Bill Ryan

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Bill Ryan

One of the founders of the original Project Camelot, established in 2006. The other one being Kerry Lynn Cassidy. After a final dispute in 2010, Kerry took control over Project Camelot brand, while Bill went ahead with a new forum version of Project Avalon. Avalon has always existed along side Project Camelot as an internet forum [the original one], managed by volunteers and kept alive by the spontaneous interactions among members, till the founders decided to come back and ruin it all.

Before all of this Bill used to work as a management consultant - personal and team development, leadership training and executive coaching. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with Physics and Psychology from Bristol University 1974.

In 2005 Bill volunteered for a webmaster of Project Serpo, from which he later resigned and co-started Project Camelot. Bill became a webmaster as one of the people from the e-mail group of Victor Martinez, a school teacher from Los Angeles. Martinez was forwarding anonymous messages from an alleged DIA source [defense intelligence agency] about the supposed USA-ET exchange program. The idea for a website came from William Hamilton.

Much more grounded as in logical and rational compared to his former Project Camelot partner Kerry Cassidy. One could say Bill was the left brain of Project Camelot. He is not as active with video production or interviews, his focus is on the followers on his forum he considers as his living room, which essentially translates into my way or the high way.

In Bill’s own words this is a forum where members learn from one another. Not one where people rant unintelligently and showcase their prejudices or make the understandable mistake of overwhelming the threads with your personal opinions on things and this is not a public place. It's a private, invitation-only forum. This is what guarantees and safeguards its very high quality. I want the forum to be a place of courtesy, appreciation, interesting debate, exchange and interchange of ideas, learning, and value of others' points of view.

Violating any of the above is similar to what David Wilcock calls being negative. Stray too far from the comfort zone and you will find yourself muted and/or banned from speaking and the problematic posts/threads might disappear. As a result, most posts there are of a common resonance aka group thinking or a hive mind. Many mistake this for a high degree of intelligence and civility. To be fair, every forum needs some rules and regulation, due to unsound people with issues and Project Avalon is like a lure for such broken individuals. The hard part however is the application of the rules in a consistent and non bias manner.

For some time now, Bill has been residing in Ecuador, Loja province, as he felt called to be there. According to Kerry Lynn Cassidy he is in Vilcabamba. At one time Bill stated moving to Ecuador was a bad decision.

Charles aka Atticus

Allegedly Charles, which is a pseudonym, emailed Bill with suggestion it would be valuable for me to talk to him. As the story goes, the first time Bill talked to him was in August 2010. Charles is said to have been ordered to deal with Bill, as he has become a problem for the ruling elite. It is not specified as to how Bill Ryan could ever be a problem or why was he considered to be a problem. For some unexplained reason, Charles refused the orders of the ruling elite, the capstone of the pyramid, 33 members, one from each of the 33 bloodlines, and decided to support Bill, after he found out who he was. It was not explained as to exactly how does one refuse a direct order from a ruling body, senior to every other group like Illuminati and Freemasons. What kind of a capstone rulers are they?

Bill did state that, for his actions, Charles was attacked from the inside and had to go on the run, fled the country, was disenfranchised from his own life, his businesses bankrupt, he lost millions of pounds, was physically injured, and when he returned to the UK was asked to report to the ruling elite, which he did. Once there Charles gave them a full report. Bill believes the ruling elite realized they have an opportunity to have an indirect relationship with somebody who in the mean time had sort of passed the test as somebody who they felt they might be able to do business with and establish a dialogue in some way. That somebody is naturally Bill himself. It was not stated what the test was, how Bill passed the test, or what kind of business he could do with the ruling elite, or why would there even be a need for a dialogue from their perspective.

In December Bill did an interview with Charles. The camera showed the back of Charles’s head, and Bill sitting in front of him. In Bill’s own words Charles is somebody who was used by the insiders as a resource for them, his job was to make problems go away, he is intelligent, smart, honest, has no formal education, he was an asset of the controlling group and spent many years attending meetings. He was in the room where decisions were made by global controllers. Also according to Bill, Charles has some remarkable psychic abilities, which i experienced first hand. There were no specifics given on what these abilities are to be. Allegedly Charles has confirmed to Bill some of the ET technology was acquired by shooting down the ET craft. As always it was not explained as to how the much more technologically advanced ET craft were shot down.

According to Charles the planet has been controlled by the ruling elite for the past seventeen thousand years. The human race is an experiment, starting about a million years ago. The initiators of the human experiment project took a step back to allow events unfold without interference. The ruling elite plans to stage a false flag ET attack sometime soon. This was all stated in 2010.

Charles told Bill King Arthur was Bill Ryan’s ancestor. To that Bill has said I have no way of checking that, and I'm not really interested in my ancestry.

Bill & Inelia

Inelia is someone who claims she was never a part of this time space matrix before this life time. She is only to be here for this one time, with a very specific purpose, to to raise the vibration level of the planet, to a critical point that will allow a transition into the new paradigm, and will not incarnate again. Inelia allegedly came here directly from Source, directly from unity.

