Cosmic Secret

Posted: November 28, 2019
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Cosmic Secret

The Cosmic Secret is a sequel to the Above Majestic, which you should read about first. Also familiarize yourself with James Corey Goode and David Wilcock.

Most find it difficult to read, but you can be assured that what you read on ET Arena will save you many hours of time. You will also be up to speed with the large majority of content in the movie, or maybe call it a documentary.

Director: Corey Goode and Roger R. Richards
Executive Producers: Corey Goode, David Wilcock
Stars: David Wilcock, Corey Goode
Duration: 130 min

It would seem this sequel is an attempt to connect the dots. The movie is poorly thought through. It is less enticing than The Above Majestic. There are three parts. First part seems to have gotten the most attention. First half of the second part is acceptable, but then it starts to deteriorate in terms of what and how the narrative is presented.

If you are a conspiracy regular, and up to speed on James Corey Goode and David Wilcock, there isn’t much new for you to see. The primary target is the unaware audience, the normies.

The movie opens with the following quote from the Book of Revelations: With the final trumpet, the “resurrection and rapture” will occur. All of those deemed worthy by God will be allowed into His kingdom, while those who are deemed unworthy will be subjected to “seven wraths of God”.

Repent now, buy David’s new book and vibrate your way to worthiness.

The viewer is then told your contact with this information is no accident, clearly appealing to the Ego, putting the customer on a pedestal, the narrator continues your search for truth and deeper meaning has lead you here, which is something every New Ager likes to hear. The truth is deep within you and there is more to this reality than you are being told. Preach on, right? We are all secretly asking ourselves the same questions: Who are We, Why are We Here, What is Our Destiny. This last part has some truth to it, but it also aims for the naive, the gullible and the sincere but vulnerable.

It continues with David Wilcock talking about himself. What else is new? David, once again, talks about his dreams of flying cylinders and about an old man, which David describes as a stereotypical male god figure, and his alleged first out of body experience. All of which went on in his early childhood.

As a result of this out of body experience, while he was five years old, David considered his pajamas, that he wore at the time, to be sacred. David makes no mention of the sacred in the movie, but he talked about it elsewhere. It is David’s belief, that the out of body experience happened to him on more than just one occasion, that he remembers.

Who are We

As you should be aware, the conspiracy industry considers natural and social sciences to be wrong. Often times intentionally. This is also the premise of this part of the movie, or the movie as a whole.

Michael Cremo an alternative archaeologist starts this introduction by talking about the out of place artifacts, such as Klerksdorp spheres from Klerksdorp, South Africa, which are found in mineral deposits that are over 2 billion years old.

David Wilcock tells how multiple cases of these spheres have three lines parallel to each other directly along the equator. They are clearly artificial, they are clearly not a geological formation, they were carved by someone.

Enter James Corey Goode with the story about the ancient builder race in connection with the alleged ancient ruins. The ruins are to be found in each solar system in the local star cluster. The ruins consist of structures that are, according to Corey, around 2 billion years old.

Also, once again, The Law of One is pushed into the forefront. As David Wilcock explains the source of the Law of One claims they originated on planet Venus, when Venus was Earth like. They were similar to us, as we are now, 2.6 billion years ago. They have a particular affinity for the pyramid shape and have built them extensively. The same group ultimately contacted Corey Goode, appearing as the Blue Avians. This is the first, very brief and the only mention of the Blue Avians.

In prior years David also equaled The Law of One originators to the Cherubeum or the Carabeem from the bible.

All of that is suppose to relate time-wise. The artifact, the alleged ruins and The Law of One originators aka the ancient builder race aka the Guardians. Officially the artifact is a geological formation. If that is true or not, you can decide on your own. As for the rest, you will just have to trust Corey, David and their top level insiders.

Speaking of ancient ruins, David said that crystalline ruins are made of a glass like material, which is actually a transparent aluminum, which is five times stronger than bulletproof glass. This is very similar to claims, made by Richard Charles Hoagland, about the glass structures on the Moon. There is one problem though - transparent aluminum is a fictional material featured in the Star Trek franchise. Fact or Fiction? What David might have meant is Aluminium oxynitride.

