Above Majestic

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Above Majestic

Above Majestic is a semi-professional documentary about the alleged Secret Space Program and everything connected to it.

Do not expect to see anything new if you are a conspiracy regular. The target audience seem to be normies, although most of them watching are probably very confused and drowning in information. It might be, this is intentional in order to incept a need to go and find out more. There is no mention of Sphere Beings, Blue Avians or juicy backstage dramas.

This post assumes a generous amount of knowledge regarding extraterrestrial conspiracy topics. For additional information, read the related content listed at the bottom.

Director: Roger R. Richards
Producers: Corey Goode and Jordan Sather
Co-producers: David Wilcock, Brandon Graham
Stars: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Jordan Sather
Duration: 133 min

The very first thing you see is a quote from the Law of One: The gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens regardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour. Law of One is the intergalactic version of the bible. Although it is always emphasized it should never be considered as such.

Follows the quote from the Rigveda, an ancient Indian canonical text: May the truth protect me in all ways.

How much truth there is in the movie is yet to be known. The are some issues with the background music which can be too loud while someone is speaking. The beginning introduction is not bad at all, but it cuts out too soon. There are some animations, quality of which fits the low budget, but good enough. At times the screen annotation shows too soon, before the actual person appears. General editing, video and audio quality are overall satisfactory.


The narrative starts with the Trinity nuclear test and a quote from the Julius Robert Oppenheimer aka Father of the Atomic bomb.

The movie does not specify that during the test, Oppenheimer recalled The Bhagavad Gita verse: if the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one. Oppenheimer knew and read The Bhagavad Gita in original Sanskrit.

In 1965 he quoted again on TV, part of which is: Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

It is at this point where Wilcock uses a very old claim, that The Mahabharata includes references to nuclear weapons. Wilcock states that the bolts of iron charged with the light of a thousand suns is describing a nuclear weapon.

As usually, Wilcock is referencing and repackaging someone else’s questionable work. In this case it is the 1960’s “Morning of the Magicians” by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. He then continues with another old claim by David Hatcher Childress and his 1988’s “Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific”, which states that the Vimana is an aircraft or anti gravity craft.

Such claims are similar to those of Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell, where Russell “explains” the meaning and origin of words in a manner which is flawed, misconstrued and adjusted to fit the narrative.

Wilcock then implies large humanoid beings with blue skin [Hindu gods] are extraterrestrials. Immediately after Wilcock claims that the Rakshasa are weird reptilian beings also code named snakes. A sort of segue to a reptilian introduction.

Who would have thought ancient Hindus had code names. Wilcock then mentions naga temples and equates Rakshasa with the naga, a Sanskrit word which refers to a serpent or snake.

The narrative jumps forward and this is when we first see Corey Goode in the movie. Corey talks about the cosmic web, an actual term used by science:

Stars are organized into galaxies, which in turn form galaxy groups, galaxy clusters, superclusters, sheets, walls and filaments, which are separated by immense voids, creating a vast foam like structure sometimes called the cosmic web.

According to Corey all stars and planets are connected through electromagnetic filaments. Corey claims a nuclear explosion sends a feedback through this cosmic web, which extraterrestrials use to travel and communicate, and this is how we got their attention.

Follows the old story of UFOs appearing above American and Soviet nuclear silos, disabling nuclear weapons. This story might actually have some merit, as it was discussed publicly by the retired government employees, at the National Press Club in 2001.

The first part ends here. Oppenheimer quoting from The Bhagavad Gita is taken as a sign. One of the many problems in the community is connecting only those dots which fit the narrative, ignoring everything else. Have the authors of the before mentioned books followed the proper translations? Could they read Sanskrit? Have they at any point adjusted the verses or taken them out of context?

Military Industrial Complex

This part begins with a quote by David Dwight Eisenhower, an American army general and 34th President of the United States, 1953 - 1961. One could say Eisenhower was warning about a corporate takeover by the military industrial complex.

After the quote we see Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, daughter of Susan Eisenhower and granddaughter of John Eisenhower - son of David Dwight Eisenhower.

Laura falls in out of nowhere. The entire background story is missing, while she says stuff like I was recruited to go off planet in 2006 and making references to Alternative 3 and Operation Paperclip. This is quite a leap for a casual audience.

The narrative jumps to Majestic. The movie does not really offer an introduction to this part of its title. They just start talking about it as if it was something generally known.

