Bernard Perona

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Bernard Perona

Drunvalo Melchizedek is to be a walk-in into what, as the claims goes, used to be Bernard Perona. To walk-in is a New Age term describing when someone or something occupies a body of a person, evicting whoever was in the body before that. Bernard Perona is supposedly gone, he was given something special in return. It is not know what that is. Seems keeping up the mystery is a common theme in New Age circles. So, once upon a time, Bernard was born but then Drunvalo came and took over Bernard’s body.

Drunvalo is to be one of the four beings sent here by the White Brotherhood in order to compensate for the four other beings sent here by the Dark Brotherhood. This allegedly all happened in 1972. Drunvalo specifically was sent here from 13th dimensional realm where he’s been for about 10 billion Earth years, without any awareness of the polarity consciousness. The primary reason he was picked was his innocence.

According to Drunvalo his name – Drunvalo, is a druidic name meaning a little tree on the edge of a stream. Melchizedek is Hebrew for – my king is righteousness. Other interpretations are: king of righteousness and king of peace. Drunvalo said whenever a planet or a sun or an area or even a galaxy or anything has a problem in their dimensional levels they send a Melchizedek because we know how to deal with those things.

There are 72 orders in the Great White Brotherhood, first order is the Alpha and Omega, of which Drunvalo says he is a part of. The final order is the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, which is in Bolivia and that order i am also connected with.

Drunvalo charges what he deems to be a fair price for his workshops. Averaging at about 20$ an hour, per person. He said he even offers those who can not pay to volunteer for organizations like red cross for certain amount of hours, get a letter confirming they volunteered and use that letter as payment.


If there is such a thing as a New Age Overdose, Drunvalo definitely fits the criteria.

Drunvalo is one of the grand masters who can talk and talk and talk… yet not saying much and hardly ever gives a straight answer. A lot of it is also repetition with this or that embellishment. December 21st, 2012 is gone, but the hype lives on, so does the New Age business. The current hype is the Birkeland current, which in New Age lingo can basically do just about anything and it can be related to just about any topic or practice or possible future outcome.

It is a little hard to say whether Drunvalo is full of bull and knows it or if he is just full of bull but honestly believes in it himself. He does come across as a sincere talker, but so do all the good movie actors. The problem, as with all New Age, is that Drunvalo can upgrade, downgrade, fine tune, adjust, bent, stretch… his narrative at any time and does so without remorse.

Given Drunvalo’s supposed lineage it is rather odd he could be so very much mistaken of what is to come and it is also odd to see how much he depends on the alleged indigenous ceremonies and councils. Then again, there surely is an explanation, that is another outstanding quality of the New Age – everything, no matter what, can be explained, even if in purely ambiguous terms.

Compared to most others Drunvalo barely touches upon the subject of ETs and mainly seems to agree with the mainstream UFO theories, to then compartmentalize them into we are all one category.



  1. there are 83 thousand sacred sides around the world all inter connected
  2. when there is a pole shift there is also a consciousness shift
  3. pyramids are all connected into the Earth in a very accurate specific place, which creates an energy electro magnetic field around the Earth, it’s crystal in nature. This fields determine how we interpret the reality
  4. we are about to move into another level of existence
  5. sexual energy can create anything
  6. we will gain other bodies, they are all mapped out in Egypt, you can see them there, the statues
  7. physical pole shift will take place, magnetic pole shift will precede it, shortly after we will go fourth dimensional
  8. quantum physics has a lot of problems, so does string theory
  9. ascension is moving from the brain to the heart
  10. Atlantic ocean is on the verge of dying, Mediterranean is dead