Corey again tells how the ancient builder race created a giant defensive grid, around 52 local stars clustered together, created this giant Death Star type of ships that were the size of moons and planets, that setup a grid around entire local star cluster, that prevented any types of intruders from coming in. This grid works through the Cosmic Web. Every star, every planet is connected with electromagnetic filament and that is how portal travel works, you travel through these filaments.

Then we hear, again, the story of the alleged planet Tiamat and its moon Maldek, where beings with elongated skulls lived. Corey and David also call them the Pre-Adamites or the progenitors. Not to be confused with the ancient builder race.

The story is about a war, during which there was an attempt to utilize the Cosmic Web as a weapon, in order to make a star in some other solar system go supernova. Apparently, according to Corey, the plan misfired and our star, the Sun, was made to send out a super flare which allegedly destroyed Tiamat, damaged Maldek beyond repair, changed trajectories of the planets and made Mars uninhabitable by evaporating its atmosphere.

Survivors of Tiamat and Maldek took the Moon and took it to Earth and tidal locked it. Allegedly they lived on/inside the Moon for thousands of years, observing the culture and development of civilization of Earth. But they had little luck since apparently, according to David Wilcock, they again experienced difficulties when the Sun went micronova and had to retreat to Earth. David claims the historical records show the Pre-Adamites were unaware the Sun will do a micronova.

What historical records? How could a civilization this advanced not be aware of how the Sun is alleged to function? David claims the Pre-Adamites left the Moon in such a hurry, and apparently never bothered to go back, that there are still dead bodies and their stench in structures inside the Moon, where they used to live. Allegedly this information was obtained by Secret Space Program people who went there to explore.

Using their last three mother-ships to evacuate to Earth, the Pre-Adamites went to a place we know as Antarctica, Corey claims, adding that is where they created the civilization of the Atlantis. When discovered by the human Secret Space Program, the mother-ships, as Corey says, were named Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria. The names of the ships used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage across the Atlantic.

David claims that at the time Earth was on a different axial tilt and the Antarctica was not covered by ice. Implying the Earth’s crust can move aka pole shift aka cyclical destructions. When another alleged 40 degree pole shift occurred the Atlantis was then covered by ice. Michael Salla claims that according to the ice core samples west Antarctica has been ice free for significant period since they are to be much younger than the ones on the eastern side. David also says there are enormous ancient builder race ruins under the Antarctica and apparently that is also why the Pre-Adamites chose it as their location.

The ice core samples claims are scetchy, there is however this article talking about a west Antarctica being a rain forest 90 million years ago. Given the narrative, the Pre-Adamites moved to Earth 55 thousand years ago. Whether or not Antarctica was actually green land or lush jungle or anything of a sort at that time you can go and find out on your own.

Corey then does the introduction into the alleged genetic programs, saying the Pre-Adamites changed the genetics of early humans, developed a number of different species including hybrids with animals to be used as slave force. David Wilcock claims they introduced their DNA into genetic human stocks.

Also, according to David Wilcock; there were two royal lineages, difference is to be in the shape of the elongated skull, and they split the Earth amongst themselves. One group got Africa and Europe, the other South and North America and east Asia. As evidence of the split, David points out the differences in styles between the pyramids of Egypt and Mesoamerica.

According to Semir Osmanagić the pyramids have been built on all six continents. In China, 250 pyramids near the city of Xi'an. In Indonesia on western part of Java island, it is known under the name Gunung Padang. Upon saying this the movie shows this image, which is not a real image, but more like an artist rendition. The Koh Ker in north eastern Cambodia. Seven pyramids on island of Mauritius. More than 300 in Peru. There are probably well over one hundred thousand pyramids, maybe up to half a million. More than 97% are still hidden in the jungle and forests.

In Davids view, and also referencing Graham Hancock, Angkor Wat pyramidal type sites were aligned with constellation Draco 12500 years ago, which is precisely the same as the alignment that everybody is familiar with of the Pyramids of Giza, with the stars in the constellation of Orion. David also points out the similarity between Cambodian Angkor Wat Baksei Chamkrong temple and the Temple of the Great Jaguar in Guatemala and how there is a Pacific Ocean between the two. David concludes that this was not a different society, this is a unified society.