As per Inelia, she came here with some tools, if need be she can download information from the collective. Inelia says she can download anything she requires to do her job. It was claimed Inelia can leave her body at will and travel around the universe.

Inelia is supposedly to have a very heightened level of awareness, and this ability was said not to be unique to her. In fact it was stated any human being can achieve that. It was just easier for her given her background. Inelia is also to be telepathic. She can read anyone’s mind. Inelia said person’s mind is not what holds the memories and feelings and emotions. Bill described her telepathy as you temporarily step sideways and you be that person. You sort of become that person and then you can access what they access. This was said not to be limited by time and space. It appears Bill, at least at the time, was very much in tune with Inelia, as he stated Inelia and I have discovered that we have a closely complementary view of a broad spectrum of spiritual, personal and physical reality.

Their view was in fact so complementary they did several seminars with the following topics:

  1. Existence - seen as the Greatest Game there is
  2. The generation and persistence of the Matrix Reality
  3. God, You, Me, and Us - who we all really are, and how we got to be that way
  4. Who or what has been spoiling the game, how, and why
  5. Why we don’t know the truth, and our own responsibility in what we experience
  6. The past, possible futures, and parallel timelines
  7. The role of high technology and the control grid
  8. What ETs and ultradimensional beings are doing
  9. The role of Planet Earth
  10. How and why most of us lost our abilities
  11. The current consciousness shift<
  12. What is possible
  13. What is at stake
  14. What we all can do

What Inelia does or how she helps people is described as follows: my focus goes to a selected person and I am there 110 percent in every dimension, in every time-space for that moment. That’s how I can … But I don’t do anything, I don’t have any intention. I don’t have any attachment to outcome. I don’t have any curiosity. Nothing. It’s just complete focus. And what appears to happen is, then there’s something else - whatever it is, the Divine force, energy, chi, whatever - comes through and directly into her to resolve and do whatever, that I have no idea what it is. And then it’s done.

Placing this focus is also something Bill claimed he did and can do. Bill shared one of his focusing experiences: I gazed at this awful scene [Nigeria oil contamination] wondering just what it would take to fix this. It’s a solvable problem: there do exist people who have the power and the resources to fix these issues with a stroke of their pen, with the click of their fingers. And suddenly, my focus, this is the only way I can put it, swung round like a compass needle. It settled like a magnet on an individual who I could (but will not) describe. I could see him in my mind’s eye. I saw his face, and what he was wearing. A powerful person, but a human person, indeed with the resources to heal these atrocities. I gazed at him… suddenly totally aware what was happening. In the background ran the human thought in my mind: “This is what Inelia was describing. I’m experiencing this now myself. My God, this is flowing through me too.

Inelia episode was rather interesting given how illogical and unscientific her claims are. Something which Bill always likes to bring up when it comes to this kind of topic. One can only wonder if Bill ever asked her to define terms such as collective, unity, source, information download and the new paradigm she was talking about. Bill in fact went a step further and has himself experienced some of such undefined phenomena, or so he claims. It is odd thought that Inelia del Pilar Ahumada Avila, in spite of her claimed deep spiritual connections, and whatnot, is still of the opinion that you don’t ask a lady her age. Rather strange to bother oneself with petty social constructs at such an advanced level of spiritual awareness.


In Bill's words:

Back in 1984, I did Werner Erhard’s est training in London. I got a huge amount of benefit from it, was pretty astounded at how well it worked, and immediately wanted to know where on earth all these techniques and processes came from. I immersed myself in Werner Erhard’s biography, and realized it was really all repackaged Scientology. My then-partner Angi was on est staff at the time, and was the personal assistant to Erhard’s sister; so indirectly, I got to know the organization pretty well.

I started reading one or two of Hubbard’s basic books, and everything I read made total sense. I discussed it with another person who I’d shared the est experience with, who was a former Church of Scientology member, and they strongly advised me not to go ANYWHERE NEAR the Church, but instead find a Free Zone auditor (counselor). So that’s what I did. I was never a member of the Church.

When I was in Switzerland, I was on the Ron’s Org Committee for a while. Ron’s Org is the premier Free Zone organization, unconnected with the Church of Scientology, that continues to offer both Hubbard’s original untampered-with work, and the significant development of it that was pioneered by his colleague and protégé Bill Robertson. They’re the highest quality people: solid, sane, highly aware, pleasant, very able, and utterly ethical. Some of them are remarkable human beings by any standards. Many of them I still count as friends.

The Outcasts

There exist, or had existed, in one form or the other, three forums consisting mainly from outcast members of Project Avalon:

  1. The Mists Of Avalon
  2. Nexus Forum
  3. The One Truth

Not everyone is a Project Avalon fan and there are quite some interesting stories, regarding Bill Ryan, that former forum members, including moderators and admins, shared on the above forums.