Dan Willis states MJ-12 or Majestic 12 was originally set up by Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, 1945-1953. Supposedly there was a takeover of the group when Allen Welsh Dulles, director of Central Intelligence 1953-1961, became MJ1 and the complete group was replaced. After these events all of the reverse engineering operations were moved from Wright Patterson Air Force Base to Area 51 S4.

Follows the old story of questionable origin, on how David Dwight Eisenhower threatened to invade Area 51, due to being denied access to it. The claim is Eisenhower was then told they are reverse engineering craft which are extraterrestrial and Nazi in origin.

The narrative jumps to Maria Orsic, Vril Nazi secret society and Nazis relocating to Antarctica.

At this point William Mills Tompkins is introduced along with his “epic” book, at least David Wilcock seems to think so. Bill Ryan described Tompkins’s book as an amateurish sometimes even childish mess. And that's being rather kind. Quite a difference of opinion. It is well known Wilcock will always inflate everything he can inflate for the sake of publicity.

Tompkins gives a short introduction about Nazi connection with the Reptilians and how Nazis were given advanced technology.

Corey gives a further introduction to the reptilians, continuing from the narrative about Nazis, Antarctica and Tompkins. This is also where we come to the part where Jordan Sather tells us everything they teach you in school is to program your mind away from the truth, physics is wrong, medicine is wrong, history is wrong, everything in text books is mainly wrong. This is probably the point where they lost the good part of the audience, which thus far survived the wild jumps in the narrative.

Tompkins and Corey then offer some explanation for the flying submarines we see in the animation at the very start of the movie. Allegedly the US attack submarines were equipped with reverse engineered electro gravitic technology and sent into space.

The narrative moves onwards with Operation Highjump, yet another old story in which Admiral Richard E. Byrd was supposedly sent to Antarctica to get rid of the Nazis, but got his ass kicked by the superior Nazi technology.

The Nazis then did a flyover in Washington, which forced US administration to accept Nazi scientists, coming in via Operation Paperclip, into control structures of government, media, medical systems, basically everything.

According to Dan Willis; John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States from 1961-1963, was assassinated because he was trying to uncover the secrets of the Majestic 12. Dan also states the Warren Commission was all made up of 33rd degree Freemasons.

This very well known video of Kennedy talking about secret societies is played right after. Kennedy most certainly knew something and was trying to warn about something. There is no doubt. But what he knew and what he was trying to warn about is always interpreted to fit the narrative.

There are those in conspiracy circles who believe John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last true president of the Unites States and everyone after him was no more than a stooge. They also believe Donald John Trump might be the first true president since Kennedy.

Operation Paperclip and 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident happened. A corporate takeover in the United States happened. The politicians are all bought and paid for. The United States are in a state of constant geopolitical wars. Government lies, cheats and steals. Does all of this make the claims in this part of the movie more believable? Maybe.

Secret societies

The narrative jumps. This time to elongated skulls and Egypt. The presentation is handled by Wilcock. In short, Wilcock claims there were people in ancient Egypt; the ruling class, with elongated skulls. When the Romans came over they made a deal with them and the elongated skull beings moved to the Vatican. The Library of Alexandria fire was a false flag. All the valuable texts were transferred to the Vatican.

Wilcock repeats the story, this time for Mesoamerica. Connecting things with the pyramids being present on both continents. Wilcock claims there are elongated skulls on display in museums in Bolivia. He also makes a claim such skulls were found in Boskop - South Africa, Omsk - Siberia and tombs of European nobility. According to Wilcock there are reports Mongolian conquerors had elongated skulls. He neglected to specify what reports and which conquerers. Images of the three articles are seen in the video. This one, this one and this one. Read and decide on your own.

According to Wilcock there is a 14th century Italian Este clan, which, based on their depictions, had elongated skulls. Wilcock also claims they had close ties to the Vatican. According to Wilcock King George I, British nobility, the royal families of Norway, Sweden, Spain and Denmark are all descendants of the Este clan.

Wilcock further mentions this New York Times article about U.S. presidents and their bloodline relation to European nobility and the news described in this Mail Online article about 42 U.S. presidents having a common predecessor in King John I, King of England from 1199 - 1216.

One might conclude there are certain people or bloodlines which rule us and have been ruling us since ancient times.

Bloodlines are then connected to secret societies, which relates back to Vril and secret technologies much more advanced in comparison to what we know about.

Bloodlines in this context are known as the Cabal aka the Elite aka the New World Order aka the Deep State aka the 1%. The ones whose names or faces you do not know.