  1. all of Sedona is just one big vortex [energy vortex], the soil is made out of iron and the iron messes up magnetic field, causes it to spin, so you get these vortexes everywhere
  2. physics has found 11 different dimensions, using mathematics they bent things around and came up with eleven dimensions, they may come up with more
  3. the entire universe is made up of vibration, a sound or frequency, everything is harmonics of music, dimensions are separated in exactly the same way music is [chromatic scale]
  4. frequency of the third dimension is 7,28cm
  5. like changing the frequency of a TV channel where you get a different picture, if you were to change the frequency of your consciousness you would disappear and go some place else
  6. angels live in a fourth dimension in the fourth, fifth and sixth overtone of that particular harmonic, they are here to help and assist us, they save us all the time
  7. 13 thousand years ago we had a disturbance on Earth which caused us to fall in consciousness way way way down to where we are now
  8. every human being on Earth has at least two angels connected to them, every person on Earth has a human counterpart
  9. you will keep incarnating as long as you do not learn how to die consciously, which means bringing your body with you, like Jesus
  10. when i talk about other dimensions i talk from experience, not from a learning process, i have been to every single one of them all 144 dimensions
  11. this universe as we know it will no longer exist very soon, we are about to transcend into another level of existence
  12. I have memories which go back a long way, before this universe
  13. our body is an instrument, it is a sacred and holy temple, we can do anything once the spirit knows how to use the body
  14. the tongue is physically connected directly to the heart
  15. there is a sexual relationship between the heart and the brain
  16. Pineal gland is an eye
  17. when you link those three [chakras] eight beams of light come out of your head, link to a sphere of light around your head, you get a halo just like Jesus had and your third eye is open
  18. practice moving in your heart space and live from the heart, must give up the ego and not be attached to physical things
  19. the Earth does not exist, the galaxies the universe the bodies we are in do not exist, all of this is a creation from spirit, it is an image
  20. what is about to happen is something no one has ever done before, we are about to go through something that god has set up for us, we are gonna go through all the levels of existence that usually takes billions of years of time and we are gonna do this in a matter of minutes, we know we are gonna do it because the ascendant masters of Earth have already done it [guess what, nothing happened]


  1. the cause of changes taking place in the external world are found within you
  2. there is only one of us
  3. inside your heart there is a sacred space and inside that space there is a tiny space and that is the key to creation
  4. once you reach the inner part of your heart your higher self can communicate with you directly
  5. in order to die consciously you must have your merkaba working perfectly
  6. as you bring your body with you to the fourth dimension you will begin to grow, new organs will form, brain will be three times the current size
  7. Nephilim [ETs] were the females, human mothers and fathers were Sirians [ETs]
  8. Sirians and Pleiadians [ETs] are brothers and sisters, due to the lines of energy that flow through space
  9. Sirians are third and fourth dimensional
  10. Pleiadians are third, fourth and fifth dimensional, they just achieved the fifth dimension last month, they are very excited
  11. humans, Reptiles, Greys are all going to step out of polarity consciousness and move into oneness, there is no other choice
  12. there is only one spirit, it moves through everything
  13. we are going to be in a fourth dimension for two years and then we are going to move on to another level of existence
  14. the window for change opened in October 2007 and it will close sometime in late 2015, it could happen any day [nothing happened]
  15. it is the Earth and the Sun which causes ascension to take place, it does not happen from individual [he just contradicted himself → 1]
  16. 111 is energy flow, 222 means a beginning of a new cycle, 333 means a decision has to be made for either 999 completed and a right choice or 666 which means it went out of harmony and has to be done again, 444 refers to the mystery schools, 555 is the highest number of completion of the mystery schools it is the number of Christ and the unity consciousness the perfection of the human being, 666 refers to people and the material world, 777 practice of mystery schools, 888 completion number which completes 444, 999 is a completion of 222 cycles, 000 means nothing
  17. u have to have eight life times before you are a human being, I only had two, so this is my second one, I am not considered human yet, I am still part ET
  18. every last person on Earth is going to make this transition, without exception [we are all still here]
  19. every person on Earth came from somewhere else, we are all ETs, Earth is a brand new planet
  20. most important thing you can do right now is meditate and go into your heart
  21. illumination is when heart and the brain are reconnected a sphere forms around you and light halo forms around you
  22. Pleiadians can change their bodies into whatever they want
  23. those people who do not have the merkaba fully extended they will not ascend [so not everyone will make the transition??? contradicting himself again]
  24. merkaba in third dimension is an electro magnetic field at 4 degrees kelvin, the first shape of merkaba is a star tetrahedron around which there is a sphere out of which hundreds of thousands of different possible geometrical forms come, it is proportionate to persons height
  25. there is nothing in this universe, not one thing, that was not created through geometries of the merkaba
  26. in 4th dimension you see spherically in all directions at once simultaneously
  27. Fulvic acid plays an important role in space travel
  28. I tried doing it for free and i tried doing it for an exchange and i found the Muslims [he claimed he was a Sufi] are right [an exchange has to be given for spiritual teachings]
  29. we have two dream times, dreams of polarity, the other dream time is in the hearth body
  30. losing memory is associated with the solar flares and magnetic field of the Earth, when the Earth shifted it’s axis magnetic poles went to zero and after two weeks our magnetic memory, our memory is held by magnetics, was erased to zero
  31. Russia has computer mechanism that are able to see merkaba and put it on the screen
  32. merkaba has 17 breaths, the first six breaths are balancing your energies and purifying your chackra system
  33. you have to know something exists before you can see it
  34. females are focused more on sound rather than light, hearing is more important to them than what they see
  35. there are four basic ways of seeing: male, female, both at once and neutral
  36. the entire solar system is based on perfect sacred geometry
  37. we are far more than we know, we are not just human beings
  38. for every person on Earth this is your last life
  39. to leave the Earth you have to either die, resurrect or ascend and it does not matter how it happens [his later reasoning as to why everyone is suppose to make it]
  40. right now everything is setup, everything is ready for ascension [nothing happened]
  41. from fourth dimension we will all go to the fifth dimension
  42. Stanford mapped a magnetic field going around the body, it is a toroidal field, it comes from the heart and is being generated by the sacred space of the heart, there is another filed inside the bigger one being generated by a tiny space of the heart
  43. everything in existence came from the tiny space of your heart
  44. the CD Secret [think and it will happen…] that went around the world is creating from the brain and is extremely dangerous, it is polarized, you should create from the heart
  45. Arcturians [ET race] are light beings
  46. it is essential for the ascension to know there is only one god
  47. Akhenaten was one of the 32 members of the Sirian family, he was to promote there was only one god [as recommended by Drunvalo who claims he at the time remote viewed the situation, that god would be Aton aka Aten]
  48. there is a hologram around the planet which was made by our father, the Sirians, we are inside the Sun right now
  49. we have eight ego personalities associated with every ego person, 4 males, 4 females
  50. there exists an untold number of universes, which are not connected to each other
  51. crystals are living beings, they are alive and are fully conscious, i had crystals just appear to me out of thin air
  52. the very person who created this universe was Metatron, which has a skin color of blue
  53. the Akashic records [everything ever said, thought, done…] are within the sacred space of the heart
  54. all hearts in existence are created through the tiny space of the heart