The issues were never really addressed openly. This is how Bill himself worded one of them: In April 2010 I logged on one day to find the forum had been closed, and a version 2.0 re-launched. The decision had been taken by Richard Hertzog, the senior admin at the time (username Richard, whose wife was member Celine). What had happened was that one particular thread had become so contentious and highly-charged that a huge amount of upset was raging ('Q', Corey Goode, or the Flat Earth had nothing on this!), and everything was utterly out of control like a large pot of milk boiling over. The moderators team was also split clean in half, with strong feelings about it in each direction, and the mods could no longer do their job. So Richard pressed the metaphorical big STOP button and closed the entire thing.

The above relates to AV1 or the original Project Avalon forum. It is like reading a CNN news report. It only tells one side of the story and leaves out all the important details.

The thread Bill talks about was the Thuban thread. The controversy around it lead to a creation of the Mists Of Avalon forum. The name was chosen due to AV1 forum status in the mists which was applied to people who breached the love&light comfort zone, which included the comfort zone of Celine, Richard’s wife with more than apparent mental health issues. Richard’s username on AV1 was GaiaLove. Anyone in the mists was not able to post. It was not trolling, meme posting, vulgarity or anything of a sort. People simply spoke of the Emperor having no clothes. It is highly questionable if Bill’s role in the event was as innocent as he claims - he just happened to login one day, after a long period of absence.

The same person, Richard Hertzog, was later implicated in a scandal on AV2, the new Project Avalon forum. Apparently it was possible for the forum admins to read the private messages of the forum members. It was also tied to the Charles debacle. Drama ensued, Richard was relieved from duty and he ended up creating the Nexus forum.

The One Truth forum was also created by the former AV2 members not agreeing with AV2 being of the highest quality, most friendly, most aware, most articulate, best-informed, and most civilized forum on the net.


Bill said he is not one to do any plans, but you can rest assured that anything which comes out of his mouth or from underneath his fingers, like typing, has been carefully considered. He is super careful about what he says, or writes, and the manner in which he does it. Everything is structured with large dosages of politeness and flattery present. All of that in itself is not a bad thing. Maybe Bill is just being British. Although some of the British formal politeness must have been put together by a master of sarcasm. But maybe his manner of communication is being used to inflate credibility, and overall come across as more persuasive.

Bill semi often shares stories on his forum, allegedly from his personal life. All of the stories have, or end, with some sort of a moral conclusion, or maybe call it catharsis. The common denominator to all of the stories is a strong emotional component in each of them. Something to engage the audience.

Bill is not someone to suffer the foolishness of ethereal concepts. As a man of science, he prefers what can be backed by science, or at least as long as it is sciency. So, unlike ethereal foolishness, Bill is perfectly fine with stories from people like Dan Burisch and Arthur Neumann. But it does not stop there. Bill believes in Archons, trustworthy psychic readings, timelines, psychic surgeries, gazing/focusing on individuals, past lives, reincarnation, ethical Scientology methods, pendulums, telepathy, vibration levels, off planet astral influences, psychic downloads, and an impending disasters, which like mass arrests [not Bill’s claim], are just around the corner, ever since Bill’s Anglo-Saxon Mission video. Speaking of massive disasters, Bill cleverly tends to stay away from any claims such as 20+ scale earthquakes. He rather sticks with more plausible events, such as global electric grid being wiped out by coronal mass ejection.

Of all the characters in the alternative UFO media community, Bill Ryan comes across as one of the more reasonable ones. Reasonable being a very, very relative word, when it comes to UFO community. Overall Bill has the very same problems as the rest of them, the only thing different is his manner of presenting things to You, to the public, and that in itself is of huge importance. Two people can tell the same joke. One will get a silent stare, the other will have the entire room laughing. The difference is in presentation and Bill is more than just aware of that. The question as always is what is it, that goes on behind that very carefully formulated speaking, and writing, what is it that we do not get to see?



  1. when we’re talking about magic we’re talking about applied consciousness power as something that is hierarchically senior to the physical universe - something that all spiritual disciplines recognize; but then it’s like one’s conscious intention behind that that determines how you use all this stuff
  2. prison camps seem to be real. The deployment of bioweapons seems to be a reality according to information we have privately received from several credible sources