David Adair speculates higher ups in secret societies are using technology, which prevents aging and keeps them in perfect health. Corey Goode says they can be aged regressed or have their consciousness downloaded into a clone. Many of them never really die.

We are also told secret societies are worshipers of Satan and perform ritual child sacrifices. We are further told when a human is in a state of fear and trauma they release an energy and this energy can be picked up by essentially negative extraterrestrial beings, negative archonic influences and they feed off of it. They use children because they are not programmed yet like the adults and are much more connected to their higher selves to their divine, their trauma is much more potent than using adults. When children are tortured they release the compound called adrenochrome, which is used as a drug. This spans back thousand and thousands of years.

Adrenochrome is an actual chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. Intense fear results in a surge of adrenaline. Psychologic states produced by environmental or physiologic stresses are usually associated with hypersecretion of adrenal hormones, particularly epinephrine and the glucocorticoids.

There is a Reddit post from February 2017 stating adrenochrome produces a high beyond any other and unlike those other drugs, there are no ill effects. Quite the contrary; there are substantial benefits from consuming it: greater health, increased vivacity, and a host of other, smaller effects. The post also mentions torture of children and reptilians.

Back in 2010 a survival horror video game Amnesia The Dark Descent was released. In this game the main antagonist Alexander von Brennenburg is a super natural telepathic being from another dimension, who arrived on Earth several centuries ago, establishing himself as one of the nobles and constantly prolonging his life with VITAE, a substance harvested from tortured humans. It fits perfectly with the story presented by Wilcock in the movie.

In 1999 David Vaughan Icke wrote at the moment of death by sacrifice a form of adrenalin surges through the body, accumulating at the base of the brain, and is apparently more potent in children.

In 1995 Philip Schneider stated there are nine alien races who see a human being as a bag of food. They use glandular secretions of human beings as a mixture of vitamins for their food. They get high off of our adrenal gland, of adrenochrome. It is like cocaine to them. Right now there are 100 thousand totally unaccountable children. They can not be traced anywhere.

Neither Reddit post, Icke’s writings, Schneider or the game are mentioned in the movie. Is this an additional proof, a coincidence or something else? Like copy pasting old stuff, selling it as new? Bloodlines abusing children, including their own, and pedophile rings among the Elite have long been rumored in the conspiracy circles.

Space Program

From secret societies to Solar Warden. Yes, very spontaneous. This must be some sort of a non linear Tarantino style documentary making. According to Corey Solar Warden, developed to police our solar system, went active in 1980 or 1981, funded by the Strategic Defense Initiative through president Reagan.

Corey then proceeds to describe the less controversial parts of his story, including MILAB programs and the Lunar Operations Command. Since that is already covered in his presentation on this website the details will not be mentioned here.

MK ULTRA is also added to the overall narrative. A clip of Arizona Wilder is shown, where she speaks of Naval Intelligence being involved with the Ordo Templi Orientis. According to Wilder, Naval Intelligence is overseeing the ritual activity in the U.S.

Mark McCandlish says he was told extra solar planetary colonization programs have been going on for decades. There was a warp capable space craft that went from here to the edge of the Andromeda galaxy in 20 minutes. Once there they located at least 8 Earth like planets along the edge of the galaxy. On two planets inhabitants were speaking English. The only way this could be is if these programs were going on for a very long time.

The Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away from Earth. The alleged warp spacecraft was then capable of travel at the speed of 125 thousand light years per minute or about 1 quintillion kilometers each minute, or something. Crazy numbers.

The narrative, however is about intergalactic slave trade. Human beings are utilized as a resource, traded in exchange for technology. They are being used as food or as engineers, humans are known for their creativity.


As always, we come to the money. As always Donald Rumsfeld, two times Secretary of Defense, is mentioned along with his famous quote: “According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.”

The day after; towers went down, eyebrows were raised, the legitimacy of the official narrative was questioned and the rest is history.

According to debunkers the money “is not missing, just not tracked up to expected accounting standards.” Whatever that means.

As it turns out the accounting standards problem is much larger than originally thought. This MPN article talks about $21 trillion being missing.

The narrative in the movie states all this missing money goes into the unacknowledged projects, the secret programs. To build underground bases and off world colonies.

What comes to mind is, why would secret groups with such an advanced technology need paper with pictures and numbers on them. Why would they actually depend on the normie financial system to build their intergalactic empire. They should be completely self sufficient. Who are they paying it to? Does Amazon have a secret space program section? Really? Who is getting all these trillions? Who is being payed with all this money?