  1. Mayans do not know when the destruction of the old cycle begins and have stated it will not happen on December 21, 2012. There is no doubt it will happen after.
  2. things are already happening, the geomagnetic reversal is at the point where ionosphere does not even work anymore, we are wide open
  3. global warming usually leads to an ice age
  4. hurricane Sandy happened due to a global warming
  5. methane is beginning to dissolve and melt into the atmosphere
  6. if you do not see anything beginning [world changes, catastrophe] by January 1st, 2016 then yes Mayans were wrong [were they now? was Drunvalo wrong too?]
  7. Aspen Colorado had a rain coming from Fukushima, it rained for three days and as the government was taking measurements of the radiation, suddenly the radiation levels began to drop
  8. there are over three hundred thousand ET cultures here on Earth right now
  9. our Sun is beginning to produce light based on helium rather than hydrogen


  1. there is more than one kind of electricity, when electricity is not in the wire it can move from one end of the universe to the other in zero time
  2. there is gonna come a day when physicists will have to take everything they knew, throw it out and start over
  3. human kind is a bout to make a leap so huge that i don’t even know where it is gonna go [we have been leaping since 2010?] i don’t think we are going to make it out of 2015, the transformation is gonna begin to occur [no, nope, no transformation]
  4. sex is going to become very sacred when we understand what it really is
  5. universe is sexual energy on all levels
  6. Pierre Marie Robitaille has prove all Einsteins theories are wrong
  7. the Sun is a liquid which is beyond proof [liquid metallic hydrogen as per Pierre]


  1. distance and time mean nothing [relating to Birkeland current]
  2. I am restricted to a be able to prove everything through science [is he now?]
  3. Aurora Borialas is a sexual communication between the Sun and the Earth
  4. human being is an electrical mortal coil
  5. if you are a mathematician and if you think you know math right now, you will realize you do not know anything, you know nothing
  6. god made math only has numbers from 1 to 9 and from that the entire universe was created
  7. there are six more Fibonacci sequences that nobody knows about, seven in total, which produce all the life in the universe
  8. the Mayans from their point of view were wrong [but the New Age goes on in spite]
  9. we moved into fourth dimension a long time ago, we just don’t know it
  10. time and gravity can stretch
  11. every person on Earth, even those that die and all the life on Earth is crucial to what is about to happen and i don’t know when this is gonna happen
  12. they found a planet out there, bigger than Jupiter, that does not weigh anything, it is like it is hollow
  13. it is happening but not in a way Mayans thought it will happen

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