  1. I was abducted out of my tent in December 1981 in the Himalayas on the slopes of Makalu
  2. I am not the kind of guy who plans anything, i do not do well with plans and schedules
  3. there was a situation a few weeks ago when i was being attacked by microwave weapons, the attacker was perceived using what you might call remote viewing, there was some handling done on a telepathic level
  4. Bill Deagle is a profoundly spiritual person
  5. Kerry [Cassidy] is a profoundly spiritual person
  6. universities destroy knowledge and religions destroy spirituality
  7. I spent hundreds of years in Tibet, i came to the west in 1850 [talking about past lives]
  8. it does not matter if the world blows up in 2012, so what, lets find another planet, come back, does not matter
  9. there are a lot of non physical beings who need therapy, they are upset, need somebody to talk to
  10. electronically our minds are influenced on a physical level our bodies are compromised
  11. life is a risk, everything you do is a risk
  12. I had an abduction experience twenty years ago, i was abducted out of my tent in Himalayas, it was a software upgrade for what i am doing now
  13. I had a girlfriend called Angie and she was not fully human, every now and then she used to say to me things that seemed to come from somewhere else, she once said to me over a breakfast “the Earth is a very beautiful place and it will not always be this way”, she said to me “you are a very special person, we won’t always be together but i will always love you” when she walked out on me she said “my purpose in your life is complete”
  14. I saw a being in my bedroom twenty years ago, it appeared as a kind of hologram, it was phasing in and out of the reality
  15. we have psychic surgeons in the Philippines, they can reach inside someones body, take out the tumor, no anesthetic, no nothing, he just reaches in pulls it out
  16. there is a guy in Brazil named John of God, he handles three thousand patients a day, ten seconds for each, sometimes he picks a rusty razor blade, opens them up, no anesthetic, no nothing, pulls something out and that is it, i wold love to go and see him
  17. I suspect 2012 is a big misdirect
  18. don’t spent all your time thinking things out logically, follow your instinct, you have to jump off the cliff, the angels will catch you because angels are real
  19. the Anunnaki are an interesting bunch of people and there is a lot which i do not know about them, they may have lost their planet, i think some of the Anunnaki are Reptilians, they have split into a number of different factions
  20. there are Reptilian entities who are operating behind or with senior figures who are influential in this whole chess game that is modern geopolitics
  21. I had another girlfriend who has come here from the Pleiades two life times ago
  22. Reptilians are tall, massive, very strong, highly intelligent beings with ethics of a crocodile
  23. Reptilians are subservient to a silicon based life form
  24. they deliberately put typos and spelling mistakes in official documents, there will be different typos and spelling mistakes in different documents given to different people, so that when they leak, they will know where it came from
  25. in 1972 i was hitchhiking in northern Canada and got picked up by a troubled scientist who, during a 200 mile ride, told me about his research of implanting chips into peoples brains to control their behavior
  26. Henry Deacon [Arthur Neuman] could have prevented 9/11 by sabotaging the guidance system for the planes he was tasked to work on, but did not do it, and now has to live with it


  1. what happened in the Gulf of Mexico was an accident [oil spill]
  2. over the last 40 years there has been an enormous oil catastrophe in Nigeria, which is much more serious and had more environmental impact [than Gulf oil spill] and nobody knows about it, nobody cares about it because it is not happening to us
  3. there is not going to be a big tsunami, a collapse of the ocean floor, a methane explosion, Lindsey Williams is wrong about the pressure in the well, it is not nearly as large as he said
  4. the alternative media community, which includes myself, has a kind of neurosis, it is almost like they want something bad to happen [in relation to Gulf oil spill] so they can really get excited and talk about it
  5. be kind, be rational, be open
  6. the first time I met Jordan Maxwell was in 2008 with Kerry. He had been living for years in a dingy, dark, two-room apartment above a shop, with his sick brother who he was caring for, doubling as his office. Jordan had no bedroom, and he slept on a mattress on the floor. He had no money at all, and has had none for many years. Kerry and I have done what we can to help him out
  7. the story of what happened to Project Camelot in the latter half of 2009 has not yet fully been told. In summary, our working partnership was heavily interfered with
  8. David Wilcock will not speak to David Icke, DW believes he is negative
  9. I’ve spent the last 30 days with Jordan Maxwell, who’s on an extended European trip and it’s been a huge privilege to have spent so much intensive personal time with the great man [apparently the financial situation has exponentially improved]
  10. but his [Jordan Maxwell] etymology (origin of words and terms) is certainly suspect, and in some cases is total nonsense: there’s no other way to put it. I’ve told him that personally earlier this year, and have recommended to him that he shouldn’t stress his (sometimes unresearched) notions of etymology in his presentations, as they’re so easy to check
  11. I heard many of Jordan’s [Maxwell] extraordinary experiences with my own ears (and recorded one ‘sealed interview’ with him only to be released upon his death)
  12. in December 2007 I was in the room with Henry Deacon, who was staying with me at the time, when he talked with Bill Deagle on Skype for the first time. They had a 45 minute conversation in which they exchanged project locations, project names, and classified codewords (much of which I didn’t understand) and they concluded that they probably worked in the same facilities at the same time at some point and must have met one another before
  13. there’s a lot of crazy information out there. But some of the crazy information is true
  14. Laura [Knight-Jadczyk], as best I’m aware, is still promoting that I am COINTELPRO, which is an indicator of her ability and responsibility as a researcher
  15. Regarding Jim [Humble], he states openly that MMS [miracle mineral supplement] doesn’t cure everything or everyone. But it often works miracles, and I’ve personally seen one such ‘miracle’ which is hard to explain from any normal medical perspective
  16. unpleasantness appears to be a personality trait in many skeptics
  17. I’ve spent much of the last two years in Zurich


