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Posted: August 5, 2020
Last change: October 11, 2020


Is the UFO aka UAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, extraterrestrial disclosure finally upon us? Why now? Who will be telling the story? How it will be told?

Outlets like CNN, Fox and NYT are suddenly reporting about tangible UFO encounters. Why?


In April 2020, Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of the TicTac videos. It was named TicTac due to its shape.


On July 23, 2020, New York Times published the No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public article.

Article describes a program, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, within the Office of Naval Intelligence. The successor to the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

As far as the conspiracies go, the Secret Space Program is managed by the Navy and some of the first crafts have allegedly been modified submarines.

The program will seek evidence of vehicles from other worlds, its main focus is on discovering whether another nation, especially any potential adversary, is using breakout aviation technology that could threaten the United States.

In the article Marco Rubio, a U.S. senator, is being concerned about reports of unidentified aircraft over American military bases. This probably makes most that follow UFO conspiracies laugh. Must be good to express some sort of concern every now and then so more people vote for you. UFOs above military bases, disabling nuclear weapons and whatnot, is an old topic heard many times.

Marco however, tied his concern to Russia and China or some other adversary. To Marco, it would seem, whatever it is - it is an adversary. Lock and load.

Enter Luis Elizando, former military intelligence, who previously stated on Fox News that the U.S. government is in a possession of the UFO material. Mind you, he said UFO material, not extraterrestrial material. Difference! UFO could also be those pesky Russians using some sort of advanced whatever, right?

Allegedly, there is no such thing as former when it comes to intelligence officials.

Luis is also connected to the TTSA, which is generally disliked within the community.

Continuing with this ground shattering article, we come to the following part: Mr. Reid, the former Democratic senator from Nevada who pushed for funding the earlier U.F.O. program when he was the majority leader, said he believed that crashes of objects of unknown origin may have occurred and that retrieved materials should be studied. “After looking into this, I came to the conclusion that there were reports — some were substantive, some not so substantive — that there were actual materials that the government and the private sector had in their possession,” Mr. Reid said in an interview.

YES!?! Finally!!! Right? No. That bit was retracted the next day.

Jumping on the bandwagon of the above statement was also David Wilcock, who conveniently overlooked the fact it has later been retracted.

Then the article mentions how Eric Davis gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.” What NYT article does not mention is a transcript of an alleged conversation between admiral Thomas Wilson and Eric Davis regarding an alien vehicle.

The NYT story was picked up by other news outlets, like Fox.


August 4

Lou Dobbs askedTrump about the UFOs, to which the trump replied he will do a total transparency and how there is probably some pretty good transparency needed there. Governments can indeed be very transparent, just not in the way they would think of it. The manner in which this conversation went can always be used later to say it was all just in jest.

August 14

CNN published an article - Pentagon to launch task force to investigate UFO sightings. They mostly repeat what is already described here. What is most notable is that the article is written without the usually mockery and is not downright dismissing the subject.

August 24

Luis Elizando went on Sara Carter’s podcast. Carter is a Fox News contributer. Aside from talk about American nationalism, patriotism and Carter’s unnecessary dramatizations and hyping things up, nothing new has been disclosed. It was probably interesting to an average Carter aficionado who knows nothing about any of this.

One of the things to remember is Luis stating: my job is simply to look at this from national security perspective.

Will UFOs be used to replace terrorism as a new, all encompassing, external threat? They just might, since this also has been theorized for quite some time.

Luis claims he was told, by a very senior person in the U.S. government, that we are dealing with demonic beings. Luis views that as a theological belief system. This is hardly the first time someone claimed ETs are demonic or angels and demons.

Luis thinks the UFOs are not a secret U.S. technology. It would appear he also does not think it is a foreign adversarial technology.

Luis refused to comment about what Trump might know or not know and also refused to comment about Robert Scott Lazar.


September 8

YouTube video of Lex Fridman, a research scientist at MIT, interviewing David Fravor has been published. Fravor is one of the pilots who encountered the TicTac UFO or UAP.

Describing the event, David said the radar was being jammed. According to David when you actively jam another platform it is technically an act of war.

This is how David described the unidentified object: smooth, white tic tac, no wings, no visible propulsion, no windows, no probes that we could see adding that I don't like to get into little green men but I would say that I don't, I don't think we developed it.

David does believe there is life out there and thinks it is highly possible out of this world aircraft or beings are in a possession of one of the governments on Earth.

David’s opinion about the whole situation, as far as possible government involvement goes, seems to be rather naive.

September 14

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces have been issued orders on how to respond to unidentified flying objects by Defense Minister Taro Kono, who stated he does not believe in UFOs.

On same day Nick Pope, British journalist and former civilian employee at the British Government’s Ministry of Defence, was on Sara Carter’s podcast. From 1991 to 1994 it was Nick’s job to determine if UFO phenomena had any defense significance.

