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In the sea of baseless statements, where there are oceans filled with grifters, empty assurances, hoxers, wild exaggerations, con artists, straight out lies...TRUTH can be very ambiguous.

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Information in any form is power. Information makes people perceive and think in a certain way. What people think is far more important than they realize.


This is why the manner in which the information is shared is extremely important. When was the last time you were shown proof for the information presented to you?


What you are getting is not information. You are getting statements without adequate evidence or proof. You are not getting information, you are getting claims.


This website mainly deals with information and claims regarding the extraterrestrial phenomena, which can include a myriad of topics. You may be completely new to this and have no idea about any of it; after all, there are no reports about Galactic Alliance Council on the nightly news.


There exists an alternative community with its own news broadcasts in the form of blog posts, forums, YouTube videos, online radio and TV, seminars, conferences, webinars, workshops… It is them who this website focuses on.


Blog section may or may not relate to the main topic of this website; it is a place of free thought where ravings are unleashed into the wild.
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