Mass Arrests

According to Corey Goode we know that President Trump is aware of advanced technologies because his uncle was the one who went in and cleared out the safe of Tesla after his death. We are fairly sure President Trump grew up bouncing on his uncle's knee hearing stories about free energy.

The narrative shifts to the current time events. Allegedly Donald John Trump was approached by the generals and asked to run for the presidency as a means to legally take the country back from the secret societies; an alternative to a military takeover in coordination with other countries of the Earth Alliance, which is trying to defeat the satanic, elitist pedophile cabal.

Enter the 60+ thousand sealed indictments and Q Anon. Wilcock explains a sealed indictment is a result of a secret grand jury proceeding. A secret grand jury requires a panel of 12 to 23 U.S. citizens who are then given information and testimony from a prosecutor. The individual being prosecuted has no idea this is going on. The jury has to decide if there is a sufficient cause to prosecute this person with a crime. The prosecutor is either a federal U.S. attorney, a county district attorney or a state attorney general. These are big league players. Indictment stays off the record, you do not get to know the person's name until they unseal it, at which point the person is immediately arrested and then they get to have a regular trial. It is these indictments which are related to the old story of mass arrests, which Wilcock and others have been talking about for years and which were announced to happen several times, but never did.

A question which comes to mind is, how do you arrest people with technology so advanced it makes the rest of us look like cave men? The indictments can be checked on Public Access to Court Electronic Records.

Then Jordan Sather begins talking about Q. What is Q? Long story. To see aggregated posts go here. To see 8kun discussion board about Q go here. To see Voat discussion go here.

According to Jordan a group that called themselves Q began posting on anonymous on-line image boards called 4chan and 8chan. They were posting a lot of questions, a lot of suggestions, a lot of very interesting and intriguing data sets that essentially laid out a real time take down of the Deep State by Alliance and white hat groups behind the scenes.

According to Wilcock this is nothing new. It did not start with Q anon, has nothing to do with who is president of the U.S. right now, this is a decades long effort in the making and they have tried and tried and tried in various ways to get this to work. They had consistent failures and now they are being much more systematic and much more methodical. It is all gonna be done legally.

Qanon phenomena began on 4chan’s /pol/ board. The Politically Incorrect board filled with fags [nothing to do with homosexuals] concerned about white genocide, cultural Marxism, feminism, gender identity politics, Jews controlling the world, white ethno state, WW3, guns, immigration, politics in general, waifus, veracity of holocaust, Kek, traps, cultural identity, Trump and many other things. A place where free speech is still free speech.

One of the very early claims is that Q was started by a group of technology savvy people as an elaborate joke with good intentions. Once it reached the proportions no one ever thought of some of the people in the group got greedy and started to see $$$ signs. True or not? Who knows.

If you want to know more, Q has its own page.


The movie concludes with the message allegedly brought to us by benevolent extraterrestrials time and time again. The message is we all should work on raising our consciousness, that this is the way to change things.

There are many stories about consciousness and different levels of consciousness. In general, it is believed a high enough state of consciousness can transform you into what most would consider to be god‐like.

It is also believed this can be, and should be, achieved without the use of technology and that there would be no need for any sort of technology once in a constant higher state of consciousness.

Final Comments

What is most interesting about this documentary is the stuff that is not in it. We do not know all that what was taped and all that did not make it to the final edit and why. Maybe there will be a sequel. Maybe the reason for the omission was something else.

There is no mention of Blue Avians. Corey Goode is one of the people with the least screen time. David Wilcock has a blog titled Discussion of David’s Critical New Disclosure Film — #1 Documentary! David is basically calling it his movie.

Maybe is it better not to mention Avians or Sphere Beings or the Anshar or the pre-Adamites simply because even those who keep up to date on extraterrestrial conspiracy topics find that to be a bit too much to just swallow without evidence.

In one of his recent blogs David wrote regardless of whether Corey’s experiences were literal, tangible realities or dreamlike telepathic messages, they nonetheless were very helpful. I do believe they took place in physical reality. How is one to interpret this? In the same blog David talks about Corey as a human being who, like all humans, makes mistakes. What mistakes? Any relations to the Gaia TV drama?

Corey has not posted any updates for almost a year now and even before that they were very seldom. Is David Wilcock slowly downplaying Corey and his alleged experiences?

The movie is a collection of mostly past conspiracy stories, repackaged and condensed into 133 minutes. The main topics are those which can at least in part be related to some sort of Earthly concepts or events which have actually happened. The less Earthly claims are then added to those topics.

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