  1. I am not afraid of dying and neither are you [referring to Kerry Lynn Cassidy]
  2. Ron Hubbard was a genius, Church of Scientology altered and abused his techniques to be manipulative and controlling
  3. one of the remote viewing protocols is based on Scientology techniques [Kerry Lynn Cassidy strongly disagrees]
  4. they [Church of Scientology] use a lot of hocus pocus both electronic and magical in the background to take people down and they destroyed a lot of people
  5. the way they [hidden forces] take people down is by injecting conflict into relationship
  6. Illuminati use deep dark black magic
  7. protests in Egypt and Tunisia [Arab spring] are not orchestrated events
  8. in some parts of the alternative media we are as inconvenient to the more conventional parts as alternative media is to the mainstream media
  9. ever since Barcelona [unsanctioned stage appearance of Henry Deacon] we haven’t been invited to a single conference, we have been blacklisted
  10. December 21st 2012 is an engineered distraction, it takes attention away from real issues
  11. Kerry is trying to make a (very meager) living. For the last year or more, she has never known how she’s going to pay her next month’s rent
  12. I gave up my consultancy work in 2006, soon after founding Camelot with Kerry, simply so that I could work full-time on it. Not having a family or any real estate (no mortgage payments or other expenses) made it easy to travel light. I never looked back
  13. Inelia [Benz] is able to look any time she wants to into her parallel existences and communicate with ’the other Inelias’ to seek advice on specific topics. I too have had that experience recently
  14. the Higher Self is a very powerful entity (I usually call it the Source Being, but nomenclature is always a problem in these areas!), and can manifest many ‘singularity’ aspects of itself in any number of timelines
  15. personally, I’d describe myself as an educator. I used to be a teacher (math and physics), but quickly left mainstream education. Since then I’ve been working in what could be called personal development: helping individuals discover truth and ability within themselves and for themselves
  16. I prefer to rely on my own intuition - which is usually working pretty well, and has been increasingly fine-tuned since 2005
  17. best definition of integrity I ever heard is when one’s beliefs, actions and statements are all in alignment
  18. there’s an aspect of human comprehension that is neither intellectual nor intuitive, but is something ese: it just knows. It recognizes. It realizes. It’s operating at a higher level than intuition - and at a much higher level than intellect
  19. words on the internet are cheap. The courage to communicate in person is not
  20. I’m still listening to Lindsey Williams closely, though he is certainly not always right. And I disregard Benjamin Fulford nowadays, as nothing he claims can be substantiated. Regarding the ‘White Hat reports’, any mention of ‘deliveries’ or ‘packages’ is a clear indicator that at least part of the information is false or invented. NESARA, in the present day, can be completely discounted as fiction
  21. Inelia and I will be working closely together for many years to come
  22. in my opinion, eating meat is not connected at all with ‘ascension’
  23. ‘Planet X’ (a brown dwarf star several times the size of Jupiter) is out there, heading this way, but we’ll only be informed of it officially in a few years’ time. It will not cause any civilization-destroying cataclysm, but is likely to trigger extreme weather and various forms of seismic activity, mainly due to its influence on the sun
  24. disclosure of ET existence: my $10 bet is by the end of 2013. Let’s watch, wait and enjoy. But when it happens, it will certainly not be the whole very tricky story
  25. we [everyone] have to face what we have done
  26. as we expand our awareness and ability, we can access information from past (and maybe future) events, and communicate with beings in other realities and realms. Some of us can even visit those… rather than merely seeing or communicating into them
  27. one does not have things to be happy: one only has to create one’s own joy with the people one loves. In the context of this, little else matters
  28. she [Inelia] did what she often does when words are inadequate: she invited me to take her hands while she gave me a download of direct perception, and I immediately perceived Gaia, a huge, eon-ancient entity that is our planet and all her multitudinous natural habitats. It was enormous, and strong, and solid, and eternal. I could feel her power. It was something literally awesome. I shall never forget that moment of first encounter. No doubt exists for me now about Gaia’s conscious reality
  29. near the summit, the mist swirled around me as I climbed the rocks to the very top. And suddenly, feeling connected with Gaia, I had a wild thought. I said to myself, as if in prayer: “Gaia, if you can hear me, show me a Brocken Specter.” Now, a Brocken Specter is a spectacular natural phenomenon which requires a precisely coordinated combination of sun, clouds, atmospherics and moisture. It consists of a huge shadow of oneself projected on the clouds below, surrounded by a rainbow halo. They’re very rare: in all my time in the mountains, years and countless expeditions all over the world, I have seen only a handful of Brocken Specters. And suddenly, within maybe a minute and a half, one suddenly appeared. There it was. I spent half an hour filming it, in various stages of awe and disbelief. I was staggered. As in the movie Avatar, I found myself thinking: “Eywa has heard me.”
  30. I want to say a word about ‘Ascension’ – and how the word is often misunderstood and misapplied. Some people really do think that they will literally ‘ascend’ out of here – as in some kind of ‘beam-me-up’ ‘rapture’ or rescue, possibly at the hands of helpful ETs or angelic beings. In my strong view, this is escapist wishful thinking
  31. 21 December 2012 is a distraction
  32. children can be the cruelest to other children
  33. there is black magic and there is white magic


