I talk to David Wilcock almost every day


  1. finally I had one of my contact experiences and I heard a chanting over and over that “We are the messengers and facilitators of the one infinite creator”. It was like a chorus
  2. I think one of the reasons I was chosen is because I’m not front loaded with a lot of these belief systems and ideologies. I’m more of a blank slate


  1. Venezuela and other South American countries have been involved in large scale coordinated mafia
  2. the Dark fleet has been pretty much freaking out for over a year, almost their entire intel database had been copied
  3. we had people coming knock on my door and hand me manifestos or tell me they are god and they can prove it
  4. Facebook outage was Alliance operation
  5. I interfaced with a dolphin, setting up and intent of wanting to interface, one swam under me and looked directly at me, and I went through the protocol I was taught about interfacing, and I was shocked by extreme intelligence of this being and at the same time the wildness
  6. electrical engineers know more about how universe works than cosmologists
  7. universe is electro plasmic, there is no dark matter
  8. the mandela effect shows us there are different time lines which are collapsing and merging back together
  9. to Anshar god is cosmic energy, is the cosmic consciousness. One such cosmic consciousness is Christ consciousness or Christ energy
  10. every single thing and point in space is connected
  11. water is created by the sun, the sun is a giant replicator
  12. Qanon is a military operation and a way for Trump to troll the media
  13. I was told that between Australia and Antarctica and between South America and Antarctica that they have found a number of civilizations underwater
  14. I was told U.S. Army whistleblower is being groomed to come forward with information about the Grand canyon
  15. ascension is just an expansion of consciousness
  16. I interfaced with my dog


  1. I am told Qanon was put together by 17 closest people working around Trump

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