At first Nick thought it was all just crazy stuff. Later, what he found interesting, were cases reported by commercial airline pilots, military pilots and radar tracking. The usual stuff. Nothing new there.

Of note Nick said the U.S. Navy last year issued guidance to its pilots telling them what to do if they encounter these things, but won't reveal what guidance says, because that is classified and I really hope this comes up in presidential debates and who knows, wouldn't aliens be the ultimate October surprise.

Extraterrestrials playing a role in October has been rumored rather frequently as of late. Then again, various theories and proclamations around autumn time are nothing new.


October 10

Tucker Carlson stated on Fox News that there is now an enormous amount of evidence, including physical evidence, that UFOs, whatever they are, are real. We don't know more about this because government has hidden that information from us.

Tucker then went on to promote the documentary Phenomenon and was later joined by movies director James Fox and Christopher Mellon - former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and later for Security and Information Operations and before all of that the Staff Director of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. These days Christopher is an investor, advisor and shareholder for the TTSA.

The main, presented part of the documentary, again featured former senator Harry Reid talking about UFOs interfering with nuclear capabilities and how most information is being kept secret. Old stuff. Nothing new.

Angels and Demons

Since ETs being equated with demons is now in the mainstream, thanks to Luis Elizando, this will be addressed.

A common New Age belief is that angelic and demonic entities reside in the astral or 4th dimension or density. Words dimension and density are used interchangeably. They are often connected with a frequency or a vibration level. The higher the frequency or vibration level the higher the density and the more advanced and angelic aka close to God the being supposedly is.

In New Age, God is often referred to as One Infinite Creator, or Oneness, which is not tied to any existing/traditional religion, in part also due to New Age itself being a religion.

There are to be a total of seven densities. It all also depends on which New Age guru the belief came from.

And yes, just by its nature the topic is also heavily related to traditional religion, to the scriptures such as Old and New Testament.

There are countless interpretations of what the testaments mean. If one can put aside the possible manipulations by translators and institutional editors. If you add the non-canonical gospels, such as Gospel of Thomas, the headache gets even worse, that is, things get complicated in an exponential manner.

Some would say Rabbis refused, mocked and murdered Jesus and now follow the black arts of Kabbalah and the satanic Talmud. Long are gone the days of Tanakh. Some would say those are only Sabbatean Frankists. Some others would go ballistic just by reading this. Opinions and interpretations differ.

The forbidden fruit from the Old Testament is seen by some as God warning humans not to mix with the fallen angels, 1/3 of angels who fell into the Earth after the war in Heaven, not to hybridize with them. Yet the humans did mix and this caused DNA entropy, because they listened to Cherubim of Heaven or Satan.

DNA entropy - humans became mortal and exposed themselves to disease.

They see fallen angels as demons or deities of old, the pagan gods. Ra as Satan himself.

They would tell you the occult, metaphysics and esotericism is the study of satanism. They would tell you demons pose as humans, are using deceased human bodies, the dead-alive ones, and that most humans on the planet are actually not humans.

They would tell you meditation and channeling is opening a doorway for demons.

That demons also pose as extraterrestrials and that any true extraterrestrials are humans from the future. How time-wise all the events in the Bible have already happened, since past present and future are happening at the same time.

They would tell you how the main lie has not changed for the past six thousand years and how ascension to the new world stems from demonic theory of evolution.

Others, again, would say this has to do with human genetic programs and experiments.

Listening to Alberto Canosa, you would be told Catholic Church built churches over dolmens where the red haired nephilim giants/titans are in stasis. Giants which caused so much destruction the flood had to happen. How the Smithsonian was created to preserve the cover-up and keep humanity ignorant.

Canosa also says Oumuamua is a space ship that will land in Arizona or Utah where the petroglyphs were found. The ship will take on humans before the rest, all the demons, are destroyed by an electromagnetic weapon known as the Ark of the Covenant.

Steven Macon Greer also spoke of demonic and angelic beings in the astral. Greer claims there are inter-dimensional portals which can be used to bring them about. Those of you who play games - think Doom, Half-Life and Beyond: Two Souls.

Another person who spoke how there are no aliens but actually angels and demons was Leo Lyon Zagami.

Bit much? This is as short as possible while still preserving some sort of sense.


Nothing much so far. Nothing new. Nothing about the out-world colonies, contact with extraterrestrials, zero energy, anti-gravity propulsion and other such technology that has supposedly been known for the past 60 years.

The narrative is currently mainly coming from people connected with the TTSA.

Are they suddenly just writing about UFOs because, because reasons? Benevolence? Serious journalistic work? [kek] Having no other choice? Redirection of attention?

Trump himself has been pretty much lukewarm when it comes to the subject of UFOs. One time he is pragmatic, other times he is skeptical, now he is promising total transparency - whatever that means.

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