How or why are the alignments relevant is not specified.

So who are You? Well according to the narrative so far, you are a genetically changed humanoid. Maybe even enhanced. Then again, it is not stated just what genetics where changed, how much and in what manner and what was the state of the human being before this alleged change.

Why are We Here

David, continuing the story from his childhood, says that as he got older he often had high fevers correlated with very strong sense of pressure in my ears and geometric hallucinations, as if the world around me turned into geometry. It was not a pleasant sensation, these fevers were very intense and I would be screaming and my mother would have to calm me down. Years later David found out his fevers were most likely extraterrestrial in nature.

David believes benevolent extraterrestrial infected him with viruses to change his DNA. I had dreams in which I remember having benevolent human looking, ordinary human looking people, in the robes, coming into my space, landing in this bus shaped craft in my yard, bringing me on board and giving me injections of these viruses.

Define a benevolent extraterrestrial. Human looking? Anything else?

In addition to that David described how he would wake up in the middle of the night, I would be on some sort of program, that I didn't consciously have any objection to, where I would assume it was time to go to school. I would walk out the side door as I always do to go to school and then I would notice everything is black, what the heck is going on, and I turn around and go back into the house. It now appears that when that was happening I was getting spliced back in to that moment, where I am standing there with my backpack. I have lost the memories of what would happen from the moment I am standing there to the moment that I get put back in the same space.

David believes that he was being brought on board where education was taking place, there was training, these trips could have lasted for weeks and then they just added me back into where I left. There does appear to be a whole aspect of my life that I don't have a conscious access to. It would appear David has a unique family background, the Wilcock family was English aristocracy, that I do have some of this alien DNA already.

His lordship, Sir David Wilcock, the friendly ET guy. The forehead proponents surely feel justified right now. The program, that I didn’t consciously have any objection to part is interesting. Lawyer talk. He never agreed, but he did not disagree either and he has/had no memory of it.

Now, some of you might be asking yourselves if the anal probe happened, but no one remembers it, did it… But that is disrespectful and completely inconsiderate to what could have been a semi voluntary abduction experience. Was David’s free will violated? As the New Age Love&Light followers would say - there surely must be a contract, or an agreement between David and his higher Self, which authorized that to happen.

So David had things done to him. Aside from him channeling Ra, just how more potentially compromised is he? This is a serious question.

Corey believes that right now millions of people on this planet are already in contact with extraterrestrials and don't even realize it. These beings are contacting us through our dreams and our subconscious. Many of the thoughts and ideas we are coming up with don't originate from us. There are those would call this last part a red flag. The purpose of contacting people is to acclimate them and prepare them for open face to face contact.

Next we have several people sharing their views and experiences. James Gilliland of ECETI ranch, the idea of which started as a vision, explains how contact is a result of the expansion of consciousness.

Barry Littleton talking about his contact with loving, calming and peaceful insectoid and manta beings and small blue beings from Andromeda and non corporeal beings inside a craft that look like a type of a fungus, organic craft.

Robert Salas describes his experiences in the Air Force and the old story of ETs disabling the nuclear weapons.

Peter Maxwell Slattery who deems himself a UFO experiencer with probably the largest catalog of UFOs paranormal activity captured on camera in the world. Peter had an experience with liquid blue light beings from which he received information. To Peter it was like if someone sticked a USB key into my consciousness.

Aside from the diversity of opinion, the common denominator to the above seems to be their belief about expanding consciousness, how it needs to happen and how it is already happening.

Jumping back to the main narrative, David Wilcock claims that what we have on Earth is a wide variety of different extraterrestrial races that cherry picked DNA from all over the galaxy and made their own designer humans that have the best of everything.

Corey once again tells how over 60 of these genetic farmer race groups came together and formed a Super Federation, to help manage this great experiment, that was made up of 22 different genetic experiments on human beings on this planet. They used viruses to introduce new genetic changes and cull off the weaker genetics and allow the experiment to thrive. These genetic programs were developed to boost or enhance the natural evolution or ascension of beings on the planet.