  1. this is our planet. Not anyone else’s. Essentially, it’s all about personal responsibility
  2. the very brightest and best have all been identified, handpicked, extracted from academia, and fast-tracked for black projects
  3. I’m an alternative media investigator, but I’m also a teacher and a guide
  4. I genuinely don’t yet know exactly what to make of this, but I’m compiling and carefully evaluating some evidence that seems to suggest that the global controllers may be preparing to leave the planet. Not as in exiling themselves, but as in leaving a ship that they believe will sink with no reasonable hope of salvage
  5. I have a credible source, an accomplished physicist with a TS clearance, whose name many here would instantly recognize, who has told me clearly, in writing, that an 1859-type solar event is being anticipated for December/January coming. He said that it is not known whether (or to what extent) this event will compromise the grid. I have no way of verifying any of this, but it looks more and more likely that this is a real situation that could be a very major one
  6. I’m as certain as I can be that in the next 6-9 months quite a lot is going to happen that may require us to get our life jackets on (routine and sensible when ocean sailing), work together well, and safeguard our energy, resources and well-being until the storm is over
  7. there are global factions, and people in government both in Israel and in the US, whose dream it is to start a nuclear firestorm in the Middle East. It remains to be seen what, if anything, will happen. There may be a strike against Iran, but if so, then the issue is whether or not it’ll all escalate out of control
  8. I have a clear recall of many lifetimes (some of which go way back) - including a great deal of information about my lives from 1850-1901 and 1902-1924, the last lifetime (1925-1952) has always been obscured. I reincarnated as Bill Ryan in February 1953
  9. I was abducted, by caring, concerned and benevolent ETs, in (I believe) September 1946 [his past life]. I was abducted with hundreds of other selected individuals. And we were all shown graphically, experientially and unforgettably a possible future Earth. We saw burning cities: billions of people dying in agony. The entire Northern Hemisphere was laid to waste. Plants, animals, forests, seas, men, women, children - all destroyed. South America and Central to Southern Africa were (I believe) spared. I do NOT believe that this future will happen, that hundreds of us were shown in 1946. I think we’ve avoided it
  10. when I was a child [current life time] I had a speech impediment. It was quite serious: I could barely speak. It was basically a heavy stammer. My throat chakra had a huge, tangled, energetic blockage. I was mercilessly teased as a child, and at school lived in permanent anxiety of being asked questions by the teacher. I was very bright, and took refuge in academia and sport: I excelled at both. But I was an unhappy child. However, as time passed, I gradually overcame my handicap to become a teacher, a team-building specialist, and finally a researcher, an investigator, and a motivational and inspirational speaker with tens of millions of views on YouTube
  11. Scientology processing. Not regression or hypnosis. A very sharp, clean and and clear ‘knife’ that (in ethical and well-trained hands) cuts through absolutely anything [as to how Bill can remember past lives]


  1. Facebook is insecure, is 100% definitely a data-mining operation, and is not to be trusted
  2. I’m personally delighted that “nothing has happened yet”. No WW III has started in Syria, no catastrophic False Flag event in North America, no global financial collapse, no nationwide race riots across the US. Much to appreciate, truly and sincerely
  3. Be prepared, either domestically, or research viable possibilities for leaving the US if that is where you are. Being prepared includes safeguarding your financial assets. Remember that anything in digital form can disappear literally overnight. We’re by no means out of any woods yet, and may have to travel through them to get to the other side
  4. my own experiences strongly suggest that reality is rather more malleable than our high school physics teachers might have led us to believe
  5. I went to Ladakh in 1988 (twice) without a penny to my name. The way I did it was to advertise in a New Age magazine, and offer to lead a spiritually-oriented trekking group there. (I’d never been to Ladakh before, but I didn’t let that stop me from being a group leader.) 17 people signed up, and my own (quite wonderful) trip was paid for
  6. I’ve had several very detailed perceptions of beings from the future trying to help (and also trying to interfere)
  7. there was certainly a historical Jesus, parts of his story that later became enshrined in Salvationism (the best term for the metaphysics of the Roman Church) the virgin birth, the resurrection, some of the miracle stories, etc were all versions of then-current mythology that were woven into his story, celebrated and much promoted mythology is not the Jesus story at all, and is merely a distraction
  8. Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ main supporter and advocate, and was also his wife
  9. Jesus survived the crucifixion, and he and Mary both fled to Egypt until 37 AD when Jesus later returned to Kashmir and Mary sailed to Narbonne with her child or children, where she was taken care of in a Jewish community based in Rennes-les-Bains (just a few miles from Rennes-le-Chateau, where in 1890 the local priest Bérenger Saunière discovered incontrovertible proof that (among much else) Jesus was still alive in 45 AD, and was paid a large sum by the Vatican to keep this information secret)
  10. what happened to Jesus was the world’s first major disinfo campaign, and what happened to Mary was the world’s first major smear campaign
  11. usually, when I focus deeply on something, and really want to find answers to questions, the information is magically delivered to me through serendipitous library (or internet!) angels
  12. my personal attention in the last couple of years has been on getting well-established in Ecuador to hunker down in preparation for events unknown


