System and Choice

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Posted: March 13, 2017
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System and Choice

How often during your waking time do you make a decision? Some might believe it is only every now and then, considering only those decisions they deem to be important. Truth is, you are deciding all the time. Practically every move you do follows a decision you made. Most of times more than just one option is available. It is at those times you make a choice. What you chose to do becomes real, it affects the reality. What do you want?

For large majority interaction means seeking benefit equal or greater to the input. Pursuit of empty pleasure or fulfilling a desire of the moment. This is also why it might be considered unsafe to ask someone “what do you want” or what do you desire? Be it someone who thinks of itself as spiritually highly aware and awake being, or some whatever mundane individual with random whims and wants. The only difference is in the inflatable quantities of the Self Importance.

Desires are material and non material. Material desires are boringly predictable. Non material desires are those which reveal discrepancies between deed and word. Such discrepancies are nicely visible when those of love and light say one thing and do another. Self deception is a very common trait when it comes to people.

Desires differ and brew divisions. There are many divisions among humanity. Most noticeable are cultural divisions. Different desires, different deeds and resulting outcomes. Cultures change as desires change. Desires change as perception changes. Perception as defined by those who shape it.


From language assign definition to words. Apply the language to instill perception and derive a culture, which can then be passed down for many generations. Passed down as rules, laws, norms, believes, customs, morals, traditions… As such, anything cultural related is a method of management. Must follow the law. Must respect tradition. Must comply. When describing a culture, what is actually being described is a System.

What affects your choice? What all contributed to your final decision? Was it logic? Was it feeling? Even if the choice was a spur of the moment, why was it a spur of the moment? Why do you regard something to be a better choice? How much of a puppet are you? You perceive something to be better and do it.

Maybe you prefer to excuse all the shit you have ever done and will do on some sort of an external factor. Blame TV and newspapers? Those lying, cheating, deceiving presstitutes making people believe stuff? Is it the insurmountable mind control consisting of globally interconnected cell phone network? Is it Draco Reptilian orbital installations beaming negative vibrations onto the planet’s surface?

Is it people you do not agree with?


The System is bad, right? The System can be so unfair, right? The System is corrupted and does not work!!? No. The System is working perfectly, as it is meant to, all the poo poo stuff included. You should know the System is malleable. It is not the System, which sucks, it is You.

The System works based on how it is being fueled. People, when given a choice, will not strive to change the System, will not refuse to support the System. People will strive to climb up, to rank higher in the System. The System is made real by action and inaction.

The System is one, but methods differ. As you can imagine and also know, mixing different methods results in culture shock, atrocities, conflict of desires, conflict of perceptions.

While most obsess about frivolous religious strife, racial tensions, variety of material inequalities and so forth. The others obsess over vibrating, light bodies and notions of love. All of them seeking benefit and personal satisfaction to put on their moral pedestal. So they go and bicker about it to no end. As they bicker, they form believes, they form perceptions, express and follow the desires and overall contribute to the System they so passionately and proudly call their culture.


The moral is an especially ridiculous concept. Flexible to the extremes. RIGHT or WRONG? GOOD and BAD? Really? According to whom? Some law? Dogma? Some tradition? Your personal preferences? The right answer would be: moral is a method of management, part of the System. It attaches a YES or NO to a choice of whether or not an action should be performed.

There is no RIGHT or WRONG. There is just what you think to be RIGHT or WRONG. You do not feel something to be RIGHT or WRONG due to some presumed angelic trait, cosmic whatever or god. You feel as such because you were taught so, conditioned since your birth by the very people that surround you, all of them a part of the System. You also are quite malleable.

When people kill they do so because methods of management they are used to differ from methods undergone by those they kill. When two normal people meet they kill each other because one of them is normal and the other is not. As they both consider themselves to be normal and the other not to be.

Depending on the situation the action of killing can be either heroic or it can be despised. So depending on how the action of killing is perceived that is how the reaction to the killing is based, thus a consequence - a medal of honor, a long term incarceration or in some cases more killing, as in the death penalty. That thing about how killing is bad is very elastic.

If people chose not to look beyond their Self Importance it is not due to them being prevented to do so. People are willing participants in the System of their own making. Take responsibility.

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