Since these genetic experiments were in a competition, to prevent the experiments from interfering with each other or wiping each other out, they began to develop social norms and different ways for these cultures to self police - believe systems such cultural and religious.

Now that we developed to a point of traveling the Cosmos ourselves, we have gotten to the point where we are self managing and this Super Federation is being disbanded. We are taking over our own genetic and spiritual development. As a result of all this the infrastructure that has been built out secretly in our solar system will now be handed over to the rest of humanity.

Are you asking yourself just who is the WE that is traveling the Cosmos? Well, you are not the only one. Corey means the various alleged Secret Space Programs, but he talks as if You, the people, are and have been traveling the Cosmos. How is humanity suppose to be ready to handle itself, simply due to of the 1 per mille of total population allegedly traveling the Cosmos?

David points out how much of our DNA is predominantly dormant or what scientists call junk DNA. Jordan Sather elaborates how 90 to 95 percent of our DNA is non coding DNA, mainstream science has no idea what this DNA really does. They call it junk DNA. Why would any sort of intelligent designer put junk in our body? I believe this DNA is used metaphysically, it is used in ways we don't really understand yet.

Then John DeSouza, self described as FBI special agent for 25 years talks about indigo children who, according to John, have foreseen the 9/11 attacks. They had cognitive experiences of what was going to happen and displayed those experiences the way the little kids would - arts and crafts, drawings, finger paints, depicting burning buildings and people jumping out of the buildings.

After 9/11 these events were reported to the FBI who was obligated to conduct an investigation and in every case they had a vision, they had a sense, they had remote viewing. There was no physical explanation how they could have known. It is very evident to me that corporations and government agencies are very intent on monitoring and identifying everyone who has had this anomalous experiences. It is like gun registration, you gotta know where the guns are, so you can get them all later on. The experiences those children had are to be connected to the activation or partial activation of the dormant DNA.

According to Corey certain cosmic laws were established for these genetic experiments. Corey does not state what laws, or who has such an authority. To avoid violating these laws some of the ET genetic farmer races would incarnate as humans and allowed themselves to be experimented upon. Apparently they also incarnated with intent of raising our consciousness. Tesla and Einstein were most likely starseeds or incarnates of the extraterrestrials.

Cosmic laws are often times used by people when they run out of arguments as to why something is as it is, or why something should be different in a very specific way, that they like and approve of.

Then Jordan Sather quotes Tesla, saying the gift of mental power comes from god, the divine being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power. What Jordan forgot from this quite is the last part - “My Mother had taught me to seek all truth in the bible.” Yes well, OK. Scripture decoders unite? Then again, there might not be much to decode at all. Jordan then brings about the ol divine intelligence field that we can all access if we chose to by opening our minds up to tap into that greater intelligence.

Follows Michael Salla talking about a temporal war, between positive and negative extraterrestrials. As usually, the good guys are predominantly human looking and want us to develop into responsible ethical civilization to become a part of the galactic community and the bad guys who want us to develop along the lines of aggressive tyrannical civilization. Michael neglects to mention how the baddies look like. Corey claims that the genetic farmer races would compete with each other by manipulating time and this is what lead to the Mandela effect.

According to James Gilliland; the Gosford Glyphs in Australia are evidence that first landings were actually in Australia not in Africa. James believes the glyphs, which science considers to be fakes made in 1920s, show how a ship came down and added their genetics to a denisovan man and created the hybrids. Peter Maxwell Slattery says they created the Aboriginal people, so that they could incarnate into that body and have a human experience.

Uluki Brendan Murray, King of the Waa Wurrung (The Raven Tribe) then talks about how his tribe used to meet the Star People. It was positive and consensual but then other beings showed up and started taking people on their crafts, they were taken to other continents where new humans were created out of their DNA. It was a group from Orion that was doing the kidnapping. DNA became attached to the land and the land to the DNA. We are no different than the planet itself, we are just a fractal. It was seven major forms of DNA created in a first place. Along the seven major tones of DNA they created another five semi-tones for the development of interbreeding. The soul structure was different as well from the previous generation.