  1. I had the video subtitled in Chinese, knowing full well that it would be picked up by the Chinese intelligence agencies. Now, I’m doing this again. The second half of this post is a translation into Russian. I WANT this to be picked up by the Russian intelligence agencies [are Chinese and Russian intelligence agencies too inept to understand English?]
  2. Joel Skousen is credible, sane, balanced and well-informed. For a while now, he’s presented the thesis that within the next six years there will be an engineered, ‘staged’ nuclear war between the US and Russia/China
  3. everyone who knows me personally understands that I’m an extraordinarily positive person. But it’s my JOB to warn of dangers and to consider contingencies. I never intentionally ‘spread fear’ [yet fear gets spread nontheless?]


  1. we’ve had two chances before in history to take back the planet, first was 2,000 years ago, and that was taken over and failed, second was in the ’60s and early ’70s. That also failed. The third is now. We won’t get a fourth chance
  2. we have literally hundreds of radio shows in which the same people are interviewed over and again. Little is actually accomplished
  3. I support the work of Alex Jones and David Icke. They are focused on real-world political realities, I support the work of Rebekah Roth, whose popular books on 9/11 have reached way outside the ghetto, and are waking up regular members of the public
  4. we are (in my opinion) WAY WAY WAY too preoccupied with (and often diverted and distracted by) ethereal concepts like ‘Wave X’, CERN (I am NOT convinced, at all, that it’s anything other than a supercollider), the possible mystical effects of comets and Blood Moons, channeled messages from ‘Ascended Masters’, unprovable subjective recall and perception, and multidimensional phenomena that may or may not have any reality at all
  5. I think we’re seeing an unhealthy, collective neurosis
  6. the music industry has been COMPLETELY subverted since the early 70s
  7. there are ’establishment’ figures (so to speak) in the alternative community, too. Those who feel they were here first, and resent new blood. That’s really true, and it’s a shame… truly great teachers, and truly great experts, genuinely welcome new blood, and new ideas


  1. Robert David Steele telling Alex Jones there are child slave colonies on Mars might have been a choreographed with intention to discredit the UFO researchers
  2. Michael Salla is a decent man, i would love to have him as my neighbor
  3. Asheyna Dean was writing about blue avians back in late 1990s
  4. I coined the term jump room, the device itself is actually called a corridor
  5. I think the very top of the pyramid is a small multinational group, primarily based in the UK and Europe, that has no public name, and no publicly known individuals, I think there have for a while been two factions, that may have recently come to some agreement. But not every national administration in the world (e.g. Russia and China) may be under their full control, or even maybe under much control at all. The Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateral Commission, PNAC, Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Skull and Bones, and even the Jesuits and the Vatican (and certainly the US presidential apparatus and even those that control that) are all in the levels below


  1. there’s something VERY badly wrong with Corey Goode (though informed opinions differ on exactly what that may be), and Emery Smith is most definitely EITHER totally delusional OR knowingly inventing all his claims
  2. leaving Switzerland was an enormous, life-changing, personal mistake [to go live in Ecuador]
  3. I had an ET appear in my room, back in 1984, when I was 100% wide awake and fully alert. It suddenly materialized like something out of a Star Trek beam-me-up-Scottie device, looked at me silently for about 45-60 seconds (hard to estimate time when something like that is happening!), and then disappeared (faded out) again. It looked like a bald-headed 12-year old child, with near human features but quite large (not almond-shaped) eyes.
  4. Henry Deacon / Arthur Neumann. He was 100% authentic. It was also Henry who confirmed the codename Solar Warden, which most researchers wrongly attribute to Gary McKinnon
  5. Pete Peterson. We were all fooled by him. He was certainly a military scientist (or technician) of some kind, but was principally a Walter Mitty character with a really convincing storyline that Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock and I all fell for
  6. I’m certain that Corey Goode is an asset, delusional, or a pathological liar
  7. I really dislike the time-limited, often very haphazard/chaotic, and sometimes rather unprofessional live radio show format
  8. I’m 100% convinced it happens. Exactly WHAT is happening, I’m not sure [regarding David Icke’s shape shifting theory
  9. my own Achilles’ Heel is what happens when there’s a kind of betrayal. In my case, that means a sudden turnaround from someone I’d simply never expected it from. Like someone I thought was a friend, or an ally, or someone who had at least a good grasp of the truth and whom I respected, even if they weren’t a close friend.
  10. I’m a realist, but also very much an optimist
  11. I do think we may be getting subtle help from all kinds of invisible sources
  12. I do think that some of our enemies or opponents are unseen, as well
  13. teachers in schools are mostly enforcers of socialization, normalization and obedience that’s in the interest of the controlling state
  14. I believe they’re a real phenomenon. And, for reasons we may not fully understand, they’re of great importance to those families involved. It may be that (literally) human blood itself is very important in ways we don’t understand [regarding the bloodlines]
  15. demons, that’s meaning black magic influences, such as djinns and the like. They’re every bit as real, under certain conditions
  16. BEWARE of the ‘insider’ who knows everything or who keeps coming up with new information in the next interview
  17. beware of the witness who welcomes publicity, most genuine insiders coming forward are nervous, tentative, cagey and often blow hot and cold to some extent
  18. the best interviewer there is? Joe Rogan. By a country mile. He’s exceptional, and sets a standard achieved by no-one else in the alternative media.
  19. I think Joseph Farrell’s work on the post-war Nazis in Argentina is rock solid and extremely likely to be accurate
  20. I feel sure it’s a Skinwalker Ranch-type interdimensional predator or rather, an organization of predators. I’d also be sure that the DIA (or similar agencies) are taking it very seriously, but are unlikely to be able to do a thing about it [411 disappearances]
  21. archontic influence is all about falsehood, fakery, and imitation [archons]
  22. DON’T go into the light [once body dies]
  23. in February 2011, he warned me about Inelia. He almost pleaded with me to listen to him. And I didn’t. That dishonored him. It was a serious offense in his world. [Charles]
  24. I don’t believe a single word of anything that Dr Kautz Vella claims
  25. Nazis going to the moon or Mars after the war? No
  26. I strongly suspect that there’s a malevolent ET (or non-human) influence at the highest reaches of global control, and maybe has been for thousands of years
  27. I think Ingo Swann and Karl Wolfe were both totally correct
  28. I do think we may all be someone’s science experiment
  29. Kerry is like the impossible sister I never had
  30. timeline shifts are VERY subtle, and can usually only be identified afterwards
  31. I’m not an American citizen, but I’m a Trump supporter
  32. I’m an Alex Jones supporter
  33. I’m a BREXIT supporter
  34. 5G is a massive threat
  35. I’ve always felt there’s compelling evidence for lake (and sea) monsters
  36. I think the surviving remnants of the Atlanteans [build the pyramids]
  37. He’s [Simon Parkes] a sexual predator on some of his female clients, is no therapist or counselor worthy of the name, and in my opinion nothing he says or claims can be 100% trusted any more
  38. Black Magic is definitely a reality
  39. Tompkins [William Mills Tompkins] was exaggerating and embellishing
  40. no way could we have made aircraft-carrier size spaceships in the early 1950s
  41. reptilian shape-shifting I firmly believe is very real
  42. there’s an influence on those in power which really IS inhuman
  43. I’m convinced there was an antediluvian (pre-dating the Great Flood) global civilization
  44. I know I’m a good writer
  45. I know a lot about a lot of things
  46. I don’t get frightened of things
  47. I personally don’t trust a single thing the state of Israel does or says or publishes in any media
  48. important to know about Sitchin is that he did NOT translate from the original Sumerian academically and rigorously
  49. yes, I am [concerned about the diminishing numbers of white people around the world]
  50. I really do NOT like free market capitalism
  51. [there is] agenda by the globalists to irreversibly wreck the cultural traditions of Europe and also North America
  52. souls can always go off to any other planet to incarnate — if they choose to
  53. John Lennon and Bob Marley, I do feel both their deaths were suspicious. Lennon’s, absolutely
  54. ‘Karma’ is ONLY one’s own inner drive to complete unfinished business. Nothing more. It’s 100% internally defined. It’s not an external agency, factor, or influence, in any form
  55. as many may recognize, and I do recognize about myself, I’m a somewhat of a polymath. That’s a fancy way of saying that I’m a jack of all trades
  56. I did a few Landmark events myself in San Francisco in 2005
  57. I think the evidence is overwhelming for an imminent mini ice age
  58. sarcasm has NO place in genuine humor of any kind
  59. I’m VERY worried about the internet, and the accelerating one-way effect on all of humanity
  60. if we don’t follow the light [after death], our ability to choose for ourselves what happens next is enhanced
  61. [a civilization] was wiped out in the unthinkable cataclysm that marked the beginning of the Younger-Dryas
  62. True teaching and education have nothing to do with schooling
  63. the interdimensional aspect plays a very major role in the ET phenomenon
  64. Mark Richards? A pathological liar

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