Clifford Mahooty, Zuni Elder, speaks of protocols provided by the Star People or spiritual people from different realms, primary from the Sky People and also the deities they brought in from the other parts of the Cosmos. Technology and spirituality were connected really tight in the beginning but over time became separated and somewhere on the way man invented religion. As the reasons for religion Clifford names fear, control and greed. Fairly accurate. It worked against spirituality. It is unclear if or what difference there is between Star and Sky People.

John Vivanco, a remote viewer, claims he was tasked by the government to look into J.C.Brown, an alleged British prospector who supposedly discovered a lost underground city beneath Mt. Shasta in 1904. There he found a village and rooms with giant mummies that were 12 feet tall. [3.6 meters] Digging into these giants we went further, we identify a location where we can find them. The giants are from an ancient civilization. There was alien intervention which genetically manipulated these species to be as they are. A major cataclysm occurred that wiped them out.

John also claims the giants were not intelligent at all and Native Americans were also killing them since, when captured by the giants, they ate them. John also says that everything Brown claimed to have found we saw on our remote viewing data.

David Lonebear Sanipass, Mi'kmaq wisdom Keeper talks about 20 thousand years old copper scrolls, for which he says they were dated. It took me 42 years to decipher maybe 15% or even less than that. They are in a vibrational language. You read it with a wet finger and you chant it and it is almost like braille when you go over and it and you feel a slight tingle on your fingers and then picture forms outside of you. The coper scrolls give us instructions on technology, history, time-lines, different physics, different ways of doing math.

Corey claims that whenever Earth was undergoing a catastrophic episode, the genetic farmer races would take the civilizations, they were experimenting on, underground to protect their experiments. Also, according to Corey, civilizations such as Olmecs were brought here on Earth, by genetic farmer races, wile their planet was going through a catastrophic cycle and afterwards they were removed and returned to their home star systems. Earth is a cosmic refugee camp.

Confused yet? What is the second part telling us? Aside from that we have been and are being genetically and otherwise manipulated by the federation of alien beings, who are doing so with the intent to bring us closer to god, even when it seems not as such - for example during the Plague and the Spanish flu.

It also shows a corroboration? It shows other people supporting the claims of the main narrative as presented by Corey and David. But what came first?

Why are we here? Well according to The Cosmic Secret, we are here because Earth is a ZOO.

What is Our Destiny

David believes the things we look at in the bible as being metaphorical are actually real stories, they are real pieces of information and this includes the idea of Jesus arriving.

For what is called the New Testament, David claims they selectively manicure Jesus's message to remove the teachings that they thought were anathema to their agenda. By removing reincarnation from Christianity the Roman elite were able to create an air tight trinitarian doctrine with god the father, god the son, holy spirit and nothing else. Holy spirit becomes this mystical thing that is not feminine. The role of the feminine is removed from the trinity. The suppression of the feminine, female spirituality and feminine perspective that would occur in governance and law and all aspects of society.

David continuous how he believes teaching of Jesus dealt a fatal blow to the so called Illuminati agenda. The Illuminati believe that being nice to people, forgiveness, compassion are tools of our enslavement and that by being free of that they believe to be superior to everyone else. They will practice the extremes of both the positive and the negative path or what they call the right hand path and the left hand path. They will simultaneously create huge philanthropic endowments and do the most heinous crimes imaginable.

Book of Revelations happed as a visionary psychedelic dream and as is the nature of dreams there is a lot of symbolism in that report. The frequent repetition of the number 7 refers to the seven chakras of the human body that correspond to the seven densities of the Universe. As described in the Law of One there are seven primary planes of existence that correspond with seven grades of evolution that all intelligent life must go through. We are only at third, the yellow center. After the seventh density you go back to pure white light or intelligent infinity, the original identity of creation that we all emanate from. The ascension that Jesus is describing is actually also predicted in almost every other global spiritual tradition on Earth.

At this point David briefly goes into these traditions. Since you read about him prior to this, yes?, you should be familiar with it. If not consult his page where that is written about under the ASCENSION part. Mainly it is about a solar flash, which also corresponds with a pole shift, something which happens every, yes you guessed it, 25 thousand years. The solar flash also acts as a spiritual activation for those ready to receive it.

Then James Corey Goode starts talking about a galactic super-wave in relation to the APOCALYPSE. Again, something you should be familiar with if you read about Corey prior to reading this. The wave was described as a giant dust cloud with different energetic variables. The energy of the wave made positive people be blessed out and negative people would become more so. This is called end-time-madness.

Essentially, the claim is that when this wave hits, the sun goes micronova aka solar flash aka sends out a massive solar flare, which then causes the apocalyptic event on Earth in the form of a polar shift. The wave supposedly originates in the galactic center, which is 25 thousand light years away from Earth, and that is what determines the length of one cycle - the time it takes for it to reach our solar system.

It is a common belief, also presented in the movie, that the elite from all parts of the planet is planning for this end of days event, by building massive deep underground installations and also off world installations.

The war between good and evil is now, or so says David. The negative agenda can not survive the solar flash. There are to be angelic ETs who want to help us, but there are also the baddies which Corey says are AI prophets, they worship some sort of artificial intelligence signal that we don't know where it came from. We are told that somebody created some sort of rift between realities and in the reality that AI signal came from was a mass consciousness that was an electromagnetic life form. There are two major parts in the ascension process - organic spiritual evolution and technological evolution or trans-humanism. When the solar flash occurs the EMP will free us from the influence of this AI.

Talking about the stories in the bible David states the wheat and the weeds are allowed to grow together until the time of the harvest and then the weeds will be plucked from the crop, one by one, gathered into bundles and burnt in my barn. And then explains this is the symbol of the solar flash. Again it is told how if you are positive, the solar flash wont affect you negatively. To this Corey states no matter what your belief system is, you do not need any new religions, all you have to do is apply yourself and become the best of what your religion entails.

And those not ready to ascend? Well in that case a lift to another third dimensional planet will be provided by helping extraterrestrials. Such are the rules of ascension as per The Law of One.

As usually, to make yourself ready for ascension practice, be and do the following: self forgiveness, self acceptance, being forgiving, love, compassion, patience, understanding. Doing that you can achieve vibrational accordance with the higher truth.

Quite a religious turn in this last part. Appeal to people through one of the most successful methods of population control?

What is our destiny? To ascend, obviously.

Final Comments

There is no mention of Corey’s daring adventures with Sphere Beings and inner Earth people. Nothing really new is shown. It is just a long presentation of the old stuff with an attempt to corroborate most of it.

Humanity having special genetics is far from being new or revealing information. Over two decades ago, as far back as 1994, Ralph Amigron aka Alex Collier, spoke of twenty two different races that have actually colonized the Earth at one time or another, and who we have within us genetic racial memories of within our DNA. The number 22 right there and also the DNA claims.

Alex also spoke of densities and consciousness in a very similar manner as Wilcock does and described Reptilians as hyperborean genetic engineers, and how because of our genetic makeup, of the twenty-two different races and all of the DNA and the racial memories that we have and the genetics that we have the Andromedans actually consider us royalty.

None of that is mentioned in the movie. Copy paste much or just a coincidence or even more corroboration? You decide.

So what is the overall message? Looking at it without the rose colored glasses? Like it or not, you are a glorified lab rat. A hybrid of naturally evolved humanoid being and many other species. You are a son or a daughter of god most high, but You are also a test tube baby. All of which is done to speed up the evolution. Which is interesting, since in a way this means humans are unnatural. The most basic building block, the DNA, has supposedly been tempered to such an extent, that it might not be semantically correct to consider humans natural. GMO humans?

The human drama is to do with behind the scenes conflicts amongst the in vitro ETs. The end game is to determine which path will be chosen. The robotic superman or angelic human, as Kerry Lynn Cassidy once put it back in 2012.

The end is nigh! Soon™ there will be an event which will offer you the opportunity to end all suffering, end your maze running via the reincarnation and give you the chance to ascend.

Actually, the end has been nigh for several times so far. David’s first ascension claims were made for the year 2000, see here for David’s old website.

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